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Let's put it this way. In the 80's Vince did EVERYTHING he could to destroy any Competition (stealing talent, sometimes stealing talent just so that other Promotions don't have them (Mr Wrestling II for example), running shows in rival territories (a big no-no in the early 80's), signing deals with venues to stop other Promoters from running shows there, running free TV shows up against important Pay-Per-Views (which got him into trouble with PPV companies in the late-80's) and even buying shares in Ole Anderson's so that he could close it down and take their Timeslot), which is why I would not be shocked if he was trying to take NWA-TNA out of business. Vince has proved time and time again that what he wants is to run the ONLY Wrestling Promotion, he dislikes competition (even though WCW and ECW are the main reason why his company is around today - he stole their ideas) and he will do whatever it takes to make sure that their is NO competition. He got back up to his old tricks recently, remember that Curt Hennig was set to become the number one name in the XWF, and then suddenly the WWF sign him and job him out to everyone and Eddie Guerrero was signed from the WWA the night after he won their Cruiserweight Title.


PS - I always find it funny when Vince complains about Bischoff stealing talent from him when he made his company on talent that he stole from other Promotions (Hulk Hogan, became a star in the AWA before Vince stole him and basically did nothing to get him over but took all of the Credit.). And he complains about Eric Bischoff giving away Raw results on Nitro, yet he did much worse stuff during the 80's.

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