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Guest AnnieEclectic

* SJL Stats Thread, May 11th *

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Guest AnnieEclectic

This is the official SJL Stats Thread.


DON'T, AND THIS MEANS DON'T, post your stats here every 15 mins. Or don't post them if you aren't active either. Cough, Xero, cough.


If you're new, wait until I tell you before putting your stats here. Failure to do so will have me stabbing you with a pen.


And finally, NOTHING but stats on here.


Post your updated Smarks screen names as well.


On with the stats. 20 bucks says all of those rules will be broken anyway...


And always EDIT IN NEW STATS OVER YOUR OLD ONES!  Don't slow down the thread!  Wooga!

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Guest Chuck Woolery

The Amazing One updates his stats... again!  The sweet stats of Van Siclenation, v 4.0


Smark Boards Name: VanSiclen31

Wrestler Name: "Amazin'" Mike Van Siclen

Height: 6’4”

Weight: 237

Hometown: Harrison, Illinois

Age: 23

Face/Heel: So face it's scary.  The sympathy he gets for not being able to Van Slaminate anyone is the only reason he remains face.

Stable: None

Tag Team: None

Ring Escort: None

Weapon: Anything, really, but Van Siclen likes to meld his moves with weapons.


“That’s what I said!”


Looks: Mike's lean and muscular body is just that - lean and muscular.  His hair is now an extreme blonde, almost white.  His eyes remain blue, and his attire much the same.  Wears long, gray tights in the ring with the words MVS interlocking on the side in black, red, or neon blue, with no shirt either.  Boots similar to most wrestlers, black with the words VAN SICLEN down the side in white letters.


Ring Entrance:

"Light me up…"


The pumping beats of "Light Me Up" by Cassanova 419 begin to echo throughout the arena as the lights go down!  The crowd roars in expectation of the SJL superstar about to walk down the ramp…


"Come on, come on, come on, LIGHT THAT FUCKER UP!"




A shower of white pyro goes off atop the entrance ramp as it illuminates a figure atop the entrance ramp, arms outstretched in a "come-and-get-me" gesture.  A blue spotlight shines upon him as he struts down the ramp, blonde hair glistening as he slides into the ring.


"(Funyon) Ladies and gentlemen, now entering the ring, hailing from Harrison, Illinois, weighing in at two-hundred thirty-seven pounds, the Amazin' one, MIIIIIIKKE VA-AN SIIIIIIIIIIIC-LEEEEEEEN!"


The crowd explodes in cheers as MVS poses on a turnbuckle, then hopping backwards, prepping for his match.



Strength: 6

Speed: 5

Vitality: 6

Charisma: 3


Style: Mike Van Siclen has developed more speed, though having lost a wee bit of his strength. Still capable of the big time power, but he'll sacrifice a lot of his vitality to pull one off. Still same style, though...a mix of Edge, Test, and Jericho.


Signature Moves:

- Code Red (Van Siclen gets his opponent into DDT position, only instead of DDTing them, comes around like the Eye of the Hurricane or the Final Cut and grabs his opponent by the hair, forcing their face into the mat.  Can be done off a ladder or onto a chair as an alternate finisher.)

- Guillotine Leg Drop (Sometimes called by announcers the "Van Siclen Guillotine", but hey, it's just a guillotine leg drop, folks.)

- Flatliner (Kanyon's WCW finisher, Edge's Downward Spiral.)

- Blackjack Neckbreaker (Union Jack Neckbreaker, Regal's wrap-arm-and-break-their-neck move.  Setup for the Double Take.)

- Shoulder Jawbreaker (The opponent rarely goes all the way down after this move, making it the perfect setup for the Van Slaminator.)

- Moonsault

- Apex Crusher (A Tornado X-Factor.  Big-time move, setup for the Van Siclenmission, but can be done as a finisher onto a weapon.


Common Moves:

- A spear, only after Van Siclen hits it he rolls out, bouncing off the ropes and coming down with a elbow drop

- Diving Spear from the top rope

- Choking Jawbreaker (An MVS spectacle, only to be used on wrestlers less than 260 pounds. MVS grabs his opponent in a chokehold, lifting them slightly before slamming them down in a jawbreaker.)

  - Sitout Jawbreaker      ->

  - Double Leg Wishbone -> These two moves often occur consecutively and somewhat out of nowhere, if Mike makes a key reversal at a point in the match.

- Crucifix DDT

- Swinging Neckbreaker

- Two-Handed Facecrusher

- Drop Toe Hold

- Rectal Stretch (Opponent on back, Van Siclen puts foot between legs and pulls on their legs)

- Jericho's Springboard Dropkick to the Outside

- Impact DDT, like the Edgecutioner, Edge's DDT finisher


Rare Moves:

- Mexican Surfboard

- Shooting Star Press

- Siclen’s Gambit (Shooting Star Frog Splash, used as a rare finisher in a high-profile match.)



- Van Slaminator - (Whip opponent into ropes and hit a back body drop, but instead of following through grabs legs, standing up fully and sitting out. I suppose it could be called a spiked back body drop.) (MVS has been afraid to use this move ever since he broke his leg attempting it on Tom Flesher.  Often, he'll try for it, but cheese out at the last minute, allowing his opponent a golden opportunity to hit their finisher.  Vitality level to escape if this move is hit: 7)

- Double Take - (A couple of stomps follow the Blackjack Neckbreaker, and then Mike comes off the ropes with a springboard moonsault.)  (Yeah, it's a Lionsault, but if his opponent is too heavy [over 280 lbs] for Mike to hit the Van Slaminator on, then he'll hit 'em with the Blackjack Neckbreaker-stomps-Double Take.  Vitality to escape if this move is hit: 8)

- Van Siclenmission - (A standard ground Tazzmission, maybe with Van Siclen's knee in his opponent's back.) (Mike'll use this one very late in matches, if he's already hit a Van Slaminator and it hasn't put them away, this move always [ALWAYS] does, so I'd prefer that even Kane tap out to this. Thanks. Vitality level to escape if this move is hit: 11)


Tag Finishers:

- The Lethal Leg Drop (Ooooh, fun.  Wrestler #1 splits the opponent's legs as Wrestler #2 scales the turnbuckle.  The two look at each other before jumping up, Wrestler #1 delivering a double leg wishbone as Wrestler #2 delivers a Guillotine across the opponent's shoulders/neck)

-The Sensational Senton Bomb (Even more fun.  The opponents is laying on the mat.  Wrestler #1 stands at the opponent's side, facing into the crowd.  Wrestler #2 is whipped into the ropes by Wrestler #1, bouncing off to gain momentum and coming back to be caught with a back bodydrop by Wrestler #1.  This allows Wrestler #2 to flip in midair, landing on his back on the opponent.)

-The Epitome of Powerbombs (The most fun of them all.  Wrestler #1 puts the opponent into position for an inverted crucifix powerbomb, but on the way down Wrestler #2 hits the opponent with a Diamond Cutter to add to the sensationalism.)

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Guest Insane Clown Dan

[Listen, you bonafide cock-lovers (this is to all JLers and certain unnamed WFers). Flexxx is NOT a porn star. His character is that of a drunk sleazy bastard and perverted womanizer. Austin, Scott Hall, Rick Rude... those kinds of people. Since when did that automatically determine "porn star"? NEVER.


FLEXXX IS NOT A PORN STAR. He was, but it was Miller's stupid idea. He came to his senses and killed the porn star gimmick. GET IT STRAIGHT!


Also, his name is not Flexx, or Flex. He is tha Flunkmasta Flexxx. Notice... full name. It isn't so hard to use a full name, is it now? Since you do it with "Deathwish" Danny Williams and "TNT" Taylor Nicholas Thompson... why not Flunkmasta Flexxx? Its not so long of a name that you just use "Flexxx". SO USE THE FULL NAME!




Have I driven this into your head yet? If i haven't, ask me for a match and I'll beat it into your skull for further clarification.]


SmarkBoards Name : Insane Clown Dan

Wrestlers Name: Flunkmasta Flexxx

Aliases : "The lone maverick", "Tha ragin' porno man"

Real Name : Fletcher Callaway

Height: 6' 3"

Weight: 239 lbs

Hometown: Rochester, New York

Age: 23

Face/Heel: Austin-like heel... aggressive tactics

Stable: The New Sound

Tag Partner (optional): Mafia

Ring Escort: none

Weapon(s): kendo stick, steel chair. when Flexxx gets really fucked up in the head, he will wrap barbwire on the top of the stick



"I'm tha Flunkmasta Flex...ex...ex!"


"You bunch of stupid fuckin' tools are PATHETIC! Just shut the fuck up already!"


Stable quote : "(Wake up, bitch)... wake up to tha New Sound..."



Body - Muscular, barbwire tatoo on left arm

Head - Dark brown dreads, eye patch

Arms - elbow braces, black/blue gloves

Shirt - Black, no sleeves, drawn picture of flexxx's face in black on red square

Pants - Jeans, knee braces

Boots - Black, with green outline and a big green 'X' on each boot.


Out of the ring, he wears a trenchcoat and a bandana over his hair, on certain occasions. He always has a see-through pirate's eyepatch over his right eye.


Personality : Flexxx is truly more messed-up than anybody in the JL. He is all of these things : angry (yet he loves fun at the expense of others), a perverted womanizer, and a showman. He is also a bit of an alcoholic, and a borderline psycho at times. His personality can also be described as an amalgamation of Stone Cold Steve Austin, Scott Hall, Rick Rude and DDP. If anyone can even conceive such a thing =P


Ring Entrance: When the fans eventually calm down and Zach de la Rocha's unusually creepy voice echoes in a low, ghostly volume throughout the arena, "Born as Ghosts" by Rage Against the Machine plays and a video of Flexxx's Golden Gun flashes on the SmarkTron screen. Flexxx walks onto the ramp and does the Diamond Cutter taunt... then breaks his hands apart, signaling a huge yellow stream of pyro to fly into the ramp and explode three times! From within the yellow smoke created by the explosions, Flexxx twirls around his kendo stick and calmly walks down the ring. Flexxx then enters the ring walks to the center, then he mounts all four turnbuckles, raising his hands up in the air with the trademark split-finger victory sign.


Tag Entrance : Replace with "I'm Afraid Of Americans" by David Bowie and maybe mention video clips of Flexxx and Mafia attacking people.


NEW SOUND Entrance : "Ashes in the Fall" by RATM sounds off on the speaker. Videos of all of the members attacking people with finishers or double-team moves plays on the SmarksTron, and all of the stable comes out in trenchcoats and shades. In the ring, they will all raise their arms up.


I will edit in the lyrics and other details later...




Strength: 4 (he has *difficulty* lifting over 300 lbs)

Speed: 5 (as fast as the Rock)

Vitality: 5 (average stuff. his sometimes-harsh offense more than makes up for it)

Charisma: 6 (he is very good at manipulating the fans... one minute they can be eating out of his hand. the other minute, they could be trying to get past security to throw Mentos at him ;) )


Style: A technical brawler with some high-flying capabilities and a rarely-used knowledge of martial arts. A very fast-paced fighter, like the Rock, but with wrestling ability of Jericho and the more traditional style of Austin. He doesn't use kicking offense as much as he did in his debut, but he'll still throw in the occasional "unorthrodox" maneuver to even the odds


Signature moves(not in order):

- "Twisterfuck" Stunner (A powerful stunner. either an alternate finisher or a setup for the Golden Gun)

- "The Flexxxplex" (a Half-Nelson Suplex that drops opponents on their head)

- Spiked DDT

- Uranage Suplex

- Superplex (will sometimes use this after a vertical/snap suplex rolling sequence)

- Falling Powerbomb (Flexxx picks up the opponent while they're running and uses their momentum to lift onto shoulders and bring them down on their back. Flexxx falls with the opponent as they hit the mat)

- Sharpshooter (Flexxx counters a running attack into a Sky High or 180 Spinebuster, then locks in the sharpshooter. alternate finisher)

- Single-legged Boston Crab

- "The Money Shot!" (Flexxx faces a downed opponent, atop the turnbuckle, and does two front flips off the top rope... to hit a flying elbow that makes Flexxx roll off the opponent upon collision. This takes a LOT of skill, and the cruiserweight style is not what Flexxx does best, so it takes up a lot of concentration to hit this move perfectly.)


Common moves :

-Sweet Chin Music

-Sharp Rib Chops

-inverted piledriver

-rolling X-hold tiger suplexes

-head scissors takedown

-overhead belly-to-belly

-moonsault (any variation. loves the Asai)

-any facebuster

-one-leg flapjack slam (to running opponent)

-Hopping Sunset Flip Pin

-Manhattan Drop

-Fujiwara Armbar

-Ankle Lock

-Missile Dropkick

-Austin Mannerisms (e.g. Mudhole stomps, F.U. Elbows, ect)

-German Suplex


Rare moves:

- Figure-Four Leglock

- Super Hurricanrana

- Size does matter (Flexxx uses this on gigantic opponents, like Reaper and GoldenEye. He does a high-angle facebuster first, then he jumps over the opponent, pulls their head to the opposite side and nails a 3/4 neckbreaker on his shoulder)

- Cradle Piledriver (in an important match, fueled by intense rivalry)

- Coup de Grace (A fatal blow to the ribs that Flexxx learned from his martial arts days. this move is super, SUPER-rare!)




-The Golden Gun (An Olympic Slam that goes into a high-angled Diamond Cutter. Can be reversed into or set up just like the Olympic Slam as well. Has the impact of a Stone Cold Stunner x4, to kick out of this move is unrealistic. After Flexxx gets up from this move, he does DDP's trademark "BANG!" as they just got hit by a golden bullet)


-Cry of the Depraved (A tazzmission that *sometimes* goes into a sleeper drop, then a continued tazzmission or crippler crossface. Opponents will always try to elbow out of this move)


-The Last Bullet (Aerial Finisher. Usually after knocking some poor little tool onto their nuts, Flexxx does a 3/4 turn neckbreaker off of the top rope and brings the opponent down at a high-enough angle to do significant damage)  


Hardcore moves :

-"Flunk-DOWWWN!!!" (Any sort of chair kick to the face. Preferrably a shufflekick or superkick)

-"Penetration" (While holding the kendo stick, hopping off the turnbuckle into a swanton bomb, except the stick goes into the person's ribs)

-"Buzzcut XL" (A TKO onto a standing chair)


Tag Finishers :


Double Brainbuster

Double "Mob Hit"

Sharpshooter/Crossface Combo


Bronco Hangtime (The opponent is lifted up vertically into an Electric Chair Drop [without stalling] and with momentum behind it. The other teammate grabs the head and nails a 3/4 turn neckbreaker)


Stabbing Westward (Teammate gets opp. into Fireman's Carry. Other teammate grabs head of opponent and the other grabs the legs in mid-air and both people fall with opp, with Flexxx nailing a TKO on the opp)


Acid Death Drop (Both opponents grab running person by the arms and thrust them over the ropes like a human missle, and out of the ring! Very useful in table matches!)


Flexxx Notes: Fast, stragetic, and uses martial arts, high-flying moves and orthrodox wrestling to combat opponents.


Always refers to himself as "Flunkmasta Flex-ex-ex", but other wrestlers just refer to him as simply "Flex".




Career Highlights :

-Wrestled in SCW as Danny Phlunk, with brothers Mikey and Joey. Danny Phlunk starts real-life feud with brothers and is released from SCW. The IGNJL calls him and signs him for a contract

-Debuts in June as a jobber named Iron Dan. The IGNJL is unimpressed and leaves him off the show, to repackage him as the Flunkmasta Flexxx

-Debuts in late August as Flexxx. Has first fight with Reaper and Petro the Clown. Flexxx starts to climb the ranks, and forms the Reapperz.

-Flexxx has violent TV Title feud with K-Os. Flexxx gains a win over K-Os in a brutal 3-match series for the TV Title, but K-Os takes all in the end.


Later :

- Flexxx joins Destruction, and beats Ash Ketchum, GoldenEye and Xero to solidify his place as an upper midcarder.

-Flexxx feuds with Mafia over his fiancee Candra, but forms alliance with Mafia in a brutal TLC match at SJL Absolution. Xero becomes first victim.

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Guest Renegade

Renegade is reitiered....but if anyone does steal my stuff, well i will come to your house, and i will cut you! Plus stealing is not moral, think about all those things, and it is very annoying, especially when you steal something from me



Snow Boards Name: pedigree4u

Wrestlers Name: Renegade

Height: 6'6''

Weight: 260 lbs

Hometown: NYC

Age: 24

Face/Heel: Face (Balls to the wall Face)

Stable: None, last time i trusted someone i got beat!

Tag Partner: none

Ring Escort: none

Weapon(s): anything he can use


-One more time for the Renegade Massstaaaa!


Looks: Black boots, black trunks, finger gloves, white wrist bands, black elbow and knee pads. Got HHH style hair, quite muscled physique


Ring Entrance: “PICK UP THE PACE!” the opening words of “(SIC)” by Slipknot are played, going straight into the vocals of the song as Renegade comes onto the ramp. Renegade looks at the ground before he lifts his head up and gives out a self high five the same time as a pyro explodes, goes in the ring and climbs the second turnbuckle to do another self high five. (As Renegade walks to the ring or while he’s climbing the turnbuckles, he might slap himself across the chest or head bang by the turnbuckles before climbing)




Strength: 6

Speed: 5

Vitality: 6

Charisma: 3


Style: Suplex/power mixed with a brawling style, relying on his heavy stiff right/left arms for the brawling. This guy isn’t slow though as the stats show.


Signature moves: (In no order)


1) Shunt ( Very hard two palm push strike to the chest, looks like the action Ryu does when he performs a fireball in SF, but no fireball comes out, duh! If a match has surpassed a long period of time, it can be a weak finisher, but usually to clarify a momentum shift, setting his opponent up for something else.)


2) Top rope spear


3) Flowing DDT


4) Powerslam


5) Suffocation (that thing that Austin used to do in his heel days) where his opponents neck or chest is over the middle rope towards the crowd. Renegade runs up to them and jumps on their back, crushing their neck or chest on the rope. Renegade either does it once or does it a couple of times, like a broncho buster.


6) Heavy/stiff right hands to the gut/face/temple, Renegade is well know for his fast and hard punches. Renegade usually uses a chain of punches to stun his opponent for a long enough time.


7) Reverse suplex


8) Cradle suplex


9) Pulling Sidewalk slam/spine buster, can be used as a set up for the Rage!


10) Leg drop (usually a running leg drop…do not use a top rope leg drop! I don’t do that anymore)


Common moves (No order):


1) Snap suplex (the most common out of the moves, he sometimes chains more than one suplex, 3 being the maximum)


2) Brainbuster


3) Spinning neckbreaker


4) Superplex


5) Flurry of punches in corner


6) spear, gore whatever you wanna call it


7) Jaw breaker


8) Jumping back hook kick (and other kicks) but doesn’t use kicks very often


9) shoulder thrusts in corner


10) Knee to face


Rare moves:


Top rope Renebreak (Or a Renebreak from a high altitude)


Reverse Hurracanrana from the tope rope,


Opponents finisher


Hardcore moves: Any common/sig/finisher move onto/through an object.




(main) Renebreak (garbs opponent in a 3/4 neckbreaker, in other words very similar to the end of a Diamond cutter, but usually done by bouncing off the ropes or running like a bulldog)


Another Variation is Renegade waits for his opponent to get up, if they get up with their backs towards Renegade, see above. If they face Renegade as they get up, Renegade kicks them to make them bend over then hits a Renebreak. (a la stunner style)


The Rage (Gets opponents in a sharpshooter but raises one leg higher than the other applying an ankle lock at the same time, so with exception of the arms and head, your body is pretty much in pain)


Tag moves:


RDT (A bounces off the ropes and bulldogs the foe and lets go of his head in mid air while B jumps and catches the foe in DDT position creating a flying DDT through the canvas)


Notes: Renegade is very good at all his moves (as in being able to counter other moves into his own), and it would be hard to beat him in a fist fight.


Renegade has gone back to his old face self, but still leaving traces of his heelishness into his matches, he's no goody-goody face (hence being a balls to the wall face). Renegade has earned the crowds favor through the ability in his matches. Renegade NEVER stalls time by showing off to the fans during a match, the only thing that Renegade could do for his opponent to buy some time is only shouting abuse at his victim, and he must be pretty ticked to do so.


Bio: Meh, i might write a book someday...... ;)

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Guest Low Brass

Smarkboards Name: Low Brass

Wrestlers Name: Low Brass

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 233

Hometown: Redmond, Washington

Age: 28

Face/Heel: face

Stable: X-Force-9

Tag Partner (optional): none, or any XF9 member

Ring Escort: none

Weapon(s): Ring Bell

Quote: "Low Brass will kick your ass!"


Looks: Caucasian. Bald (like Austin, not Hardcore Holly). No facial hair. black corporate shirt (like when Rock was the corporate champ). Cargo pants like the Hardyz, except they are shiny gray. black boots with flames on the toes and front half of the shoe.  Built kinda like Albert, only smaller-like. Thick legs, thick arms but not defined muscles.


Ring Entrance: Entire arena goes green, DX green.  Enter to the song "Brass Monkey" by the Beastie Boys. The lights flash throughout the stadium on each Saxophone note in the beginning.  Waits to enter until the Beastie Boys and crowd yells "Brass Monkey" the first time. When entering, the lights go back to normal.  Enters in with a Green denim jacket that says "Low Brass" on the back, also wearing sunglasses similar to the Too Cool dancing glasses (only with a green border instead of yellow). Brass stands on the stage and does an Ozzy Osbourne salute.  Walks down ramp, blah blah blah. Walks to the center of the ring. He stands poised in the center of the ring, a green spotlight envelops him. He looks around at the crowd, and does the Low Brass dance.




Strength: 4

Speed: 4

Vitality: 7

Charisma: 5


Style: Above average technical wrestler, almost as much as Angle.  Crowd loves him.


Signature moves:

-Irish whip to powerslam

-Judo front slam

-arm dragon screw

-Russian leg sweep

-mini chops to neck

-Falling back suplex (like Benoit)



-flying elbow

-spinning uppercut


Un-common moves:

-T-bone suplex

-Tiger Driver

-Northern lights suplex pin

-capture suplex

-gutwrench suplex


-Boston Crab


Rare moves:

-suicide dive


-belly-to-belly suplex

-Acolytes style spinebuster



-2 STOs (set up similar to Rock Bottom, except opponent’s arm is in front of Brass.  Brass kicks right leg forward then swings it back, tripping opponent on back), then I pick up my opponent, dance in front of them, and do the "Brass Monkey" (Apply Full Nelson, Brass hoists opponent into the air, jumps with him and slams opponent down on back while he is in a sitting down position).  Or just the Brass Monkey itself without the STOs.

-"Toronaga's submission" (A Full Nelson Camel Clutch.)

-"Monkey Drop" (Opponent in corner, Brass sitting on top of turnbuckle facing in ring.  Brass hooks his arm around opponents neck, does a somersault off the turnbuckle, and lands like the end of a Stone Cold Stunner).


Notes: Low Brass is a party man.  He’s a funny guy.  He finds humor in many things, like face Jericho kinda.  blah blah.


Bio: [email protected] Bio.

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Guest CED Ordonez

Ced's Stats v2.01


Smarkboard Name: Nagata Lock

Wrestlers Name: Ced Ordonez

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 210 lbs.

Hometown: Sacramento, CA

Age: 21

Face/Heel: Face

Stable: XF9

Weapon(s): Usually doesn't need them, but whatever comes handy

Quote: None


Looks: A Filipino with a decent muscular build and 24/7 tanned skin. He has short black hair, now spiky on the top with some brunette highlights. He wears short black tights with royal blue trim that cut off just above the knee. On the right side is a silver, stylized cross with a dark blue lightning design wrapped around it in a barbed wire fashion. He wears royal blue boots as well as royal blue shinguards with black trim. He also sports black knee pads with stylized silver cross designs. His wrists are wrapped up in royal blue tape.


Entrance Theme: "B4U ~Glorious Style~" - Naoki


Ring Entrance: The arena lights dim slightly and "B4U" pumps up the crowd. The lights around the entranceway flash in rhythm to the bass, the crowd chants "Ced" in unison and the curtains are pulled back by the emerging Ced. He surveys the crowd and slaps the hands of fans while making his way down the ramp. When he gets about midway to the ring he stops and poses as black, blue and silver streamers are thrown from the crowd. After the streamers subside, he dashes and slides into the ring, posing once more for the crowd before warming up for the match.




Strength: 4

Speed: 6

Vitality: 5

Charisma: 5


Style: All Japan Heavyweight style.


- Dragon Screw Legwhip

- Reverse Crucifix Kneebar

- Dropkick to the Leg

- Roundhouse Kicks

- Gamengiri

- Enzigiri

- Double Strike: Ced delivers a hard roundhouse kick to his opponent's leg. While the opponent is stunned, Ced quickly turns his back to his opponent and does a backflip-giri (a kick to the head out of a backflip)


Common moves:

- Armdrag Takedown

- Knife-edge chops

- Drop Toehold

- Backdrop Suplex (w/ or w/o bridging pin)

- Snapmare

- Spear in the corner

- Back Elbow

- Jumping Back Elbow

- Tope Suicida

- Top-rope diving elbow (faces the crowd)

- Running High Kick

- Kneebreaker

- Jumping Double Knee Drop

- Cross Bodyblock

- Dragon Suplex (w/ or w/o bridging pin)


Rare moves:

- Hyper Knee: Springboard kneesmash from the apron to the face of the standing opponent in the ring. He needs a lot of time to prepare it, so the opponent must be either distracted or very dazed for the it to be performed.


Tag Team Finisher:

- Silver Corrosion: Ced's partner has the opponent in a powerbomb position and is near the center of the ring. His back is turned toward Ced, who is perched on the top turnbuckle. The partner gets the opponent up into a Last Ride, but rather than powerbombing him, he begins to fall backward with the opponent still being held up in the air. As they fall, Ced does a Silver Lining off the turnbuckle and hits the opponent on the back of the head. When the opponent hits the ground, he ends up getting drilled face-first into the mat with some extra momentum added by Ced's boot.



- Cross Lightning: The Nagata Lock/Reverse Figure-Four Leglock. Preferred finisher.

- Silver Lining: A forward somersault into a brutal axe kick to the opponent's head. Usually done while the opponent is down on his knees or doubled over, but can be executed nearly anywhere.

- Shiranui: Ced grabs his opponent in an Acid Drop/Dudley Dog and while still holding on to the opponent, runs up the turnbuckles. Once he gets to the top turnbuckle, he does a backflip over the opponent and when he lands, he uses the momentum to slam the back of his opponent's head hard into the mat.

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Guest Kojack

Board name: Kojack

Wrestler Name: Kojack

Nick Name: Nos, The Big Orange Suplexing Machine


Weight:240 pounds

Home town: Miami Florida


Face/Heel: Heel He is one cocky Son of A bitch. He will talk trash.

Stable None

Tag Partner:

Ring escort:

Weapon: A guitar that is always under the ring.

Quote: :If you get in my way, then I will run you down.

Entrance: The arena goes a dark blue as Boom by P.O.D comes out of the speakers. Then a gold shot of pryo goes up in the air. Then Kojack struts down the ring and is usally met with boos. He doesn't like Funyon announcing his entrance and knocks him out if he does.


Appearance: Brown Hair with frosted tips that are blonde. Wears no shirt but Tights/ Pants (Edge Like) Has Kojack on both legs in red. The Pants are black. Wears black boots. Big as HHH and Test.




Speed 4




Style: Likes to start with basic moves like hip toss and collar and elbow tie up. Then he likes to hit some powermoves. Loves to hit his suplexs that he is mastered in. Will go for a suplex combo during the match to weaken his oppoent. IN other words, His main arsenal is Suplexs just like Tazz but better!

Signature moves:

1.German Suplexs (Regular, Release, Rolling, top rope, ect)

2. DDT


4.Crufix Powerbomb  


7. Low Blow

8.Gargoyle Suplex

9.T-Bone Suplex

10.Running Power Slam

11. Tuning (Kojack grabs a guitar from under the ring and waits for his opponent to get up. He would tune the guitar and play a little strum before whacking them in the head with the guitar).

12. Belly to Belly Suplex (Kurt Angle Style)

13.Ankle Lock






Common moves:

     1.Cheating (Eye Rakes, foot on the ropes, ect)

     2.Press slam

     3.Low blow

     4.Basic Suplexs (Vertical, Snap, ect)

     5.Neck breaker

     6.Jaw Breaker

     7.Thrust kick

     8.Double Leg takedown  

     9.Back body drop

    10. Dragon Screw

    12. Leg Lock

    13. Knee Lock.


Rare moves:

1. Power Spear (The most rarest but coolest move in Kojack’s arsenal. Kojack lifts the person up for a powerbomb but instead of hitting them he lifts them high in the air. Then Kojack drops them and delivers a spear in mid air.

2. Desperato (Kojack would have to be slung into the ropes or running at the opponent first. Kojack slides under the persons legs and does a one and only but with more impact. Then Kojack grabs both legs and lifts the opponent into the air and sends him crashing back into the mat. Kojack’s trump card)



     1.Kojackulation (Spinning Rack Pancake aka the move that Brock Lesnar does when he puts the guy on his shoulders and spins and then delivers a type of DDT. Very Powerful)

     2.Torque (An Ankle Lock but Kojack is on his back and does a leg scissors too on the leg for more torque and more damage. Causes mayor damage to the leg and ankle)



Notes: From U.S.A. He can and will snap when provoked.


Bio: Born and raised in Miami. Started wrestling when he was 15. Was in ECW for a couple of years. Can take punishment. Known for his Power style of wrestling with a little Technical mixed in. Very Cocky and arrogant.

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EDIT: Are you the stupidest person in existence? What part of "GO AWAY" don't you understand? I told you before, YOU ARE NOT IN THE FED. You might be able to come back one day, but with every stupid moronic post you make, you're only making things worse for yourself.

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God damn.  I never realized how many copies of stats he had.  Another one bites the dust.

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Guest Shawn

STATS – “The Fallen Angel” Shawn Brody


Smarks Name: Shawn

Wrestler Name: Shawn Brody

Nickname: The Fallen Angel

Height: 6 foot 2

Weight: 227 pounds

Hometown: N/A

Age: 22

Face/Heel: Sadistic Heel

Stable: The Clan (so what if he’s the only Clannie in the JL...)

Ring Escort: Melissa (think goth-girl – straight long black hair, black lipstick, etc)

Weapon: Kendo Stick (Melissa holds it at ringside – can bust someone open if lucky)

Taunt: The ‘Slit Throat’ taunt

Quote: “...so says the Fallen Angel.”


Appearance: Cruiserweight size man with a muscular build. The sides of his head are buzzed short, but the top is long enough that his black braids fall just past his ears, covering the buzzed hair. His face is painted white to look like a skull. He wears loose black pants with a white design that spells FALLEN down his left leg and ANGEL on the other. His has wrists are taped in white and his boots are black with FALLEN ANGEL down the back. Sometimes he wears a black sleeveless Clan shirt.


Ring Entrance: The eerie intro of Stabbing Westward’s “Darkest Days” starts to emanate from the PA system. The slow jingle of bells and the beat of a drum catch the fans’ attention as they turn their heads to the entranceway. The lights dim and start to strobe against the black velvet curtains as the anticipating fans await his arrival with the music growing in volume. A figure in a black robe steps out from behind the curtains with Melissa following behind as the fans greet him with heated boos. Flashbulbs pop and sparkle all around as he pauses on stage, raising his Kendo Stick high and looking out into the thousands on their feet and shouting insults and obscenities. Melissa slithers her hand around his waist with a bad-girl smile, posing for a second before they start down the ramp.


“Being accompanied to the ring by the lovely Melissa, Weighing in at 227 pounds... He is a member of the Clan... ‘THE FALLEN ANGEL’ SHAAAWN BROOOOOODDY!”


Brody hops up onto the apron and steps over the second rope before heading to the corner as Melissa claps and cheers him from ringside. He hops up into the turnbuckle, raising his Kendo Stick once more before handing it down to Melissa followed by his robe, exposing his toned physique as he gazes out into the hateful fans.



Strength: 4 – Able to heft the smaller wrestlers up and hit a few suplexes

Speed: 4 – He can keep up with the quick guys but doesn’t fly around like he used to

Vitality: 6 – Will tap, but can take a fair amount of punishment

Charisma: 6 – Absolutely hated right now as his presents makes the fans’ blood boil


Style: Well-Rounded Cruiserweight (mainly brawling/technical with a little air time)


Signature Moves

- Angel Wings (reverse fireman’s carry into a front-face DDT)

- Spinning Heelkick (Shawn’s hat trick)

- Crossface Angel-Wing (Crossface Chicken Wing Submission/Suplex)

- Spinal Tap (Snapmare followed with a kick to the spine)

- Slingshot Senton Atomico (from the apron to a downed opponent in the ring)

- Tornado Plancha (sideways spinning crossbody to the outside)


Common Moves

- Diving Reverse DDT

- Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker

- Roundhouse Kicks (left/right kicks to various parts of the body)

- Knife-Edge Chops

- Floatover Snap Suplex

- Northern Lights Suplex

- Dropkick to knee

- Jumping Knee Drop (aimed at the head with only one knee grinding the scalp)

- Drop Toehold step through to a Mexican Surfboard

- Cheating: eye rakes and gouges, referee manipulation, ropes leverage, etc


Rare Moves:

- Hurricanrana/Frankensteiner (rarely pulled out nowadays)

- Moonsault (if you need him to go to the top rope...)

- Descent from Above (Top rope Descent where Brody falls to his knees to guide the victim to the canvas – EXTREMELY RARE)



- The Descent (Double Underhook Piledriver)


Notes: He starts up slow and works up from there into a high action match. He is more of an offensive player and will try to get control of the match quickly and dominate an opponent before finishing them off with the Descent for the one two three. He has lost his high-risk style due to the toll it takes on one’s body and now is more grounded, putting on paced matches rather than his old spot-fests. Now since joining the Clan, he has taken to cheating and other heelish tactics, such as going for blood.


Bio: A talented amateur wrestler in junior high to high school but lost interest when he was introduced to backyard wrestling where he gained most of his abilities. A few years later, he was noticed by a trainer and became professionally trained and sent off to work in various indy federations across his home state, Texas. Now he’s in a whole new world, the SJL.


Shortly after his arrival, this hot prospect was scooped up by the Clan, opening a new chapter in his rookie’s promising career. Now we get to see another side of his man, not the nice baby face but the true heel that lies within.


He won the TV title from MVS with aid in the form of the Clan. Soon after he made MVS’ life a living hell by taking Melissa (MVS’ girlfriend) and almost ending his career several times. Then he allied himself with the impressive Tom Flesher until shocking everyone and turning on him.


Record: 6-2 (no-shows not counted)

Titles Held: [sJL] TV (31 days)

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Guest Coffin Surfer

Deathwish returns! with new stats.


Smarks Board Name:Coffin Surfer

Wrestlers Name: "Deathwish" Danny Williams

Height: 5'10''

Weight: 238 lbs.

Hometown:Louisville, Kentucky.

Age: 25

Face/Heel: Tweener(Heel against Faces, Face against Heels)


Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): None

Quote: "Kicking your ass is my antidrug"


Looks: Deathwish is white with darkly tanned skin. He is short, bulky, but ripped like Rick Rude. His hair is blonde, but shaved to a bur with a short, shadowed beard.  He wears black wrestling tights, white wristtape, black knee pads, and generic white boots.  Is missing a front tooth after IL fucked up a moonsault.     


Ring Entrance: The heavy grinding grooves of Dillinger Escape Plans "Calculating Infinity" blasts over the loud speakers.  The titantron simply says Deathwish in white letters and follows that with highlights of Dannys Indie and New Japan Matches.  Danny comes out on to the platform. He simply looks around, and nods his head to a respectful applause from the crowd.  He slowly walks to the ring with a focused, no nonsense look on his face.  He gets in the ring and just warms up.        



Strength: 6

Speed: 4

Vitality: 6

Charisma: 4


Style: All Japan Heavyweight


Signature moves:

Sheer Drop Brainbuster

German Suplex(sheer drop release or pin)

Backdrop Driver

Rolling Elbow

Top Rope Elbow Drop(usually to the back of the victim's neck)

Stiff DDT

Suicide Dive w/Elbow Smash

Elbow Combo of Doom-elbow to jaw, elbow to temple, repeat 3 more times(8 total elbows).  If vicitm is still standing, finish with Rolling Elbow.  


Common moves:

Missile Dropkick


Cross Armbreaker


Single Leg Crab

Knee Stomp

Rear Naked Choke Hold

Hooking Clothesline

Headlocks, Head Scissors, Wristlocks, Armbars,  basic Leg Locks.

Stiff Elbows, Knife Edge chops, Shin Kicks


Rare moves:

Crossface Chickenwing w/body scissors-will still bust out the old finisher when needed.

Single Leg Walls of Jericho-like Kawada's, complete with one foot placed on back of the vicitm's neck.

Jumping Sitout Tombstone



"Deathbomb"(Sheer Drop Thunderfire Powerbomb)

Megumi Kudo uses this.  Victim is lifted for Thunderfire Powerbomb(Diesel's old version of Jack Knife).  Instead of lifting victim all the way up, Williams quickly drops to his knees, and drives victim straight down on their neck and shoulders(like TD 91).  Most of the time, it's held for the Slide Pin.  If you still can't visualize it pretty much is Powerbomb Pin #6 on No Mercy.


"Deathlock"(Step Over Facelock)

Misawa uses this.  High step over chinlock, that squeezes vicitm's head, and twists the neck.  


Notes: Danny likes to work stiff, long, slow, matches. He isn't flashy or fancy. He is very low key, and just sticks to the basics.  Everything he does is a setup for the Deathbomb, the only sure pin in his regular arsenal.  Every elbow, every move, is just a way of weaking his opponent enough to execute his finisher. Even though most of his signature moves are executed so perfect and stiff, they can sometimes be finishers on their own.  Sometimes they have to be, if he can't pull the Deathbomb off.  



-history of drug problems earns nickname "Deathwish"

-Drug problems forces him to leave New Japan

-Goes clean and bulks up to heavyweight

-Signs with SJL

-Becomes mentor of TNT

-Becomes SJL's first 2 time European Champion

-Suffers career threatening ankle injury at the hands of DeKindes and Frost

-Makes brave return within a week, earning the respect of the fans

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Slut.  "Dirty Day," while a kick-ass song, isn't exactly great entrance music.  "Mofo" maybe, "Dirty Day," no.  Stats on p.2.

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Guest Ace309

No need for these anymore... I'm in the SWF.


And always remember, ye young ones...


JL looooooooooooooooooooves the cock.

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Guest realitycheck

**02-04-29 Cosmetic changes, re-organized my moves, made this thing LONGER, if possible.**


Smarks Board Name: realitycheck

Wrestlers Name: Z (Zed for the Canucks, Zee for you Yanks.)

Height: 6'

Weight: 229

Hometown: Trenton, New Jersey

Age: Twenty Somethingorother

Face/Heel: Face, definately.

Stable: XF9

Ring Escort: No thank you! I can find it myself...

Weapon(s): Whatever he uses is heavy. Usually too heavy for him to lift...

Quote: "Not in the face!" Or some other exclaimation of pain or cowardace.


Looks: Z is Caucasian, six feet even, modestly built, and, if truth be told, slightly doughy. He is clean shaven, has brown eyes, and longish, cyan blue (obviously dyed) pulled back into a raggedy ponytail, minus the bangs. Attire consists of a black T-shirt with a smiley face on it, half way tucked into his pants. Occasionally, Z will wear an XF9 T-shirt, or his own shirt, which has a dented, bullet ridden, scatched red 'Z' on it, with the words 'Born To Be Mild' written below.


Over the shirt, Z has a "Forest" style military camo jacket with the sleves rolled up. Because he's a total slut, he will sometimes wear an Orange and Black version of the coat, with the XF9 logo on the back. And, if you want, you can change the camouflage colours to whatever you please. Whatever colour it is, the jacket never comes off. His pants are standard grey cargo pants, with bottoms shoved into his pull-on boots. Said boots are black, with cream-ish velcro tabs.


Ring Entrance: The cheery pop sounds of Faith No More's 'Epic' funk over the stereo system, as the crowd electrifies with cheers! A single spotlight shines down on the ramp, as Z throws aside the curtain, shuffling his way down the ramp.


Funyon: Blah, blah, blah...


Z spins on his heel, banging off a quick salute to the crowd, before rolling under the bottom rope. He paces around the ring, taking a moment to gab with a few rowdy fans, before curling up in a corner, anxiously awaiting his opponent...




Strength: 3 (Strong enough to deal with people, say, 40lbs. heavier than him.)

Speed: 4    (Fast enough to run away, agile enough to do a little flip-floppy stuff.)

Vitality: 9   (Good lord, he's a masochist! Z can take a absoloute horrorshow of an asskicking. Bleeds buckets, up to 0.9 Muta. Can no-sell if comedically appropriate. Can continue without the use of two limbs, most motor skills, or higher brain function.)  

Charisma: 4 (Charismatic, in the hopeless loser sense.)


Style: Z has advacned a little from his 'Run! Hide! Cower!' uh, 'style' he had when he first debuted. Not that he still doesn't do some of that, but he's gotten better at not being a loser. Anyway, his offencive style is similar in that of Steve Austin or maybe Shane Douglas. Brawling, kicky-punchy, that sort of thing. NOT technically talented, by any stretch of the imagination. Usually goes to the top rope once or twice in a match. Usually ends up in a wreck, too.


Signature moves (Organized strongest to weakest):  


1)Arm Grenade. (Super colthesline DELUXE~! Fierce and incredibly stiff. Z's rare power move, and he uses it often.)

2)Double Arm DDT.

3)Jack In The Box. (Z stands behind his opponent, and grapevines his right leg around theirs. He grips their left leg with his left hand and falls back, pushing himself into a full roll with his free hand. Opponent rolled up, Z uses this hand to assist his left one, leaning back for a nice hold)

4)Galatea Special. (Good ol' Kick To The Nads™. Or punch to the nads, or headbutt, or...)

5)Steve Austin 2nd rope elbow.

6)Side Russian Legsweep.

7)Tree of Woe, followed up by something that fits the match psychology.

8)Inverted Atomic Drop.

9)Nelbina. (Submission. His opponent is on their back, Z takes both of their arms and traps them behind his opponents legs. Then Z rolls the opponent over, onto their knees. He then sits upon their back, and procedes to pose up a storm. No one ever submits to it, but it does a excellent job of making Z's victim look incredibly stupid.)


Common moves (Again, strongest to weakest):


1)Sit-out Piledriver.

2)Hammer Rush. (A series of heavy haymakers to Z's opponents temples and gut. Usually ends with a knee strike to the face. Only done when Z's opponent is backed into the turnbuckle and they've maneged to get him angry enough to, y'know, do something about it. Potent enough, considering Z's strength.)

3)Rope Drop Gullotine. (All the variations. Outside the ring, inside, taking his opponents head while comming off the top, with a snake eyes, the "Rocking Horse", stun gun, catapault, etc.)

4)Gutwrench Backbreaker. And/or, Gutwrench Gutbuster.

5)Falling Armbreaker. (Also known as the Single Arm DDT)

6)Generic Vertical Suplex of Unfathomably Evil Proportions/Seemingly Unsymetrical Snap Suplex of Insidiousness. (Z perfers to use the Snap Suplex on bigger opponents.)

7)Hiptoss of Hauntingly Hellish Discombobulation.

8)Reverse Chinlock of Enternal Pain and Endless Suffering.

9)Bodyslam of not-so-much-enternal-pain-and-suffering-but-it's-probably-just-as-boring-so-just-work-with-me-here-okay?

10)Swinging Neck-Breaker.

11)Headbutt. (Usually ends up with Z recoiling in pain.)

12)Fundamentals. (Wristlocks, hammerlocks, armwrenches, leg trip take downs. Z uses all of these quite often.)


14)Cross Body Block. (Off the ropes, or off the top. Very rarely: As a plancha.)

15)Crucifix Pin.


Rare moves (rarest to least rare):


1)Mandible Sock. (This is an interesting one. Only ever happens should Z lose his footware in the match. His only 'serious' submission hold.)


2)Backbrain Calf Kick. (Only works on really big opponents. Z steps on his opponents thigh with his left leg, literally running up his opponent, spins and lands a huge calf kick on the back of their neck. Painfully hard for Z to do, and when he does, he usually flubs it...)


3)Leg Lariat. (Always done when rebounding off of something.)


4)Bronco Buster (Before you scream and go on a murderos rampage, Z almost ALWAYS ends up crotching himself on the post. In all actuality, Z tries this the most often of his rare moves, it's just rare for him to succeed.)




Blizzard of Oz. (A sharp, snap superkick, usually good enough to put the opponent down, provided their vitality is under 5. Can come out of nowhere, but Z usually sets it up in Shawn Michaels-ian fashion. eg: Corner foot stomping)


Shotgun Moonsault. (Z's far more powerful finisher. Not his favourite due to the fact it must be set-up though. Z climbs the turnbuckle as one normally would, then once he reaches the top, he jumps, spins, and bounces off the ropes for a very deliberate, yet strangely fluid and graceful, moonsault.)


Notes: As everyone knows, Z is the official loser of the SJL, a title he wears with pride. Although technical skill or courage are NOT on Z's side, he does have a poweful ally: Luck. Z is absurdly lucky, and it's this 'aura' of his luck sees him through the SJL. Outside of his ring antics, Z is actually a charasmatic fellow, happy-go-lucky, a bit of a smartass, and perhaps is a little smarter than he lets on. Although he's usually just a bit clueless and a goof. Has a bright, childlike view of the world, and is rather naive.


A a part of XF9, Z is also part of a surrogate tag-team with other XF9 member Ced Ordonez, coined the Z&Ced Connection. Much to Ced's chagrin, Z usually feels the need to bust out some silly scheme every time they have a match, which probably ends up with them in ridiculos outfits, cutting a surreal promo. Seriously.

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Guest The_Dark_Reaper

Smarkboards Name: The_Dark_Reaper

Wrestlers Name: The Dark Reaper

Height: 7"05'

Weight: 300

Hometown:London, England

Age: 25

Face/Heel: Face

Stable: None

Tag Partner (optional): None

Friends: Flexx

Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): Anything that's handy.

Quote: "And remember...if you face me, you will face..The End."


Looks: Skin Color: White

Hair:Dark brown, sort.

Eyes: Dark Brown.

Face: Has a major burn on the left side of his face after a match with Jack the Ripper.

Build: Huge, very muscular



In the Ring: The Reaper wears a black tank top with the words "I will End you" written on the back. Now wears normal blue jeans. Has a pair of black gloves. Long black boots. And now on his face he wears a half mask that fully covers the left side of his face.


Out of Ring: He wears a long balck leather coat with a black shirt and blue jeans, with his mask on of course.


Ring Entrance: Deep thuds sound out from the IGNspeakers, the thuds are evenly spaced out, the IGNtron flickers to life as it shows a big man walking down a dark road, the thuds speed up as he gets closer to the camera. As you can just about make him out the thuds stop and the arena decends into darkness. the fimiliar voice of the Reaper stars to speak, "I'm Back", the sound of Control by Puddle of Mudd hits with it's great guitar riff and the light returns to the arena. The Reaper appears after two white pryo's are shot from the roof and hit the enterance. Reaper walks down to the ring and climbs in.




Strength: 7

Speed: 4

Vitality: 5

Charisma: 4


Style: Power, Roughneck and sometimes Technical


Signature moves:

1) Crucefix (Faarooq's Dominator.)

2) Standing Urange Suplex(Start off with a rock bottomish look and then lifts them up and slams them down,).

3) Death Bomb (Two handed Choke slam).

4) Diving powerbomb

5) DDT(this can be many types normal or evenflow. his speciality is a spiked DDT.)

6) Destroyer (Scissors kick)

7) Rikishi Driver

8) Electric Chair Drop

9) Bearhug Slam

10) Jack Breaker(Only done against Jack the Ripper, he lift's him up into the reverse death vally driver look but then lifts him even higher into the air, he then drops Jack down onto his raised knee, almost snapping his back! Well since Jack is gone this move can be used on anyone who weighs less than 200 pounds.)


Un-common moves:

1)Inverted Suplex


3)Chokeslam from top Turnbuckle


5Figure 4 Leg Lock

6)Neck Breaker


8)Brainbuster DDT


10)Double Under Hook Backbraker

11)Flying Clothesline

12)Choke Toss


14)German Suplex



Rare moves:


2)Scorpion Death Lock


4)Scissors kick through table (this is how he preferes to finish them off in a table's match.

5)Death Valley Driver

6)The End from the inside of the ring to the outside.




1)The End (Grab's opponent with both hands, lift's him onto his his shoulders and then powerbombs him.)


2)Judgement Slam (It's basically the Angle Slam but the opponent lands on the back of his head)


3)Frog Splash!!!(If Reaper hits you with this then there's no chance that you'll be getting up, there is a 50/50 chance that he'll hit this.)


Double Team Moves:

1)From the Darkness to the Light (Note: Partner must be under 200 pounds but it can be done with anyone up to 250 pounds) (While opponent is down Reaper moves behin his partner and gets his hand underneath his partner's feet, he then uses immemse strength to lift his partner in the air and throws him up, the partner does a moonsalt while he is over 8 feet up! The moonsault connects and the pin is made)


2) Sandwhich Clothesline

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Guest hhh6294

*~*UPDATED ON 5/15/02*~*


Jacob Helmsley

Board Name: hhh6294

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 227 lbs.

Hometown: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Age: 31 (Birth date: November 6th, 1970)

Face/Heel: Psychotic Heel

Stable: None

Tag-Team Partner: None

Ring Escort/Manager: Fredrick Hallbrook

Weapon: Steel Pipe (Never afraid to use this in a match)

Quote: Rarely talks


Favorite Matches:

1. Submission type (Lion's Den most often)

2. Death Match

3. Last-Man standing


Looks: Very Dark complexion.  He has long black hair that is always is down.  He wears a dark green mask across his face ( very much like Reptile from Mortal Kombat) In the ring, he wears baggy black and green leather pants with a little holster in the side for his pipe.  On his feet, he wears black boots with dark green laces.  On his chest, he wears a tattered sleeveless t-shirt with several holes in it.  Coming to the ring, Jacob wears a long black Trench coat with his initials in green lettering on the back of the coat, and on the front.  


Entrance Music: "Meaning of Life" by Disturbed.  You make up the entrance.




Strength: 7

Speed: 4

Vitality: 7

Charisma: 2


Style: Technical/Submissions genius with hardcore skills and slight aerial skills prevelant.


Signature Moves

1. Evenflow DDT - (By this one, I mean the REAL Evenflow, from Raven's old WCW days, and the one in No Mercy. That starts out with a kick to the gut, and then finishes with a DDT in one swift movement… no stalling)

2. Standing Dragon Sleeper (Like UT used to do a while back)

3. "Corkscrew" - 360 degree twisting Missile Dropkick - Jacob leaps off of the top rope, twists his

4. "Blackout" - Standing hooking heel kick into reverse Fame Asser - Jacob does the spinning heel kick, and as he kicks him, he wraps him knee around the neck of the opponent, and slams him down for a reverse Fame Asser. Jacob keeps the knee wrapped around the throat of the opponent, for a modified chokehold that frequently TKOs the opponent late in the match.

5. Stalling STO (Jacob Stalls for 5-6 seconds, before hitting the STO… the move looks like a cross between the Rock Bottom from No Mercy, and the STO 2 from No Mercy)

6. Rolling Leg-Lock (opponents usually escape from this one pretty easily)

7. "Buzzkill" - Chicken-Wing headlock

8. Northern Lights suplex into bridge pin

9. "Soul breaker" - Stalling Dominator - Jacob pulls the opponent into a dominator position, and keeps him there for a Canadian Back breaker for 15-20 seconds. Weather or not the opponent gives up after 20 seconds, Jacob drops the opponent down for the Dominator.

10. 360 degree vertical brainbuster


Common Moves

1. Shoulder Breaker

2. Russian Leg Sweep

3. Standing Sleeper hold

4. Achilles tendon Hold

5. Gore into turnbuckle

6. Double arm DDT

7. Single-Leg Boston Crap

8. Swinging Neckbreaker

9. Top-Rope Pinning Fisherman's suplex

10. Full-Nelson Suplex with Bridge Pin

11. Tornado DDT

12. Cobra Clutch Suplex

13. Fire-Thunder Driver

14.  School Boy pin


Rare Moves (When pulled off, they are used as a finisher)

1. "Downfall" - Double Underhook Implant DDT - Set up like a pedigree, but for the final motion, Jacob drops the opponent down onto his head for the Implant DDT (also seen like a weak attempt at a Double Underhook Piledriver

2. "The Drop from Above" - Stalling Reverse Michinoku Driver

3. Tombstone Piledriver

4. Top-rope Phoenix Splash

5. Top-rope Vertebreaker (used on opponents under 6', 220 lbs.)



Finishing Moves



"Black Stallion" - Stalling Hangman's DDT - Jacob sets the opponent up in a power bomb position, picks him up onto his shoulders, but lets the opponent drape down in front of his chest, in a hanging position,.  After five to ten seconds, Jacob drops the opponent down on the back of his neck with considerable power.



Set-Up Move: "Black Stallion"

"The Fear Factor" - a modified Indian Death lock from No Mercy. Instead of dropping to he floor, and getting up again, Jacob drops to his back, and stays down on the ground, gradually increasing pressure until submission or TKO.



Set-Up move: Belly-to-Belly suplex, placing the opponent in the middle of the ring

"The 540" -  Double Spin Shooting Star Press - Jacob leaps almost a mile in the air off of the top rope, and performs two complete shooting star presses before landing.  Used about once every two or three shows. Jacob uses it more frequently in his home country of Canada.



Notes: After Jacob suffered second degree burns as a result of the inferno match (SJL Crimson- 5/11/02) he wears the mask across his mouth to show the horrible burns on his face.  Jacob now has evolved into a man that does not care about anything except causing pain in the ring.  When coming out, Jacob rarely ever acknowledges that the fans are actually there.  He usually just lets Fred Hallbrook his agent deal with them.



Jacob Helmsley was born in the winter of 1970. He was a fairly good boy in his younger days, but when he turned 5, Jacob and his older brother, Hunter Hearst Helmsley (known as Triple H in the WWF) both got into a lot of trouble together. They rarely spent less than 5-10 hours in their rooms together.

They mellowed out at about Middle School, and then got interested in professional wrestling. They both loved to watch the WWF, and fantasized being a wrestler for it someday.

Both Helmsleys graduated in May of 1988, and joined up with the APW, a developmental fed, in 1989. They both excelled together in their class, and earned a fairly good amount, for the APW, about 178.50 per fight. 3 years later, Jacob and Hunter were given the chance to feature on the WWF televised event, Raw is War on Monday, April 14, 1992. They fought Diesel and Razor Ramon and ended up defeating them.

Vince McMahon, owner of the WWF, met with Hunter 3 days later, and negotiated a contract that landed him in the company, but Jacob was left out. Jacob went back to the APW, and was later fired for no showing 2 straight shows.

Jacob was sent back to Greenwich, Connecticut where he was born, only to learn that his parents left town 6 months earlier due to Charges of Tax Evasion being laid down upon them. Jacob left the US and went to his Grandparents house in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and got a job 6 miles out of town at a county bank.

In May of 1995, Jacob joined up with the Hart Family Dungeon, and trained for 3 months to become better in the technical side of wrestling. He graduated in August that same year and joined up with ECW, run by Paul Heyman. In October of 1997, after 2 years of dedication to the company, Jacob was released from ECW due to failed negotiations on his contract, and was quickly picked up by WCW.

That same month, Jacob's grandparents died 5 days apart of each other, both by a heart attack. Jacob was left with the house in Calgary, and $1,500,000 from their bank account of $2,340,000. The rest went to his bother, Hunter who was now getting involved in the Degeneration X angle in the WWF.

In the WCW Jacob was put into several house shows and dark matches, fighting several big-name people, but failed to get the attention of the WCW bookers to be put onto the shows, so he was placed into the Power Plant, and was given a 4 month developmental contract, that paid only $50 per month, considerably less than he was paid in the APW.

Four moths later, Jacob graduated from the Power Plant, and was thrown directly into a match on TV with Adam Wright on Thunder, their show recorded on Tuesdays. While Jacob was prepping for the match though, he fell off of the top-rope, and hit the railing separating the crowd from the ring, and created a huge slash down the center of his left eye, that took 13 stitches to repair and several months to heal. Jacob was subsequently released from WCW, and sued the company for 30 thousand dollars for unsafe prepping conditions.

In 1998, Jacob joined up with the up and coming IWA, where he met James Hallbrook, known as GoldenEye, and his wife Jesse. Jacob and James became great friends, and frequently fought together in battle. In November of 2000, Jesse and James Hallbrook left the INGJL, leaving the IWA in shambles. Jacob rose to the occasion, and brought the IWA back to premise, until January of 2001, when the company was sued for gimmick infringement by the WWF, and was put out of business. After that, Jacob drifted from company to company, never finding a home for his awesome in-ring skills.  Jacob did receive an offer from Vince McMahon, but out of sheer anger for what he had done to him before, he rejected the offer.  After a few months, Jacob Landed a job with the IGNJL, taking over for his injured friend, James Hallbrook.



*~* Manager of Jacob Helmsley *~*


Fredrick Hallbrook  

Height: 6'8"

Weight: 298 lbs.

Hometown: Richfield, Minnesota

Age: 40

Face/Heel: Businessman type Heel

Stable: None

Tag-Team Partner: None

Ring Escort/Manager: Jacob Helmsley

Weapon: Black Bat (Iron)


Looks:  Very intimidating.  Usually in a black business suit outside of the arena, usually wearing long black pants with a dark green Jacob Helmsley T-Shirt, with black sunglasses, and a SJL Hat.  He has a short dirt blond hair, a black goatee on his chin, and a black mustache not attached to his goatee.


Entrance Music:  “Bombshell” by Powerman 5000 (but comes out to Jacob’s theme music when accompanying him to the ring.)




Strength: 8

Speed: 1

Vitality: 2

Charisma: 9


Style:  Pure power, cheating tactics and hardcore skills prevalent.


Signature Moves

1.  Powerslam

2.  Gordbuster

3.  Death Valley Driver

4.  Big Boot to the upper chest

5.  Hard Clotheslines

6.  Shoulder thrusts into the chest in the turnbuckle

7.  Tombstone Piledriver

8.  Implant DDT



1.  “Dissolusion” – Running Jackknife Powerbomb into the Turnbuckle

2.  “Fallout” – Outsider’s Edge into weapons (chairs, tables, ladders, anything that has a flat surface basically.)



Notes:  Fred Hallbrook is the brother of famed SJL Superstar GoldenEye.  Unlike his brother, Fred got into the big business careers and quickly picked up all of the “Asshole Tactics” in life to get your way and used them every chance he got.  Fred will frequently cheat to get his way, and will always be looking for the easy way out of situations, or the easy way to get Jacob Helmsley to the top of the SWF.  Fred will almost never get involved in matches for his own, but will frequently get involved in Jacob’s matches attacking his opponents, causing them to lose.

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Guest WrestlingDeacon

Smarks Board Name: WrestlingDeacon

Wrestler’s Name: Frost

Nickname: The Iceman from Iceland

Height: 6 ft. 7 in.

Weight: 296 lbs.

Hometown: Reykjavik, Iceland

Age: 27

Face/Heel: Heel

Stable: none

Ring Escort: none

Weapon(s): none

Quote: “I warn you to be wary of the Touch of Frost or you shall face the consequences of an Early Winter.”


Looks: Frost is a very physically intimidating monster with a broad, chiseled physique. He has closely cropped snow-white hair and piercing blue eyes. Three thick, wide scars run diagonally from his right shoulder to just below his ribcage on his chest, the aftermath of a polar bear attack during one of his many runs in the desolate tundra outside of Reykjavik. He wears dark blue, full length wrestling tights with silver flecks and white, standard wrestling boots to the ring.


Ring Entrance: Frost’s entrance theme is “Cities on Flame with Rock ‘n Roll” by Blue Oyster Cult. He has a slow purposeful stride to the ring and he likes to raise one arm, fist clenched, to the crowd.  He has no fancy pyro or lighting effects.  He’s a man who likes to get down to business.




Strength: 8 (anyone up to 350 lbs. is not a problem for him to put power moves on, after that it starts getting a little tougher. If you weigh under 215 lbs., he's just going to toss you around like a rag doll)


Speed: 3 (he prefers a slow methodical pace in the ring, but has quick reflexes and is capable of quick bursts of speed. It's not unheard of for him to dodge a move or hit a move out of nowhere on a quick high flyer, but he's not doing it the whole match.)


Vitality: 4 (You will not be able to wear him out in under ten minutes, say 3500 words, and he won't be really winded and tired until around the 30 minute mark, say 6000 words. Could get through an iron match if need be and don't forget that this man trains in the Icelandic winter.)


Charisma: 5 (classic monster heel, fans reactic to him out of instinct. He will occaisonally play to crowds to get them riled up.)


Style: He is a pure power wrestler with some light technical skill he can use if he has too, but he usually chooses not too. Frost is methodical and calculating in the ring with occasional bursts of deceptive quickness and agility for his size. He usually focuses on the back and neck of his opponents. He has also incorporated a few other moves outside of his basic base of power wrestling (top rope clothesline, sharpshooter) to keep opponents off guard. He fares best against power wrestlers with lesser attributes than he possesses, mat based grapplers and those who are considered “all-around” wrestlers. Although it is rare for Frost to go up against someone who can match or better his size and strength, those who can are capable of beating Frost with a taste of his own medicine as Frost is too stubborn to alter his basic attack. Lighter, aerial based wrestlers can also trouble Frost with their speed and unorthodox style. He is a Goliath that can be slain.


Signature moves:

1) Airplane spin slam (followed by a spinning legdrop)

2) Touch of Frost (heart punch-setup for the Early Winter)

3) Icelandic Backbreaker (hanging body vice)

4) Fall-away slam

5) Ice Pick (impaler ddt)

6) Ice Shelf (Uranage, aka rock bottom)

7) Choke slam



Common moves:

1) Swinging neckbreaker

2) Sidewalk slam

3) Spinning back fist

4) German suplex

5) Tilt-a-whirl slam

6) Back breaker

7) Gut wrench suplex

8) Gorilla press slam

9) Russian leg sweep

10) Brain buster

11) Exploder suplex

12) Slingshot suplex

13) Face first drop to the turnbuckle (aka, Snake Eyes)

14) Face breaker

15) Cobra clutch slam

16) Icelandic leg sweep (Face first Russian legsweep from Cobra clutch)


Rare moves:

1) top rope clothesline

2) sharpshooter

3) tombstone piledriver

4) top rope superplex  




1) the Early Winter (Double underhook, sit down powerbomb where he holds on for the pin)

2) Cobra clutch


Notes: Frost is a quiet loner with no need for a manager, partner or second at ring side. He has very few friends in life and likes it that way. He has a low, throaty speaking style that is both menacing and eloquent. He speaks fluent English with only a mild European accent. Frost realizes the power of words in psyching out his opponents and always chooses what he says carefully for maxim impact. He is intelligent and observant, but pride and egotism often makes him shortsighted both in and out of the squared circle. He fears no one and does not like mind games, although he is more than capable of playing them on others and will if he sees it to his advantage.


Bio: Born Robert Jackson Frost on January 9th 1975, the coldest recorded day in Icelandic history at 47 degrees below zero. His father, a sailor, was lost at sea when Frost was 3 and the kind love of his mother was then tempered with the steely edge of his grandfather. His grandfather began training Frost for a boxing career that never reached fruition at the tender age of eight, focusing on an exercising and training regime centered on working in the frozen outdoors.


Frost took up amateur wrestling when he entered high school and used his size and strength to dominate the heavyweight division. He attended college at the prestigious University of Oslo in Norway. He was kicked off of the wrestling team there in his freshman year due to his increasingly brutal style that abandoned amateur technique for a more power based professional attack. He spent his remaining college years pursuing such diverse hobbies as chess, literature, weightlifting and taxidermy (Frost has said that the dead animals “speak” to him). His obvious intelligence and diligent work ethic allowed him to earn a masters degree in philosophy in only five years.


He returned to Iceland where he entered the professional scene there and quickly rose to the top of the sport. Then current Icelandic champion and living legend, Peter “Iceberg” Nordstrom, picked the rookie Frost to be his tag team partner in a feud with the Icelandic tag team champs, the Silver Eagles. The two were triumphant against the Eagles’ and took their titles. The Eagles’ valet, Falcon, was seen on numerous occasions talking to Frost after this. She convinced Frost that Nordstrom was holding him back from taking his rightful place as the heavyweight champion and Frost turned on his partner in a rematch with the Eagles.


This led to a match between Nordstrom and Frost. Frost not only beat Peter, but severely injured his back as well. Nordstrom was able to regain his title when he returned from his injury, but Frost won a second rematch and ended Nordstrom’s career by re-injuring the champ’s spinal column. Frost was then barred from Icelandic wrestling two months after this and stripped of his title due to malicious and conscious injury of other grapplers. While this sanctioning has seemingly calmed him in the ring, it is evident that his violent temper could resurface at any time.


Since joining SJL: Frost quickly established himself as the premiere big man in the league racking up impressive victories over most of the SJL low carders.  He came out on the good end of feuds with the now departed Vanguard and T-Bone (the latter collimating in the SJL’s first Window Pain match that ended with T-Bone taking a tombstone piledriver from the top of the ladder to a pane of glass set up on the floor). From there, Frost was firmly entrenched in the mid-card and began a single minded, obsessive quest for the European title. He viewed the belt as his birthright and felt that he was the only person in the SJL worthy enough to hold it. He finally received his shot against Deathwish Danny Williams and won in a brutal match with a surprise Early Winter. As the new SJL European champion, one can only imagine how the division will be changed in the coming weeks.

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