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Guest Downhome

WCW Starcade 1995: "World Cup of Wrestling"...

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Guest Downhome

Is this a dream card or what? I remember watching this PPV, but it didn't really leave that big of an impact on me back then. So sue me, I was a 15 year old mark for Hulk Hogan, I didn't even know who most of these guys were back then! Now however, looking back, this was one hell of a solid PPV. Now that I am into Puroresu, and that I have a LOT more respect for actual in-ring work, I really need to dig this PPV back up and give it a watch or two. Anyhow...


...what do you guys think of this PPV? I guess when Hogan is absent, this is the type of show we get, lol. The Starcade before, we got Hogan/Brutus, and the one after this one, we get Hogan/Piper...


...damn, have you ever thought of it like that? Anyhow, here is the complete card...


WCW StarrCade 1995: "World Cup of Wrestling"

Date: December 27, 1995

Location: Nashville, Tennessee

Arena: Municipal Auditorium

Attendence: 8,200


World Cup of Wrestling Matches...


1) Jushin Liger (NJ) Vs. Chris Benoit (WCW)


2) Koji Kanemoto (NJ) Vs. Alex Wright (WCW)


3) Masa Chono (NJ) Vs. Lex Luger (WCW)


4) Masa Saito (NJ) Vs. Johnny B. Badd (WCW)


5) Shinjiro Ohtani (NJ) Vs. Eddie Guerrero (WCW)


6) Hiroyoshi Tenzan (NJ) Vs. Randy Savage (WCW)


7) Kensuke Sasaki (NJ) Vs. Sting (WCW)


...the rest of the matches...


8) Ric Flair Vs. Lex Luger Vs. Sting


9) One Man Gang Vs. Kensuke Sasaki.


10) Randy Savage Vs. Ric Flair


...so guys, what do you think of this PPV now that you look back on it, or better yet, have you watched this lately...


...and if you have, what do you think about it?




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Guest bob_barron

I've seen it three times




The commentary is great and Ohtani-Eddy rocks the house.


Nothing else is that bad and it's a fun show to watch

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Guest RavishingRickRudo

HEY! I wrote a review for this show!




Starrcade '95

"World Cup of Wrestling"

December 27, 1995 in Nashville, TN

Municipal Auditorium drawing 8,200 ($83,855)

Shown live on PPV (0.36)


Announcers: Tony Schiavone, Bobby Heenan, Dusty Rhodes


“It was back twelve years ago the first Starrcade was born, and now this year, and you’ve been in many of them (to Dusty), this year the Japanese invade Wcw and try and take over Wcw and win the World Cup of Wrestling!’ - Tony Schiavone


Tony Schiavone is dressed up in his Tux, Heenan is all swave in his tie-less ensemble and matching Flair Woooo and Dusty is wearing a sport jacket, a cowboy hat and blue jeans with a BIG belt buckle. Right away you know this is going to be one for the ages. Who ever gets 4 out of 7 falls is the winner, it’s New Japan vs. WcW... Lets go to the ring...


Match #1: Jushin ’Thunder’ Liger (NJ) vs. Chris Benoit (WCW)


Benoit enters sans Horsemen and Leather vest BUT THAT DOESN’T MATTER! He still has the confident walk with matching horsemen gestures and ‘I am going to kick so much fucking ass and I know it’ facial expression, the grizzled up beard and the dangerous Canadian mullet... Oh yeah, and the Porn Music to boot. God I love the 4h tights.


Liger comes down with Sonny Ono, Mini Japanese flag, and the greatest fucking cape to ever grace professional wrestling. And the crowd boos him?! NO! How can you do that?! LOOK AT THE CAPE! Benoit decides that he doesn’t like the look of that flag and smacks it out of Ligers hand and decides to show him who owns the ring. That’s right. This ring belongs to the Horsemen.


Quick Lock up to start as Benoit just pushes Liger down like he is nothing. 2nd time has the same result and Liger seems a bit mystified. Benoit decides to flash the four again as Liger claims he pulled the hair. AND WHAT HAIR! Liger is all flowin free here; his mask can only contain so much of it, so you can’t blame a man for using it as an advantage. Benoit is just overpowering here; shoulder blocks, kicks to the gut all of that stuff. Liger gets the advantage, though, after some arm drags, hip tosses and drop kicks. So right off the bat, not even 2 minutes in and we know this is Power vs. Speed. Liger is quick to take the advantage when Benoit is on the outside and a baseball slide stuns him and a running flip off the apron knocks him down. Liger gets into the ring, receives the obligatory ‘U-S-A’ chants and Tony decides to tell everyone about Ligers Cartoon show, “He is a Saturday morning fixture for all youngsters in Japan as well as quite the wrestling sensation as well.”


They do a really neat test of strength/hand lock spot where it ends up with Liger getting a hurricanrana and quickly snapping off a koppo kick. They follow it up with an even neater arm drag out of a power bomb by Liger and a sweet belly to belly suplex which sends Benoit back to the outside. Dusty decides to be the only Southern Middle Aged Man to use the word ‘Tipsy Toe’ which normally is inexcusable, but its the Dream so I can forgive it... Heenan says ‘TIPSY TOE?!’ to which Dusty says ‘Yes, he was teetorin’ on totterin’. You gotta love Dusty Rhodes. It’s like he has a list of things to say, with big words and they sound all nice in theory and to use them he closes his eyes and picks two... Liger invites Benoit back into the ring, a proposition which is denied. Benoit gets back into the ring and decides to get the match back into his favour with teasing a test of strength but instead opts for a kick to the gut and a SNAP Suplex. “If the pace gets quick, you would think the match favours Liger, but on the mat the power man here is Chris Benoit.” You just don’t get that kind of analysis any more. Sure, it’s a simple point, but not only does it show that the commentators have some insight into the match, but it shows the strengths and weaknesses of both wrestlers.


Man, Benoit is VICIOUS! He gives Liger one of his patented backdrops, kicks him when he is down, hooking clotheslines him and slaps on an elevated crap... THAT’S RIGHT JERICHO~! Here is how you do it! “He’s got his back-strapped and his liverin’ quiverin”. Benoit his a german suplex; Brain calls it a dragon. Tony corrects him and gives us a lecture on what’s what. You heard me. This was way back when. This was 95. This was when Tony could call a match. Liger gets Benoit into an ‘Uncle’n situation’ with a Surfboard, then a reclining camel clutch to which Benoit says ‘Fuck that’ and gets to his feet and falls back to the mat with Liger on his shoulders. DAMN that had to knock the wind out of the 6 time IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Champion (Tony again). Liger gets superplexed when trying to go for a swandive headbut (presumably), Benoit misses his as well and Liger gets up and does a lil dance... Tony notes that Liger was the most cocky, the most confident at the press conference and we find out (in so many words) that the Brain has money invested in the New Japan team.


LLLLLLYGAH BOMB! gets 2. BRRRRRRRAINBUSTAH! gets 2... Both of Liger’s moves had a cocky pin following them. It seems that they have totally forgotten the ‘Speed vs. Power’ and instead have gone for the ‘equally matched’ format . Benoit answers Lygers’s power moves with a hooking clothesline, rolling german suplex (2 to be exact with the 2nd being release), the best powerbomb in the business, and flies from the top with his headbut. Liger was confident, he thought he could put the Crippler away with his Liger Bomb. He thought he could put him away with his Brainbuster. Each had cocky pins. Benoit knows better. He had done a series of his signature moves and is about to finish it off with a Dragon Suplex; that is until Kevin Sullivan comes down and distracts him. Liger takes the advantage and hits the worst hurricanrana ever which is still able to get the 3. Clock this bitch at 10:29.


Winner: Jushin ‘Thunder” Liger


***1/2 Very Good match for most wrestlers... Nothing compared to what these men have done with each other before.




Match #2: Koji Kanemoto (NJ) vs. Alex Wright (WCW)

The graphic for this match has Ohtani instead of Kanemoto, oh well. Koji has the IWGP championship belt here and comes out with the EVIL Japanese music. Wright has a leather jacket and comes out with the EVIL German Techno Music.


They lock up twice to no avail. A bunch of hip tosses and arm drags and all that nifty mat stuff has them back to where they started: staring at each other from their respective corners in an ECW-esque ‘waiting for applause‘ stances.. But this isn‘t ECW, they are not RVD or Jerry Lynn, and this is NOT a bingo hall... So they get squat. Koji is just a cocky bastard in this. Jeering for applause, clapping his hands, waving his arms while he has Das Wunderkind down. Did I say he was a bastard? I mean he is a full-fledged DICK! Every move he milks. Wright is in an armbar, he cartwheels and handsprings out of it and follows up with *2* NO HAND hurricanranas. I love that move. A drop kick sends Kanemoto to the ropes, but not to the outside. The action stops for about 20 or so seconds and it is obvious they aren’t where they are supposed to be. Wright does a fun over the top rope body press to the outside and pisses Koji off. So much so that he yells at a poor fan. AAAARGH! Rest holds and weak chops follow. The only thing that redeems this lack of action is Dusty’s brilliant commentary and Heenan’s wonderment at how Schiavonie can understand him.


Koji says fuck the chops and goes for the KICKS! Which is more suited for a man of his kruel kickin kalibre (man, Dusty is rubbin off on me). Another awkward moment happens when Kanemoto tries to get Wright to the top rope (most likely for a hurricanrana) but instead misses and gets him on the apron. From here they stay for about 10 or 15 seconds which leads to Koji dropkicking Alex to the outside. If you spend the time to set up moves, then you better make them impressive. I guess they sort of redeem themselves as Kanemoto his a pescado on Wright. Brawling on the outside. TIGER SUPLEX on the inside for...a...ONE? COME ON! You could have at least made that dramatic, its a Tiger Suplex for fucks sake. Koji Kontinues his Kocky ways as he doesn’t take the pin off the moonsault. German Suplex from the German Wrestler gets two. Man, this match is just awkward. The match starts to get flowin and then they just mess it up. The crowd reaction reflects this. This match goes from a mat affair, to a bit of a brawl, to a bit of high flying, to near falls, to spots, to a weird anti-climatic ending. All with shit in between. Both men did not make the pins look convincing which ruined the near falls which ruined the finish. (It was a snake-eyes and a roll up that won it for Kanemoto) Clock it at 11:44


Winner: Koji Kanemoto


** The first time I watched this match I liked it well enough. It seems like they were doing stuff way beyond their league (or at least Wrights league). They should have just stuck with Kanemoto kicking the fuck out of Wright... Here is the difference between this match and the between Liger and Benoit: In the previous match both men worked naturally. Very little restholds; it was just two men reacting to each other. Of course, they have worked with each other before, so they should know each other, but still, Wright and Kanemoto should have worked that way. Instead they had no confidence in their abilities or their partners’ and it showed.


New Japan leads 2-0.

Sonny Ono wants to buy WCW. The Oak says WCW is not for sale... I wish Sonny would have purchased WCW...


Match #3: Masahiro Chono vs. Lex Luger


Chono was trained by Lou Thesz. Luger has a pretty mullet... Which makes three so far. Benoit, Guerrero being the others. Well, 2/3 ain’t bad. I still contend that Mullets increase workrate by 500%. Luger decides to display his WHOLE ARSENAL OF WRESTLING MOVES all in succession. SHOULDER BLOCK! GORRILLA PRESS! TRICEPS~! BICEPS! POSE~! POSE~! POSE~!!!!! All are nothing compared to the mighty YAKUZA KICK~!


Luger goes to the outside as Chono flexes HIS BIG muscles. Luger comes into the ring as I come to a realization; Chono has the best sideburns EVER. Luger’s mullet is backed up into the corner as Chono diiigs his knee into the packages throat. Heenan points out that Chono may not be able to out-power Luger but he does have the balance. This is something you just don’t hear nowadays in wrestling. The physics. Chono no-sells Lugers forearms and slaps on a STF. The ‘Deadly’ STF. WOW, Luger is out-selling Chono. ‘TONY, HE KICKED THE MAN IN THE HEAD!’ Torture Rack. Its over....


Winner: Lex Luger


That is how quick this match was over. Chono catches a elbow while trying to hit a double axe handle from the top rope, from there he submits to the Rack. ** I liked this match, it was quick (6:41), there wasn’t a point of no action, and for Luger, it was good. I would have liked a better build (seems to be a running trend), the STF should have taken out Lugers leg which should have effected his Torture Racking abilities. But there was no real struggle and it was over like that.


Sting is charismatic. I like his promos. Sue me.


Match #4: Masa Saito (NJ) vs. Johnny B. Badd (WCW)


Kimberly Page is HOT. She does cartwheels. I want a Badd Blaster more than anything in the world. And those frilly knee pads. I want Saito’s jacket too. I would be the coolest fuck in the world wearing all that. Ono cuts a male-chauvinistic promo to Kimberly saying she belongs in a kitchen cooking... Amen... Kimberly is sexxxy when she is offended. Oh god she has the mic.... Ok, THAT was not needed, “I ain’t no gaycha girl”. Kimberly questions Ono’s manhood. Saito is THICK. Johnny is one Badd Man.


Masa Saito gets Olympic on Johnny with some nice take downs and headlocks. They both end up on their feet and just chop the shit out of each other. “This is what we call toe to toe action”. I love the top rope sunset flip, but it only gets two. Ono gets on the apron, Badd tries to flip him over but gets sent over the top rope to the outside instead... And you know what that means... DQ. No thanks. JBB makes up for it with a FLIP~! over the ropes to the outside.


Winner: Johnny B. Badd.


*1/2. This match, as they say, was ‘just there’. Not all that good. Not all that bad. Just there.


Luger and Sting are friends. But they have to fight each other. Luger wants to walk this one alone. Jimmy is here for a long time, not a good time. He is the manager of champions. Luger flexes.


Match #5: Shinjiro ‘OOTANI’ vs. ‘Eddie’ Guerrero.


Ohtani comes down in a fashion that only Ohtani can come down in. That is to say, a very cocky swagger. VERY cocky. The expression on his face says “I don’t give a fuck, this place ain‘t so impressive”. Eddie is all peppy and non-rudo-ie. Which is just odd. And if I may say, NOT RIGHT. But he works it pretty well and the fans seem to like him. The score is tied 2-2, this match being very “piv-it-tuh-buhl situation, if you weeel, rye he-uh in puh-leh gettin reday tuh trans-py-uh heuh.” Its a ‘Rhodism’.


Wow, Ohtani was a high school amateur champion who would come around New Japan matches dressing up like Liger to get noticed. Just like me. They circle around the ring a bit, Ohtani blowing off Eddies advances. I gotta say right now. I love Ohtani. The reason I bought this tape was because of Ohtani. Every little gesture this man does is GOLD! He does the ‘shoo-now/step-away’ gesture every time Eddie backs him into a corner. Meanwhile Dusty is fascinated with saying ‘Ohtani’ and I think starts to rant off about drinking at a bar with Tony a night earlier... But I am not sure. Both go for arm drags at the same time, which is funny to watch. Ohtani ends up getting Eddie down and starts clawing at his face. WHY? Cause he’s Shinjiro Oh-fuckin-tani! The lock up goes to the ropes and just as Ohtani starts to break away he pinches Guerrero’s nose like a stooge... Eddie fights right back with a boot twist to the face. It’s technical manoeuvres like this which make classics ‘classics‘. Some mat work and transitions (very shootish) leads to some rope running which brings Ohtani to the outside. If you want a drinking game to with this, take a shot of Jack (or your drink of choice) whenever you hear the word ‘Rickshaw’. I guarantee you will be hammered by the time you finish this tape.


Eddie Guerrero’s powerbomb is in contention to take over Benoits’ spot. I tell you, the way he just holds on and pulls/folds them in under him is something that would make Nash cry like the little girl he wants to be. THAT is how you do a powerbomb. A SIIIICK brainbuster follows and Ohtani sells it like he is dead. Guerrero throws him toward the turnbuckle but Ohtani FLIPS over, causing Eddie to hit the turnbuckle, and then he gets MAD AIR on a springboard dropkick. He had to be up a good 13 feet. Eddie rolls towards the salvation that is the outside of the ring but he should know better... You cannot escape Ootani! SPRINGBOARD PLANCHA puts Guerrero down and out. Ohtani gets up, gathers applause like the king that he is, and puts his foot atop his fallen opponent as if to say ‘I won this bitch’. Then he looks to the fans and points at Guerrero as if to say ‘Look at him! His mullet is so small and so weak! He is nothing compared to me and my TINY BOOTS.’ Inside they go so Ohtani can deliver a nice dropkick and a strangling.


Heenan asks what Dusty would do if he were in Ohtani’s position. Dusty says he would put Guerrero away with a big move to jack his jaw. Heenan says he would focus on Eddies hurt shoulder. Dusty then says...


“You would pull out a pair of brass knux or a bottle of soda pop and hit me in the head with it because you was a snake in the grass manager that you always been, and that’s why they seened fit to take you off Saturday night and move me into that situation which I will be getting an ace for next year at the cable awards....thank you.”


If you need ANY reason to get this show, Dusty’s commentary is it. Heenan brought up a very good point, tried to make Dusty look good, tried to add something positive to the match and Dusty replied with malice. Absolute Malice. GOD BLESS THE DREAM.


They try to work the sleeper/clap clap clap/fan support thing but no dice. This crowd is either dead, or is waiting for Flair. A SSSSSSSIIIIIIIIIIDE saulto by Guerrero done to perfection; I love that move. Another move I love is Ohtani’s German Suplex. He just snaps it back with a swank bridge and little regard for his opponent. But he can afford this you see, cause he is Ohtani... Shinjiro Ohtani. Dusty chastises Schiavonie for calling it German ‘Wee’l you stop it with thith German SOOPLEX!’. In any wording, the move only gets two. Which is good. WHY? Cause it allows Ohtani to go to the apron and springboard up with a SPINNING FUCKING HEEL KICK~!~! Guerrero is OUT.... Or is he? Ohtani goes to the top but Guerrero cuts him off and hits a very nice Hurricanrana with a very late release. None of this ‘I am going to immediately flip out’ bullshit, this was ‘last second nearly landing on my heed’ style. The crowd is going wild. Not wild-wild. But they are more active than they are in most of the matches tonight.






A bunch of standing switches leads to Ohtani rolling forward and catching Guerrero in a heel/ankle lock. Eh, very little torque on it, so its not *that* great. Ohtani, being the bastard that he is, doesn’t let go. Heenan, being the bastard that he is ends up justifying it because of the language barrier. Ohtani rushes Eddie and Eddie being the bastard HE is/will be simply ducks and lets Ohtani spill over the middle rope. Me being the bastard that I am is going to keep on using LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of repetition. It looks like as if Eddie is going to hit an Asai Moonsault, but he opts for the much more impressive triple-jump ROTATING cross body! That was 180 degrees my friend. Eddie rules it. He tries to get Ohtani into the ring with a suplex but Ohtani says ‘fuck this’ and DRILLS Guerrero with a final springboard dropkick to the back of his foo heed! This was one of those moves that makes you go ‘AAAAW SHIIIIIIT!’. It is all over. It HAS to be all over! Ohtani cuts the throat, gives the thumbs down. He is saying ‘this bitch is over!’ He attempts a dragon suplex but Guerrero fights out! Guerrero fights out?! He runs the ropes, gets thrown into the air and comes back down with a hurricanrana! But Ohtani uses the momentum to bring Guerrero over 1-2...Guerrero rolls back 1-2 1/2...Ohtani rolls him over again 1-2-3!!! 1-2-3? Yes, ONE, TWO, THREE~! Someone actually won with a roll up sequence! And that man was Shinjiro Ohtani! He stands up with a grin from ear to ear and acts as like ‘Pff, I knew it all along...bitches’. In reality, this match could have gone either way. (13:43)


****1/4 Aside from Dusty’s mind-blowing commentary, THIS MATCH is why you should GET THIS BITCH! These two men, Ohtani and Guerrero, have such good chemistry and worked it two ways. Half of it was instinctual, and the other half was laid out. Either way it was damned good. I would have liked to see Ohtani work on the injured shoulder though. That would have totally made Eddie a sympathetic babyface, it would have set Ohtani up as the bastard that he is, it would have made for some good psychology, and it would have effected the finish...Ah well... It was better than 98% of what the WWF puts out so I am happy.


“To infinity and beyond....” A surreal Macho Man promo... VEEEEERY Surreal.


Match #6: Randy Savage (WCW) vs. Hiroyoshi Tenzan (NJ)


Tenzan enters with his horned mask, silk robe and BEAUTIFUL mullet. That is impressive. Savage comes out with OH DEAR GOD Frills! THAT is a jacket. NJPW 3, WCW 2. Savage has a hurt arm caused by the Total Package and some tie dye/leather hybrid tights.


Tony gives us a bit of history on Starrcade, which I like. Tony announced really well all this night. Heenan asks Dusty how to handle Ric Flair since Rhodes has wrestled the man 11 times. Heenan is just ON tonight and proves he is one of the best ever. The match itself is just Tenzan over-powering Savage with REALLY basic power moves. By ‘really basic’ I mean ‘really bad’. Bad, Bad Brawling. Savage tries to match an offensive but it is quickly no sold by Tenzan. Eye rakes, head buts, Swedish massages, elbows... Bad Brawling. The only thing redeeming this match is Macho Man’s boots, Tenzan’s mullet, and the announcing.


Craaazy Headbut from the top by the dominating New Japan wrestler gets 2, and a follow-up moonsault gets nothin but mat. Savage takes advantage and clotheslines Tenzan to the outside apron. His attempt at a outside-in vertical suplex on Tenzan turns into a gut buster on the ropes which eventually brings him into the ring. Savage goes to the top and drops the bomb. 1, 2, 3.


1/8 *. Just cause I like the mullet and the elbow drop. The rest of this match was just gawd awful, with Tenzans offence being offensive and the fact that this match was just to set up the later match doesn’t help at all. But if you are going to do a crappy match, make it short, and this kinda was at 6:55. However, I think 7 straight power moves by Tenzan and a quick comeback and win by Savage would have been better than the laughable chops, headbuts and aformentioned Swedish massages he used in the match.


We go back to the announce team where we find out that Brain is REALLY drunk as he drops his papers and stumbles around looking for them and all the others can do is laugh. AHAHA look at that poor schmuck! Gene pimps the hotline 1 900 909 9900... RIC FLAIR! GOLDS GYM SHIRT! STYLES WOOO AND PROFILES! “TO BE THE MAN, AND THINK ABOUT IT LIKE THIS, YOU GOTTA BEAT THE MAN!” Flair is fresh, they are not. 2 minutes... 5 Wooo‘s.


Sting (WCW) vs. Kensuke Sasaki (NJ)


Man, I love the US title. Sasaki comes out with a pretty leather jacket that I want yesterday and some futuristic mullet (I am guessing from 2012) that is just beyond compare. The man called Sting comes out with cheap heat and FRILLZ! His Jacket beats Macho Man’s both interms of Sparkle and Frillz.


WEEEEEAK kicks by Sasaki takes Sting down and out and to the ropes where WEEEEEAK forearm clubs brings the PAIN and AGONY. Rickshaw mention #587 by the Dream. Sting gets control and hits a STINGER SPLASH... It seems like he wants the quick win just like Macho Man so he can be fresh for the Main Event...He tries to send Sasaki to the opposite turnbuckle but his attempt gets reversed and he goes into the corner, bounces out, and Sasaki hits his patented bulldog. Sting slowly gets up only to get knocked back down with a POW-er Clothesline. Sting gets wise on the 3rd attempt, ducks it, and sends the Power Warrior out with a dropkick and clothesline. Bobby says Sting should take his time and slowly wear down the more powerful Sasaki. Sting brings Kensuke back in only to get powerslamed and then hit with a SWEET Northern Lights Bomb. And I mean sweet. Sasaki goes around the ring and basks in the glory that is his power! Stranglehold gamma wears the Stinger down. More weak books to the back keeps him down. The man from New Japan throws him against the ropes and hits his shoulder throw take down...Or for you Puro Pundits, an Ipponzei... Sasaki applies a Scorpion Death Lock! But Sting being the ‘inventor’ of the move obviously knows how to get out it and does so. Sasaki hits him with a dragonscrew or leg drag takedown, goes for another one but gets nailed with a enziguiri. Kensuke tries to hit a poor mans Oaklahoma stampede but Sting gets out and sends him into the turnbuckle, hits a bulldog, applies the Scorpion Deathlock and its over! WCW WINS! WCW WINS! WCW WINS! Everyone comes out to congratulate him, the most notable is Alex Wright who is wearing a pro-american shirt, sweat pants, and a fruity ear ring. I am just diggin Stings Music... WCW accepts the World Cup, which is a really big cup. Brain is pissed cause he lost money.


3 men, one title. Luger is evil, Sting hates Flair, Flair is Fresh.


Flair and Sting start off and Luger is on the outside waiting for the tag. Flair opens with a strut and a wooo, showing that the fans love him. Sting shows that the fans love him more and flair gets pissed. Sting presses and clotheslines flair down and quickly goes for his deathlock, but flair is wise to it and grabs the ropes and heads to the outside to regroup. Collar and Elbow to a hammerlock by Flair takes Sting down to the mat. Flair uses the ropes to put more pressure...why? cause he’s the dirtiest fucking player in the game... DUH... Flair works on Stings left arm, a sort of foreshadowing of things to come. Flair sends Sting into the corner. CHHHHHHOP! STRRRRRRRUT! NNNNNNNO SELL! Sting decides to strut a bit himself and Flair backs off. BIG HIP TOSS, BIG CLOTHESLINE, BIG DROPKICK. 1 2 3 4 5 6 BITE in the corner by Sting, bulldogs Flair down, outside Flair goes. Sting keeps no selling Flairs offence. Into the ring Flair goes as he begs for mercy. Another big hip toss from the man called Franchise, and he misses the drop kick. Flair is the man. After every move he does he struts and taunts Luger. Even after simple kick to the gut he will walk around and mock the fans. I love that. Flair is such a bastard. Flair antagonizes the fans. Antagonizes Luger. Drives the knee into Sting. He wears down Sting with PINS! He just holds Sting down and forces him to waste his energy in his kick outs.


Struts and Kicks. That’s what the first part of this match is all about. That is until Sting decides to no sell Flair’s suplex. Sting goes for his own, top rope variety of course, but Flair gouges his way out of it. Sting continues his no selling, sends Flair into the corner, hits a superplex, goes for the pin. Luger kicks Sting off. Sting turns his attention to Luger, looks back to see if Flair is still down (which he is) turns his attention BACK to Luger and Flair promptly gets up and knees Sting in the back which sends him to the corner for the tag. Luger comes in, flexes, the power of which scares Flair out. Flair wants to take it to the outside, that’s where he has the advantage. Luger pulls Flair back in. Flair knees Luger in the groin, antagonizes Sting, Sting comes in, ref tries to get him out, Flair pokes Luger in the eyes, and goes for a shoulder block which is DEENIED!


Great psychology here. Flair was able to get the advantage and keep it with Sting by distracting the ref like that but Luger is wise to it and it doesn’t work. Flair goes for another shoulder block but gets Gorilla slam #3 of the night. In the corner they go with Luger getting 10 straight punches to Flairs neck, Flair stumbles out and takes his patented pratfall which is always a delight to see. Flair kicks out in the best possible way by GRABBING LUGERS HAIR to pull him off. That’s great. Luger gets up, POOOKE to the eyes and Flair takes a breather. Luger stumbles about and Flair takes advantage of his blindness and drops a knee to the back of his leg. Setting him up for a figure-four and preventing the torture rack which Luger beat Chono with. The weakest chair shot this side of Lance Storm puts Luger in further agony when Flair goes to the outside. In the ring, Flair extends (see: yanks) Luger’s leg by pulling his foot, and he antagonizes Sting some more. Sting comes in, ref goes to stop him, Flair places the Greco-Roman knee to the groin. Figure Four! Flair gets the ropes for some assistance. Flair slaps Luger, Luger flexes, and rolls out of it. Flair heads outside to the apron tries to hit a suplex to the outside, Luger gets it instead. Flair goes to the top, Luger throws him off thus negating all of the leg work Flair had done. Luger continues his no selling ways by ignoring all the chops, punches and shoulder blocks. Flair is fed up and tags Sting in.


‘Put down the pop corn grandma‘ ‘Respect has left this town’, Its now friend vs. friend. Heenan calls Sting a softy, Tony replies by saying he is one of the best in the world, Heenan says ‘yeah, but he’s got a heart’. They shake hands to start and the crowd boos it! Don’t trust Luger! When was the last time these two locked up? Superbrawl II, Tony calls it. TONY CALLS IT! TONY RULES THIS! What I really like about this commentary is that these 3 guys are INTO IT. They are looking at the match as fans. They are looking at it like they should, they are looking at it like observers. Their excitement becomes MY excitement, and theirs seems completely genuine. They have watched these three *WCW* wrestlers fight throughout the years. They, especially Tony and Dream, are feeling it. They give this match such an importance, an importance that I just don’t see in wrestling (cough, Wwf) today.


Collar and Elbow into the corner. They break-up as Tony mentions it was Sting who took the title from Luger way back when. Stings face paint is only around his eyes now and he takes some off as Luger rests against the buckles. Tony questions Stings endurance and drive since Sting let up in the corner, but Dream shrugs it off by saying that something is ready to explode. Luger starts beating the tar outta Sting all around the ring with punches and elbows and forearms and turnbuckle shots, ‘And these men are friends’. Sting reverses Luger in the corner and climbs up for some punchin, “1,2,3,4-’ Luger powers out with a reverse atomic drop which Sting aptly no-sells and responds a pair of reasonably stiff clotheslines which makes Luger beg for a time-out. Sting turns his attention to the Nature Boy as Luger starts to contemplate his next move.


Luger softens up Stings Rib and back with some knees and forearms and shoulder thrusts in the corner. Tony says that ‘they’ say that Luger is the hardest hitter in the business. I say that Tony is insane. Sting gets advantage and sets up a stinger splash which Luger no-sells and runs out and flattens Sting with his clothesline. Luger tries to inhibit Stings breathing with a rope clothesline, he stands on his throat and kicks him in the ribs. Sting goes to the outside for a breather. Luger follows him out and misses a double axe handle off the apron and gets punched in the process. So they are basically playing a game of horse here. Sting does something, Luger follows suit. Luger does something, Sting does it right back. Crossbody from the top by Sting gets 2. Vader bomb (see, corner splash) gets knees and once again Stings ribs are damaged. Both men are down while Flair is ‘Fresher then a Sailor on leave’. Luger is the first to his feet, 3 elbows to the throat get 2. A trio of elbows to his chest, a lazy cover and Sting grabs the ropes. Dusty asks Brain what is Flair thinking ‘Because you in love wid’eeem.’ The way that he said it... Fuckin Great. Give this man his Cable Ace Award!


Luger continues his assault on Stings ribs with a kick to the gut, goes for another one which is BLOCKED and CAUGHT by Sting. Luger is too lazy to spin around so he just does a 90 degree turn, stops, and gets a YAKUZA kick to the mug and stumbles to the corner. SCORPION DEATH LOCK is avoided when Luger grabs the ropes like a damned sissy. ‘A BLATENT low blow’ by Luger gives him the advantage and he hits running inverted atomic drop. Sting surprisingly gets a small cradle for 2, a sunset flip for two, all the while Dusty and Tony are debating the validity of Sting and Luger’s friend ship. Sting reverses a vertical suplex but both get up at the count of 5. Luger has the advantage still, he whips Sting into the ropes, attempts a back body drop but gets kicked in the mush for his troubles, Stinger bounces off the ropes and hits his patented bulldog. Sting is about to throw Lex into Flair’s corner but changes his mind in midstream and throws him in the one to his left, THEN he whips him into the opposite turnbuckle for the STINGER SPLASH! Luger tumbles to the other corner, Sting goes for ANOTHER splash but MISSES! RACK RACK RACK!!! REF HIT HIT HIT!! FLAIR CHOP BLOCK, BLOCK, BLOCK!!


Flair throws both men out of the ring and wakes up the ref. Both men are out cold on the out side. 1! “They’re both down!” 3! “Look at this!” 4! “Flair’s gonna win it!” 5! “They’re have way there!” - 6!, 7! -“They’re not going to get up” 8! “If this happens Flair is going to advance! 9! “This thing is ovah baybay.” 10! “FLAIR WINS! RIC FLAIR WINS!” “Wooooo” (28:03)


This was REALLY good match and probably the best way to utilize the 3 man format. Flair was ON tonight, Luger was NO selling, and Sting did a pretty good job as well. The cast of characters are what really made this match, though. Flair being the smart, cocky one, Luger being the strong tuff guy, and Sting being the innocent baby face. Flair will tell you to your face that he will cheat to win, while Luger is more sinister. There really was no believable near-falls, and there could have been more drama added to it. But they really played up the triangle match psychology, and rather than having it the focus of the match, the worked around it and made their own struggles the story. The ending fit as well, since Flair was always taking advantage of a situation and clipping Luger while Sting was in the Torture Rack was no exception. ****


The commentators commend Flair being a dirty bastard. Luger asks for Stings help up, Sting looks angry. He could have gotten into the ring but Luger held him back. Jimmy Hart comes in and becomes part of team Flair. A bit of history and analysis from Heenan and Shiavonie to set up the next match...


‘Match Man’ Randy Savage vs. ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair.


Boy, do these men have a history. Ric Flair and Starrcade have a history; he won his second World Title at the first Starcade, and is looking for his 12th. Michael Buffer does the introductions. “This is the moment the World has been waiting for...yada yada yada... LLLLLLLLET‘S GET READY TO RRRRRRRRRRUUMMMBAAAALLL!”


Knee to the ribs by Flair to start, whip against the ropes for a back body drop, reversed by Macho into a backslide for 2 1/2. Collar and Elbow into the corner and a CHOP by the Nature Boy. Into the opposite corner they go and Savage reverses it and starts laying in the lefts and rights they both back out and a final right jab puts Flair down, he gets up and gets knocked down with another jab and another to the jaw brings Flair down to the corner. Some really nice selling by Flair on that one. PAUL ORNDORF has made his way to ringside sporting a very fashionable NECK-BRACE and he looks ANGRY at Ric Flair and the Horsemen for Piledriving him on concrete a while back. Macho goes for some punches in the corner only to get a reverse atomic drop by Flair. The Figure Four Attempt is pushed away and Savage gets up and puts Flair into a front chancery and brings him to the corner where the ref separates them. The Nature Boy goes for a cheap shot which is blocked and Savage DRIVES Flair’s head into the turnbuckle. Throws him to the opposite end and we get a FLAIR FLOP which takes Flair to the outside. MACHO MAN UP TOP! DOUBLE AXE HANDLE! MISSED! Flair punches him in the gut on the way down Macho is ‘in a bad situation’.


Flair begins to work on Savages taped left arm/elbow by throwing him against the post and breaking it over the security rail. The ref forces Ric back into the ring and Jimmy Hart decides to take advantage an kicks Savage in the ribs. The Macho Man slowly makes his way into the ring and gets put in a hammerlock down to the mat. For leverage Flair, naturally, puts both of his feet on the second rope, he then starts to KNEE Savages elbow, OUCH! I don’t know how they do that, but it has to hurt! Flair puts more pressure on the hammerlock. The announcers talk about how Flair snapped after Hogan won the title from him when he debuted and has never been the same since. Flair continues to work the arm twisting and pulling and breaking until Savage punches his way out. He starts to build momentum but Flair catches him into a sleeper. Savage gets out and starts punching away. That is his best weapon, his right hand, it has been able to neutralize and take Flair down. Macho goes up top for a double axe handle but gets caught again by Flair. Hart distracts the ref, throws the megaphone into the ring, Flair is about to hit Macho but Macho KICKS Flair and takes it from him and CORKS him over the head. The ref is still distracted and FLAIR BLADES! MACHO ELBOW! PILLMAN! BENOIT! Macho takes them BOTH out the crowd is going WILD! MY GAWD Flair is cut! ARN ANDERSON~! KNUCKLE DUSTS MACHO! Flair pins! Flair WINS!


The Horsemen come into the ring and celebrate with a BLOODY Ric Flair. Pillman jumps around like the loose canon he is, and I still can’t get over this blade job by Flair. In like 1 minute the man has generated more blood than most will in their career. DEAR GOD! Ric Flair is now a 12 time world champion!


This match could have been MUCH better had it gone another 10 or 20 minutes, but instead it only goes for (8:41) and gets ***. Tony finishes the show with shilling Wcw like the shill that he is and will become. Brain gives us one last ‘Woooooooooo’.





I definitely recommend this tape, if not for the matches, for the commentary. All 3 of these men were just ON. Tony was insightful and brought the history, Brain added more than just the usual heel style commentary with his questions and analysis, and Dream was, well, he was the Dream. The matches themselves were pretty good, only one or two really called for a fast-forward. If anything, get it for SHINJIRO OHTANI, who rules you like a king.



PS. Why YES~! I do like to RIP OFF other WRITERS~!!!

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Guest Bloodice

I have that tape and next to great american bash 88 it is one of my most treasured tapes.

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Guest Mad the Swine

Actually, Savage bladed Flair and just sliced him.


The match was probably shortened due to both of them being injured. Savage's elbow injury was apparent with his tape and Flair had a torn rotator cuff.

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Guest bob_barron

After watching Starrcade I made a note to self to never ever have Savage blade me.


They were supposed to do a post-match interview with Flair and the Horsemen but he was too bloody

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Guest WrestlingDeacon

I too remember watching it live at the time. It certainly came off better than the Starrcade '89 tournament. Although I think some of the Japanese contingent was dumbing it downa bit for the American fans. That Flair vs. Luger vs. Sting match is a sleeper of a classic though.

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Guest pete

I really enjoyed the show. It is a shame some of the matches didn't get enough time. Yhe workrate of course was high. The fans took away from some of the matches along with crappy booking. Sullivan interupting Benoit/Liger at least it lead ti a great match at GAB 96.

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Guest ShooterJay

I've seen it, and I wish I had a tape of it, but I always found it funny, in a smarkish sort of way, that all the NJ guys went over the "quality" WCW talent (Benoit, Guerrero) and jobbed to guys like Luger and Savage.

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Guest pete

Yeah those guys were good at keeping there spots. Also I want to say I am A Flair mark. I just thought it was interesting that Flair went over and won his umpteenth world title so that the casual fan left the building talking about that instead of all the great wrestling they saw that night.

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Guest dreamer420

I just dubbed this tape the other night but haven't watched it yet. I'm looking forward to it now.

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