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Guest alfdogg

Ashes II Ashes 2002

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Guest alfdogg

Earlier today

SkyDome parking lot


MC: I'm here with...


Sandman9000: Just give me the microphone and leave.


MC: But, but...


Sandman9000: LEAVE! Before I rip your head off and piss down your neck!"


MC hands Sandman the microphone and leaves.


Sandman9000: Good. Let me tell all of you a story. When I first came into the OAOAST, I was nothing. I was worthless. I deserved to have the @#%$ kicked out of me on a regular basis. And that is what happened. Now, there was another person who had the @#%$ kicked out of him on a regular basis, and his name was EvenflowDDT.


Now, the two of us formed our own little bond. Sure, everyone else may have been better then us, but at least we knew that we had each other's backs, even if no one else did. Now, there was this little event called AngleSlam, and this thing called the Royal Rumble. Now, me and Evenflow were both in the Rumble, even though we both knew that we had no chance in hell of winning it.

Now, I went in, and I knew that Evenflow was just a little behind me. However, Evenflow never made it into the Rumble. I got tossed out somewhere, I don't remember by who and it really doesn't matter. The important thing to me was that my friend was screwed out of his chance to make a name for himself.


Now, Evenflow did a very foolish thing after that. He decided that what he really wanted to be was a rich, preppy, piece of @#%$ and hang off of Zack Malibu's @#%$. Now, in doing so, he violated everything that me and him used to stand for. He decided that gang warfare was more important then standing up for yourself. He decided to take the easy way out.


At the next Pay-Per-View, there was a tournament for the HardKore championship. I made an arrangement with the devil himself, AngleSault, and I was able to fix it so that me and Evenflow met in the first round. Now, everything was going good, and I was about to introduce lightbulbs into the OAOAST for the very first time when, and this part really angers me, Zack decides to interject himself into the match. He and Evenflow smash the lightbulbs against my skull, and that allowed Evenflow to win. You see, the lightbulbs hurt, don't get me wrong, but what hurt more was that the person who used to be my friend, Evenflow, now stood for something else. And that, that hurt more then any piece of glass in the world could.


So, we fought, and we fought, and we had this thing, a no-rope barbed wire ladder match. Now, Evenflow had won that HardKore tournament, and he was the champ, and he had a belt, which is something else that I have never had. He was getting sick of me, and I was getting sick of him, and we both decided to do something about it. So, we took the ropes down, and put the barbed wire up, and we hung the belt from the ceiling. And in doing so, we nearly ended each other's lives. I mean, I've got scars from that matchup that are still here today. Both of us, we're both scarred for life. But that one scar, the one that dug the deepest...


Sandman leans real close into the camera.


...was that he won. That he kept the belt that I symbolized and deserved more than anyone else. That, for everything he had done to me, there had been no punishment for his crime.

I mean, he did some other stuff too, like finding my long lost sister and porking her, which he is still doing today, but I don't care about that. What I do care about is what happened to ME, afterwards. I, well, kinda smartened up. I joined the Deadly Alliance, and even though Caboose and BPP have left, and Reject and ThunderKid are now in, we're still going strong.


But, and this is what really hurts deep down inside, is that, nothing I did mattered. I could have won every belt in this company, and I wouldn't have cared. Without beating him, without pinning his shoulders to the mat for three seconds, my life means nothing. I wish I could trade in this miserable existence, this pathetic world I am in, just for three seconds of me holding his shoulders to the mat, for three seconds of ecstacy.


That is why we are having this match, Evenflow. You see, the 200 lightbulbs is more symbolic then you or anyone else might believe. When you broke those lightbulbs over my head a long time ago, back at that HardKore tournament, you set me off onto this path of self-destruction. By breaking two lightbulbs over me, you ruined my life. Maybe, just maybe, if I break 200 over you, maybe I can redeem myself.


You remember, Evenflow, a long time ago, when I said I wanted to kill you? And that later, after you had beaten me again, I said I had changed my mind and wanted to let you live? Well, I've changed my mind. I've decided that I am going to beat you into a vegetable. I figure, that if I can make you into a drooling, mindless, helpless figure, who is capable of doing nothing, then, that might just be the revenge I need. And, if in doing so, you ask me, to just kill you instead, and to get it over with quickly...


Sandman wipes his eyes and begins to smile


...then that can be one promise between us, that I will be willing to break.

Sandman sits in the chair, staring blankly into the lens, smiling, as the picture fades out.


"Body Crumbles" by Dry Cell plays in background


Narrator: Tonight, live from the SkyDome in Toronto, Onatario, Canada -- you will see 7 explosive matches! All major OaOast titles will be on the line, including the brand new X-Title.

You will witness a match that many said couldn't be done... A 200 lightbulb death match.


Plus, much, much more! It's Ashes II Ashes!


"Body Crumbles" becomes louder. Pyro goes off and we're live!



Ashes II Ashes



JR: Hello, again, everybody. I'm Jim Ross, ringside with Tony "The Body".

Tony, what a night of OaOast action we have.


Tony: That's right, Jim Ross. Noy only are all the OaOast Titles on the line -- we have an inferno AND casket match! But we're going to start it off with the 200 lightbulbs death match! It's going to be wild!


JR: Before we go to the ring, Michael Cole is backstage with the Chairman of the Board of Directors -- "Cowboy" Bill Watts.


Michael: Thanks, Jim & Tony. I'm here with the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Bill Watts.


BW: Michael, first off, I'll like to thank our great fans for letting us into their homes to watch this TV special on the VM Network.


Wheather it's buying a $15 dollar ticket to the matches or buying our Pay-Per-Views, the fans deserve the best the OaOast has to offer.


With that in mind...let's hook 'em up!


MC: Before we head to the ring, I'm going to try and get word with the man who's challenging Alfdogg for the OaOast Title -- Zack Malibu.


Cole goes to the locker room of Zack Malibu, who has earned the right to challenge Alfdogg here tonight for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Zack's best friend, EvenflowDDT, and EfDDT's girlfriend, Alison, sit on a couch. Zack finishes lacing up his boots, then begins taping his fists up.


EfDDT: You psyched man, or what! This time, you're taking that gold home!


ZM: Ain't that the truth.


Zack stops taping his fists so that he and EfDDT can do their "cool" handshake. A knock is then heard at the door.


Alison: I'll grab it...probably a delivery boy dropping off the liquor for your victory party tonight!


Alison opens the door to reveal Michael Cole.


ZM: Well, you had the boy part right!


MC: Zack, as usual, I'm here to get your thoughts on tonight's matchup, this time, it's another title shot for you against your newest rival, Alfdogg.


ZM: Alfdogg...man, what kind of a name is that? Alf, Alf like that furry brown guy from TV...the dude from Melmac? Why would you want to get a nickname from a furball who eats cats! It's false advertisting, because we all know that Alfdogg doesn't eat 'cats', if your pickin' up what I'm puttin' down!


MC: All right Zack, we know how you feel about the man who holds the belt...but what about the belt. The championship that many feel you deserve has eluded you thus far.


ZM: Michael Cole, you're absolutely right. That big hunk o' gold has been in my grasp for a moment or two, but never for a full minute. It's like as soon as I have a grip on it, it slides free. But not tonight. Tonight, it's Zack Malibu's time. All the bullshit, all the backstabbing, all the politics, it all comes to a standstill, because I'm moving past it. I'm soaring above it all. Tonight is meant to be MY NIGHT. Alfdogg, Deadly Alliance, anyone who can't see the inevitable...you can love it, you can hate it, but you have to accept it. Destiny awaits, tonight at Ashes II Ashes.


Michael Cole exits the room, and closes the door slowly behind him.


MC: A determined Zack Malibu takes on Alfdogg later tonight, for the World Heavyweight Title!


200 Lightbulbs Deathmatch

Sandman9000 vs. EvenflowDDT


Ring workers come to ringside with boxes full of lightbulbs. They place the bulbs through the ropes, so that the bulbs are able to stand. Three sides of the ring are covered with bulbs, about 30 per side. The fourth side, the one near the entrance, is empty for now, but will be full once both competitors are in the ring.


JR: Lightbulbs are also placed against the turnbuckles, and are available at ringside for whatever purposes. The ones are ringside are taped together in twos, threes, fours, and one massive stack of nine.


Paramedics are also near the entranceway, on the side of the stage. Two stretchers are ready, as are two ambulances, to take Evenflow and Sandman to the hospital after the match.


Tony: JR, you know Sandman's motto..."hardcore is for --


JR: Yeah, I know.


Gary: Introducing first, the most deathkore wrestler in the OaOast -- Sandman9000!


"Five Minutes Alone" hits as the crowd comes to its feet. Sandman9000 slowly walks down the aisle. His is wearing his usual attire, the two bandanas around his face, the jeans shorts, and the sleeveless t-shirt. However, instead of a DA shirt, he has a shirt which reads "CHOOSE DEATH" across the front, a la the Necro Butcher. Sandman also has a massive lightbulb cross on his shoulders, made up of about 20 lightbulbs.


"Here Comes The Money" hits as EvenflowDDT makes his way down to the ring. With him, surprisingly, is Alison, Evenflow's girlfriend and Sandman's sister. Evenflow is wearing long sleeves and long pants. He wants no part of the glass.


Gary: His opponent, being accompanid to the ring by his girlfriend, Alison. (Pop)

Representing the In Crowd -- EvenflowDDT~! (Pop)


Both men are in the ring, with the official between the two, as ring workers place bulbs in between the ropes on the side of the ring near the entrance. Both men are staring holes at one another, pure hatred in their eyes.


* DING *


The bell rings, and the official signals for both men to begin tearing each other apart, but neither man moves. Evenflow and Sandman continue to stare at each other, neither one wanting to be the first one to blink. Sandman is the first to move, as he, takes off his shirt?


JR: Sandman is crazier than a pet-coon.


The crowd gasps, as Sandman is now topless, and has no protection for his torso and arms against the glass. Sandman motions for Evenflow to do the same. Alison grabs grabs Evenflow's ankle and begs him to not listen to her brother, but Evenflow moves away from his girlfriend and elects to take his shirt off as well. Evenflow tosses his shirt out of the ring, as both men are prepared to slaughter themselves.


JR: They're getting ready to hook 'em up.


Sandman grabs a lightbulb, and Evenflow does the same. Both men circle the ring, like gladiators, and the lightbulb is their sword. Sandman jabs at Evenflow, but does not connect. The crowd starts stomping and clapping, really into the match, even though nothing had happened yet.

Finally, Sandman takes a wild swing at Evenflow's head. Evenflow ducks, and swings at Sandman, but doesn't connect. Both men go for roundhouse swings, but the bulbs connect and shatter, with glass going everywhere. Sandman and Evenflow stare at each other, then rush across the ring towards each other, both men exchanging punches, as the crowd erupts!

Sandman and Evenflow fall down onto the mat and the broken glass, both still rolling around and exchanging punches, neither man able to get the upper hand. Finally, the official manages to get the two separated, as the crowd boos.

Both men up to their feet, as they rush toward each other again. This time, Evenflow tackles Sandman, and is able to get the upper hand. Evenflow in the mount position, and is raining rights and lefts onto Sandman. Evenflow gets off Sandman, and grabs a lightbulb. As Sandman tries to stand, Evenflow smashes the bulb over Sandman's head!

Sandman is stunned, as Evenflow grabs a second bulbs and smashes it over Sandman's head! Sandman is in pain, as Evenflow chops Sandman, bringing Sandman near the ropes. Evenflow grabs another lightbulb, but Sandman kicks Evenflow in the stomach. Sandman grabs the bulb, and blasts Evenflow across the back with it!


JR: That's glass ripping on human flesh. No human being deserves this type of beating.


Evenflow is hurt, as Sandman grabs two bulbs and lays them on the mat. Sandman scoops up Evenflow, and slams him onto both bulbs, glass everywhere! Sandman grabs another lightbulb, and uses it to hit an Arabian Face Buster, nailing Evenflow across the chest!

Sandman picks up Evenflow, and tries to whip him into the four bulbs that are standing in the corner, but Evenflow reverses and Sandman crashes back-first through all four bulbs! Sandman is hurt, as Evenflow rushes in and clotheslines Sandman in the corner.

Evenflow tries to whip Sandman into the opposite corner and the four lightbulbs there, but Sandman slides to stop himself, cutting his elbow on a piece of glass on the mat. As he stands, Evenflow charges, but Sandman backdrops Evenflow out of the ring! As Evenflow is stunned, Sandman backs up, gets a running start, and dives over the bulbs, out of the ring, onto Evenflow!

As both men are on the outside, Sandman grabs two bulbs from the ring apron and smashes them across the back of Evenflow! Evenflow yells in pain, as both he and Sandman have been cut open in various places by the glass. Sandman grabs three lightbulbs taped together and places it on the concrete outside. Sandman hooks Evenflow up for a suplex, but Evenflow switches positions, and snap suplexes Sandman onto the three bulbs!

Sandman winces in pain, as his back is really opened up now! Evenflow grabs a broken lightbulb, and starts to cut open Sandman's forehead! Sandman cries out in pain, as Evenflow digs into his flesh with the broken glass, with a determined look in his face! After about 30 seconds of digging, Sandman has blood pouring down his face, and Evenflow breaks the rest of the bulb over Sandman's head.

Sandman struggles to his feet, while Evenflow climbs back into the ring. Sandman stands near the apron, when Alison comes over and holds four lightbulbs, taped together, in front of his face. Evenflow backs up, gets a running start, and baseball slides the four lightbulbs, smashing them all into the face of Sandman! Sandman flies backwards, as glass and blood flies everywhere!

Sandman is knocked back against the guardrail, as Evenflow sets up a lightbulb table. Evenflow brings Sandman up onto the apron, and starts to climb the turnbuckles. Evenflow signals for a Tornado DDT off the apron, through the lightbulb table!

Evenflow grabs ahold of Sandman and swings off, but Sandman blocks, and Evenflow swings into two lightbulbs in the ropes! As Evenflow is stunned, Sandman manages to lift Evenflow onto his shoulders, in a fireman's carry position. Sandman backs up, takes two steps, and does A ROLLING SAMOAN DROP OFF THE APRON THROUGH THE LIGHTBULB TABLE! Both men are covered in glass and badly hurt by that move!

After seconds have passed, Sandman manages to stand, and pulls Evenflow out of the wreckage of glass and table. Sandman rolls Evenflow into the ring, climbs in himself, and covers Evenflow, 1….2…Evenflow kicks out. Sandman rolls back out of the ring, and tosses in two chairs.


JR: I can't even belive they're going for pins.


Sandman picks Evenflow up, and slams him down near the turnbuckle. Sandman grabs the two chairs, and places one chair by Evenflow's head, and one chair by his feet. Sandman grabs the four bulbs that were propped against the turnbuckles, and lies them across the two chairs, so that the bulbs are over Evenflow. Sandman steps over the bulbs and climbs to the top, then comes off with a moonsault, through all four bulbs and onto Evenflow! Both men are hurt, and Sandman, clutching his stomach, covers Evenflow, 1…2…Evenflow kicks out!

A frustrated Sandman, bleeding out of the face, back, stomach, and arms, grabs a broken lightbulbs and starts to dig into Evenflow's forehead! Sandman rakes the jagged bulb across Evenflow's scarred face, opening up the flesh! Sandman stops carving into Evenflow's face, grabs Evenflow's left arm, and starts to dig into his triceps! The official finally pulls the lightbulb out of Sandman's hands.

Sandman grabs three bulbs from the ropes, and lies them on the mat. Sandman pulls Evenflow up by his hair, and sets him up for a Tombstone on the bulbs. However, Evenflow fights, and manages to reverse position, so Evenflow has Sandman set up! Evenflow delivers the Tombstone, driving Sandman's head into the three bulbs! Evenflow covers, 1….2…Sandman kicks out!

Evenflow grabs four lightbulbs, and places two on either side of Sandman. Evenflow pulls a bloody Sandman to his feet, but Sandman punches Evenflow! Sandman throws a front kick, but Evenflow catches Sandman's leg and hits a low blow! Evenflow then hits a dragon screw onto two of the bulbs! Evenflow pulls Sandman to his feet, turns him around, and hits a second dragon screw onto the other two bulbs! Sandman's knee is in trouble, as his Sandman's bloody body!

Evenflow grabs Sandman, and simply tosses him through the ropes to the outside, except that Sandman goes through about ten bulbs that were in the ropes! Glass is covering the ring, as well as the concrete outside of the ring as well!

Evenflow grabs another lightbulb table, and sets it up. Evenflow grabs Sandman, and lifts him back onto the apron. Evenflow sets Sandman up on the top rope, and smashes a bulb over Sandman's head to stun him. Evenflow climbs up to the top, and takes Sandman off the top with a TOP ROPE HURRICARANA TO THE OUTSIDE THROUGH A LIGHTBULB TABLE! Sandman lies in the wreckage of glass and table, badly hurt, and Evenflow isn't much better off!

Evenflow finally manages to stand, and rolls Sandman back into the ring. Evenflow grabs four lightbulbs, taped together, and rolls back into the ring. As Sandman tries to stand, Evenflow measures up and swings the four bulbs, but slips in doing so, and smashes all four bulbs over Sandman's right arm, nailing the biceps and triceps! Sandman falls to the ground, screaming in pain, clutching his arm!

The official tries to check on Sandman, and looks at Sandman's arm, only to look away in disgust. There is a massive divot in Sandman's arm, with tendons hanging out and blood everywhere! Sandman is on his knees, doubled over, holding onto his arm. Evenflow comes over, has Alison hand him two lightbulbs taped together, and smashes both of them over Sandman's back! The official finally manages to pull Evenflow off Sandman.

Alfdogg comes rushing down to ringside, and produces a roll of athletic tape. Sandman takes the tape, and he and Alf begin to wrap the athletic tape around his arm! Evenflow comes back over and kicks Sandman in the back of his head, which draws Alfdogg up onto the apron. Evenflow and Alf jaw at each other, until Alf guillotines Evenflow on the top rope! Evenflow holds onto his throat, while Sandman continues to tape up his arm!


JR: What does Sandman have plan?


Zack Malibu comes running down to ringside, and blindsides Alf! A score of officials come out to separate both men until the main event later on, which results in Alf being taken away. However, Zack was able to climb into the ring, where there is no official!

Zack and Evenflow begin to stomp on Sandman, until Zack gets an idea. Zack lies Sandman on his back, grabs one of Sandman's leg, and instructs Evenflow to grab the other leg. Zack and Evenflow BEGIN TO DRAG SANDMAN ACROSS THE RING, THROUGH ALL OF THE BROKEN GLASS! Zack and Evenflow do a lap around the ring, then make a figure eight motion, all the time dragging Sandman through the ring full of broken glass, which is destroying Sandman's already injured back!

Finally, Zack and Evenflow let go, while Sandman thrashes around the ring, screaming in pain! The official for this match finally returns to the ring and orders Zack to leave, which Zack does. Sandman's back is destroyed, with flesh hanging off, and broken glass embedded deeply into muscle! Evenflow even looks repulsed at what he has done!

However, Evenflow grabs two lightbulbs from the ring apron, places them on Sandman's back, and smashes them with a chair! Sandman continues to thrash around in pain, while Evenflow has three lightbulbs, taped together, passed to him by Alison. Evenflow places the three bulbs on the mat, lifts Sandman to his feet, whips Sandman into the ropes that do not have any lightbulbs on them, and as Sandman rebounds, delivers a nasty spinebuster onto the three lightbulbs! Sandman thrashes around in pain, as Evenflow, bloody as he is, seems to be enjoying himself!


JR: He's enjoying this! I can't belive.

There's even a couple of fans near us chanting "More!"


Evenflow lifts Sandman to his feet, and whips Sandman into a corner that does have lightbulbs against it, Sandman going back-first through four more lightbulbs! Sandman falls to the mat, writing in pain, as Evenflow lifts Sandman to his feet again. Evenflow goes to whip Sandman into the last corner that has lightbulbs against it, but Sandman reverses the whip, and Evenflow crashes chest-first through all four bulbs! As Evenflow staggers backwards, Sandman lifts Evenflow and places him on the top turnbuckle, then pulls him down into the tree of woe!

Sandman grabs some already broken bulbs and throws them at Evenflow's stomach, then grabs three bulbs from the ropes. Sandman places the three bulbs in front of Evenflow's face, walks backwards to get a running start, and dropkicks all three bulbs into Evenflow's face! Evenflow falls out of the tree of woe, holding his face!

Sandman grabs two lightbulbs and places them on the mat. Sandman pulls Evenflow to his feet, and sets him up for an EdgeCrusher on the bulbs! However, Evenflow manages to float over, hooks Sandman up, and delivers a Tiger suplex onto the two bulbs, the back of Sandman's neck landing on the glass!

Both men are down, and badly cut from the broken glass. Evenflow is the first to make it to his feet, and grabs two lightbulbs from the ring apron. Sandman is pulling himself to his feet in the corner, and Evenflow charges after him. Sandman avoid the show by somersaulting out of the corner, across the broken glass. When Evenflow turns around, Sandman drills him with a Yakuza Kick, knocking the bulbs into Evenflow's face!


JR: How far can they go?


Tony: The question should be, how much longer can they go?


Sandman climbs out of the ring, and brings in his massive lightbulb cross. He lies it on the mat, then pulls Evenflow to his feet. Sandman kicks him in the stomach, pulls Evenflow into a powerbomb position, lifts Evenflow, sets him up, and delivers THE MESSIAH BOMB ONTO THE LIGHTBULB CROSS! Sandman falls down as well, as the impact has stunned both men. After a minute, Sandman finally covers, 1…2…EVENFLOW KICKS OUT OF THE MESSIAH BOMB!

Sandman grabs seven lightbulbs from the ropes, and props them all against the corner that Evenflow has crashed into. As Evenflow struggles to get to his feet, Sandman crouches down in the opposite corner, motioning for Evenflow to get up. As Evenflow stands, Sandman charges, but Evenflow leapfrogs Sandman, and Sandman crashes head-first through all seven lightbulbs!

Evenflow pulls Sandman out of the corner, and delivers a PRIMADONNA ONTO THE BROKEN GLASS! Evenflow holds onto the position, while the official counts, 1…2…SANDMAN KICKS OUT OF THE PRIMADONNA ON BROKEN GLASS!

Evenflow grabs another lightbulb from the ropes, which there are not many left, and places one end in Sandman's mouth. Evenflow pulls down, BREAKING THE LIGHTBULB IN SANDMAN'S MOUTH! Sandman lies on the mat, clutching his bloody mouth! Evenflow scoops up a handful of broken glass from the mat, and pulls Sandman to his feet. Evenflow dumps the broken glass into Sandman's mouth, and hits a jawbreaker! Sandman falls backwards, spitting and coughing up broken piece of bloody glass!


Tony: Look at that!


JR: He's coughing up bloody pieces of broken glass. These guy's won't even be able to walk tomorrow.


Evenflow calls for the nine lightbulbs taped together, and Alison passes them to Evenflow. He lies the nine lightbulbs on the mat, and signals for the SoCal Suburban Angst! Evenflow pulls Sandman to his feet, and begins setting Sandman up, by turning around and hooking Sandman's arms. However, when Evenflow spins both men around, Sandman begins to fight the move, and simply kicks out and places all his weight on Evenflow's neck, driving Evenflow face first INTO THE NINE LIGHTBULBS! Evenflow lies face-down in all of the broken glass, while Sandman rolls out of the ring!

Sandman digs around under the ring, and pulls out a massive stack of lightbulbs! It looks to be ten lightbulbs wide, and five lightbulbs high, 50 lightbulbs taped together! Sandman, using all the strength he has left, places the 50 lightbulbs into the ring.

Sandman grabs both chairs, sets them up, and places the 50 lightbulbs across the two. Evenflow is starting to get up, so Sandman grabs three lightbulbs, taped together, from the outside, and blasts all three across Evenflow's badly cut back! Evenflow drops down to the mat, and begins to scream in pain! Sandman grabs two lightbulbs from the ropes, and pulls Evenflow to his feet.


JR: My God. I'm speechless. This match has been out of control.


Sandman undoes Evenflow's zipper on his pants, unbuttons the top button, and sticks both lightbulbs down Evenflow's pants! Before Evenflow can react, Sandman drops to one knee and hits a straight right to Evenflow's groin, breaking both bulbs! Evenflow drops to the mat, clutching his groin, screaming in pain! Alison screams on at ringside as well!


Sandman breaks the rest of the two bulbs over Evenflow's back, and somehow manages to pull Evenflow to the corner. Sandman lies Evenflow across the 50 lightbulbs bridged on the two chairs, climbs out to the apron, and starts to climb to the top rope.

However, Alison comes sprinting over, grabs two lightbulbs taped together, and swings at Sandman, nailing her brother over his right ear with the bulbs! Sandman ends up crotching him, clutching at his ear! This gives Evenflow times to roll off of the lightbulbs, and he sees Sandman vulnerable!


Both men are badly cut, and bleeding out of their faces, backs, stomachs, chests, arms, everywhere where there used to be skin, there is blood. Evenflow manages to climb up to the top rope, and starts to lift Sandman to his feet. With both men standing on the top rope, Evenflow hooks Sandman up, and DELIVERS A TOP ROPE HOT IN HERRE DDT TO SANDMAN THROUGH THE 50 LIGHTBULBS! BOTH MEN HAVE GOT TO BE DEAD!


"HOLY @#%$" chants from the crowd


JR: Good God! Good God ALMIGHTY! As God is my witness...both men are broken in half!


Tony: Wow! I don't know what to say. This is crazy.


JR: The hate between these two men has gone over the edge.


Tony: This is excessive force, and that's not till next month.


Both men lie in the massive wreckage of broken glass and blood, neither man moving! Sandman went head-first through the entire glass structure, and his entire head is soaked in blood! The athletic tape that he wrapped his arm in has become completely red, stained with Sandman's blood! His back is also starting to become chunky, with the blood starting to clot up! Evenflow isn't much better, with massive cuts in his back, stomach, and face.


The crowd chants "Holy @#%$!" as the official calls for the paramedics to come in and help both men. He is about to signal for the bell, when, with his last amount of strength, Evenflow is able to drape his left arm across the chest of Sandman! The official counts, 1…2….3!


JR: Finally it's over.




Gary: In 19:23, the winner of the match -- EvenflowDDT! (Crowd Cheers)


Paramedics come down to the ring with stretchers. Groups of EMT begin to tend to both men, helping them out of the glass-covered ring and onto the stretchers. The ambulances that were parked next to the stage are opened up, as both men are wheeled to their respective ambulance.


JR: Alison ran next to the stretcher carrying Evenflow, who is out cold. She is crying, most likely out of joy and relief that her boyfriend won, but half out of all the damage that was done to him!


Tony: She's probably crying because she's near me. All the girls cry when they're near me. I have that effect on them.


JR: Sandman, who went head-first through all 50 lightbulbs, is also out cold. EMT's are more worried about him, since he lost the most blood, and has severe damage done to his head, arm, and back.


Tony: Look at the bright side. We're in Canada...Free health care! No need to worry about these two.


JR: Needless to say, this was the most violent match in OaOast history, as both men have, once again, been scarred for life, but has Evenflow finally won this feud?


Tony: Sandman has still never beaten Evenflow! He almost has this mission to beat him. I don't think it's over.


OaOast Tag Team Title Match

Some Guy & TheSoleSurvivor vs. GreenMist & Generation Never


Gary: The following contest is set for one fall, and is for the OaOast Tag Team Championship!


"Sexy Boy" hits as The Sole Survivor and Some Guy make their way to the

ring. They get in the ring and appear to be very focused. The crowd gives

them a pretty even mix of pops and boos.


Gary: Introducing first: the challengers -- TheSoleSurvivor & Some Guy!


Their music dies down as "Medicine

Man" by Pantera starts up. A pretty good pop from the crowd as Generation

Never emerges by himself. He notices Green Mist is not with him and goes back and drags him out. GM appears to look very confused, apparently still

suffering from last week's attack. GN is carrying both belts as they hit the



Gary: Their opponents: they are the OaOast Tag Team Champions -- Generation Never & GreenMist!


JR: GreenMist is still suffering from the attack he received last week on IZHD.


* DING *


The challengers immediately go after GN as GM sits down in the corner, looking around. SG and TSS toss GN out of the ring. They don't bother going after GM. GN recovers and goes to the corner where GM is sitting and pulls him out of the ring by his leg. GN yells at him. GM eventually goes to their corner on the apron and GN slides in the ring as he starts it up with TSS.


They lock up and GN backs him into a corner. The ref breaks it up and GN lets go cleanly as TSS pokes him in the eye, grabs his leg, and gets a roll-up for 2. TSS backs off as GN gets up to a knee and smirks. He claps mockingly. TSS tags SG in. GN slowly gets up and then out of nowhere spears SG down and covers quickly for 2. SG was caught completely off guard and he rolls to the outside. SG has his back to the ring as GN begins running towards him. GM drops down off the apron, pushes SG out of the way, and takes the suicide

plancha from GN. SG rolls back in the ring and he and TSS can't help but laugh. GN gets back to his feet and pulls GM up. He shoves him as GM shrugs innocently.


JR: What's going on here?


Tony: I have no idea. It appears as GreenMist nagging injury is causing some small problems in the match.


JR: Which is understandable, considering what happened to him last week.


GN gets on the apron as SG comes at him. GN dodges and flips in the ring. Skipping the details, GN hits 5 successive ROLLING GERMANS~! and covers on the final for a 2 count. GN scoops up SG and hits a swinging neckbreaker. He covers for 2. GN picks him up again, but SG crawls through

his legs and rolls over to tag in TSS. GN looks back at GM for a possible tag, but GM is standing on ropes facing the crowd and flapping his arms like

wings. TSS, from behind, shoves GN into GM and rolls up GN for about a

2.9999999 count.


JR: GreenMist's weird behavior is hurting his team. GN nearly got pinned.


Tony: Maybe Mist thinks he's a plane and wants to fly back home.


I don't know what the hell he's doing.

TSS begins to physically disect GN going to work on the arm. He follows up with an old school hammerlock body slam. On the outside, GM is lying face down and humping the floor. TSS goes into an armbar and hits a savate kick. He tags SG in. SG slingshots in and drops a leg on the arm. SG sets GN up and applies the TEQUILA SUNRISE~! GN is in excruciating pain, but he refuses to tap. Suddenly, GM comes in from the outside and hits a stiff dropkick on SG. When he sees him down, GM looks concerned. As he goes over to the fallen SG, TSS clotheslines him from the side and tosses him back outside. Amidst all the chaos, GN catches TSS from behind and applies the

Dragon Sleeper. He doesn't hold it for very long as SG breaks it up. They begin double teaming GN and eventually hit a Hart Attack. GN is down, but

instead of going for the cover, they go after GM on the outside. TSS whips

him into the STEEEEEL steps. SG tosses him in the ring then slingshots in and

drops an elbow. TSS comes off the top with a legdrop. GN is beginning to recover, but SG clotheslines him back down. TSS hot shots GM and then hits a DDT. Both of the champs are down as TSS/SG flaunt around the ring to massive boos.


JR: TSS & SG have this match under control. Will they de-throne the tag champs?


TSS pulls GN to the middle of the ring as SG places GM on top. They go to opposite corners and climb to the top. SG comes off with a legdrop and TSS comes off with a flying splash. They connect fully. SG quickly pulls GM off as TSS covers GN, but only gets 2. SG shoves a barely conscious GM into a corner. SG and TSS whip GN into the ropes and hit a double flapjack. TSS

covers for 2. They are beginning to get frustrated. SG notices GM is getting

up once more. He goes over, but is met with a stiff kick to the head. TSS

approaches him as well, but receives AQUAMARINE MIST~! for his troubles. He

staggers back into a GN roll up that gets the 3!


JR: The champs retain!




Gary: The winners of the match: and still OaOast Tag Team Champions -- GreenMist & Generation Never!


JR: TSS & SG provided a tough challenge for the champs.


Tony: Yeah. Uh, I thought we might see new champs, since GN & GM were having some problems. Most likely due to the lasting effects of the attack endured by Mist last week.


The tag champs retain. All four men are down, but SG rolls to the outside and grabs a chair. He gets back in the ring and waits on GM before nailing him with the chair. TSS whips GN into another chairshot from SG. SG tosses the chair down. SG/TSS go back outside to retrieve the tag belts. In the ring, they climb the ropes and pose

with the titles to much heat from the crowd. They get down and toss a belt

each onto the champs before leaving. They exchange fives outside the ring before turning and departing up the aisle.


JR: What's the idea of this?

What bad sports these guy's are.


Tony: I kinda like it, Ross. They're showing ruthless agression!


After a few minutes, GM/GN are able to get up and leave on their own to applause from the crowd.


JR: The champs are getting the cheers from the fans.


Tony, our next match has a lot of people talking. We thought the X-Title match was going to be between two newcomers to the OaOast -- NazMistry & ThunderKid. But that all changed last week on IZHD.


Tony: That's right. The match between Superstar & Reject got out of control. Bill Watts felt their toughness is what the X-Title will be about, so he added them to tonight's X-Title match.


You know, JR? I don't normall agree with Watts' decisions, but I feel he made the right call of this one.


JR: That --


Tony: Don't forget the interesting rules for the X-Title.


JR: That's right. We'll explain the rules after this.


----Beach Brawl VHS/DVD ad


::Beach Brawl theme hits in the background::


One of the most wildest nights in OaOast history happened at Beach Brawl.

We saw the World Title become "cool" -- or did we?


Many great matches and promos. And it's all on VHS & DVD. The Beach Brawl home video. Own it now!


JR: Our next match -- I tell ya, it's going to be a dandy.


Tony: El Dandy is making his OaOast debut?! That is big news.


JR: No! I'm talking about the 4 Way X-Title match. We thought it was going to be Naz vs. Thunderkid, but that all changed last week on IZHD.


Tony: That's right, Jim Ross. Superstar & Reject had a match that went out of control, so Bil Watts added them to tonight's match.


However, rumor has it, both men were bitching about not being booked on the show. True? Who knows.


JR: This match will be under elimination rules. The winner becomes the first X-Champion.


Tony: What are the rules to the title?


JR: Uh, I don't know. Well, I know, but it seems one of our staffers forgot to give me the memo with the rules.


Tony: So you don't know the rules?


JR: No. And I won't know until tomorrow at the earliest.

We only have one guy working in the production truck.

Let's go to Gary for the introuctions.


Four-Way Elimination X-Title Championship Match: No Disqualification, No Count-Outs

Reject vs. ThunderKid vs. NazMistry vs. The SuperStar


Gary: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is to decided the first ever X-Title championship! (Crowd cheers)

The match is under elminination rules.


"The Way I Am" hits as Reject makes his way down to the ring.


Gary: Making his way to the ring, represening the Deadly Alliance -- Reject!


JR: This is Reject's big moment. This is his chance to win a title. He knows that he has to go through three people to do it, but he is willing to go to the edge and back to win the X-Title.


"God of Thunder" hits as ThunderKid makes his way out to the ring.


Gary: Representing the Deadly Alliance -- Thunderkid!


JR: TK is a Deadly Alliance member along with Reject. However, both men know that friendships and alliances mean nothing in a match of this magnitude.


Tony: Either way, Ross -- the Deadly Alliance has a 50% chance of bringing the X-Title into their fold.


"Chop Suey" hits as NazMistry sprints down to the ring and slides into the ring.


Gary: Introducing...NazMistry!


JR: The luchador had a great match with TK a couple of weeks ago, and isn't happy by the fact that he now has to beat three people to win the X-Title.


Tony: Quit the bitching! Yeah, it isn't fun wrestling three guy's, but the prize is sweet at the end...Holding a championship belt.


"Just Got Wicked" hits as James Allen, The SuperStar, makes his way down to the ring.


Gary: And finally, The Superstar!


JR: Superstar left the In Crowd because he felt he wouldn't be taken seriously and would always be viewed as a lackey. Becoming the first-ever X-Title champion would do wonders in gaining credibility.


Tony: I didn't even know he left the In Crowd. I need to start paying attention.


JR: You're just like your friend -- Jesse "The Body" Ventura: you never prepare.


Tony: Do you job and call the damn match.


As all four men are in the ring, the official holds the X-Title over his head.


* DING *


The bell rings, as all four men stare at each other. Neither man wants to be the one to make the first mistake. Naz and TK approach each other, as Reject quickly dropkicks Naz. SS comes over and pounds on TK, as the brief stalemate is broken.


JR: This match is already starting to get wild and went aren't even 5 minutes in.


Reject kicks Naz in the stomach in the corner. Reject climbs onto the second rope, but Naz slips out of the corner. He hits Reject in the back, doubling Reject over. TK, who clotheslined SS down, comes over and interrupts Naz. Naz hits a leg sweep on TK, but eats a backward leaping sidekick from Reject. Reject covers, 1…2….Naz kicks out.


JR: Naz got lucky there. He was nearly gone.


SS picks Reject up, and shoots him into the ropes. SS ducks his head, and Reject leapfrogs over SS. Reject holds onto the ropes, as TK comes over and hits a DDT on SS. Naz sneaks up behind TK and hits a belly-to-back suplex. Reject comes sprinting over and throws a spinning heel kick, which Naz ducks, and as Reject stands, Naz hits a spinning heel kick of his own, knocking Reject out of the ring.


JR: What a spin kick! Reject goes outside.


Naz springboards up to the top rope, and hits a massive cross-body block to the outside, nailing Reject! Not to be outdone, TK climbs up to the top rope and dives onto Reject and Naz on the outside as well! SS sees that everyone is down on the outside, runs the ropes, and hits a somersault plancha to the outside, knocking over all three men!


JR: What a somersault plancha by Superstar.


Tony: Superstar iron the guy's out to the floor with that one.


On the outside, SS picks up Reject and throws him into the guardrail. Naz and TK stuggle to get to their feet. SS grabs a chair and swings at Reject, but misses and hits the guardrail instead. TK whips Naz into the guardrail, but Naz leaps onto the guardrail and moonsaults onto TK instead! Encouraged by what he just saw, Reject springboards onto the guardrail, but SS shoves him off, flipping Reject into the crowd!


JR: Those fans got more than their money's worth there. They're up close with Reject.


Tony: Yeah, and it isn't some crappy news show on ABC either.


Naz tosses TK into the ring, but is blindsided by SS and nailed with the chair. SS climbs onto the apron, but is dropkicked by TK. SS is able to hold onto the ropes, so TK brings SS onto his feet. TK hits a series of forearms to the chest of SS, but SS is able to strike back with forearms. SS sunset flips into the ring, 1…2…Naz throws the chair at SS, hitting SS in the back of the head and breaking the pin!


JR: Naz broke up the pin. I thought SS had the pin there.


Tony: I'm kinda suprise nobody has been pinned yet. At the pace these guy's are going...it's somewhat shocking.


Naz slides into the ring, grabs the chair, and hits TK in the back with the chair. Naz celebrates by holding the chair in the air, but fails to see Reject scaling the top rope. Reject leaps off, covering half the ring, and hits a Top-Rope Population Zero, driving the chair into the head of Naz! Reject covers, 1…2…SS breaks up the count.


SS grabs Reject and sets him up for a Death Valley Driver, but TK breaks it up by kicking SS in the stomach. TK goes for a second kick, but SS grabs his leg. TK throws an enzurgi, but SS ducks. TK lands stomach first on the mat, and SS transitions into an STF. While TK is vulnerable, Reject runs the ropes and dropkicks TK directly in the face!


JR: TK just ate a face full of boot. That could of broken his nose.


Reject plays to the crowd, but SS dumps Reject out of the ring. SS picks TK up and shoots him into the ropes, sets him up for the Star Power as TK rebounds, but Naz breaks it up by kicking SS in the leg. SS drops TK, and hits a back elbow on Naz. With Naz stunned, SS hooks him up for the Upper Class and drives Naz's face into the mat! SS covers, 1….2..Reject breaks it up with a legdrop from the top, to the back of SS' head!


TK shoves Reject from behind, and wants to know why Reject attacked him earlier. Reject shoves his shoulder and throws a right roundhouse kick, but TK ducks. As Reject spins around, TK kicks him in the stomach and sets him up for the Thunderbolt DDT. However, Naz breaks the hold up and drops TK with an inverted DDT. Reject and Naz begin to scale opposite turnbuckles!


JR: Reject's going to the top. Maybe for a frog splash.


Reject comes off, and drills TK with the Five Star Frog Splash! From the opposite turnbuckle, Naz leaps off and nails TK with a 360 legdrop! During Naz's leap, SS climbed the turnbuckle that Reject jumped off of, and now jumps off and nails TK with the SuperSplash! SS covers, 1…2…..3!




JR: Superstar pinned TK.


Gary: In 8:42 -- ThunderKid has been eliminated.


Reject, Naz, and SS stand and look at each other, as officials help TK out of the ring. Reject quickly slides out of the ring, and starts digging around under the ring. Naz and SS jump out of the ring as well. SS throws another chair in, as Reject pulls an eight-foot ladder out and throws it in. Naz pulls out a trash can, but walks around ringside and clobbers SS in the head with it!


Tony: Superstar is going to have some ringing in his ear after that shot.


Naz tosses the trash can into the ring, almost hitting Reject. Reject picks up the can and throws it back at Naz, catching Naz as he tried to climb back into the ring! Reject grabs the ladder, but is hit from behind by SS. SS kicks Reject in the stomach, hooks him up for a suplex, and drops Reject head-first on a chair with a brainbuster! SS covers, 1…2….Reject kicks out!

Naz grabs Reject, and pulls him out to the apron, where Naz has the ladder bridged across the ring apron and the guardrail. Naz places Reject on the ladder, then climbs to the top rope. Naz plays to the crowd for a second, then jumps off and nails Reject with a Senton Atomico! Reject is crushed between Naz and the ladder, and had nowhere to go!


SS climbs out to the apron, and drops an elbow on Reject, who is still on the ladder. The elbow knocks the ladder off the guardrail, as Reject and the ladder fall to the outside. SS grabs Reject and the ladder and throws them both back into the ring.


JR: Superstar knows you can only win this in the ring. Being outside isn't going to help. That will only lead to a count out.


Tony: There no DQs or count outs. Old age getting to you?


JR: You're right. I'm sorry fans. You can't get counted out.


I ain't getting any younger, Tony.


Tony: I can tell.


SS grabs Reject, and places him on the top turnbuckle. SS grabs both chairs, opens them up, and bridges the ladder across the two. He climbs up to the second rope, and signals for a superplex onto the bridged ladder! However, Reject is able to fight off SS, until Naz, hurt from his insane stunt, slides into the ring, grabs the ladder, kicks both chairs out of the way, and nails SS in the back with the ladder! Both SS and the ladder fall out of the ring.


Naz nails Reject in the face with a stiff slap, the climbs onto the apron. He climbs up top, and perches one leg on Reject's shoulder, setting him up for a Dragoncarana! However, Reject hits a couple of elbows, then takes Naz off the top rope, drilling him with THE REJECTION! Naz is motionless, as Reject covers, 1….2…3!




Gary: In 11:56 -- NazMistry has been eliminated!


While Naz rolls out of the ring, SS quietly slides back in, and takes Reject over with a schoolboy! 1….2…Reject kicks out!


JR: How 'bout that? The two guy's who weren't even supposed to be in this match, are the last two remaining.


SS grabs the trash can, and nails Reject in the back of the head! SS places the trash can on the ground, shoots Reject into the ropes, and tosses Reject into the air, causing Reject to splash the trash can! SS covers, 1….2..Reject kicks out!

SS picks Reject up, and sets him up for the Upper Class. However, Reject manages to elbow his way out of the hold, and throws a wild right hand. SS manages to catch the arm, spin Reject around, lock on a full nelson, and drill Reject with the Dragon Driver! Reject is done, SS covers, 1…2…Reject kicks out!


JR: Superstar is going all out to win

this one.


Tony: You have too. At any given time you can lose. All it takes is 3 seconds.


SS decides that he has had enough, and hooks Reject up for the Star Power II! However, Reject manages to free himself, and suplexes SS! While SS is down, Reject leaps and hits a Split-Legged Moonsault on SS! Reject covers, 1…..2…..SS kicks out!

Reject grabs both chairs, folds them, places them right next to each other, and DDT's SS onto both chairs! Reject covers, 1..2…SS kicks out!


A frustrated Reject climbs up to the top rope, only to be crotched when SS lunges onto the ropes. SS climbs up to the top rope, and sets Reject up for a superplex. Reject fights SS, as both men switch positions on the top rope, so Reject's back is to the ring!

Reject turns, and tries to set SS up for The Rejection! However, SS drops down to the second rope, and pushes Reject, crotching him on the top rope! SS climbs back into the ring, hooks Reject up, and delivers STAR POWER II ONTO BOTH CHAIRS! Reject isn't moving, SS covers, 1….2…3!


JR: It's all over! Superstar has won his first major title in the OaOast.


Gary: In 15:45 -- Reject has been eliminated! The winner of the match and NEW OaOast X-Champion -- SuperStar! (Crowd cheers)


SS is on his knees, almost crying, as the official raises the arm of SS and raises his hand. SS rolls out of the ring, and hugs his belt while walking up the ramp. At the top of the ramp, he turns around, and holds the X-Title up with both hands, while the crowd roars in approval!


JR: Superstar finally won a title and he's thrilled.


Tony: There isn't a better feeling in the World than winning a title. But everybody has their eye set on the biggest prize in the OaOast...that being the World Title.


JR: You are exactly right. Our next match has been heating up. Last month at Beach Brawl, CWM turned his back on AS --


Wait a minute. I understand Michael Cole is with Bill Watts backstage. Michael?


MC: I'm hear with the Chairman of the OaOast Board of Directors -- "Cowboy" Bill Watts. Mr. Watts, I understand you have a surprising announcement to make.


BW: That's right, Michael. About 5 or 10 minutes ago, I received word by CobainWasMurdered that tonight's handicap match between himself, TC vs. Anglesault will be a No Holds Barred match.


I couldn't belive how he did that considering I approve contracts for matches. But we did find a contract dating back to July 4th. (Crowd OHs)

CWM had this partnership with TC before Beach Brawl. So this was all one big set up in order to take Anglesault out.

Right now, the other Board members are going over contracts to see what other decisions CWM as made.


I'll like to say this to Anglesault. We're sorry this has happened. To make it up to you -- win, lose or draw...next month at Excessive Force, you will get a title shot at the winner of tonight's World's Title match between Alfdogg & Zack Malibu. (Crowd Pops Big)


Thank you.


MC: There you have it. CWM made tonight's handicap match No Holds Barred. But AS will get a shot at the OaOast World Title next month at Excessive Force.


No Holds Barred: Handicap Match

Anglesault vs. Treble Charged and Cobainwasmurdered


Gary: The following contest is a No Holds Barred: Handicap match. (Pop) It is set for one fall.


"SMELLS LIKE TEEN SPIRIT" hits and The Canadian crowd goes CRAZY as Cobainwasmurdered and Treble Charged hit the ring. Huge chants of "Canada" and "USA Suxks" echo in the building.


Gary: Introducing first, from God's Country, Canada. (Huge Cheers)

Treble Charged & CobainWasMurdered! (Big pop)


"BORN IN THE USA" hits and the crowd boo's so hard that you can't even hear the music as Anglesault appears on the ramp waving an American flag.


Gary: Their opponent, from New York, New York -- Anglesault! (Loud boos)


Anglesault drops the flag and charges the ring, He goes right after CWM, who bails out of the ring, AS chases him around the ring until CWM dives back into the ring, AS follows him but a waiting TC kicks him in the head and the Canadian Duo stomp AS until the ref gets CWM out on to the ring apron and the bell rings officially starting the match.


* DING *


JR: The match is officially underway.

As the Chairman of the Board of Directors -- Bill Watts said earlier. CWM booked this match to be No Holds Barred last month.

The Board decided to give AS a shot at the World Title next month at Excessive Force to make up for this blunder.


Tony: Now why do they make up for it?! If this happened to anybody else, I bet they don't even get a shot at the title.


JR: Talk to the Board. I didn't make that decision.


TC picks up AS and goes for a Belly to Belly Suplex but Anglesault blocks, TC tries again but AS blocks again and hits a Belly to Belly Suplex of his own! TC scrambles to his feet and tries to escape from the ring but Sault grabs him by the ankle and pulls him back in, Sault goes for the SAULT AND PEPPER LOCK but as soon is it gets locked on CWM runs in and breaks it up.


Anglesault picks up TC by his hair and shoves him into CWM's corner and motions for CWM to tag in. CWM looks at the crowd who are screaming "CWM". CWM tags in.

As the crowd cheers him on CWM locks up with AS, CWM gets sent backwards into the corner, Anglesault attempts to capitalize by charging CWM but CWM ducks low and sweeps his legs, AS's head goes into the turnbuckle, CWM picks up AS and gives him a vicious German suplex and then a Shin Breaker. He tags in TC who works the leg some more. TC pulls AS towards the ring post and then while CWM distracts the ref he locks on the RING POST FIGURE FOUR~!


JR: Shades of Canadian legend, Bret "The Hitman" Hart.


Tony: This crowd is so pro-CWM & TC. Back in the States, it's the other way around. Pro-AS, anti-CWM & TC.


Maybe your old broadcast partner is right. Everything is backwards in Canada.


Eventually the ref turns around and forces him to break the hold, but the damage is done. CWM tags in and goes for the INSECTICIDE LOCK but AS twists out of it to a course of Boo's. A frustrated CWM grabs Anglesault and starts wrenching on his weakened leg like crazy while AS screams in pain. Finally CWM goes for the INSECTICIDE LOCK again and this time he locks it on!


JR: The Canadians want to make AS tap.

This feud even extended into message boards.


Tony: That's right. It started a whole Canada vs. U.S.A. debate.


Anglesault screams in pain as the Canadian fans chant "TAP OUT!" In a last ditch effort Anglesault reaches the ropes and CWM is forced to break the hold. CWM tags in TC, TC watches as AS slowly gets to his feet using the ropes, then TC kicks him in the leg sending AS to the ground again. TC picks him up and goes for a Northern Lights Suples 1…2…NO~! Anglesault kicks out! TC tags in CWM and then Puts AS on top of his shoulders…DOOMSDAY DEVICE~! 1…2…NO! Somehow AS managed to kick out of it!


CWM is in a rage now, he picks up the limp AS and hits a Vicious CONSPIRCAY BOMB~! He looks like he's going to cover but instead he picks up Anglesault again and goes for ANOTHER CONSPIRACY BOMB, AS starts to struggle and it looks like he's going to get out of it but with a huge burst of strength CWM manages to repostion and then hit it! 1…2…OH MY GOD! AS's foot is on the ropes! CWM can't believe it! He tags in TC who goes for The Brand New Low, but Anglesault flips out of it and hits the SAULT SHAKER! AS and TC collapse in a heap as CWM freak on the Ring Apron. AS manages to get his arm over TC's limp body 1…2…NO CWM pulled the Ref out of the ring. CWM is in the ring and picks up the limp Anglesault….POLLY CUTTER, he pins him but there's no ref! TC grabs the ref and the ref makes the count 1…2…NO! HE KICKED OUT! HE KICKED OUT! CWM/TC and the Fans can't believe.


JR: I can't belive it! AS kicked out.


Tony: These fans are going crazy.

The Fan's are screaming for CWM/TC to kill Anglesault.


CWM all of a sudden gets a crazed look in his eyes. He tells TC to hold up Anglesault, and he goes outside of the ring and searches under the ring until he finds what he's looking for…A CROWBAR! CWM gets back into the ring and swings…but he hits TC! Anglesault pushes CWM out of the ring and makes the cover 1…2…3! SAULT WINS! SAULT WINS!!




JR: Oh, CWM & TC's plan backfired. AS gets the win.


Gary: The winner of the match -- ANGLESAULT~!


Tony: The crowd looks like their going to riot. I'm outta here.


JR: Oh, geez...


A number of fans jump the rail and throw trash into the ring. Mountie's come out to restore order.





Tony: Finally we got this riot under control.


JR: That was a first.

We're going to go backstage to our new interviewer, Terri.


Tony: This isn't coming out of my check, right?


JR: No. Let's go to Terri.


Terri: Thanks, JR & Tony.

I'm here with the United States Television champion, Eskimo.

How are you feeling going into tonights Inferno Match?


Eskimo: How am I feeling? I'll you, baby. I'm feeling...unappreciared. I'm feeling...angry.


Terri: Well --


Eskimo: Shut up. You know, this match is important. I know that. But whats more important is my career. And you know what? I'm the USTV champion. I've beaten the best the OAOAST has to offer. I've made Anglesault tap. I beat Alfdogg in a @#%$ barbed wire ladder match. And now, JUFFLENOPPLENINGNUTS thinks he can take away my title?

Hell no. I've worked too hard to give it up to a freak like him. And what's worse, I shouldn't even have to face him. I'm the secondary champ of this company. I've been a champ for almost 3 months. And where's my OAOAST World title shot? Well Terri, where is it?


Terri: Well, I guess there are other wrestlers -


Eskimo: Shut up. There is no one more deserving than me. Tonight, I'm going to beat that freak at his own game. And then, I'm going to sit back and watch Malibu and Alfdogg go at it, because as soon as that match is over, I will know who my next victim will be. The U.S. TV title will be mine. And then, the World title. And a new Ice Age begins.


Derek the Fish is puckering his lips at Terri.


Terri: Oh, who's this cute and loveable thing?


Eskimo: I think he wants a kiss.


Terri: Sure. He's so cute.


Terri goes to kiss Derek on the lips. Derek inhales deeply.


JR: Good grief!


Tony: R--Ross, he just swallowed Terri!


Eskimo looks around and whistles like nothing happened


Tony: That boy must of been starving.


JR: Only in the OaOast will you see a fish eat a 5 foot something women.


Tony: Derek must have a great digestive system. I would of thought he would explode after eating somebody the size of Terri.


U.S. TV Championship Inferno Match: Masked Mystery Eskimo vs. JINGUS


JR: In preparation for this match, four flaming torches are brought out, and one is strapped to each ringpost, and a bottle of lighter fluid is placed in each corner, to allow for fast-lighting action. Ring attendants are lined up outside the ring, with fire extenguishers ready to put out various fiery stuff. The referee is outfitted in a cool shiny fire-resistant suit.


Gary: The next match on Ashes II Ashes is the Inferno Match for the OaOast United States Television championship! (Big Pop)


"Verdi's Requim" hits, and a particularly large set of pyro goes off as the mammoth JINGUS stalks down to ringside. He's got a huge bag o' plunder over his shoulder, is actually wearing a shirt tonight (a torn leather vest, but it's a start) and looks to be ready to fry MME into a crispy critter.

Gary: Introducing first, the challenger -- Jingus!


JR: Fans, every now and then we like to bring you special features. Tonights no different. You've seen it before, and now it's back. We call it "Sounds of the Ring".

Me and Tony will rejoin commentary after the match. Enjoy!


Gary: His opponent, from the depths of the artic, being lead to the ring by Derek the Fish, he is the OaOast United States Television champion -- the Masked Mystery Eskimo!


"Ice Ice Baby" plays to the cheers of the crowd. Jingus stands in the ring, staring at the entry ramp, waiting for the Masked Mystery Eskimo's arrival. However, he doesn't seem to be forthcoming. Suddenly, MME rolls out from under the ring (with Derek drunkenly flopping after), and nails Jingus in the eyes with a perfectly-thrown Memphis fireball, and we're underway! Jingus staggers in pain, clutching at his eyes, while Eskimo pours lighter fluid over the faceplate his own USTV championship belt, and sets it ablaze. That's right, he whacks Jingus in the face with a FLAMING BELTSHOT~! Jingus collapses into a heap, and MME covers, but Jingus kicks out at 1, growling in anger. Meanwhile, Derek has somehow climbed up onto the apron, and is now drinking from one of the bottles of lighter fluid.


MME tries for a Killer Whale Plex, but Jingus easily reverses it into a One-Armed Judo Slam, dazing the Eskimo. The Devilman reaches into his bag, and comes out with... a roll of gauze tape? The audience is confused, until Jingus begins to wrap the tape around his fists, and then pours lighter fluid over them. One quick trip to the torch, and Jingus is truly a house of fire! Eskimo stumbles up and attempts to run, but Jingus clobbers him with a

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Guest Tony149



OAOAST World Title

Alfdogg defeated Zack Malibu


Casket Match

Big Poppa Popick defeated Angleplex


U.S. TV Championship Inferno Match

Masked Mystery Eskimo defeated. JINGUS


No Holds Barred: Handicap Match

Anglesault defeated. Treble Charged and Cobainwasmurdered


Four-Way Elimination X-Title Championship Match: No Disqualification, No Count-Outs

Superstar defeated Reject, Naz Mistery, and Thunderkid


OaOast Tag Team Title Match

GreenMist & Generation Never defeated Some Guy and The Sole Survivor


2000 Lightbulbs Deathmatch

EvenFlow defeated SandmanBack Home

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Guest Tony149
Anyone else notice that only half the show is copied here?

I know. That's why results were posted. I guess when Alf tried to copy the show into one post it was too big and got chopped in half.


Plus, this wouldn't of happened if the others would of helped me cut and paste the shows at VM over here. They didn't, and Alf surprised me when he deleted everything on VM overnight.


And some shows didn't even make it here i.e. "WCW: Uncut, Unedited, Uncensored".

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