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Guest Jerome Drake

Jerry Drake Vs. The World

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Guest Jerome Drake
I like the Nets who beat the Pacers 3 games to two.


Reggie Miller may've tried to extend it but in the end- The Nets won.

Atleast when The Pacers faced the Lakers in the finals, they never got swept.


Oh and Some Guy, Reggie is an Olympic Gold Medalist!


And Genius, i was a formar member of TEAM HAVOK, but dont plan on joining yet.

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Guest ant_7000
Please, do not quote Tupac.

Hes alot better than that Bald American guy, on that wrasslin show.



And crandamaniac, i was posting at TheSmarks forum, when you were just a little tickle in your papas penis.

Well Tupac is a dead fellon Reggie Miller chokes in the big games so I'd say an Olympic Gold meadlist is better than those two.


Why did you sign back up as "Jerome"? You don't like "Jerry" anymore?


If you aren't going add more here than at WDI, go back there.

Hey Reggie won a gold medal too and I still don't like him, Pac memory will still live on.

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