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I was over my parent's place so I bought the NWA / TNA show. Here is my first of what I hope is many NWA / TNA reviews.


-A.J. Styles & Jerry Lynn vs. Tempest (Devon Storm) & Slash - Good Opener. 3 out of the 4 wrestlers are good, and it showed. Jim Mitchell's stable is really good. I already hate the commentary and this is during a good match. I'm scared how much its going to annoy me later on.

BTW, Thank you Time Warner for starting late as all the talents were already in the ring when it came on. *** I'm liking this so far. =) A.J. Styles won with his finisher, pissing off Jerry Lynn as HE WANTED to get the pin.


Brian (NOW I'M A) Lawler is out. He gives a promo heeling on Jerry Lawler and the world in general. Kudos to Mike Tenay for making his nonsensical heel turn make sense. However, I hate Brian Lawler and could care less about him. I know this isn't WWE, but if Brian Lawler came out then and cut a promo I'd be bored too. Good promo, wrong man.


This turns into Brian Lawler vs. Norman Smiley. I hate this match. I hate both talents. Match is blah......just end and give me some cruiserweights or Shamrock. * Someone won and I don't care who.


-K-Krush vs. Hermie Sadler. K-Krush is getting good heel heat. Hermie is already better than Jackie Gayda. Decent match (combination of one man's 3 star effort and one man's negative 2 star effort.) Let's go * . K-Krush's cheating victory is taken away for excessive violence after the match. Strange decision.


Between all of this we have backstage interviews with Goldilocks. Now, I've seen people praising her character and what not, but she's just a big titted blonde who looks confused doing simple interviews. Way too many skanks walking around here. Dupps have a girl too who is kissing

them, I think. She's just kind of moving her head near them. That sounds more dirty than it is. Dupps give a horrible promo. This show has gone way down since the first match.


-Cassidy O'Reilly & Chase Stevens vs. Mark & Jay Briscoe. No Contest as Malice (The Wall) destroys everyone. Match was decent before that. * (for the length) I hate run-in finishes, but I understand this one, and as long as they don't do too many I'm cool. Malice calls out Shamrock who his beaten by the Jim Mitchell stable. Omori runs in and save him to save his title shot. Good stuff and very entertaining angle. Now give me my matches! The announcing was funny, unintentionally so. Mike Tenay, "THIS IS INTENSE" in such a phony sounding voice that I just cracked up. Sometimes, less is more guys.


Jasmin St. Clair comes out, looking very skanky. Someone covers her up. Ed Ferrara spears them. Please stop. This is not even good TNA. How about having two of the blonde bimbo's backstage bump into each other, compare breast size and have a short clothes ripping catfight. Total time - 1 minute, and it would be better than this crap that takes 10 times as long. Oh, and the announcers have REALLY begun to annoy me. What the purpose is of porn stars who are fully dressed and not f*cking is beyond me.


-Dupps vs. The Flying Elvises. - Elvises win a decent looking match. ** for effort, but Dupps are pretty weak tag team with a real 80's gimmick that seems out of place.


Backstage Lynn and Styles are having a little disagreement, which Lynn wins handily with a (very safe) cradle piledriver on a case that looked nasty. Good stuff and kudos for Lynn who works solid but safe, unlike some of the indie workers on the show who look like they are killing people.


-Ken Shamrock vs. Omori - Oh yeah, I'm psyched here. Omori not looking his best, but match is pretty good. Lots of submissions, submission related psychology. Announcers need to get together - one person said Omori has trained 6 weeks for this and another said he just found out about the match last week. Good near fall on a clothesline. Shamrock has the ankle lock, and then Jeff Jarrett runs out and kills everyone with chairs including ringside people, etc. Oh god....you bring in a NOAH guy for one week for a title match and you have a no contest so Jeff (My Daddy owns the company) Jarrett can run in. I hate Jeff Jarrett, so maybe I'm biased here.

But its my f*cking $10, and my f*cking $10 does not want Jeff f*cking Jarrett (or anyone) making a one time only title match end in a no contest. What stupid f*cking booking, especially because he could have ran out after the match and accomplished the same thing. TNA can go to hell if they think I'm spending $10 next week to see Jeff Jarrett get the title. **


(Note - this is being put in after I finished the review. It seems NWA and NOAH couldn't agree on a finish so they non-booked a finish. I understand and my anger is lessened. However, I still hate the finish even though I understand it, and I still do not, now or ever, want to see Jeff Jarrett fight for the title.)


My idea of an alternative is not an additional day I can watch wrestling and be pissed off. Monday and Thursday piss me off a lot for free thank you. =) My wife who was watching with me has gone off to walk the dog, as the show is too boring. I tell her that THE X MATCH is coming and she asks me if it involves skateboarding. I tell her to enjoy walking the dog and I will see her later. =)


-X TITLE #1 CONTENDER MATCH - Jerry Lynn vs. Kid Romeo vs. Elix Skipper vs. Chris Daniels vs. Lo-Ki vs. Tony Mamaluke. Very good match that I just finished watching. Not as good as week 2's match, but a solid ***1/2. This match was GREAT at times, and SLOW at times depending on who was in there. The only complaint I have is that Jerry Lynn went out so early and in such a non-descript way. It was like wow, we just realized he's counted out. I'd have liked to have seen more of him. I'm writing this after I saw it, so forgive me if I make errors. Lo-Ki won the match. The ending part with him and Chris Daniels ruled. Kid Romeo KILLED Chris Daniels with a top tope move. Just dead. Chris Daniels foot was on the rope allowing him to stay in. Lo-Ki was way over. He has great looking kicks, which I expect are great looking because he is really kicking people. =) I think the best thing that will come out of NWA will be the fact that crusierweights will be shown to be a good draw. Hell, its their calling card at this point.


Jeff Jarrett came out to close the show with a promo. He gets into a brawl with the Tennessee Titans! They jump the rail and come after him. Then Malice and co. come out to attack him too. Jeff takes the better part of valor and runs off, but they follow and the brawl continues. WE'LL SEE YOU NEXT WEEK!



I give this show a solid B. The X-Title match made it an easy buy, but a lot of the underneath crap is really bad. The announcing team is bad, and there are way too many talentless skanky women running around. Unless I'm at a strip club, I don't need so many skanky girls running around. They need to watch the run-ins...try to keep them from ruining the matches. The WWE has run-in disease and it has really hurt the product. The NWA should be able to see that and react accordingly.


The $10 PPV only thing is horrid though. The card is not enough for me to spend $10 next week. If this was free on Wednesday nights on TV, I'd watch it for sure and enjoy it more. Since I am paying $10, it bothers me more when its bad, if you can understand that. Hopefully in two weeks time we will have a better looking show. (than next week's)




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