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Guest brokentusk16

Best of NWA:TNA week 3-6 tape

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Guest brokentusk16

The tape trading site Wrestling Power has put up a compilation for weeks 3-6 of TNA. The tape is a composite of matches and promo's. Here are the matches available:



1. A.J. Styles vs. David Young

2. Rainbow Express vs. Jerry Lynn & A.J. Styles

3. Scott Hall & Brain Lawler vs. Jarrett & K-Krush

4. Jerry Lynn & A.J. Styles vs. Devon Storm & Slash

5. Briscoes vs. Hot Shots

6. Low Ki vs. Christopher Daniels vs. Jerry Lynn vs. Tony Mamaluke vs. Elix Skipper vs. Kid Romeo

7. Sabu vs. Malice--Ladder Match for #1 Contendership

8. A.J. Styles vs. Low Ki

9. Scott Hall vs. Brian Lawler

10. Low Ki vs. Red

11. Jerry Lynn & A.J. Styles vs. Flying Elvises

12. Simon & Swinger vs. Elix Skipper & Monty Brown

13. Shamrock vs. Sabu--Ladder vs. Submission match



After some thought, I think I'm actually going to buy this video. Matches 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 11 sound like the keepers. Any opinions from someone that's actually watched the shows?

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Guest ShooterJay

1. Least impressive of all the X division matches **3/4

2. Solid, pretty good match ***

3. Good match, more for storyline purposes than ringwork **3/4

4. Very, very good tag match ***1/4

5. 2 minute match, both teams are squash fodder for Malice (major disappointment, as I wanted to see the Briscoes in action and show off all their spots) N/R

6. Awesome- **** match.

7. Suprisingly very good match- about ***1/4

8. Slower paced than you'd think, but still very good. ***1/2

9. About as good as you'd expect **1/4

10. AWESOME, but pretty short (under 7 mins) ***3/4

11. Pretty damn good. ***1/2

12. Solid but unspectacular **1/2

13. Pure crap with a bullshit finish DUD


Hope this helps.

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Guest Gamengiri2002

1.) Styles v. Young--> very entertaining. very watchable.

2.) Rainbow Express v. Lynn & Styles--> about equal with the above. solid.

3.) Hall & Lawler v. KKrush & Jarrett--> All right. Not very great. but not bad.

4.) Lynn & Styles v. Slash & Tempest--> Best so far. great chemistry between styles and lynn

5.) Briscoes & Hot Shots--> Not for a best of, but i mark for briscoes so, yeah why not

6.) 6-Man--> Great, great, great match, third best in the promotion

7.) Sabu v Malice-->Not very good,

8.) Styles v Lo-Ki--> good.

9.) Hall v. Lawler--> Ick. Avoid.

10.) Low-Ki v. Red--> Wild. Especially if you've never seen Red before.

11.) Lynn & Styles v. Elvis'--> Good match. Very good even

12.) Skipper & Brown v. Diamond & Swinger--> not offensive, not great

13.) Shamrock v. Sabu--> bad. avoid. good up til a point. but not worth your time.


Overrall, i dunno, if I had two vcr's i'd make you a best of for all 8 week's. But, since that prior thought is irrelevant, this would be good if only for 15 maybe 20 bucks.

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Guest bps "The Truth" 21

I wouldn't be surprised to see some best of tapes start coming out soon.


Bearing in mind I haven't see weeks 1 & 3...


there is some darn good stuff they could put on a tape:


Week 2: Lo Ki vs. AJ Styles vs. Jerry Lynn vs. Psicosis


Week 4: AJ Styles & Jerry Lynn vs. Slash & Tempest


Jerry Lynn vs. Lo Ki vs. Christopher Daniels vs. Kid Romeo vs. Elix Skipper vs. Tony Mamaluke


Week 5: AJ Styles vs. Lo Ki


Week 6: Lo Ki vs. Red


AJ Styles & Jerry Lynn vs. Estrada & Yang


Week 7: AJ Styles vs. Elix Skipper


Jerry Lynn vs. Lo Ki


Week 8: AJ Styles vs. Lo Ki vs. Jerry Lynn


SAT vs. Elvises


Shamrock vs. Truth (For historical purposes alone)


To a lesser extent JJ vs. Apolo (Which I enjoyed alot)


And from the weeks I didn't see: AJ, Lo Ki and Lynn vs. Elvises from week 1


Styles vs. Young and Styles and Lynn vs Rainbow Express from week 3 (because I've heard these 3 matches were the best of those weeks)


That'd be some tape.

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Guest brokentusk16

The tape is listed as 4 hours long and is on sale for $15. Wrestling Power also has a comp for the WWA ppv's and first two weeks of TNA all on a single tape for $15 as well.

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Guest CoreyLazarus416

Actually, LowKi vs. Red was just OVER 7 minutes at 7:37. :D


I think buying the entire tape would be worth LowKi/Styles and the 6-Man alone. It doesn't hurt at all to have the other matches, and anything from the X-Division is great.

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