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Capital Carnage '98

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Guest jm29195

This is my first review. It is an English PPV that has probably not had much exposure in the US. Feedback would be helpful so I can improve my style

I am English by the way…






Review for WWF Capital Carnage- December 6th 1998



Opening video sets the scene 4 the fatal 4way main event, Kane v. Undertaker v. Austin, v. Mankind with the Big Bossman as the special referee


The show kicks off with the opening pyro and a theme music very similar to ‘Lock Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels’


Your commentators are Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler



Gangrel v. Al Snow


No fancy entrance for Gangrel tonight, he does spits ‘blood’ though, huge pop 4 Snow , Head is put in corner. Lock up modified single leg take down by snow arm wrench, reversed by Gangrel, flipped out of by Snow. Snow drops elbow. Snow goes to suplex Gangrel, reversed into side headlock, head chant starts. Snow whips Gangrel into the ropes, gangrel knocks down snow with a shoulder block; Snow manages to screw up leapfrog. Snow does the multiple head butts thing on Gangrel. Another whip sequence leads into a double leg pick up. Snow does a belly to back suplex from the floor. Goes to cover but gets a near fall. Snow puts Gangrel in the corner, whips him into the other corner, but Gangrel slingshots him over the ropes and Al seems to miss another spot as he falls off the apron forcing Gangrel to argue with the ref for a bit. Snow recovers, and punches Gangrel going to the top and then hits a cross body for a 2 on Gangrel. Gangrel then with a knee to the gut and hits his impaler implant DDT on Snow for a near fall. Gangrel knocks Snow down with two clotheslines and gets another 2 count with a third. Gangrel with a snake eyes on Snow- another we want head chant by crowd. They exchange rights, which Gangrel wins and follows up with a Russian leg sweep gaining another 2 count. Gangrel guillotines Snow on the rope. Gangrel kicks and chokes Snow in the corner but Snow escapes through the legs and clotheslines Gangrel into an Irish whip which is reversed ending up with Gangrel ramming himself into the turnbuckle. Waistlock sequence ends with Snow getting a fisherman’s suplex for a near fall. Edge and Christian in full Gothic regalia are now at ringside. Snow with a body slam and then a moonsault off the second rope which Gangrel dodges. Gangrel with a double arm release suplex (cool) on Snow for a 2 count. Snow does a shabby looking tornado DDT. Christian is distracting the ref and Snow crawls over to get Head- he hits Gangrel with it but is then hit in turn by a missile drop kick by edge. Gangrel wakes up and gets the three count on Snow at 5: 53 Winner: - Gangrel.** match started off sloppy but got better, Gangrel was slightly underrated. Edge and Christian run off through the crowd. Snow is shown in the ring arguing with Head.


Mankind cuts a promo from the boiler room- he says there’s nothing boiling about it, it’s freezing, in all my years this has got to be the coldest dam boiler room I’ve ever been in!’

This is when Mankind was in between his crazy weirdo personality and his crazy weirdo but funny personality- finishes with have a nice day!

LOD 2000 v. Headbangers- this was the last ppv appearance for LOD 2000 although Droz is wrestling as ‘Puke’ here with Animal because Hawk is probably drunk in a pub somewhere. Recap of the tasteless hawk jumping off the titantron angle is replayed from Raw. JR says the Headbanger’s new aggressive attitude has cost them a lot of fans, I didn’t think they ever had a lot of fans. Droz and Mosh start. Irish whip into knee into the gut by Droz. Droz does 3 lepafrogs in this including one where Mosh comes form behind him. Droz then does 2 hiptosses followed by a drop kick and then another on Thrasher who is in the ring aswell. Thrasher is then tagged in They lock up , broken by multiple knees to the gut by Thrasher. Irish whip on thrasher followed by powerslam by Droz. Side headlock by Droz and then blind tag by Mosh. Droz irish whipped and then caught by a flying cross body by Mosh, gets a 2 count, with a loose cover.. Mosh chokes out Droz on the ropes. Thrasher is tagged in leading to a stage dive. Thrasher goes off the ropes but is hit by a flying clothes line by Droz. Animal and Mosh both are tagged in, leading to a flying shoulder block by animal (although he barely leaves the ground). Mosh gets stomped into the corner, broken up by Thrasher. Double atomic drop by the headbangers reversed into a double clothesline by animal. Powerslam gets a 2 count broken up by Thrasher. Droz pushes Animal out of the ring and then is rolled up out of nowhere by Mosh for the pin at 3: 20 Winners:- Headbangers. half a *.You can tell why this was LOD’s last ppv


Droz and Animal have words which predictably degenerates into a brawl which is separated by the refs…


Recap of Raw- Undertaker is putting Kane into a body bag and is then smashed on the head by Austin with a shovel (foreshadowing their buried alive match at IYH Rock Bottom??) Then Kane and Austin put Paul Bearer in a man hole, he nearly does not fit!!


Michael Cole interviews Undertaker and Paulbearer- he wants to turn Austin out ot the hounds of hell, what a nice bloke!


Val Venis v. Goldust . Val does his opening spiel, the tower of London and the big valbowsky have a lot in common, they both house the crown jewels… ha ha ha

This was during the time when Terri was having an affair with Venis, she said she was pregnant and he announced he had had a vasectomy, leading to Terri going back to Goldust- but he rejected her as well- very typical of the Russo era.


Venis is whipped into the corner, then he whips Goldust into the other, Goldust dodges an elbow into the corner. Goldust is noticeably more chubby than he is today. Goldust then clotheslines Venis over the ropes. They brawl outside and Venis is thrown into the steps and then form a fireman’s carry, dropped face first into the steps. Goldust rolls him back into the ring, Venis takes control and put on a side headlock, Venis is whipped and gets a shoulder block, hip toss by Goldust, scoop slam and Venis has had enough. Goldust with a stiff blow to the face, Venis retreats into the corner buts he’s faking it and trips Goldust up and rams his head into the turnbuckle. Venis punches stomps and chokes Goldust in the corner. Armdrag by Venis reversed into strong whip into the corner, followed up by clothesline from hell by Goldust. Side suplex off the rope by Goldust. Venis in the corner takes a corner splash by Goldust , Venis hits a clothesline for a nearfall. Knees off the rope followed by a Russian leg sweep by venis. Pelvic grind followed by punching. Goldust telegraphs a possible spinebuster and instead hits a jumping bulldog for a 2 count. Irish whip leads to a spinebuster by Venis for a nearfall. Venis goes off with a top rope flying cross body but Goldust rolls through for a 2count. Fishermans suplex gets 2. Atomic drop by Goldust. Whip sequence leads to a collision followed by Goldust utilizing the Sting fall onto the the other bloke’s groin spot- especially devastating on Val Venis of course. . Goldust goes for the shattered dreamsbut Venis pulls in the ref as a shield. While Goldust is distracted, Venis hits a rolling cradle for the pin . at 7: 40 Winner:- Val Venis*Match was ok for Goldust at the time, Venis was still quite green.

Post match Goldust attacks Venis from behind with a reverse x factor ( similar to the edegecution) and then hits the shattered dreams to a large pop from the crowd.


Recap of Vince Mcmahon speaking at the Oxford University


Vince Shane, Brisoce and Patterson come out to no music (pre 99 rumble so no ‘no chance yet’. Patterson changes HHH VS Rock to HHH vs Jarrett and Rock vs X Pac. Vince is drinking tea!! Crowd is pissed at HHH vs Jarrett but pops HUGE for X Pac- how times change!! Briscoe says that Vinnie Jones (noted British anti hero soccer thug turned film star) is going to be at ringside for the fatal fourway drawing another pop. Shane then manages to imply that Jones is gay with George Michael, garnering huge heat. Priceless facial expressions form Vince and the stooges. Vince gets huge heat before he has even said anything, getting a huge asshole chant started, het hen uses every cheap heat method possible citing the second world war amongst other things to really make the crowd hate him. He calls the future of Britain a cesspool of decay, debauchery and decadence governed by a prime minister of pakhistani extraction!!- what a nice chap. A 9: 08 promo does not belong on a ppv- longer than all matches so far!



Edge v. Tiger Ali Singh. I think this was Singh’s illustrious WWF ppv debut. Singh dedicates the match to all his forefathers in India who suffered under the oppression of the British Empire. Edge comes through the crowd. Tiger is punched into the corner and then hip tossed by edge following a leapfrog. Edge with a sleeper hold but Tiger powers out and misses an elbow in the corner. Edge with another hip toss into an arm bar. Flap jack by edge followed by 2 drop kicks. Tiger bails to heat from the crowd. Edge comes out and brings him in. Edge rams Tiger’s groin into the post. Edge hits an inverted atomic drop. 2 clotheslines knock tiger down Edge goes up top and hits a good looking missile drop kick which gets 2. Edge gets a flying crossbody which Tiger rolls through and gets the pin with both feet on the ropes at 2: 53. Winner:- Tiger Ali Singh. DUD Match was too short too really allow Edge to do anything and Tiger Ali Singh is crap anyway. Post match Tiger tries to beat down Edge but is clotheslined out of the ring for his efforts.


Michael Cole conducts another interview, this one in the ring with Vinnie Jones. Jones comes out to the Lock Stock and 2 smoking barrels theme. Jones says he is going to look for Vince and Shane and ‘knock ‘em out’ . He says the British mix with anybody getting a HUGE pop and starting a Vinnie chant. He then does the Hogan taunt with the ear. Says he wants to sling Mcmahon out of England, says it’s gonna be emotional (quote form Lock Stock)


Marvelous Marc Mero/Jacqueline v. Sable and Christian. No mixed contact allowed. This Marc Mero’s last ppv for WWF, after loosing a looser must leave match to Gillberg after interference from the Blue Meanie- poor bloke!!. He is fulfilling a contractual obligation. This is shortly after Jacqueline lost her title to Sable. Mero and Jacqueline start fighting before the other team appears. Christian comes out to the brood theme. Christian looks like he’s stoned or something. Sable gets a big pop. Mero and Christian start off. Mero knocks down Christian but immediately takes a hip toss followed by a drop kick. Sable chant from crowd. Jacqueline wants to fight Christian but he tags in Sable. Jacqueline bails and tags in Mero. Mero pulls his shorts up to emphasise no hitting below the belt but then gets them pulled down by Christian (bloody hilarious) Kicks by Sable on Mero ( shouldn’t that be a dq?) Christian tags himself in and beats on Mero in the corner. Christian tags Sable in and then whips Mero into a super kick by Sable. Jacqueline refuses to tag. Christian gets whipped into the corner, flair flip by Christian, pulls Mero down by his hair and then hits a cross body off the top, getting 2, broken by Jacqueline. Nice sequence. Sable chases Jacqueline round the ring whilst Christian chokes Mero in the corner. Mero gets a Samoan drop on Christian but gets crotched after going up top. Christian with a heel kick and he hits the inverted ddt. Tag to S able, low blow to Mero and Sable bomb. Tag to Jacqueline, she’s flung inside by Sable and then takes some pathetic looking offence on the floor. Mero tries to leave and Christian chases him. Sable gets the TKO for the pin at 4: 54 . Winners:- Christian and Sable ** Quite a good match if you like humour and puppies, Christian and Mero were ok but Sable was crap and Jacqueline was playing heel and so was more busy running away than actually wrestling… Post match Jacqueline attacks the ref and ends up on his shoulders, allowing Sable to whip her top off , exposing ‘puppies’ for the first ever time on WWF ppv. Jacqueline gets out of this by executing what is almost a hurricaranna on White (lucky bloke) and running to the back.


WWF IC Match Ken Shamrock with Big Bossman v. Steve Blackman.


Shamrock jaws with the fans at the start. Blackman has cool music and gets quite a pop, larger than anything else he’s had in the last 2 years. Scoop slam by Shamrock. Blackman with punches and a reverse elbow. Shamrock misses a round house kick and Blackman replies with a savat kick, flooring the champ for 2. Shamrock rams Blackamns head into the turnbuckle and stomps him down. Shamock whipped into the other ocrner and a Blackman dropkick followed by more punching. Lol Bossman is drawing a ‘you fat bastard’ chant at ringside. Clothesline form Blackman gets 2. Powerslam form Shamrock followed by kneedrop. Shamrock suplex gets 2. Reverse elbow by shamrock draws a ‘Shamrock sucks’ chant Shamrock elbows Blackman on the apron and kicks him in the face. A clothesline knocks Blackman down, Axe handle followed by inside cradle gets 2. Martial arts kick to the head followed by more turnbuckle fun. Shamrock menacing the ref leads to a Blackman comeback including more punches and kicks. Spinning heel kick by Shamrock stops that . Shamrock applies a front face lock. Blackman powers out but Shamrock hits a running knee lift to take him down again. Front face lock is applied again but Blackman manages to vault the ropes guillotining Shamrock on the top one. Spinebuster into a bridge by Blackman gets a near fall. Martial arts kick by Blackman reversed into a Fisherman’s suplex for a 2 count. Flying shoulderblock by Blackman knocks Shamrock out of the ring and then a baseball slide takes down Bossman on the outside. Blackman with a backbreaker but gets hit by the nightstick to the ankle whilst coming off the ropes. Shamrock then applies the ankle lock and Blackman taps out at 6: 58. Winner:- Ken Shamrock. Post match Shamrock leaves but Bossman beats down on Blackman with the nightstick. **Match was technically sound but I found it a bit slow and plodding. Finish was a bit stupid because Bossman did nothing to warrant the attack by Blackman


Rock interview. This is the interview where Rocky forgets his catchphrase and uses everyone else’s instead. Calls X Pac a bony jabroni and calls Michael Cole a transvestite. Rock was much better as a heel



Jeff Jarrett with Debra v. HHH with Chyna


HHH looks a lot less bulky than today and Chyna looks a lot more bulky, they probably swapped steroids or something. HHH is very over as a face. HHH does his Michael Buffer like ring announcing thingy to a big pop. Waist lock reversal sequence leads into side headlock by HHH and then into a shoulder black to Jarrett. Snapmare takedown into side headlock by HHH. Leapfrog, irish whip sequence still leads into another side headlock take down by HHH. HHH gets a spinebuster on HHH into another headlock, Jarrett knocks HHH out of the ring with a spinning elbow. HHH knocks Jarrett down on the outside, but Debra pushes him back up onto the apron. Jarrett with a stunner like move on HHH off the apron. HHH rolls through a cross body for a near fall. Jarrett with an arm drag takedown. Jarrett with the running guillotine on the second rope, followed by a neckbreaker for a 2 count. Hard right by Jarrett knocks HH into the ropes leading to Debra interfering. Jarrett locks a sleeper on HHH. HHH eventually breaks out but is caught again but reverses the headlock into a suplex. Double ko section, but both men get up at 8. HHH knocks Jarrett down with a high knee and successive rights. He gets an atomic drop and does the 10 punches in the corner spot. HHH goes for the pedigree but Jarrett reverses it into a turnbuckle flip. However HHH does not connect and hits a face buster on Jarrett instead. HHH clotheslines him over the top rope Attempted interference by Debra is nullified by Chyna. While the ref is distracted by Chyna, Debra tires to use her womanly wiles on HHH . HHH crotch chop on Debra, Jarrett behind HHH with a chair, but Chyna confiscates the chair, allowing HHH to hit the pedigree on Jarrett for the pin at 6: 57 Winner:- HHH** Too short to allow either men to showcase their talents but I enjoyed the match and it fitted well with HHH’s DX character.


Michael Cole Interviews Steve Austin, ‘The bottom line is three people are getting their asses whipped!’


Highlights of D-Lo Brown playing the stupid American Tourist role around London


WWWF Tag Belt Match- New Age Outlaws v. D’lo Brown & Mark Henry


Recap of Henry’s date with Chyna!! Road Dogg and D- Lo start. Knock down by D-lo. Shake Rattle and Roll by Road Dogg into funny kneedrop. D-Lo goes outside to regroup. D-Lo sucks chant starts. Gunn is tagged in. Arm wrench to D-Lo. Spinning heel kick knows Gunn down. Press slam to D- Lo . Flying clothesline knocks D-lo out of the ring. Gunn taunts to the crowd.. Henry persuades D-Lo to go back in Tag to Henry Gunn signals to press slam Henry to a large pop. Henry wants a test of strength Gunn counters with kicks but Gunn ends up in a bear hug. Eventually countered with a punch to the head. Crossbody does not knock Henry down. Double dropkick form both outlaws does the trick though. Double hiptoss to D-Lo. Dx taunts to crowd. Legal men are now Henry and Road Dogg. Hamer lock by Road Dogg is easily powered out by Henry. Scoop slam by Henry and tag made to D-Lo. D- Lo leg drop followed by clothesline. Punches by Road Dogg reversed into sky high Power Bomb. Henry tagged in and he hits the big leg drop, followed by the big splash.2 Count, interrupted by Gunn. Gunn drags Road Doggg over to his corner and tags himself in. Clothesline to D-Lo and Henry gets beaten down in the corner by Gunn.. 10 punches in corner on D- Lo reversed into Powerslam by Henry. Elbow drop by D-Lo on Gunn. Fame Asser by Gunn leaves both men down. They get up at 8. Inside cradle by Gunn gets 2 interrupted by Henry. Jumping piledriver by Gunn gets 3 at Winner:- New Age Outlaws.10: 22- finally a match that is longer than the Mcmahon promo! *** match told a good story and was probably the best you could hope to get out of these men, except D-Lo at the time.


WWF Championship Match: The Rock vs X Pac


This is the Rock’s first title defence. X Pac gets about as much pops here as he gets heat now. He is the European Champion here by the way. JR takes the piss out of WCW before the match starts. Rights by Rock knock X Pac down but he reverses into an arm drag takedown and then another one into an arm bar. Flying Lariat knocks Rock down and then another arm drag. X Pac chants throughout. Side Headlock by X Pac. Clothesline knocks down Rocky. X Pac telegraphs a Rock leapfrog, tells him to suck it and hits a spinning heel kick, and another, and another. Rock bails as X Pac taunts. Rock grabs his belt and tells the crowd’ that ‘he’s the champ and to hell with the match he’s out of there’. However he doesn’t get far as HHH and Chyna turn him back at the ramp. X Pac beats Rock back into the ring. He goes for the Bronco Buster but misses and Rock beats him down and hits a clothesline for 2. Swinging neckbreaker gets 2. JR emphasises the fact that X Pac has had serious neck injuries in his career. X Pac is dragged out of the ring and rammed head first into the announcer table. Rock steals JRrs drink and goes to spit it but knife edge WHOO! Chops from X Pac cause him to loose it. Back into the ring Rock hits a snapmare and hits the chinlock. Rocky Sucks chant encouraged by HHH. Rock gets in HHH’s face and he jumps up on the apron, distracting the ref and allowing Rock to hit a lowblow on X Pac, getting a 2 count. Russian leg sweep by Rock gets 2. Rock hits another chinlock. HHH encourages an ‘X Pac sucks’ chant without the ‘suck’ part. X Pac eventually gets out of but is knocked down by a reverse elbow. Rock hits the scoop slam and then goes for the peoples, er corporate that is, elbow, doing the crotch chop as he goes down. A lazy cover gets 2 and Rock hits yet another chinlock. HHH tries to motivate X Pac into fighting his way out which he inevitably does. X Pac with anX Factor reversed into Rockbottom, countered by a low blow, gets a very close 2. Spinning heel kick gets 2. X Pac goes up top but Rock rolls through a flying cross body for another near fall. X Pac gets whipped into the ref and then body slammed by Rock. Rock attacks HHH on the outside and then goes after X Pac with the title belt. He is stopped by a belt shot from the euro belt held by HHH and now both men are down in the ring along with the ref. Eventually X Pac goes to cover Rock but it only garners a near fall. Rock crawls into the corner and duly gets caught by the one and only Bronco Buster. Rock bails and goes and shoves Chyna, prompting an attack by HHH. Unfortunately for X Pac the ref saw this and he is disqualified at 12: 34 Winner:- the Rock*** and a half stars. HHH and X Pac beat down Rock until they are separated by the usual crowd.

Rock gets on the mic but is beaten down again by DX . Shamrock tries to make the save but is tossed over the rope by HHH Rock leaves in a hurry as DX music play and HHH and X Pac taunt him from the ring., again told a very good story, X Pac played his underdog face roll very well and the loss didn’t hurt him. Rock’s mic work was classy and I think this is one of Sean Waltman’s better matches as X- Pac. I bet he wishes he could get that reaction from the crowd nowadays!



Undertaker v. Kane v. Mankind v. Steve Austin

Fatal Fourway. This is not elimination but is no dq and no countout. Guest ring announcer is Shane Mcmahon….mmmm screwjob perchance?? Shane reads out long winded introductions to guest time keeper ‘hall of famer Pat Patterson’ Crowd starts a ‘youfat bastard chant’. Special guest referee Gerald Briscoe. Crowd start football chant ‘the refereee’s a wanker’. ‘The icon of the world wrestling Federation and special guest announcer’ Vince Mcmahon. Asshole Chants from crowd. ‘Feared by all stars in the locker room’ Pat Patterson… er Big Bossman who is special enforcer referee for tonight’s match. Another ‘you fat bastard chant’ starts. They all share a big corporate hug in the ring. Finally Vinnie Jones comes out. Vinnie seems to want to fight the Bossman, after a bit of bad mouthing each other Vinnie shoves Bossman out of the ring. Briscoe red cards Vinnie and banishes him form the ringside area, drawing massive heat in doing so.

Mankind is out first, followed by Kane. The former tag champs start brawling in the ring before the other participants enter. Undertaker is out next with Paulbearer. Mankind immediately takes a choke slam form the undertaker and is thrown outside. Kane tries to whip Undertaker but he is thrown outside as well. The glass breaks and Steve Austin makes his entrance to the biggest pop of the night. and brawls with undertaker in the ramp. Austin is knocked down and brought back to the ring just as Kane does a flying clothesline off the top onto Mankind. Austin rams undertaker’s head into the steps as mankind is thrown outside as well. Everyone is outside now. Undertaker dominates Kane as Austin slams Mankind’s head into the table. Undertaker and Austin are in the ring and Austin chokes on the Undertaker with his jacket. Flying lariet by Undertaker followed by legdrop on Austin for a near fall. Undertaker chokes Austin in the corner on the ropes. Paul Bearer hits Austin with his shoe. Austin is dominated by the Undertaker until Lou Thesz press and Austin Elbow level the field. Kane beaks the pin so Austin rams his head into the turnbuckle. Kane and Undertaker both knock down their opponents with one punch. Austin knocks down Kane with a clothesline as Undertaker slams Mankind into the announcer’s table. Slow count by Briscoe gets 2 for Austin. Undertaker is choking Mankind with an audio cable so Kane joins in with his own cable, Austin soon does so as well Briscoe starts to choke Austin before running away. Mankind beats on Austin with the mic. Kane slams Austin’s head into the apron. More brawling form all of the participants in the ring now. Undertaker with arm wrench on Austin, goes to rope walk but is crotched by Kane and falls out of the ring. Mankind and Austin double team Kane and double clothesline him out of the ring. Mankind offers Austin a handshake but Austin punches him instead and goes for the stunner, reversed into the mandible claw. Undertaker takes Mankind’s legs out and rams him into the turnbuckle. Kane is now back in and stomps Austin into the corner. The Brothers of Destruction now double teaming on Mankind and then on Austin. Mankind with Mr . Socko and all three beat on Austin. Mankind with high five on Gerald Brisoce. Mankind taunts Austin but is double teamed by the Brothers. Austin with another very slow count on Mankind.Undertaker brings a chair into the ring. Kane goes to tombstone Austin on the chair but Mankind saves before being beaten out of the ring by Undertaker. Mankind with another chair and he takes down Kane with several shots. Mankind is then taken down himself by a vicous looking chairshot to the head by undertaker. Undertaker gets 2 before Austin saves with a chair. Briscoe with yet another slow count. Undertaker with big boot to Austin. Kane clotheslines Undertaker out of the ring but he lands on his feet and starts brawling with Mankind on the outside. In the ring Kane goes to choke slam Austin but it is reversed to the Stunner. Brisoce does not even bother to make the count and instead asks Patterson the time. Austin knocks Briscoe down and out of the ring and is then choke slammed by Undertaker. So is Kane. Undertaker goes to cover but there is no referee. Mankind makes the save as Earl Hebner runs down. Austin goes to cover Kane but he zombie sits up. Kane goes to tombstone Austin but it is reversed into the stunner. 1- 2- 3 at 15: 46 ** and a half. I loved this when I first saw it as a mark. There wasn’t much wrestling but it was an energetic brawl which worked as it sent the fans home happy.


Post match Briscoe knocks down Hepbner but gets stunnered for his efforts. Bossman gets in the ring and is triple teamed by Austin, Hepbner, and a returning Vinnie Jones. The crowd is going ballistic as Bossman takes a stunner and is flipped off by Hepbner. Show ends as all three of the faces are on the turnbuckles drinking beer.



BOTTOM LINE:-The main thing wrong with this ppv was the shortness of the matches and the length of the promos. It was a good move getting Vinnie Jones involved, as it sparked mainstream media interest of the WWF in England. No match really stood out but there was only one really bad matches and the rest were definitely watchable


Please give feedback on this review because it is only my first and I want to know how to improve

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Guest nWoScorpion

Good Review, now I know I won't get rippoed off of 99 cents for renting this tape (no not to see Jaquelin)

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