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Guest AnnieEclectic

* SJL Stats Thread, May 11th *

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Smarks Board Name: Evolution

Wrestlers Name: Randy Turner

Height: 6'8"

Weight: 268 lbs.

Hometown: Fort Worth, Texas

Age: 27

Face/Heel: Face

Stable: None

Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): None

Quote: "I'm here to get the gold that rightfully belongs to me!"


Looks: Tights similar to Kurt Angle, except they are pitch black with red and white stripes running down the sides of them.  Kind of a bulky man, with broad shoulders and rippling muscles in the arms and legs.  Broad neck and a head that features wide, green eyes, and a buzz cut on top.


Ring Entrance: The lights go out, and System of a Down's "Prison Song" begins.  After the first beat, the next series of beats followed by "They're trying to build a prison" set off a series of pyros that shoot straight in the air from the left side.  The next series of beats followed by the same lyric sets off pyros that shoot from the right side.  As the third series of beats ends, a big explosion in the middle of the entranceway will occur, leading into the main part of the song.  Turner walks through the smoke of the big explosion and stands at the entranceway, flexing his muscles for a little bit before beginning a simple walk to the ring.  No matter what




Strength: 9

Speed: 4

Vitality: 4

Charisma: 3


Style: A mix of technical-based wrestling and power.  Not very agile, rarely will go to the top rope.


Signature moves:

Running powerslam

Big short clothesline (instead of whipping the person into the ropes, brings them back with their arm right into a Clothesline From Hell-like clothesline.)

Catapult into the turnbuckle followed by a neckbreaker (as the person stumbles out of the corner)

Overhead belly-to-belly suplex

Death Valley Driver



Common moves:

Running clothesline

Running forearm smash

Stalling vertical suplex

Arm wrench followed by elbow to back of head


Overhead double underhook suplex

Side suplex

Sidewalk slam

Fallaway slam

Fireman's carry into a Samoan drop

German suplex

Front suplex (picks up for a suplex, but just drops the wrestler back on their face)

Leg scissors



Rare moves:

Flying legdrop (Usually only done to finish off big men or to put an exclamation point on a big match)

Multiple German suplexes (When in complete control of match, will use this to just further destroy his opponent)

Rocker Dropper (Will only be used to bring big men off of their feet)

Ganso Bomb/Hangman's DDT (Powerbomb setup into a makeshift piledriver, very powerful, will only use if he's gone psycho or if he feels the need to further injure his opponent)



Victimizer (Ground) -- Exploder Suplex (If done quick enough, can easily take out an opponent.  However, it can be broken up with an elbow to the back of the head of Turner.)


Lockdown (Submission) -- Full nelson with a body scissors (Should make opponent mostly immobile, however, could turn into a pinning predicament on ground if opponent rolls over onto his back while Turner is on his back.  Works 99% of the time.)


Notes: Technical and power based wrestler, tends to stray away from hardcore matches, unless provoked to the limit.  Strikes intimidation into most opponents with immense focus and great physical strength.


Bio: Born in the heart of Texas, Turner became a phenom as he climbed to the top of the rankings as a heavyweight amateur wrestler.  As a champion at his local high school, he was heavily scouted by many schools, but chose Texas University as his choice.  He rose to stardom and was a superstar before his junior year was over.  In his senior year, finished his college career undefeated.


With the Summer Olympics 4 years away, Turner trained his ass off.  When the chance came to qualify to be on the American Olympic wrestling team, he quickly made an impression.  In his final match to impress coaches, however, he ran into trouble.  While setting up for a move against his opponent, he somehow lost his footing and stumbled backwards.  When he tried to use his leg to break his fall, he broke his leg in a freak accident.  The doctor told him he'd never wrestle the same again.  As the Americans went to the Olympics without Turner, he sat in his hospital bed, and at home, seething.  He wanted his chance.  And he didn't want to wait another 4 years.  


He couldn't wait until rehab began, and he soon began training in amateur wrestling again.  However, he would soon find himself trying out for the World Wrestling Federation.  Using his impressive wrestling skills and impressive physical strength, he impressed WWF talent scouts.  He was signed to a developmental contract and was sent to Ohio Valley Wrestling.


There, he continued to bust his ass for another two years.  However, backstage politics caught up with Turner, and he was eventually left unsigned by the WWF.  He now comes to the SJL.  He is one pissed off fellow, and after being snubbed 2 times to reach superstardom, he is more determined than ever to rise through the ranks and become king of the hill.

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-Cutthroat's Stats-


Wrestler Name: Cutthroat

Real Name: Blaine Kalem

Nick Name: "The Extremist" and "Dropkick King"  

Height: 6'3  

Weight: 214 lbs.  

Hometown: Greenwich, Connecticut

Age: 25

Face/Heel: Face

Stable: None

Weapons: Steel Chair, Ladder, Shark Tooth


"Shit happens, whatcha gonna do about it?"

"You may beat me but I'll kick you ass!"

"Ready to roll?"  

Escort: Clair

Allies/Friends: Clair, Fans, ...

Enemies/Rivals: None

Tag Partner: None

Music: "Whatever”: by Our Lady Peace


Looks: Cutthroat is popular among the ladies. His body is built with a fit definition; fine looking arms, abs, back, legs, ex cetera. However, Cutthroat is skinny like Jeff of Matt Hardy. What makes up Cutthroat's face is his dark dark blond hair, which is a little bit short and looks somewhat like David Flair's hairstyle. His skin color is normal white like most peoples. He also has big, blue, cute eyes; this is biggest reason why the ladies adore him so very much.


Wrestling Artier: Cutthroat wears a black string necklace with a real shark tooth at the end, dark blue swishy pants; in the center on the left and right side of the pant legs is a skull design. The skull has two red dot eyes, a crack in the right corner, it has saber tooth tiger fangs, and gives an intimidating look. Next, two white lines run down the side of the right and left pant leg and goes thru the skull design and all the way from top to bottom. (Like The Rock’s pants.) He also wears black elbow pads, and knee braces. Finally, Cutthroat wears sleek silver sunglasses with an orange unbuttoned, shirt with a cool looking dragon design on it to the ring. All the same for his causal attire, but wears a white t-shirt under the orange one.          



Ring Entrance: There is an instantaneous blackout through out the entire arena with an electric sound and then a pause; only the light rhythms of a song can be heard. Then, a single blue pryo shoots strait down from the ceiling and hits the entrance area with a small bam of blue proy and all the lights slowly flash a blue and white, and it paints the entire arena in a wonderful steel blue, as a thunderclap echoes through the arena with segues into Our Lady Peace’s “Whatever” blasting through the speakers and rocking the arena to it’s very core. Then Cutthroat pulls back the curtain with Clair to meet the millions of earth shattering cheers, yell, wooos, and many other rants and other sounds along with them, all coming from his millions of Cutthroatholics as the lights flash in rhythm with the music. Funyon announces the combatant of the match; “The following contest is scheduled for one fall, now making his way to the ring hailing from Greenwich, Connecticut, weighing in at 214 pounds, being accompanied to the ring by Clair, Cutthroat!!” Cutthroat makes his way down the ramp like Matt Hardy with Clair by his side. He slows down and curves over the barrier to slap the hands of the lucky enough audience members while Clair takes the other side. Cutthroat slides into the ring and does his ritual as Clair waits patently down at ringside. He jumps up onto the second rope, and throws his arms up into the air and absorbs all the cheers from his million of Cutthroatholics. Then he tosses his orange unbuttoned shirt with a dragon design onto the turnbuckle and throws his sleek sunglasses out into the crowd for one luck person to snatch and get as a souvenir.                                                                                  



Strength: 3

Speed: 7

Vitality: 2

Charisma: 8


Fighting Style: Cutthroat is mostly "High-Flying" and "Technical", and extremely nimble, but he dose have a bit of the Martial-Arts in him and he will sometimes cheat, he also is a bit of a "street fighter" and he can be quite ruthless some times too, and he's one hell of a puncher and likes punching a bit. Cutthroat's fighting style is pretty much anything athletic. He doesn't use his power often unless he really has to. What makes up for Cutthroat's lack of vitality and ability to last longer is the vitality that he gets from his million of Cutthroatholics, and from his fighting style; witch helps him finish off opponents quickly and/or easily. But that rule doesn’t apply at all if Cutthroat's opponent has gotten the high upper hand over Cutthroat. Overall, the only thing that can truly describe Cutthroats fighting style is unorthodox.



Signature Moves:


1) Razor Punch- A very strong, high speed, uppercut.

2) Five Star Frog Splash (Sometimes used as a Finisher)

3) Backflip

4) Haymaker

5) Flip Dropkick

6) Dropkick (off tope rope)

7) Twizter- Spinning DDT off of top rope

8) Cold Steel- If and when the opponent is holding a chair up, Cutthroat will instantaneously kick the chair some way (usually with a Roundhouse, Hook, or Karate Kick,) and then the chair will smack the opponent right in his or her face, nice and hard. It can also be done with a trashcan, ring bell, fire extinguisher, steel steps, etc. and it can be done off the top of the ropes/turnbuckle as well.  -(Hardcore/No DQ/Ref Ain't Lookn' Only) (Hardcore Finisher)



Common Moves:


01) Snap Suplex

02) Roundhouse Kick

03) Guillotine Stranglehold

04) Underhook Backbreaker

05) Superplex

06) Karate Kick

07) Tiger Driver

08) Belly to Belly Suplex

09) Spinning Heel Kick  

10) Suplex

11) Spinebuster

12) Face Crusher

13) Hurricane Rana

14) German Suplex

15) Knee Drop

16) Punches, kicks, headbutts, elbows, chops, knees, doges and takedowns…


Un-Common Moves:

1) DDT

2) Low Blow

3) Full Nelson  

4) Eye Poke  

5) Shooting Star Press


Rare Moves:

1) Neck Breaker

2) Diamond Dust

3) 450 Splash

4) Top Rope Clothesline



1.) Sniper's Strike: Cutthroat will jump up sideways as high has his opponent’s head is. Then Cutthroat will open his legs and then snap both of them shut on his opponent’s face and back of their head hard. The front of Cutthroat’s right foot will hit the opponent in the face while his left foot’s heel will hit the opponent in the back of his head. This is a very painful move and has a high chance of knocking out an opponent. Cutthroat always hits the move as hard has he can and once the opponent falls victim to this move, they are going to get Cutthroat get the 1-2-3 on them or will be TKOed.      


2.) Razorblade: It is pretty much the same thing as "Walls of Jericho" except the only difference is that when its locked in the opponent's legs will be crossed making it look like an "X" and Cutthroat’s right knee will be jabbing into the opponent’s back the entire time as well. This is a very painful and draining move; it causes opponents to tap out 91.8% of the time, and if the opponent doesn’t tap out then it will seriously hurt their back.



Notes: Cutthroat is one of the most popular men in the SJL.  Cutthroat fights very rough against his opponents. He likes to win matches by TKOs but will still try for a pin when the opportunity comes. Cutthroat is one of the wrestlers that adore his fans, and will always go to fan signings. Cutthroat also won't hesitate to cheat sometimes. Cutthroat isn't very strong but he can throw one hell of a punch (Razor Punch.) He'll like to use punches and kicks most of the time.



-Clair’s Stats-


Name: Clair Kalem

Height: 5’9  

Weight: 136 lbs.  

Hometown: Cranston, Rhode Island

Age: 23

Face/Heel: Face

Stable: None

Weapons: Women's Slap, Brass Nuks, Steel Chair

Quote(s): None

Escort: Cutthroat  

Allies/Friends: Cutthroat


Looks: Clair is beautiful of course, duh. She has long brownish, reddish hair that she will usually have a ponytail in the back that’s less than a foot or hair that just goes down to her shoulder with no ponytail. Clair, much like Cutthroat also has big blue eyes. Her skin is normal colored with a bit of a tan with it. Clair does have a little muscle in her as well. Overall, Clair is really really beautiful, and is one heck of a hot ma-ma!! Raarr, huba huba, *whistle* *whistle*, woooo, grrrra!!      


Artier: Clair wears a pair of dark purple swishy pants with a yellow--goldish flame at the bottom that goes all the way around the bottom of the pants, and its about four inches from the very bottom. She also wears a plain, dark purple, female fitness top, nothing special on it or decorations. And Clair wears black high-heeled boots like Trish Stratus’s. Finally, Clair will most of the time, wear black or purple wrist bans and a thin silver necklace.




Strength: 2

Speed: 6

Vitality: 2

Charisma: 7


Finisher/Signature Moves:

1) Twizter  

2) Roundhouse Kick

3) CC Slap (Clair Crack Slap)

4) Flip Dropkick

5) Karate Kick

6) Low Blow

7) Eye Poke

8) Heel Kick


Notes: Clair, much like Cutthroat is a pretty good fighter and is really athletic. The fans love her almost as much as they do Cutthroat and for good reason. If things look grim for Cutthroat in his matches, Clair will sometimes interfere and strike Cutthroat's opponent down when the referee isn't looking or something like that. She has a personality alot like Lita and such, she doesn't try to be sexy.

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Guest Tod deKindes

Updated stats as of 28-05




Smarks Board Name: Tod deKindes (pronounce "duh-kin-dess")

Wrestlers Name: Tod deKindes

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 227 lbs.

Hometown: believed to be of Canadian origin (thus the clearly spoken english), but raised in Muenchen, Germany (thus the german quotes)

Age: 26

Face/Heel: Face

Stable: none

Ring Escort: none

Weapon(s): none

Quote: Dominance or death, nicht glaubigen achtung. Non-believers beware.


Looks: Good build, long dark hair, most of the time is streaming down his face. Has a chin goatee, and a small cross tatoo on his right shoulder. Ring attire; black cargo pants, regular black wrestling boots, black wrist tape along with dual elbowpads. Entrance attire; long dark trench coat and silver framed sunglasses. (note: when in "non in-ring rp's" (backstage vignettes), he'll wear the trench and the shades up on his forehead.)


Ring Entrance: Entrance music; I Am Hated by Slipknot. Smoke starts to fill the entrance way as blinding strobe lights fill the arena. Tod paces out, clad in his trenchcoat and shades, and stops under the Smarktron to throw random looks at the crowd. He walks down the ramp with confidence in his steps, slides under the bottom rope, climbs a second turnbuckle and lets out a mighty roar to the fans. He removes his trench and shades and warms up in the ropes. If he's first to enter the ring, he awaits the opponent by sitting on the top rope and gazing towards the entrance way. When really focused and determined, he'll prefer to pace around the ring to await the opponent.




Strength: 4

Speed: 6

Vitality: 4

Charisma: 4




Style: Tod's style is best described as technical high-flying, though he can adapt to brawling and hardcore as well.


Signature moves:


- spear in the corner

- which is followed up by a double underhook belly-to-belly suplex

- Sara Sequence, a move named after the one person he allowed into his life. (snap suplex, face first front suplex, front suplex with opponent dropped across top rope; all done in one locomotion move)

- snapmare w/dropkick to back of head

- powerslam

- spinebuster

- swanton bomb

- DVD (sets up the swanton)

- dragon suplex

- german suplex (switches freely between basic and overhead release version)



Common moves:

- superplex

- top rope huracanranna

- tornado DDT

- jumping piledriver

- floatover DDT

- springboard dropkick

- reverse DDT

- Tiger suplex

- sideslam (from Irish whip)

- pescado to the outside

- sommersault flip to the outside

- reverse suplex (holding the guy in a reverse DDT position)

- legdrop with opponent layed stomach first over the top rope

- swinging neckbreaker

- press slam drop, into a gutbuster


Rare moves:

- backdrop driver

- Stardust press (corkscrew 450)

- katihajime

- Space Flying Tiger Drop



- Spirit Breaker: (main one) a pumphandle slam into a Michinoku Driver

- Cerebral Driver; (back-up finisher) modified neckbreaker. Hold the opponent as if for a vertical suplex, but turn him around into a hangman's neckbreaker position. Then take the arm holding the head and place it front of the opp.'s head (inverted facelock) and slam him down into the neckbreaker.


Notes: He rarely talks, but when he does he's a very focused and intense youngster. Doesn't mind tagging up with another wrestler, as long as the partner can get the job done; but he prefers singles competition. His frequent lack of social contact is due to repressed anger caused by abuse from his adoptive father during childhood. (more in Bio)



Bio: His birthname unknown, Tod's parents were believed to be Canadian. He was adopted by a German couple and taken to their native Deutschland to be raised. His father physically abused him over the years, causing him to be repressed and not talk to anyone as a result. When the young lad was about to snap, his mother thought ahead and used up her last savings to enroll him in a wrestling school to channel his anger. Adopting the name Tod deKindes (which roughly means "death of the child" in german), he graduated with flying colors and became an accomplished wrestler with an intent to shove it up his dad's ass that he was a success. Once that was done, with his mother's blessing, he travelled back to America in order to search his true roots. Namely, the only woman foolish enough to ever love him, whom we only know as Sara. Not much is known about this Sara woman, any attempt to get information from Tod has been met with nothing but angry stares and silence.


But finding his roots will be harder than imagined. His inconclusive searches leave him more and more angered and repressed...Though still pretty much a rookie due to short stints in a few indy feds here or there, Tod has taken over the SJL by storm and already has a brief European title reign to his credit. Before being chosen to move up to the SWF, he hopes first to strap that World title belt around his waist.


Can he accomplish such a task? Or will his inner demons get the best of him?

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Smarks Board Name: drsmogz

Wrestlers Name: Jack the Ripper

Height: 6'0

Weight: 178 pounds

Hometown: London, England

Age: Unknown, 20's

Face/Heel: Heel

Stable: N/A

Ring Escort: N/A

Weapon(s): cane

Quote: "Watch your back, because I am!"


Looks: Jack's a mid-sized man, he's in his later 20's like The Rock. He looks like a skinnier Rhyno. He wears a black trench coat and a black top hat down to the ring. His boots are typical wrestling boots but they are kind of fashioned in a 19th century English look.


Ring Entrance: The lights go out and the erie tune of Marilyn Manson's Redeemer starts blasting from the PA system before Jack makes his way down to the ring. He'll usually do something that causes a bad fan reaction before he reaches the ring. His enterance video is a real weird one, it goes from picture to picture of castles, cemetaries, and other erie places, particularly places in East London so fast that it's real haunting. Each picture haunts the screen and creates the perfect backround for Jack.




Strength: 5

Speed: 8

Vitality: 4

Charisma: 3


Style: He's a fast high-flyer with a little bit of power. He's also pretty technical. He's like a mix between HHH and RVD.


Signature moves:


1. Shooting Star

2. Swanton Bomb

3. Moonsault

4. Monkey Flip (RVD's flip move)

5. Big Boot

6. Gore/spear

7. Elbow thrust (an elbow drop to the kneck)

8. STF



Common moves:


1. Brittish Bulldog

2. DDT

3. Neck Breaker

4. poke-to-the-eye

5. low blow

6. leg drop

7. Streets of London (walls of Jericho)

8. Pedigree

9. William Regal's neck breaker (where he wraps the arm around their neck)

10. dropkick

11. Bronco Buster

12. Flying Clothesline (The Rock's)

13. Clothesline

14. Boston Crab

15. Kicks (all kinds to anywhere)

16. Knee drop (double or single)

17. Ankle Lock



Rare moves:


1. Rip drop (a dropkick off the turnbuckle in the face)





The Ripping- (It's a big stunner. Jack get's the opponent in stunner position and runs up to the turnbuckle, jumps onto the 2nd or 3rd rope, and then he jumps off BUTT first and he does a huge stunner).


Notes: He is a very sadistic fighter. If he finds a weakness he'll tear it apart. There is no line of right and wrong with Jack. He'll usually find a spot on someone's body and just go at it. He'll put himself in 3 modes- Technical, speedy, and strength. He'll usually start out dirty with some rough strength and then move into some technical moves, and then he'll either go to speedy or strength depending on what state his opponents in. But Jack is rarely predictable, he used to be known as the bipolar wrestler he was so unpredictable.


Bio: Little is known about him before he moved from London to New Jersey when he was seventeen. Shortly after he joined a hardcore wrestling federation, and shortly after that he was fired for spitting in a toddler's face when his father insulted Jack on the way to the ring. After that he joined the IGNJL, he had little success there though. Only a few months into his career he met The Reaper and teamed up with him to form the Reapperz with him. Shortly after Flexxx joined the group and Jack was kicked out after ruining the Reapperz shot at the tag team titles the IGNJL's Code Red PPV.

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Guest 5_moves_of_doom

Smarks Board Name: 5_moves_of_doom

Wrestlers Name: Taylor Nicholas Thompson

Alias: TNT

Height: 6’6

Weight: 267 lbs.

Hometown: Anaheim, California

Age: 21

Face/Heel: Full Fledged heel, fresh off of a turn.

Tag Partner: N/A

Stable: N/A

Ring Escort: N/A

Weapon(s): His pattented aluminum baseball bat that he often uses no matter what type of match, and in backstage attacks.

Quote: “Watch Me Explode!!!!!”


Looks: Taylor has dark brown dreads with bleached tips and a goatee. He wrestles in cargo pants with sort of a gray and royal blue camouflage design on them. TNT usually will wrestle shirtless and bears a tattoo on his back that says TNT in big black letters in a wacky font. He has an HBK-like physique except with a slightly bigger torso area. TNT, much like Raven or Rhyno, looks VERY intimidating in the ring even though he’s not gigantic.


Ring Entrance: The crowd boos like a mo' fo' as a few "Oy's" signal the inauguration of AC/DC's "TNT." Suddenly, the entrance curtains begin to ruffle as a dark figure emerges from the backstage area. The figure steps into the sea of red and orange strobelights, and is illuminated by them, revealed as Taylor Nicholas Thompson. The letters "T-N-T" flash across the Smarktron and just as a resounding "Watch me exploooooooooooode!!!!!" echoes throughout the arena, and the hulking mass that is Taylor Thompson briskly strides down the aisleway. Taylor hops upon the ring apron, flipping the heated audience off to a rather negative reaction, and steps through the ropes and into the ring. Taylor hits each corner, letting out a "KABOOM!" on each one.




Strength: 6 (mauls smaller opponents and can lift the heavier ones)

Speed: 4 (overall lumberous, but can be rather quick if he wants)

Vitality: 6 (tough, but not so much that he won't go down after a chairshot)

Charisma: 4 (has an amazing "natural" charisma, and uses powerful words, but doesn't own the crowd)


Style: Thompson hones a very unique and innovent mix of styles. He can mat wrestle if the gimmick calls for such skills (i.e. a submission match) but likes to stick to basic suplexes, backdrops, ect. On a blue moon TNT will break out a flashy lightweight move, but is very modest in that department. Also, much like Vader or Kurt Angle, when TNT becomes cocky he often will attempt a high-risk maneuver such as a moonsault, and more than likely miss. TNT is rather lacking in the selling department, but considering how tough he looks he’s really not that bad. TNT works very stiff, making even the average clothesline or side slam look like it killed his opponent. Though not incredible on the mike, Taylor makes up for it with an incredible in ring charisma that makes viewers see him as a very intimidating psycho, much like Ken Shamrock or Rhyno. TNT, though a heel, posseses many face tendencies inside the ring. He never begs off, and won't cheat, though Danny gladly will.


Signature moves:

“Cactus Clothesline” (clothesline that sends both wrestlers flipping over the ropes)

Fireman Carry to Diamond Cutter

Knee Lift

Flying Headbutt


Half Full Nelson Suplex

Double Underhook Powerbomb

Top Rope Brainbuster

Top Rope Fireman Carry into Face Buster

Dominator (Farooq's)


Common moves:

Spike Piledriver


Camel Clutch

Boston Crab

Powerbomb to pin

Samoan Drop

Double Arm DDT

2nd rope elbow drop

Falcon’s Arrow

Belly-to-Belly Suplex

German Suplex


Double Underhook Suplex

Inverted DDT

Running Bulldog

¾ Neckbreaker

Backwards Powerbomb Onto Ropes

Russian Legsweep

Running Forearm off of Ropes



Rare moves:


Top Rope Tombstone

Powerbomb from apron to outside

Over the Tope Rope Dive (much like Undertaker’s)

Burning Hammer



Shell Shock (Elbow Drop, usually a set up for Dynamite)

Dynamite (Tiger Driver ‘92, people under the vitality of 5 NEVER can kick out, people under the vitality of 8 can't kick out more than twice)


Notes: As explained in the “Style” section, TNT makes every move look like the match could be over. Another thing that I mentioned above is that often when he gets cocky TNT will attempt moves his body really wasn’t meant to do. TNT will often dominate wrestlers smaller than him, but that does not mean that he wins every time. Often high flyers can use their speed against him and come out with a win. TNT also can hold his own against big men, often thinking up some clever way to win.


Bio: TNT was born in Anaheim, California in 1981. He grew up idolizing the likes of Andre the Giant and Macho Man Randy Savage. Taylor grew up wanting to be a highflyer, which would explain why he uses so many top rope maneuvers for a man his size. But eventually he learned to use his size to his advantage and use more power moves. TNT trained in New Jersey for four years before recently joining the Minor leagues in a small promotion called “The Smarks Wrestling Federation.”

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Guest DiabloIIFreak1010

Smarksboards Name: DiabloIIFreak1010

Wrestlers Name: Posyin

Real Name: Matt Myers

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 229 Pounds

Hometown: New Haven, CT

Age: 22

Face/Heel: Crazy heel. Absoultiy insane.

Stable: The New Sound, consisting of Flexxx, Mafia, Insane Lucahdor, Himself, and Tom Flesher

Ring Escort: Brianna Flynn, a black haired little itallian-looking girl. Will do anything to help Poisyn win. In otherwords, acts like a little bitch sometimes. Oh, and any NS member.

Weapon(s): Anything ringside. Steel Chairs, Ring Bells, bring it on. In a hardcore match, he will sometimes use a table. He's lost his thumbtacking ways.

Quote: " Matt Myers was temporary...but POSIYN...IS....PERMANENT!"


Looks - Backstage, Posyin wears loose clothing (Not ghetto loose) usually wearing an "Independent" T-Shirt or any skateboard t-shirt with black or blue jeans. He has grown his once short hair to be long, going down to his shoulders. It curls, though, like Triple H's, so sometimes he braids it like Raven did during his old Alliance days. It's dyed a strawberry-blond color, with some black coming though. When not wrestling, Posyin ties his hair back.


Wrestling Gear - Posiyn has new ring gear for the PPV. He's got in-ring pants like Tajiri, along with a cut-sleeve t-shirt advertising a Metal or Punk band. the cut-sleeve t-shirts can range from Metallica to Reel Big Fish.



Ring Entrance: Single Entrance -

The arena's lights go off, and purple pyro shoots up from the stage, as the first few gituar lines of Hoobastank’s “Crawling In The Dark” hits, as Posiyn emerges from some mysterous smoke that flows out of the stage entrance. When Posiyn walks out on stage, a green strobelight hits.


::Insert Funyon crap here::


As Myers enters the ring, he usually takes off his bandanna and SJL advertising t-shirt, and throws it to someone in the crowd, giving them a little piece of SJL merchandise. Nothing really else to say, all expect he likes to stare down his opponent or opponents before he finally gets to fight him. You can include extra stuff, just don’t make me looks stupid.





Strength: 4 (Can pull of a few power moves, but would rather stick to arm drags, scoop slams if anything other than flying moves. His strength is similar to the amount of Christian; he can lift people that weigh up to 250 Pounds)

Speed: 8 (What the...Which way did he go? His judo kicks are similar to Tajiri, very swifts and making a big impact sound and same for his high-flying moves. Has qualities of Rob Van Dam, Tajiri, with a smidgen of Billy Kidman)

Vitality: 4 (This kid can’t no-sell a lot, just some stuff from some newbies. Similar to The Rock or Austin.)

Charisma: 4 (In his hometown, he gets great pops. But currently, he's hated like Scott Hall. 'Nuff said.)



Style: Posyin is a fast, high-flying wrestler, with some technical skill added in. Also in his break, he has continued his study several martial arts, which he had been doing for a long time.


Signature moves:

1) Shock Spring (Corkscrew Moonsault. Sometimes will use this as a finisher in matches)

2) Posiyn Drop (5-Star Frogsplash)

3)The Memory (Dimond Cutter)

4) Any martial arts kick, punch, or combo. Like spinning kicks and punch/kick combos, he often uses a swift kick to any body part to get out of a hold or submission

5) Alternative Slam (Myers locks on a full-nelson, but instead of hitting a breakdown, as it looks when he sets it up, he falls backward into a mix of a full-nelson, russian legsweep)

6)Withered (Lionsault)


Common moves:

1)Leg Drop

2)Sicors Kick

3)Spinning Wheel Kick

4)Super Kick

5)Running Powerslam



8)Russian Leg Sweep

9)Tornado DDT

10)Flying Cross-body

11)Belly-To-Belly Suplex

12)Buzzkiller (Edge's DDT Finisher)


Double-team moves:

1) Wave Velocity (Any member of The New Sound picks up an oponet in the powerbomb position, as Poisyn jumps from the top rope, landing a mid-air judo kick to the back of the head. This knocks off the oponent off his perch, often leaving them lying on the mat)

2) The Final Sound (Any member of The New Sound picks up an oponent in a powerbomb position, as Poisyn grabs the neck

of the oponent, and from there it's basically a reverse 3D, where The New Sound member powerbombs the oponent off the sholders, as Poisyn hits a neckbreaker)


Rare moves:

1)Shooting Star Press

2)Gorella Press (Usually Done to smaller oponents that are less than 200 pounds)

3)TKO (Usually a last resort, but can be done when driven to the edge in matches. He usually does this one and only one, and it’s usually a complete desperation attempt)



1)The Crawling (He starts out in a Death Valley Driver position, but he then slides the opponent’s body around and he hits a picture-perfect tombstone piledriver)


2)Venom Drop (Posiyn prefers this finisher most. He jumps up to the top rope, and leaps off in a 5-Star Frogsplash, but does a roll before hitting his opponent, landing in a senton bomb. This usually takes Matt about 5-10 seconds to recover from, 10-20 if he misses the ‘splash)


3)Your Posiyn (A multi-colored Mist, you pick which color it turns out to be. But it’s usually used when the referee’s back is turned, Posiyn doesn’t enjoy getting disqualified, especially in important title matches. Often used as a set-up for Crawling, and this is also done to his opponent(s) after the match if they are a huge rival.)


Notes: Unlike his former identity of Matt Myers, it’s hard to gain Posiyn’s trust. Posiyn, when not wrestling and with people he trusts, is actually a nice person, sociable, and usually in a cocky mood. Posiyn can become depressed from time to time, with no rhyme or reason to why he becomes so, usually after he looses a big match. He can snap at moments, taking out everyone and anyone that threatens him.


Bio: After going through several Connecticut leagues, The man formerly known as Matt Myers enters the IGNJL, now renamed the SJL after several months of training. In the beginning of his career, he finds himself feuding with Erek Taylor, even having his first match against him. It all came to an end in a cage match, when Myers was taken in to a stable group called 'The Others', and was chaired off the cage, getting him the win. After breaking away from ‘The Others’, he found himself in the middle of a TV/European title feud with Stryke. Getting the TV Title out of the feud, Myers had a short reign as TV Champion, losing the belt to X-Force 9’s Annie Eclectic. After receiving a return title shot, Annie accidentally broke Myer’s collar bone during the match. Myers was out all winter break and several weeks, until he returned. He found himself aligned with Destruction, one of the most powerful stables in the Junior League, rivaling X-Force Nine. After Destruction broke up, Myers decided to quit the wrestling league for a short time, because of lack of respect from people. He went into an insane state of depression, but now is back for vengeance from his opponents. Fans now are witnessing the return of the now strange, depressed wrestler once known as Matt Myers, returning with a strange new look. After beating Randy Turnrin a 'Find The Briefcase' Match, and next week in a singles match, he sent Mr. Turner backing back to Texas. He also targeted a man known as 'The One', which was actually Shawn Brody, but Brody abandoned the leauge after signing a World Wrestling All-Stars contract. Now he finds himself alighed with The New Sound, a group set on domonating the JL. What good or bad can come from this?

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Guest Insanityman

SJL Wrestlers Name: Insane Luchador, OR True Plague, OR simply Plague... I'm flexible. (Andrew Rickmen is his real name).

Height: 6'3" (was 6'1")

Weight: 195 (Yeah, he's a walking stick figure).

Hometown: Easton, Pennsylvania.

Age: 23

Face/Heel: Heel, full blown heel. I'm talking the Clan heel, but -sadly- without the Clan part. He's bent on using their tatics to win.

Stable: None

Ring Escort: None.

Tag Team: None.

Weapon(s): He likes the ring bell, and tables. He gets creative with ladders too. He also uses old cheating tatics, like Salt to the eyes, etc.

Quote: "The True Plague has struck again."

"Can you feel my pain -insert name if you desire-? No... let's share my pain." Then he'll hit some move. Or just "Can you feel my pain -insert name if you want-?"


Looks: A very sinister face, he almost always has a smirk, he's good looking with long jet black spiked hair. His nose seems a bit bent out of place but that's his only defect. He wears loose tan cargoes, and a baggy black hooded-sweatshirt. He wears black Orisis skate shoes.


Ring Entrance: Mudvayne's "Dig" violently plays, as the lights go out, and soon flicker back on but the arena is a bit dim. He stands tall on the top of the ramp, bending his back like a limbo pose but he makes a cross with his hands. Soon black sparks cascades down the top of the IGNtron. Insane Luchador gets back to his normal stand and blood red pyro (still like sparks) explodes to the near right and left of IL. It soon turns to black with red mixed in here and there. It soon creates a shield of black sparks and Insane Luchador leaps out of it landing on his feet with a smirk. The pyro slows down and quits as Insane Luchador rolls into the ring.





Strength: 4

Speed: 6

Vitality: 6

Charisma: 4  -Eh, can you do me a favor and let's say that's a five or six... please?-



Style: Back to the high flying but he loves to fight hardcore and just brawl.


Signature moves:

1. Beginning of the End; He begins to pummel his opponents with punches and kicks and then as they finally drop he does his cross pose (arms out and hands flat) and either beats more on the foe or spares them.


2. Standing Hurricana then he likes to flurry stomp.


3. 450* Splash.


4. Double Arm DDT.


5. Cradle DDT, only when desperate.


6. Snap suplexes flowing.


Common Moves:

Huge Air (top rope) Leg Drop.

Suicide Plancha's.

Butterfly Lock (No Mercy 64 for move).

Essa Rios Moonsault

Missle Dropkick



Hip throw


Rare Moves:

Low blows


Anything that requires a lot of lifting after the first few minutes of the match. I mean the Guerrilla Presses, etc.





Brink of Insanity: He does a full nelson to a dazed or confused opponent by the turnbuckle, without pause Rickmen leaps onto the top or middle turnbuckle, from there Andrew pauses (he retains the hold) and hits a Full Nelson Bulldog


Evenflow DDT


He likes to use Beginning of the End (see above) to finish them off.


Destruction: Rare! It's hard to explain so re-read this probably. IL extends one of the opponents free arms, then turns back to back with the opponent. Then IL wraps his free arm around the opponent's neck. Next that extended arm gets hooked so it's hard to escape, then Andrew will bend down allowing the opponent to fall onto Rickmen. Plague will then leap backwards crushing the opponent, or will use it as a submission. (picture of this coming soon).


Notes: No pussy heel crap, he's full blown heel. He feels the world f'ed him up, so he will do his best to do that back. He shows little to no mercy unless they were friends. He is ruthless now, and like I mentioned earlier respects the clan a helluva lot. He likes to wear them down with brawling and finish them off with some high flying.


Bio: Meh.

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-Height- 6'2"

-Weight- 219 lbs

-Hometown- Unknown

-Age- Unknown

-Face/Heel- Tweener

-Ring Escort- Nightwatch (my pet Owl)

-Weapon- Any type of Chain, Rope, or Cord

-Quote- I don't really have one.  I talk about blind justice and stuff.

-Looks- I am like Shawn Michaels in build and The Rock in complexion.  There is tons of stubble on my face.  I wear all black, from head to toe, sleeveless shirt, weight gloves, suede pants, boots, and vinyl trench coat.  In fact, I kinda look like I belong in the matrix!  I always wear a black bandanna around my face and head, (got to keep that identity a secret), and it has a dark blue "V" on the front.  And I have a chain wrapped around my forearm or waist unless wrestling.


-Ring Entrance- The lights fade to only a deep blue.  The eerie belltones of "Rock Superstar" by Cypress Hill begin, and Nightwatch flies from the rafters above the Smarktron and circles above the ring.  The chorus starts in, I drop from the sky above the Smarktron on a bungee swing!  Spots flash light blue as I swing back upwards, and continue to sway back and forth on the ropes!  Finally, after slowing down, I unhook myself in mid air and drop to the mat!  I stand, remove my trench coat, and Nightwatch takes it away, then I wait there for my opponent.


-Stats- Strength-4 Speed-7 Vitality-4 Charisma-5


-Style- Gritty Flyer (a lot like a pissed off RVD)


-Notes-  I'm a lot like RVD in ring style.  Very agile, and very extreme, not really afraid of anything or anyone.  I like the rush of combat, so I'll be willing to try anything.  I don't get too worked up, although I have a lot of commitment to matches.  Don't forget that I'm pretty much a Dark Knight, a so-called hero who wants nothing more than to beat "criminals" into submission.  The question is, who are the criminals?  The truth might surprise you?


-Biography-  I am a man.  A man who looks at his world, and hates what he sees.  And now I've decided to do something about it.  As the disgruntled citizen of a lawless world, I have decided to deal my own harsh brand of vigilante justice to all that defy my expectations, and this includes everyone in the SWF who is unfair, underhanded, or against my upholding the freedom of all people.  I will take the law into my own hands, to avenge the wrongs of the system.  I am an american hero.  I am each and every man and woman, and I fight for those rights. I am blind justice.  I am... Vanguard!




-Signature Moves-

Dodging- Important.  I dodge moves a lot.  Punches, clotheslines, kicks, it frustrates my opponents!

Freefall- An Upside down Frogsplash.  Finisher strength, but hurts me ALOT!

Hurricanrana into Punches

Standing Mounted Punches

Rolling Leg Tackle

Leg Sweep

Leaping Axe Kick- I do it off the top, or standing

Standing Moonsault

Brawling Moves- Two-piece punches, chops, headbangs, headbutts, anything brawlworthy

Senton Bomb- Usual Firebrand Set Up


-Common Moves-


Jumping DDT- I hop backwards, then execute the DDT.


Hard Hip Throw

Dragon Screw Leg Whip


Neckbreaker Drop

Samoan Drop


Snap Suplex

Springboard Knee Drop

Moonsault into DDT

Tornado DDT

Standing Ankle Lock


Sunset Pin

Kitchen Sink

Double Jump Kick


-Rare Moves-

Chain Wrap- I tie up my opponent- legs, hands and neck- using my chain or rope!

Choking Reverse Fall- Chokeslam set up, into a fall back!  My opponent lands face first!

Basic Piledriver

Vengeance- Stolen Finishers.




-Freelancer-  Imagine Rhyno's Gore.  Now, imagine that type of Spear happening anywhere.  Short range, long range, off the top rope, diving through the ropes, into a table.  Finish it off with me flipping forward to my feet after the hit.  That's the Freelancer.  It can happen anywhere, anytime, but does not guarantee victory unless its off the top rope.


-Firebrand-  Basically a Torture Rack, but I put most pressure on the neck to paralyze the victim.  Every time I bear down, I stomp on the mat hard!  It just sounds neat, and the victim kicks around trying to get off, but they can't.

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Guest DiabloIIFreak1010

What am I looking for here...is starts with a 'B'...ends with a 'P'...ah, yes, I got it.


BUMP! For the PPV! :)

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The Steak Sauce Covered Bastard has updated his stats. Read on. And all your titles are belong to T-Bone, or something like that.


Smarks Board Name: BigTim2002

Wrestlers Name: T-Bone

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 275 lbs.

Hometown: Sonoma, CA

Age: 17

Face/Heel: Bad-ass face.

Stable: None, for now...

Ring Escort: Nobody

Weapon(s): Kendo Stick, APPLE PIE OF DOOM, and of course, the A-1 Steak Sauce

Quote: "You are my A-1 Steak Sauce BITCH!"


Looks: I have a very unique look. I have a mushroom haircut, and my physique isn't the greatest. I have a slick nylon singlet, with black stripes up and down over dark green. I have knee striking boots, like Rob Van Dam, and I have a taped left wrist, as it is an old injury that hasn't healed. I have a stoic look on my face, as if I can't feel pain or pleasure. My noticable feature? An A-1 steak sauce bottle that's tattoed on my right arm.


Ring Entrance (CHANGED!): The lights dim, and the first bell rings for AC/DC's "Hell's Bells." The SWFTron shows T-Bone hitting a Tiger Driver '91 on Kojack to win the TV Title, T-Bone accepting the title, and then T-Bone spitting out his A-1 Steak Sauce into the camera. The lights flash, and I come out from the back, as the crowd cheers in approvement. I strut down to the ring, because I can. I enter the ring, and reach into the pocket of my leather jacket. Inside, the A-1 Sauce bottle. I take a swig, toss it to the crowd, and then jump to apron, looking to the crowd. I spit it out, HHH style, and climb into the ring, waiting for my opponent.




Strength: 5-I can throw people around.

Speed: 5-I may weigh 275 pounds, but I have very good agility because of my football background.

Vitality: 5-I can go for an hour and still be OK.

Charisma: 5-I am the JTTS king, and people LOVE me for it!


Style: I'm impactful, like the Puro workers. That's the equivalent of the workrate freak. I'm a technical wrestler, who can work powerfully and take to the air. Lots of power in that frame.


Signature moves (CHANGED!):

1. Thunder Fire Powerbomb: It's an impactful move, and can do a lot of damage to the person's back.

2. High Angle German Suplex Hold: Almost a stalling German Suplex. I get him in the German Suplex position, lift him vertically, and then finish the Suplex with a bridge.

3. Fisherman Buster: It's another impactful move that makes the crowd happy. Of course, the opponent is dropped ON the head.

4. A-1 Special: I start in the backdrop position. I then lift him up and drape him over my shoulder. I lift him up in the air, turn my body around, wrap my arm around his neck, and hit a lay-out neckbreaker.

5. Super Hangman's Neckbreaker: It's the SWANK super neckbreaker that D-Von does. My opponent is sitting on the top rope with his back to the ring, and I take him and deliver the neckbreaker.

6. Crippler Crossface (submission): It torques the neck.

7. Miracle Ecstasy Bomb: A Chokeslam sit-out Powerbomb. Tremendous torque on the back.

8. T-Bone Driver: The Viagra Driver (pumphandle into the Michinoku Driver)

9. T-Bone Crusher: The Orange Crush (vertical suplex dropped into a powerbomb.)

10. Brainbuster: The "I'm sorry I stole your finisher, Tom" brainbuster.


Common moves (CHANGED!):

1. Backdrop Driver: Backdrop Suplex dropped on the back of the opponents head. The announcers say it as "BAAAACKDROP DRIVAH!"

2. Classic Spinebuster: Arn Anderson's. The best ever.

3. Strutting Fistdrop: Oh, c'mon! A little old school never hurt!

4. Cradle Piledriver: The neck is brutalized here.

5. Reverse Driver: Reverse DDT, but the opponent is brought up vertically, and then T-Bone sits out into a Michinoku Driver.

6. Crucifix Powerbomb: NOT The Razor's Edge. The Guerrero sit-out variation.

7. Flying Clothesline: Top-Rope move

8. Frog Splash: I can show off my good agility for a semi-big man.

9. T-Bone Stretch: It's a standing Sharpshooter. You do the Sharpshooter, but then fold over the straight leg across leg and push down. The move Edge calls the "Edge-u-cator."

10. WHOOO! Corner Chops: You HAVE to have these in your moveset.

11. T-Bone Suplex: Well, DUH!

12. Overhead Belly-to-Belly Suplex: Works the back.


Rare moves (CHANGED!):

1. Diamond Dust: Reverse DDT flipped into a Stunner.

2. Hot 'n Spicy : A Running Burning Hammer. A Trump Card. It doesn't ALWAYS win it, but it gets pretty close.

3. Tiger Driver '91: THE Trump Card. If I ABSOLUTELY need it, I pull this out of my ass. Usually gets the job done, but very rare, and only used in big matches.



1. Porterhouse Driver: The Devil Bomb (Canadian Backbreaker, then I spin around 360 degrees into a Double Underhook Facebuster, like a Pedigree. It's basically a Rotation Angel Wings.)

2. The Marinader: I get them in a Full-Nelson, and then swing them down onto their neck into a pinning precidament. Basically, it's a Swinging Dragon Suplex.


Notes: He's a steak sauce covered bastard. What more do you need to know?


Bio: Grew up in Sonoma, CA. High School Football background. He's a tough hombre.

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Josh Stark left without writing a match, so I got rid of his stats.  Leaving Vanguard's up for a bit though, just cause I'm hoping he returns...

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Guest Sydney_Sky

Here are my updated stats. Thank you.



Smarks Board Name: Sydney_Sky

Wrestlers Name: Sydney Elizabeth Sky (yes, her real name!)

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 170 lbs

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Age: 25 yrs old

Face/Heel: Face

Stable: None

Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): Steel Chair

Quote: "The Sky is Falling .. are you ready for it?"


Looks: Sydney is a tall woman. Lean, but musclar. She comes to the ring wearing (for a match): A pair of black vinyl pants, a purple corset top, (that shows off her belly and newly gained belly ring) and a pair of combat boots. Her hair is usually worn in a ponytail for a match, but can get loosened in some moves. If she is going to the ring as an escort, or is just backstage, she will usually be wearing a black tank top with a white button down shirt over it, tied with the ends of it so it shows her belly, a black and purple plaid 'school girl' type skirt and combat boots.


Ring Entrance: "Bittersweet Symphony" by the Verve begins to play and Sydney Sky appears on the stage with a serene smile on her face. It stays there for a moment while the crowd cheers. It disappears for a more determined look, as she narrows her eyes towards the ring. Along the sides of the stage, sparkling pyros of purple, blue and white go off. She heads down to the ring with a swagger, high-fives to various audience members along the way. She slides into the ring, winks at the announcers and prepares for the match.




Strength: 4

Speed: 7

Vitality: 4

Charisma: 5


Style: Mostly a technical and high-flying wrestler. Strong for a woman, but very Lita-esque in her moves. With a wrestler of similar stature and strength, can pull off some powerful moves.


Signature moves:

1. "Hurricane" - Standing Hurricanrana

2. "Fallen Star" - Lionsault

3. "Orbital Stretch" - Spider Stretch

4. "Sky Swirl" - Twist Of Fate

5. Hurricanrana Pin

6. Sleeper Hold and Scissors

7. Headscissor Takedown

8. Tiger Suplex Pin (for similar sized wrestlers)

9. Headscissor Rollover

10. Sharpshooter


Common moves:

1. Queen Arm Scissors

2. Fame Asser

3. Senton Splash

4. STF

5. Spinning Wheel Kick

6. Rolling Wheel Kick

7. Diving Hurrincanrana

8., Diving Moonsault

9. Mahistrol Crade Pin

10. Boxing Straight Punch

11. School Boy

12. Front Dropkick


Rare moves:

1. Flip Suplex with Pin (for similar sized wrestlers)

2. Superplex (for similar sized wrestlers)

3. Asai Moonsault

4. Rolling Boston Crab

5. Snap Suplex (for similar sized wrestlers)



1. "Daybreak" - A pedigree.


Notes: Sydney Sky is 'a million different people from one day to the next' and that surely shows itself in the ring. However, her charismatic nature is always apparent, no matter what side of the face/heel spectrum she is on.


Bio: Sydney Sky was a sucker for the limelight. From a young age, she knew that performing, in some form, would be her calling when she grew older. She first started out as a dancer. Modern, tap .. even ballet. It gave her poise, discipline and grace. She was made to dance, as she had always been one of the tallest girls growing up.


Syd attended a school of performing arts, focusing on dance. The pressures of the highly competitive school began to break her down a bit, and she turned to going to the gym to take pressure off, become stronger and to let out stress. It was there that she began learning some wrestling moves, after watching some independent wrestlers working out. It intrigued her and she took an interest in it. They helped her train, showing her the ropes and eventually, she began to surpass their ability to train her anymore. Giving up dancing, she turned her focus completely on wrestling and eventually, after a few years of hard work, she joined their league and has been working independent shows ever since.


During a recent show, she was 'discovered' by an JL wrestler named Longdogger Pete. He was impressed by her style, finesse and athleticism and introduced himself afterwards. Even more impressed by her attitude and personailty, he convinced the IGNJL commissioner to give her a contract. And so, here she is today, the league's ass-kickin' chick with an already impressive history in the new SJL.


After joining the IGNJL, she was quickly recruited to the face stable, X Force 9, by LDP. She spent a lot of time there becoming an integral part of the team. But after an encounter with Jacob Helmsley and his steel pipe, she landed in the hospital in a coma and was out of commission for several weeks. But, she quickly made a comeback. However, she was not the same Sydney Sky that had first entered the league. She became cruel, heartless and only cared about furthering her own career and status. Syd turned on XF9, becoming heel and moving out on her own. She is now known as the 'Riot Grrl' of the JL (affectionately called that by Commissioner Edwin MacPhisto) and she certainly lives up to that title.

Sydney has been in and out since joining the JL with countless injuries and changes in personality and demeanor. She is back, wanting to bring a feminine element to the JL once again and proving that chicks really can kick ass.

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Kinkel's back after sitting out. And I downloaded a clip of some guy doing a Japanese Ocean Suplex so i added it cause damn that move looks painful...



Smarks Board Name: kelloggs

Wrestlers Name: "The Franchise" Mak Francis

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 225

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Age: 22

Face/Heel: [tweener]

Stable: N/A

Ring Escort: Tyler Kinkel

Weapon(s): steel chair


Mak Francis: That's why I get the franchise bucks, the franchise perks and the franchise tag!


Tyler Kinkel: I've coached Olympic gold medalists' before, but hey, only the best can coach a Franchise



Mak Francis: Black tights and boots with blue and white barbed-wire image on the sides. He wears blue sunglasses and black athletic tape on his left wrist up to his forearm and green tape over both his wrists. He either wears a blue cut off tee shirt that has 'The Fran¢hi$e' on the front. Followed by a black and white photo negative of Mak Francis on the back with the caption 'Epitome of Execution' underneath or a Black tee shirt with the same front but a blue and white photo negative of Francis on the back with the caption 'Only the Best can be a Franchise' under it. The lettering on all his shirts are done in green.


Tyler Kinkel: The college and US amateur coach of Mak Francis. Also coach the USA Olympic team to a gold medal in 1996. He is a shade under 6 feet with brown hair and eyes. He approximately weights 165lbs. He comes out in business attire. A white dress shirt and dark pants or khakis with a sports jacket. He accompanies Francis out to ring side with a clipboard and sits at the announcers’ table giving in depth commentary and taking notes.


Ring Entrance:

Music: Down with the Sickness

Entrance: Blue and White lights flash as ‘Down with the Sickness’ starts to play. As the words ‘Are you Ready’ fly across the screen, a digitized voice repeats them. This occurs two times when the band normally has a speaking part. At the part where the band first yells, the digitized voice screams ‘Cause the Franchise is Here’. The big screen flashes the words 'The Franchise'. This is followed by a blue and white photonegative image of Mak Francis and he comes out onto the stage. He slowly strolls down to ringside and enters through the middle ropes. Francis then poses in the center of the ring with both his hands raised in the air.




Strength: 4

Speed: 4

Vitality: 5

Charisma: 7


Style: technical, dirty (Ric Flair)


Signature moves:

-low blow

-kidney punch into side russian leg sweep

-owen hart flipping reversal: Used during chain wrestling. ex. In the case of an arm wrench, hammerlock, or any move dealing with the arm Francis executes a brief roll into a headstand flip and end up in control with his own arm wrench, hammerlock, etc.

-figure four [can be around ring post]


-STF[and variations]

-tree of woe


-scott norton shoulder breaker: Picks opponent up on his shoulder and drives them shoulder first down on his knee.

[only done to smaller opponents]

-Death Valley Bomb

-"Million Dollar-plex"[cobra-clutch suplex]

-"Crossroads" Japanese Ocean Suplex


Common moves:

-elbow to the back of the neck

-drop toe hold

-poke to the eyes

-back slide/school boy

-hot shot

-snap suplex

-running bulldog

-flying forearm

-textbook dropkick


-overhead belly to belly suplex

-northern lights suplex w/pin

-japanese arm bar takedown [most likely hooked into a cross face]

-hangman's neckbreaker

-release german or rolling german suplexes


Rare moves:

-sit-out powerbomb or Spinning sit-out Powerbomb [light opponents]

-top rope elbow drop w/pin[can be possible finisher] most common rare move

-hangman's neckbreaker from top turnbuckle

-Overhead Belly-to-Belly Suplex to the outside



striking: Franchise Tag (fisherman's buster or ddt)

definition: The Franchise Tag is a variation of a brainbuster. It starts out like a typical brainbuster but the opponent is placed in a cradle position (a vertical setup of the fisherman's suplex). Then the opponent is dropped into a DDT.


submission: The Million Dollar Exemption

definition: The Million Dollar Dream/Cobra Clutch


Notes: Standard grappler stance, nice in ring tactician, dirty wrestler that will do almost anything to get the 'W'. Somewhat cocky and arrogant but now he's getting over with the fans.


Bio: Mak Thomas Francis, a child prodigy born in Philadelphia, PA that competed in junior and US Amateur Tournments. Nicknamed "The Franchise" by his amateur wrestling coach and teammates, Francis was top ten in the nation and recruited to Michigan State University where he gained 4 time All-American status, a National Championship and a US ametuar gold medal. He is considered by most to be the future of American collegiate wrestling.

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...Without any further ado... I give you the newest SJLer, Scott Reid!


(Small applause and fake cheers)


Smarks Board Name: chorus_0f_boos

Wrestler Name: Scott Reid

Height: 6’1’’

Weight: 237 lbs.

Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Age: 24

Face/Heel: Heel! (cowardly, opportunistic type and one arrogant, cocky sun of a bitch)

Stable: none

Ring Escort: none

Weapon: good ol’ chain hid in the boot that he wraps around his fist (a little longer than a foot)

Quote: “...YOU’LL SHUT THE FUCK UP WHEN I’M TALKING!” (For when the fans interrupt him with a chant or such, but of course, this only warrants more heat.)


Looks: Average sized man for a pro wrestler if not on the small side. Clean-cut blonde hair (yes bleached) and a baby face appeal. He wears: yellow tights with his name on the back in black, black kneepads, yellow and black boots and lastly, his wrists are taped. (The yellow/black thing is Pittsburgh colors.)


Ring Entrance: “The Pittsburgh Plunge” hits the loudspeakers and Scott Reid, a mic in hand, comes strutting out from behind the curtains with a huge, shit-eating grin across his face. Fans rise to their feet, throwing trash and spitting insults his way, but he just pauses for a second and raises his arms, egging them on.


Funyon: Weighing in tonight at 237 pounds, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Scott Reid!


Scott stands on the stage, basking in his own glory as he raises the mic to his lips.


Scott: -Insert rant on his opponents, fans and anyone else before heading to the ring-




Strength: 3 – Average if not on the weaker side

Speed: 3 – Average too with no flippy-floppy stuff

Vitality: 6 – He can take a beating ...and everyone loves to see him in pain... you bastards

Charisma: 8 – He can make anyone’s blood boil


Style: Heelish American Heavyweight (dirty tricks all around). He spends most of his time in the ring being beaten from corner to corner when he’s not on his knees begging for it to stop. He’ll lose any tests of strength, mat wrestling battles, brawling exchanges and really anything else. He only succeeds with the help of a foreign object or some other form of cheating and manipulation.


Signature Moves:

- Fisherman Suplex

- Side Belly-to-Belly Suplex

- Nutbuster (Atomic Drop)


- Belly-to-Back Suplex

- Step on the face (no real weight on it, it’s more for the disrespect)

- Low Blow


Common Moves:

- Jabs

- Rollup with the tights (EX. a School Boy with the free hand on the tights)

- Snapmare

- Sleeper Hold

- Snap Suplex

- Eye Rake

- Back Body Drop

- Hip Toss

- Drop Toehold

- Swinging Neckbreaker

- Russian Leg Sweep


Rare Moves:

- Piledriver



- Pittsburgh Plunge (Diamond Cutter)


Notes: Scott is one obnoxious, egotistical, pompous, cocky bastard as stated above. He believes himself to be God’s gift to professional wrestling (and women) and is planning on proving that fact (the wrestling part, at least) in the SJL. He’s got quite a mouth on him and that usually gets him in trouble. Lets just say his mouth has broken his nose in a few bars and locker rooms over the years.


Also note that he is LOVED in Pittsburgh and will probably do something special if in town. They are HIS people and the only fans he can stand... and can stand him. He might be sporting a Steelers or Pens jersey since he is a huge fan.


Bio: Talented grappler from Pittsburgh signed by SJL talent scouts. Viola!

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To paraphrase Renegade:

Renegade is reitiered....but if anyone does steal my stuff, well i will come to your house, and i will cut you! Plus stealing is not moral, think about all those things, and it is very annoying, especially when you steal something from me.


Substitue Renegade's name with mine, and there you have it. I'm basically keeping these around for a possible comeback. You steal anything, I will mess you up.




Smarks Name: KingofOldSchool

Wrestler Name: Mafia

Nicknames: "The Revolution" "The Saviour of the SJL" "The King of New School"

Height: 6'0

Weight: 215

Hometown: New York City

Age: 21

Face/heel: Cocky, vain. Angry, paranoid Heel.

Stable: The New Sound

Tag Partners: Flexxx (or any others from TNS)

Valet: None. A New Sound member when necessary.

Weapons: Brass knuckles, kept with him at all times. But will otherwise use anything else that's convenient.

Quote: None.



General Reference:

- Is defined muscularly, but isn’t terribly so, perhaps Christian-like.

- Now wears his black hair shorter and spiked; but at the same time, wild and unkept, pointing out in all directions; almost like Sean O'Haire.  

- Usually has some form of facial hair, whether it's chops, beard, or a goatee.

- Dark-brown eyes.

- Silver earrings and a necklace.

- A collection of tattoos, on various parts of his body.


In-Ring Attire:

- Plain black shirt with cut-off sleeves. Or some SJL Mafia shirt.

- Black elbow pads.

- Black tape around wrists and hands.  

- Triple H-style tights, from his DX days; colored in the Black/Red, Black/Purple, or Black/Blue scheme.

- Black knee pads and accompanying knee braces are worn over the tights.

- Standard calf-high, black wrestling boots.

- If he doesn't wear the tights, will wear loose black leather pants instead, without the pads or braces.


Entrance Attire:

- Black leather trenchcoat.

- Black leather biker jacket, like what Raven wears.

- For PPVs, title matches, etc; a black silk shirt.


Ring Entrance: The lights turn out, as the hard drums and grunge guitars of "Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck" by Prong hits. Multi-colored strobe lights pulse along with the song, flashing onto the ring and entry-way as numerous spotlights circle the stage, awaiting for Mafia to make his entrance. The spotlights focus in at the head of the ramp, and Mafia is revealed with arms raised to his side in the crucifix, as those in attendance boo him mercilessly. From there, he begins walking to the ring, taking his time as he struts down the ramp, forcing the fans to wait for the match, as the spotlights follow him on his descent. He takes a turn at the bottom of the ramp, and walks up the ring steps and onto the apron whilst shooting off dirty looks and insults to those fans lining the ring. As he steps over the second rope, into the ring, he whips off his jacket and tosses it to the referee, before walking to his corner and preparing for his match.



Strength 4 (Has no problem pulling off his lifting moves, except on those opponents dramatically bigger than himself)

Speed 6 (Utilizes speed well, mostly for his mat wrestling and strikes. Has adopted a riskier style as opposed to his past incarnations and will often go up top during the course of a match)

Vitality 5 (Doesn't wear out easily. Can take as much as he gives)

Charisma 5 (Gains good heat, and has his fair share of marks. Lets his actions speak more often than not, even if he does cut the occasional promo)


Style: Very much a well-rounded, complete wrestler. Likes simple submissions and suplexes especially. Usually tries to get some chain and mat wrestling into his matches, as well as the other basics and fundamentals. Is never out of his element and can adapt to many styles, as he's shown in the past. Currently prefers to work a thinking-mans technical style, or the fast-paced lucha match. Not above using constant dirty tricks to win, and will play possum a lot, a la Ric Flair and other classic heels. Kicks and knees are a big part of his striking offense. In-ring he's all business and workrate, ultra-violent when need be, like your standard smark favorites; unless there's an attractive valet accompanying his opponent, at which point he'll become easily distracted and will make attempts to woo her in the course of the match; Val Venis or Rick Rude times 10 in this respect.


Signature moves:

- Sit-Out Powerbomb

- Sheer Drop Belly-Back Suplex

- The Ego Trip (Sleeper Hold dropped down into a Reverse DDT. Billy Gunn's One and Only/Sleeper Drop on No Mercy)

- Single Leg Crab (Elevated for more torque)

- Perfection (Chris Jericho's old version of The Walls, The Liontamer. Knee to the back and everything.)

- Dragon Sleeper (Standard Dragon Sleeper. Will always attempt to take his opponents down to the mat for more leverage, locking in a body-scissors)

- Shooting Star Press

- The Hangover (Top-Rope Somersault Leg Drop/Harlem Hangover)

- Somersault Attack Suicida (Running Over the Top Rope Flip. Onto laying or standing opponent)


Common moves:

- German Suplex

- Tiger Suplex (Double Underhook Belly-Back version)

- Tiger Suplex (Double Underhook Belly-Belly version aka that 'plex Gangrel used)

- T-Bone Suplex

- Overhead Belly-Belly Suplex

- Northern Lights Suplex

- Springboard Dropkick

- Moonsault (Of the springboard variety. Quebrada [Lionsault] and Asai [Off the apron])

- Hurracanrana

- The Hot Shot/Stun Gun

- Lou Thesz Press

- Low Blow


- Cobra Clutch

- Roll-Through Leg Lock (Often comes by way of reversal)

- Various basics and fundamentals (Simple armbars, leg locks, headlocks, wristlocks, hammerlocks, take downs, armdrags, hiptosses etc etc. The stuff that every wrestler learns)

- Various kicks and knees. (Roundhouse, heel, spinning, thrust kicks, knee drops, jumping knees to face, etc etc)


Rare Moves:

- Cocky Pin

- Kicks of DEATH~! (What Mafia does when he loses it. A series of extremely violent kicks to the body and head, laying waste to his opponent. Very illegal, and Mafia will become disqualified if he does this. Seemingly has no control of his actions when he goes into this mode. Comes from pent-up aggression and anger, which lends obvious credence to the fact that Mafia has huge problems)



- The Mob Hit (Opponent is held in the standing Inverted Facelock [inverted DDT hold]. Mafia turns quickly and turns it into a spinning Neckbreaker. Same thing as Renos “Roll the Dice”, Christopher Daniels "Last Rites". This is his all-purpose finisher)

- Sicilian Driver (Vertebreaker. Will not be able to get this on a much larger wrestler; due to obvious restrictions of leverage, fatigue at end of match. This is his desperation move or alternate finisher designed for smaller opponents in mind)


Notes: Arrogant, self-centered, and vain, like Chris Jericho. Angry with a chip on his shoulder, like late-1999 Triple H. Paranoid, like late-2001 Stone Cold. Has an unsettling vibe to him, like Raven, which in turn no one ever fully trusts him. Believes he's the idea of a perfect wrestler, and the future of the federation. Displays facets of said paranoid behavior, although it seems to be mostly behind him at his point. Believes in raging against the supposed glass ceiling placed above him. Obviously has mental problems. He's manipulative and has a natural loner-like mentality, only out for his personal gains, perhaps utilizing others to achieve his gains. Very disrespectful to his opponents. Despite all this, has a following and still gets good pops on occasion, at least until he opens his big mouth. Has a love for good times, and the occasional alcoholic beverage; is a known womanizer; and has definitely been more outgoing than when he arrived on the scene. Outside of the squared circle, dresses with flair and panache as only he can, often emulating the style of something a rock star would wear; in wrestler terms, this style being that of Chris Jericho, Edge, Christian, and the late-WCW version of Perry Saturn.



- Born/raised in Denver.

- Turns to petty crimes.

- Diagnosed as clinically depressed.

- At 16, travels to Canada to train in the Hart Dungeon.

- Begins fighting in indy promotions, Japan and Mexico.

- Is billed among a number of names. Primarily Raven-ripoffs

- Gains a fanbase.

- Meets Candra, future girlfriend.

- Serious neck scare in Mexico, and he comes back to Denver to unofficially retire.

- Fire burns again. He decides to re-train and prepare to make his ECW debut, before they go bankrupt.

- The above doesn't pan out. He comes to the IGNJL.

- Candra is unhappy with his decision, as she felt he would be seriously injured again.

- Mafia breaks off the relationship and leaves anyway.

- November of 2001, makes his debut.

- Cracks under the pressure and becomes goes nuts.

- Feburary of 2002, he begins a short run in the stable Havoc.

- Mafia reunites with Candra. During which time Havoc disbands.

- Candra leaves unannounced, as she becomes fed up with the bullshit from Mafia.

- April of 2002, he forms The New Sound with former rival, Flexxx. They strive to make it to the top of the fed.

- Sometime after this formation, Candra arrives back on the scene, but only as a pawn used Mafia.

- At the end of May 2002, Mafia takes off.

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Creed's stats


Smarkboards Name: Creed

Wrestlers Name: Creed

Height: 6''00'

Weight: 190

Hometown: Los Angeles, Calfornoia

Age: 22

Face/Heel: Heel

Stable: None

Tag Partner (optional): None

Weapon(s): Anything that's handy.

Quote: "What's Your Creed?"



Skin Color: White

Hair:Dark brown, semi-long.

Eyes: Dark Brown.

Face: Quite good lookin' no facial scars, some slight stubble all around his face..

Build: Slim built, but has semi-big muscles



In the Ring: Wears long tights with a flaming design on the legs. He wears two black wristbands. He doesn't wear anything on the upper-part of his body when he wrestles.


Out of Ring: He wears a black vest with 'Creed' written on the back in large letters. He also wears eigther jeans, of his flaming tights.


Ring Entrance: A wall of fire(pyros) erupts around the enterance area as Godsmack with "I Stand Alone" hits the speakers. Walking straight through the firewall Creed continues on his walk down towards the ring.




Strength: 4

Speed: 8

Vitality: 6

Charisma: 2


Style: A classic mix of both Speedy and Technical wrestling.


Signature moves:

1) Impact DDT

2) Drowning (Twist of Fate)

3) Cradle to the Grave (Starts off in the twist of fate postion but as he twists Creed performs a Stunner

4) Brainbuster

5) Samurai Driver

6) Diving Reverse DDT

7) Arm wrench & Hook Kick

8) Hurricanarana

9) Jumping Tornado DDT

10) Belly to Back Flip


Un-common moves:

1)Inverted Suplex


3)Hip Toss


5Figure 4 Leg Lock

6)Neck Breaker


8)Snap Suplex

9) Arm Drag & Arm Bar

10) Front Dropkick

11)Flying Clothesline

12) Scissors Sweep

13) Backdrop

14)German Suplex



Rare moves:

1) Superplex

2) Scorpion Death Lock

3) Frankenstiener

4) Corkscrew Moonsault

5) Osaka Street Cutter

6) Fame Asser




1) Hydro Plant (First set up the implaer/unprettier then when is postion Creed move towards the turnbuckle does a spike dudley like run up the turnbuckle, jumps off and hits a huge unprettier! Will put the wrestler out cold unless they have a vitality of at least 8)


2) Final Desent Frog Splash!!! (Creed does the frog splash as normal but when he tucks he does a front flip, a cross between the 450 Splash and the Frog Splash. It's a tricky move to perform but looks great.)


Bio: Creed started his wrestling life the early age of 15, when he wrestled in a backyard Federation with his friends. They msde msny tapes of their shows and eventually Creed was discovered when a wrestling agent for WcW saw one of the tapes and saw promise in ths young man. Off he went to train and eventually appeared on Nitro itslef. He quickly gain a small fanbase for his agility and risk taking, but he was didn't have that much veriaty in his moves so he was dropped. He was unhappy for a year or so until he was contacted by a agent in Japan. He left immediatly, what he did there is unknown and he talks about it little but he came back a changed man, and at the age of 22 he comes back to America and applys to the SWF!

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yup... newbie time! impact is here...


Smarks Board Name: aodshark

Wrestlers Name: Impact

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 210

Hometown: Miami

Age: 24

Face/Heel: Leaning towards face, but not very established yet

Stable: n/a

Ring Escort: n/a

Weapon(s): Steel Chair

Quote: You will feel the Impact!


Looks: Built similar to The Rock, only with slightly lighter skin. Wears full length black tights, with a green star burst on each side, about knee high. He wears no shirt. Has long, brown hair, sometimes pulled back, and sometimes hanging around his face. Fairly handsome guy, clean-shaven, with a slightly crooked nose from being broken.


Ring Entrance: The music starts off with soft heartbeats, and those little sound wave lines on the screen, in sync with the beats. After 7 or 8 beats, a large explosion goes off at the base of the entrance, and “Are You Ready?” by Creed plays (right when the words start). As the explosion fades away, Impact appears on the entryway, and makes his way to the ring. Nothing special after that…




Strength: 4

Speed: 7

Vitality: 5

Charisma: 4


Style: This dude is quick. Lots of fancy springboard stuff, flips, acrobatics. You know the kind.


Signature moves:

>”Falling” (2nd turnbuckle tornado DDT)

>Tornado DDT

>Drop toe hold into an unfolded chair (the spot Raven does)

>Spinning kick to the head

>Axe kick

>Assorted other fancy kicks (think RVD)

>”From Above” (a Lionsault)

>”Tornado” (Springboard Spear)

>”Bam!” (a Buff Blockbuster flipping neckbreaker, done either from 2nd turnbuckle or after springboarding off 2nd rope)

>X-Factor style facebuster

<NOTE: Falling and Tornado are the main setup moves to the finisher, but often other moves are used>


Common moves:

>Sit-out reverse DDT

>Normal DDT

>Your basic, Hogan/Rikishi style leg-drop

>Running Union Jack Neckbreaker

>Standing Dropkick

>Missile Dropkick


>Reverse X-Factor (Edge-o-Matic)

>Springboard Leg Scissors takedown

>Springboard elbow drop

>German Suplex

>Belly to belly overhead suplex

>Standard Suplex

>The kick the Hardys use in Poetry in Motion, without jumping off someone’s back first.

>Neckbreaker (Bubba Ray Dudley style)

>Spinning Neckbreaker

>Springboard cross-body block (not usually used against big dudes, because they can catch him)

>Samoan Drop



Rare moves:

>Lightning Strike (pretty much a Swanton, only with a double front flip before impact. See, due to the sheer difficulty of the move, he doesn’t do it much. Takes quite a bit of hang time. Done off of cages, stuff like that, or maybe off the top turnbuckle when he REALLY gets going.)



>Thunder Bomb (a Guillotine Leg drop, with a front flip thrown in for good measure on the way down)


Notes: Impact doesn’t tend to take his matches too seriously, often showing off and playing to the crowd. Like to throw some flair into his moves, jumping around a little bit after he hits a big one. A little crazy. When he uses the chair, he doesn’t usually just whack the guy with it. Usually he works it into his moves, like setting it on a guy’s face before the Thunder Bomb to really mess them up. Very good with different kicks, so use your imagination…

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Guest Natural_Born_Killer

Smarks Board Name: Natural_Born_Killer

Wrestler Name: "Natural Born Killer" Josh Tupper.

Height: 6’5”

Weight: 299 lbs.

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario Canada

Age: 28

Face/Heel: Face

Stable: None

Tag Team: None

Ring Escort: None

Weapon: Sledgehammer

Quote:  A Threat Is Only Good If The Threatened Has Something To Lose...I Have Nothing To Lose But My Life


Hardcore is more then just a style and its a way of life. And You don't live that life.


No Matter How Good You are I am that much better.


You are about to fall victim to the Hit and Run.


Looks: Tupper has long brown hair that is in dreads, he wears a black t-shirt that always has a logo in the middle, the logo is always of a popular designer. He wears a pair of black baggy jeans.


Ring Entrance: The lights in the arena slowly dim down to a faint glow as all the lights focus in on the Smarkstron as the sound of a loud siren burst through the darkness as suddenly a spinning red siren appears on the Smarkstron as The words Natural Born Killer imprint themselves behind the sirens as suddenly jail cell bars slam down over the words and the screen goes black as the sound of Twiztids, Broken Wingz cuts through the boos. Quickly the arena lights up as five quick blasts of pyro emerge from the each side of the stage. As the last blast of pyro echos through the arena the shape of "NBK" emerges from behind the dark curtain as Melinda slowly follows from behind. "NBK" slowly walks down the ramp and slides underneath the bottom rope as Melinda walks up the steal ring steps. "NBK" lifts up the second and bottom rope as Melinda steps into the ring. "NBK" ascends the second turnbuckle and strikes his chest three times as the crowd erupts into a sea of uncontrollable boos. "NBK" jumps down to the mat and walks over to his turnbuckle where Melinda stands and "NBK" starts to stretch and prepare for the battle he is about to wage on his opponent!



Strength: 7

Speed: 4

Vitality: 5

Charisma: 4


Style: NBK is a very strong and smart wrestler that has a great ring presence. Tupper normally bases his matches on his strength but in the situation where he needs to change the pace of the match he will you speed and high risk moves. But primarally Tupper prefers a slower paced match, so he can apply a few of his submission moves.


Signature Moves: 1. Osaka Street Cutter

2. Springboard Leg Drop

3. Running Powerslam

4. Stunner

5. Chokeslam

6. Unsolved Mystery – Running Powerbomb

7. Pedigree

8. Top Rope German Suplex


Common Moves:

Over head Belly to Belly Suplex

Powerbomb (Done only to smaller opponents)

Mercy Killing- Pedigree into Powerbomb

Travesty - Falling Reverse DDT

Denial - Twist of Fate

Final Fate - Ankle Lock

Kill-O Matic 3000 - Edge O Matic

Sit Out Reverse DDT

Back Breaker


Wrecked-Full Nelson Suplex

Ruined-Fall away Pump handle Suplex



Rare Moves: 1) Cold Front - Spinning Emerald Fusion


Finishers: 1) Hit and Run - More elevated version of the Gore where NBK's shoulder drives down deep into the opponents stomach driving the wind out of them. (The Only Time this is kicked out of is at a ppv, in a huge match and I mean huge or if a cover is made a while after the move is delivered.

2) 6.0 - T-Bone suplex DDT (Used Once and awhile)


Bio: Josh Tupper was born in a small town outside of Ottawa Ontario. Josh became interested in wrestling at a very young age. Josh's father hated wrestling with the rage of a thousand men and he would do whatever he had to, to make sure Josh wouldn't watch wrestling but no matter what Josh's dad did Josh still found a way to disobey his father and watch the sport that he loved so much. At age 8 Josh's dad caught him watching wrestling and he tore all the televisions out of the house. Josh continued to go over to friends to watch wrestling. At age 14 Josh and his 5 friends started a Back Yard Wrestling Federation. Josh quickly rose up to the top of the Federation with his size and ability to take big bumps and perform high risk maneuvers. Josh was a top prospect for many Indy Feds. But one day Josh's father found out that he had been wrestling behind his back. Josh's dad gave him the choice he could either keep wrestling and go live with his mother in Edmonton or he could quit wrestling and live with him. Josh made his decision deciding that wrestling was more important then any false love his father could give him. Josh's Father continued to go onto call Josh the biggest Pain in the ass ever. So Josh began getting referred to as Pain from that day on.


Part 2 of Life (Start of Indy Feds) Payne was picked up by many Indy feds but Payne couldn't keep a steady job with any of them he tried many different styles. But no one had room for his styles nobody could adapt his style into there federation and yet again Pain was left out of a job. Pain then stumbled on a little fed that no one had even heard of. Pain worked there for about 5 months. Many scouts had watched Pain but none were interested. Payne finally got his chance when a scout from Japan finally noticed Pain's true talent and brought Pain to Japan for a tour. Payne had a few matches with the legendary Cactus Jack and Terry Funk. After suffering a 3rd degree concussion Pain was sent back to Japan where he was approached by current owner Paul Heyman. Pain quickly signed a contract and soon enough began his presence felt in ECW against some of the big names in ECW. Pain quickly gained the ECW Television Title. Pain ended up fighting Sabu and RVD in a handicap match with the winner becoming TV champ. Pain  lost this match after breaking his leg in 2 places. Payne's time ran out on his contract as he was trying to recover.


Part 3 (WCW and WWF and ECWF) Pain was brought to WCW on a trail contract. He had his name changed to Payne to add more edge to his character. Payne quickly was given a trail match on Nitro in a dark Match. Payne's style was to hardcore for WCW and his contract was immediately terminated. The WWF figured if WCW didn't want him that they should pick him up. Payne soon lost his job after he was caught making out with Stephanie in the locker rooms. Payne had, had a few contacts in the the JL before his firing from the WWF. He quickly called up his contact and he was given a trial Match. Payne impressed the Creative Control and he was given a contract. In Summer 2001, Payne faked his death and later on in his career joined Destruction. When Destruction feel Payne did to and he became the Natural Born Killer Josh Tupper. Tupper won the TV Title and has now returned in great style and is ready to beat people up

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Edited so the moves are a little clearer...Thanks to Coffin Surfer for the suggestion.




Smarks Board Name: Listen2Reason

Wrestler's Name: Fugue (real name Tony Herrera, but nobody actually knows that)

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 181 lbs

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA, USA

Age: 24

Face/Heel: Heel, because of his sadism and willingness to fight anyone

Stable: None

Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): If it's a normal match, he never uses weapons; if it's a hardcore type match, he uses whatever he can get his hands on.

Quotes: "Start the music!"

"Pain is just a melody of the mind."

"I know this music...let's change the beat!"

"Your screams are music to my ears!"




Fugue is Caucasian, with long brown hair that usually hangs and looks ragged, and a scraggly beard and mustache. He occasionally looks like Jesus' younger evil brother. He always smiles...always. If he gets beaten up his eyes may glaze over, but he smiles even when unconscious. He usually wears a black tank top, baggy black pants and white sneakers. He looks quite pale when compared to other, fitter wrestlers (especially if his shirt gets torn off).


Ring Entrance:


Lights go out completely, and Bach's "Toccata and Fugue in D minor" starts up. After the first few measures (when it gets to the faster part), lots of white lights flash (some strobes too) as Fugue appears and slinks down the ramp, smiling at the crowd. At this point the music becomes a highly sped-up version with lots of heavy metal-guitar. Fugue slides into the ring and goes to the various sides to look at the crowds, but doesn't raise his arms or anything.




Strength: 3 (Not his specialty, but not *too* much of a weakness)

Speed: 6 (Quick and agile)

Vitality: 7 (Being insane helps you deal with pain--just ask Al Snow!)

Charisma: 4 (He *can* talk...even if he doesn't always make sense)




Fugue likes technical/submission type wrestling best, but will often pull out high-flying moves, especially to make an impact on a larger opponent. Brawling doesn't really fit with his style, but he'll try it if he has to.


Signature moves:


- Somersault plancha

- Running dropkick (He just runs forward and leaps feet-first at the opponent)

- Northern Lights suplex

- Iconoclasm (Inverted crucifix powerbomb--like a Razor's Edge but the opponent lies stomach-down on Fugue's shoulder, then flips over onto his back. Often started with the opponent seated on the turnbuckle.)

- "Minor Chord" - Armbar with arm scissors (Opponent is on stomach, Fugue lies on his back on the opponent's back, hooks one of the opponent's arms in a leg scissors and then reaches back and grabs the other, pulling them both backward.)

- "Major Chord" - Bridging double armbar (Fugue sits on opponent's back, hooks a full nelson, then flips forward into a bridge.)

- Reverse Samoan drop (Opponent on shoulders, Fugue flips forward, they land together on their backs. Lance Storm does this, but I don't know what he calls it...)

- "Coda" - Double chickenwing drop (Fugue hooks a double chickenwing and then jumps backward so the opponent lands in a sitting position. Leads right into "Harmony"--see "Finishers".)


Common moves:


- Somersault necksnap

- Dropkick/Missile dropkick

- Enzuigiri

- Standing senton

- Standing moonsault (often into cover)

- Fujiwara armbar

- Dragon screw leg whip

- Crucifix kneebar

- Spinning shoulder tackle

- Sit-out powerbomb

- Diving roll (Opponent whips Fugue into ropes, Fugue comes back and rolls at opponent's feet, then jumps to his feet on the other side of the ring.)

- Various dives out of the ring at opponents--mostly improvised (baseball slides are for wimps!)

- Kneedrops to various joints--Shoulder, elbow, knee

- Sweeping leg kick (to get opponent down to the mat)

- Clotheslines and punches and kicks and all that jazz


Rare moves:


- Release Northern Lights suplex (Only against opponents light enough to throw around.)

- Orange Crush (Start with a vertical suplex, turn opponent around in the air and drop them like a sit-out powerbomb. Again, only against light opponents because of the precision involved.)

- Inverted Indian Deathlock (HHH used to do this every now and then. Fugue only does it when he really wants to work on someone's legs.)




- Harmony: Bridged double chickenwing. Opponent is sitting; Fugue kneels behind, reaches down and hooks the opponent's arms in a double chickenwing. Once this is done Fugue does a flip over the opponent and lands in a bridge--the back of his head is now pressing down on the back of his opponent's head. Submission finisher. (Often set up with the "Coda"--see Signature Moves.)

- The Grand Finale: 450 Splash (aka Firebird Splash). Pinfall finisher.




fugue ('fyug) noun -

1 a: a musical composition in which one or two themes are repeated or imitated by successively entering voices and contrapuntally developed in a continuous interweaving of the voice parts

b: something that resembles a fugue especially in interweaving repetitive elements

2: a disturbed state of consciousness in which the one affected seems to perform acts in full awareness but upon recovery cannot recollect the deeds

--Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary


Fugue is not sane. However, that doesn't mean he's not happy--Quite to the contrary, he seems to enjoy life very much. Especially fighting, he loves fighting. And music. Sometimes he seems to confuse the two. Ever hear some particularly stirring piece of music and feel energized, invigorated? Like you want to get up and dance or run around or overthrow a government? Fugue feels like that ALL THE TIME. The music in his head never stops.


Being sane doesn't mean that Fugue is unintelligent either. He talks about music a lot, and about fighting, and sometimes what he says doesn't make sense. But sometimes he seems to get right to the heart of things. He also has a kind of animal cunning, and a large sadistic streak.


In terms of fighting, Fugue usually likes to keep his opponent grounded and do painful things to their arms, in preparation for his "Harmony" finisher. He tries to be versatile, however, and will attack his opponent's legs if he feels it will help, or if all else fails he'll just generally beat someone up. He usually feels disappointed that crowds pop louder for "The Grand Finale" than "Harmony"; he much prefers proving his superiority by making opponents scream in pain.




Not much is known about Fugue. It's certain that he's spent time in one or more mental institutions. Apparently he's managed to become lucid enough to function in society, even if he tends to weird out basically everyone who meets him. And he no longer attacks people unless he knows he's allowed to. (i.e. he'll attack wrestlers and managers and maybe referees and even announcers, but not random guys walking down the hall unless they piss him off. This is a real improvement for him.) Fugue also plays the piano.

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The Canadian Invasion begins, y'all. Enjoy the stats.


Smarks Board Name: Drew_K

Wrestlers Name: 'C.I.A.', Canadian Intelligence Agent

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 237

Hometown: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Age: 26

Face/Heel: Face

Stable: None

Ring Escort: National Pride

Weapon(s): Hockey Stick, Curling stone, Briefcase full of Canadian Tire money

Quote: "You don't want to fuck... with this Canuck!"

(To get the crowd chanting) "I'm here! and it's clear! That I've just had about thirty beers!"

"Welcome to MY new world!"


Looks: Standing a few inches above 6 feet tall, C.I.A is clearly in impeccable shape, cultivated from years of military training, lumberjack challenges, and, most important of all, hardcore Calgary wrestling training. C.I.A. comes to the ring wearing black ring pants, with 'C.I.A.' emblazoned down the side of both legs, as well as a matching T-shirt with a red maple leaf emblazoned across the chest, overlaid by the words 'Made in Canada'. On the back, an outline of the shape of Canada, overlaid with the words '100% Superior Genetic Material'. He dons a mask as well, a red maple leaf wrapping around the front of his face, hiding his identity, but allowing his shoulder length blond hair and short cropped facial hair to be seen. Finally, C.I.A can often be seen wearing a leather jacket, ordinary in all respects except for the fact that from the underside of each arm a Canadian flag dangles, top of the maple leaf pointing away from his body, fabric coming down just below his waist even with arms extended out to either side, giving him the appearance of rather stringently Canadian 'wings'. This last item, however, he will take off before entering the ring.


Ring Entrance: The lights in the arena change, slightly, everything acquiring a red tinge, as the SmarkTron flickers to life, portraying a Canadian flag, flowing in the wind, and the instrumental accompaniment to 'O Canada' playing. Or at least, the first verse, before....


*BOOM!* A bright red rush of pyro shoots up along the stage, glittering points of red light slowly drifting down from above, and a voice rings out, accompanied by the opening riff to 'Secret Agent Man', and the emergence of a masked figure, microphone in hand.


"Ladies and Gentleman!" C.I.A. poses for a moment, basking in the cheers that are directed towards him. "Greetings from the frozen north!" Walking down towards the ring, C.I.A. slaps hands with all the fans he passes. "Buy yourself a Canadian Beer, and get ready to have your eyes opened!" Making his way under the bottom rope, C.I.A. rolls in to the center of the ring, coming to his feet and extending his arms out to the sides, Canadian flag dangling from the undersides of each arm, before bringing the microphone to his lips and tossing his head back one last time. "Raise your voices up, let the people smile! Cause I'm here, and I'm bringing the CANADIAN STYLE!" removing his jacket, C.I.A. hands it to an attendant outside the ring, along with the microphone in his hands, taking his place in the corner and smiling up at the last images of his entrance video, which is about 20% wrestling, 80% C.I.A. sneaking about famous Canadian landmarks.



Strength: 4  Strong enough to do most moves that aren't big power, but not exceptionally strong in any way.

Speed: 4  Can move around the ring, and do the occasional top rope move. No tope suicida's from C.I.A.

Vitality: 5 Skilled ring technician, able to take his shots and wrestle for a fairly long amount of time. Most finishers will almost always drop him, however.

Charisma: 7 He's a madman, but he's good at it. Though clearly just a bit loopy, C.I.A. is dedicated, willing to go to almost any lengths to suceed, and able to make just about any crowd rally behind his madcap antics.


Style: Crowd Pleaser/North American Middleweight. What should I put to help you out here? Well, hmm..... Watch an match from Davey Boy Smith, back when he was tagging with Dynamite, then watch a Chris Kanyon match, and C.I.A.'s somewhere in between. But feel free to adapt the style slightly if it helps out your match. I'm willing to take criticism, and would prefer you write the best match possible before getting your characterization of my character JUST right.


Signature moves:

Half Nelson Suplex - C.I.A. Will use this maneuver to set up his 'Air Canada' finisher.


Dragon Sleeper - C.I.A. Will try to lock this in after a few minutes spent wearing his foe down, stretching the neck and back in preperation for his later moves.


Heavy Dropkick - C.I.A. will often use this maneuver to counter a running opponent, exhibiting a bit more leg power and recklessness in his use of the move than might be seen in a standard Dropkick. Not a perfectly executed move, just a way to take control of a match.


Bionic Elbow - Running at his opponent, C.I.A. will often use the Bionic Elbow as a substitute for the more common Clothesline.


Roaring Elbow - Setting up the powerful elbow to the face with two swift strikes to the cheek or jaw area, C.I.A. Will often use this maneuver out of a lockup, or to break a front hold.


Release Belly to Back Suplex - C.I.A. will snap this on quickly, and execute crisply, if he should ever find himself behind his opponent, and not running.


Common moves:

Knee to the Midsection


Hard Corner Whip




Sunset Flip

Stepping Palm Blow

Thrust Kick


Low Dropkick

Spinning heel kick

Second Rope Double Axehandle

Abdominal Stretch

Spinning Gutbuster

Crucifix Pin



Rare moves:

Pumphandle Slam - C.I.A. Will only use this move against a smaller opponent, to take advantage of his size.


Running Powerbomb - Out of desperation, C.I.A. MAY use this move to counter an opponent, pulling them forth off the top rope. Even then, he'll usually use something else instead. Will occasionally set this move up, if he needs to take the energy out of a large, or physically dominant opponent.



Air Canada-Beginning as a moonsault, C.I.A. performs a quarter twist in mid flight, landing on his opponent with a Macho Man Elbow. One of the very few high flying moves the Canadian ever uses, but to compensate, he executes it almost perfectly.


Via Rail - A downward spiral (Or 'Stroke'), this move could be on tap almost anytime in a match, and C.I.A. will use all his strength and weight to power the maneuver, only using it if he feels he needs lots of damage, quick. This move won't always close out a match, but it certainly is capable of doing so.



Bio: One time serviceman in the Canadian Military, should anyone be privy to C.I.A.'s real name, they will find his records say he was drummed out of military service due to increasing mental instability, although C.I.A himself will argue that such a story would be the perfect cover, since it would be foolish to list his occupation in publicly accessible files. In recent history, C.I.A. has been performing at wrestling shows all over North America, claiming it gives him great cover, and the ability to travel anywhere with little or no suspicion, as well as providing a tremendous opportunity for international public relations work. Now, he acts under the orders of a mysterious figure he will only identify as 'the General'. This figure can often be seen in C.I.A.'s promos, giving him orders, portrayed as a shadowy figure behind a desk, a swath of light across his body only revealing the beaver in the 'the General's' lap, which the mysterious figure seems to stroke incessantly. Should anyone ever take enough time to investigate, they will discover that the general is merely C.I.A. without his outfit, which will also mean that the two must NEVER be seen in the same place, though the General may be seen backstage occasionally, perhaps walking his pet beaver, Pierre. (Why Pierre? Because Pierre is the obligatory French Canadian member of the organization. Duh.)

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Smarks Board Name: SupaTaft

Wrestler's Name: Thor

Nickname(s): God of Thunder, Thunder God

Height: 7'

Weight: 345 lbs

Hometown: The Gleaming Halls of Asgard

Age: N/A (A God, looks 30ish)

Face/Heel: BIG face (Hogan-esque popularity)

Stable: None

Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): Carries a large, short handled hammer refered to as Mjolnir

Quote(s): "So says Thor!", "Thou shalt fear the God of Thunder."


Looks: Huge man. Simply huge. At seven feet and almost three hundred and fifty pounds, Thor is a force to be reckend with. He wears dark blue tights with a matching color sleeveless shirt. Large gold belt and wristbands. Black knee high boots. Full bright red beard and matching long red hair. Lightning bolt crossing a hammer emblem on his chest.


Ring Entrance: The lights go black and a blue spotlight shines on the entrance. The opening chords of KISS- God of Thunder blast on the speakers as a lightning bolt strikes the entrance way and it fills with smoke. Then as the song plays Thor steps through the curtain through the smoke. He walks down the ramp rather stoicly, usually high-fiving the fans unless he is very focussed on a match.



Strength: 8

Speed: 2

Vitality: 5

Charisma: 5



All Power. Gets up to the top rope only for his finisher.


Signature Moves:


Big chops to the chest while the opponent is in the corner.

Bradshaw like clothesline.

Gorilla press slam.

Big boot to the face.

Spinning neckbreaker.


Common Moves:

Suplex while holding the opponent in the air for a while.

Leg drop.




Albert bomb or Mongo bomb (I'm not sure what the hell they call it these days.)

European uppercut.

Camel clutch.

Whip opponent into ropes and come flying back at them with a horizontal press.




Ragnarok- Devastating piledriver

Crack of Thunder- Big elbow from the top turnbuckle. Can shake ring.

Rolling Thunder- The RVD move (occaisionally)



He moves like he takes up a lot of space. Very big man in every sense of the word. He is almost like a super-hero in his actions and is partly based off of the Marvel comic book character and partly off of Old Norse mythology. A blend of the two. He is a loud and brash man, but not nessecarily a braggart. He speaks in old english like the comic book hero and is very outspoken. His morals are very strong and dictate his actions. Plus he is too proud to take any action that might be construed as cheating or winning unfairly.



He is the Norse god of thunder come alive. He has grown bored watching over man from Asgard (Norse equvilant to heaven) and has decided he wants a challenge. He will resort to complete human form in order to compete in the ring. His moves were taught to him by the other gods who know a thing or two about fighting. Thor himself has battled giants and trolls for many eons and is well trained at hand to hand combat. He is a truly larger than life character.

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