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Guest bps "The Truth" 21

New From the Inside by Jeremy Borash

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Guest bps "The Truth" 21

Greetings and welcome to another edition of From the Inside! We’ve got lots of news this week, so let’s get to it!


Jerry Jarrett’s booking continues to evolve, sorting out the strengths and weaknesses of the broadcast. The ship will continue to sail, and every attempt is being made to make sure it steers it in the right direction.


Malice is in Chicago today shooting an episode of The Jenny Jones Show. Malice joins the ranks of several NWA TNA stars that can call themselves Jenny Jones Show alumni. I made a late night run to the airport to Fedex the footage they requested of the Sabu/Malice ladder match from two weeks back. The show will focus on getting the foot in the door of your dream profession. Malice will be talking about getting his start in professional wrestling.


Additional visual changes will be made to the TNA Arena to better suit the building for television.


The Truth shall set you free. The Truth hurts. You want the Truth? Well, you can’t handle the Truth! Just kicking around possible catch phrases for the man that is well on his way to becoming one of NWA TNA’s top stars.


Conversations have resumed with “The Franchise” Shane Douglas. Talks fell through with the former ECW World Champion earlier on, but have since picked up again.


A little known wrestling tidbit. WCW management had to offer Gary Coleman more money to agree to take the guitar shot from Jeff Jarrett. When it came time to get the el kabong, Coleman had sneaked a hat on his head stuffed with toilet tissue to ease the blow. He then refused to utter the phrase, “Whatchu talkin’ bout Mike Awesome?” during a pre-tape because that was “behind him, and he wanted to be recognized for what he is today.” In that case, let’s hear it for all of the unemployed child actors of the world!


Disco Inferno made an unannounced return to television Wednesday night. As was demonstrated by his appearance, he is great on the stick and will make Jive Talkin’ an entertaining segment.


Ricky Steamboat returns to NWA TNA this week. Looks like the NWA has turned to the one man it needs as an authority figure on the show.


TNA management was happy with Angie the TNA girl this past week. Like the Amazing Red, this one is a Borash find. Shocking what a visit to the Hooters in Hendersonville, TN can lead to. (No, Red didn’t work at Hooters).


In my opinion, the best segment of the night was tension between Monty Brown and the Truth. Both men are great on the stick, and an intense story was told between the two. Monty Brown has been a great addition to NWA TNA. While his debut was good, I think he did much more to showcase his mic and ring skills this past Wednesday night.


The Low Ki/Red match was great, but went short. Management would have preferred that they would have used their allotted time, but was still impressed with both men.


Sabu and NWA TNA management dealt with some issues backstage following the finish of Wednesday’s program. Hopefully, the things that needed to be addressed were taken care of. He nailed an incredible bump at the conclusion of the match.


Wrestling is a cutthroat business. Even our backstage seamstress folks at NWA TNA are in a huge conflict over stealing business from one another. Hopefully they will both sew their mouths shut.


Father James Mitchell will be back this week, and will continue to be a NWA TNA mainstay.


Chris Daniels is off to be “Curry Man” for the Japanese fans for the next month. No word on a return date for the Fallen Angel, but my guess is that we’ll see him again in NWA TNA soon.


Several former, or soon to be former “developmental talents” were backstage at the show Wednesday night. I believe nearly all of these individuals would be on TV right now if this was 1998 and the business as a whole was booming. There seemed to be more spots for talent back then.


Shark Boy will get a dark match this Wednesday night before we go live. I, like Mick Foley, Kanyon, and many others, are a huge mark for the shark.


Speaking of Kanyon, NWA TNA wishes him a very speedy recovery.


A big thanks to www.prowrestlindaily.com, www.1wrestling.com, www.pwbts.com, www.piledriveruk.com, www.wrestlingobserver.com, www.pwtorch.com, www.prowrestling.com, http://www.411wrestling.com, www.lordsofpain.net, www.rajahwwf.com and all of the others I am missing (let me know if I’m missing you!) who covered this column on their wrestling websites last week. I’ll keep writing it as long as you’ll keep reading it!


Love the X-Division? Then you will love this Wednesday night! AJ Styles will defend the X-Title against Elix Skipper, and Jerry Lynn will face Low Ki. We’ll also have Malice vs. Apolo, plus the return of Scott Hall.


We will see you this Wednesday night on PPV at 8pm Eastern!

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Guest Zack Malibu
Conversations have resumed with “The Franchise” Shane Douglas. Talks fell through with the former ECW World Champion earlier on, but have since picked up again.

Just when I thought things couldn't get any better...


Here's hoping he's in sooner than later.

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