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WWE Sunday Night Heat Recap

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Guest TSMAdmin

Before we get started here I am going to explain my reviewing style (if I even have one). I am not a work-rate fiend and don’t know every move on this planet. Having said that I enjoy matches by Benoit, Angle, Jericho and those that can work a good match the most as opposed to those that can’t. *cough*HOGAN*cough*. But the most important thing to me is the psychology and selling of a match. I look for how wrestler gets the crowd involved and basics like that. If a couple of only average wrestlers are in the ring but can make you emotionally involved with the match then that makes up for work-rate in my mind. A good example of that is Hogan vs. Andre from WMIII. Well enough of that and on to the recap.



Opening credits… reminding me how I miss the old “Worldwide Leader” intro. They play the Judgment Day intro that they played on Smackdown, only this time focusing on Hogan’s “retirement”.


Raven and Coach on commentary tonight.


D’ Lo vs. Justin Credible

I’ve missed D’Lo. Hook up to start. D’Lo smacks Justin in the head Three Stooges style. Hip toss to Justin and then an arm drag into the ARMBAR! Justin with a DDT on D’Lo. Credible rams D’Lo’s head into the turn buckle, and then with a couple punches and kicks in the corner. Credible picks D’Lo up and into a power bomb and gets 2 on that try. Headlock by Justin. D’Lo reverses with elbows to the gut. Justin with a rake to the eyes and a kick to the head; Justin goes for a baseball slide but misses and gets pole to the crotch. D’Lo with a flapjack and leg drop. Brown goes for the pin and gets 2 before Credible kicks out. D’Lo reversed into ropes and gets what looks to be a reverse TKO. Goes for the pin but Justin kicks out at 2. D’Lo to the middle rope but gets super kicked in the gut by Credible. Credible goes for the pin, but only gets a 2 count before D’Lo kicks out. Justin tries to throw D’ Lo into the ropes but gets reversed into the Sky High for the pin.

INSIGHT: Solid, fun match and they worked hard and got a good response from the crowd, but there didn’t seem to be a flow.


Recap of UT vs. RVD match from RAW. Damn them for not giving the title to RVD. Damn them a thousands times.


Tommy Dreamer vs. The Big Bossman

They go over the Jackass stuff that Tommy has been up to.

You know… I could name about 50 other guys that could use some TV time in this spot instead of the Big Bossman. Bossman “intimidates” Tommy by tapping on the steel steps before getting in the ring. Bossman with a knee to Tommy’s gut and punches him into the corner and then gives him a head BUTT for good measure. Tommy gets thrown into the opposite corner and Bossman follow with a splash. Bossman climbs the ropes and gets a knee to the groin. Dreamer hits a clothesline and an elbow, goes for the pin and gets 2. Tommy thrown to the ropes and Bossman hits him in the throat. More punches from Bossman before Tommy is once again thrown into the corner. Bossman with a sleeper which Tommy fights out of with elbows before Bossman gets the big boot to the face. Cover for 2 by Bossman. Tommy put into yet another sleeper. Tommy goes for body slam but Bossman falls on him for 2. Tommy gets his head rammed into the corner, reverses Bossman into the corner and follows only to get kicked in the face. Tommy with a body slam and hits the Russian leg sweep for a 2 count. Dreamer can’t get the Death Valley Driver since his back gives out. Bossman hits a slam and covers for 2, tries two more times but Tommy gets out. Bossman argues with the Nick Patrick and shoves him, Patrick pushes back and Dreamer gets the rollup for 3.

INSIGHT: This probably would have been more interesting without the Bossman in the match but at least he uses heel tactics. I liked the selling of the back by Dreamer but I would have liked to see him get a win without a ref’s help.


Interview by Terri with Richards, Richards blabbers the usual beer-drinking shit about Bradshaw while Bradshaw stands behind him (oil and showers come to mind). Steven is scared (see previous oil and showers comment) and then the usual boring Bradshaw interview ensues. Coming up is Hogan’s “retirement” speech from Smackdown.


They show gardening commercial to remove the F from our beloved WWF. Not as good as the other one. Don’t forget to tell your loved ones to get the “F” out.


Hogan comes out to talk about him “retiring”. He thanks us for believing in Hulkamania (well I can say I never believed in Hulkamania, I believe in the WARRIOR! Remember kids, if you ever want to self-induce a migraine just visit http://www.ultimatewarrior.com. Always believe Warriors.) Vince says that he owns him, yada yada; retire on his terms, blah blah. Hogan says he can’t retire until he kicks Vince’s ass. Hogan hits Vince and gets ready to whip him until the Undertaker comes out to keep Hogan from whipping Vince and that leads us to lots of punches, kicks and some hulking up. Same shit, different channel.


Planet Stasiak (Please god let him come up with his own “Warriorisms”. I’d wear the shirt) vs. Spike Dudley is up next.

Stasiak pounds Spike to start (just like every other match that involves Spike). Stasiak reverses Spike into the ropes and goes for a press slam but Spike rolls through and covers for 2. Spike thrown into the corner and Stasiak follows only to be kicked in the face. Raven just said that Kevin Nash is the kind of leader people would follow to the ends of the earth. OK. Stasiak hits the gut buster and cover for 2. Spike fights back and bounces of the rope only to get hit by a jumping elbow. Stasiak hits a gourd-buster (according to Raven) on Spike. Stasiak appears to be channeling the Warrior and talking with him. And that bastard distracts him long enough for Spike to hit the Dudley dog for the 3 count. Typical fluke win for Spike.

INSIGHT: I didn’t like the finish but I dig Stasiak and makes for a pretty entertaining match for what it was. I’d also like to see Spike not always getting the fluke underdog win every now and then.


Raven gets up from the announce table and complains about how he hasn’t gotten what he deserved. He is apparently oppressed and he isn’t going to stand for it. FIGHT THE POWER! He decides to quit. Oh god… that means Coach will be calling a match by himself. Come back Raven! Please… I believe in you!


Bradshaw vs. Steve Richards for the Hardcore title

I personally think if they got rid of the 24/7 rule, defended the title less, and actually had weapons other than garbage lids and fire extinguishers in the match we could have some entertaining stuff. Throw in some gimmicked glass just for kicks or anything different. We start it off with Bradshaw going underneath the ring and throwing in what? Garbage cans. See point above. Pretty funny though with Richards throwing everything back out. Bradshaw gets in the ring and Steven bails and runs around the ring. Bradshaw follows and when he gets back in the ring he gets hit with? That’s right… a garbage can lid. Bradshaw with boot to Richard’s face and then proceeds to beat Steven with the lid. Crash is hiding at ringside… sneaky midget. Bradshaw with a fireman’s carry on Steven. Crash jumps in the ring aiming to clock Bradshaw with the stop sign. Bradshaw side steps him and Crash hits himself in the head with said stop sign only to get clotheslined (from HELL no less) to the outside where Steven pins Crash to retain the title.

INSIGHT: Well this match was exactly like I pointed out before hand. I HATE the 24/7 rule and I think it ruins matches just like it did to this one. I mean, what is hardcore about being beaten with a trash can lid when participants in NON hardcore matches are getting hit with chairs?



And that’s about it for my first Heat recap. In conclusion, it was at least a show that you could watch since they focused more time on wrestling instead of recap after recap. That was definitely a bonus.


If you have any feedback, send it here


Also, visit Josh at www.rantsfromgod.com

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