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Brain Droppings: Let The Fun Begin

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Guest TSMAdmin

Welcome to this short edition of Brain Droppings from your ranting god (outside of Dr. Tom) Josh Lowmon.


I apologize for the fact there hasn’t been any new content from me lately (for those 5 that read me). My fiancée is pregnant and early last Sunday morning she thought she was going into labor, which was odd because it would have been almost 2 months early so I was at the hospital all day Sunday. Luckily it turned out she was having Braxton Hicks contractions, which feel like contractions but aren’t nearly as painful. So my apologies for no Heat recap last week and onto what this little update is about.


It appears that the WWE will be here in Seattle on August 12th for RAW and your favorite thesmartmarks scribe will be there live and in person. If you read my last article (and if you haven’t its here so read it dammit!) I went on a rant against fans that think that they are “in the know” but have so much misinformation that it just makes you want cut off your ears with a steak knife.


Well my friends this time while I am trying to enjoy the show I will also be bringing a notepad and pencil so that you, my loyal readers can read what exactly any of the above people have to say this time.


Will they be chanting stupid shit like “Let’s Go H20?”


Will they be dressed up like the Godfather?


Will Josh have to make a homemade knife out of a nacho cheese container just so I can stab the fans that do nothing but scream and yell during EVERYTHING just to shut them the fuck up? Oh the possibilities!


This will be my 2nd RAW this year because I went to the February 4th RAW in Las Vegas and I will be curious to see if there is a difference in the type of fan that goes to the events. I shall also be taking down reports of what seemed hot or cold to the crowd and then compare it to the televised portion. I’m not sure if they are going to hold Smackdown there on Tuesday as well, but I heard they are on the radio but I haven’t seen it on WWE.com. If they do hold Smackdown there on Tuesday then I will probably spend less money on the RAW ticket and go to both and see how that compares and because I have never been to a Smackdown show.


The only wrestling events I have been to live have been WCW Spring Stampede (from the Tacoma Dome but the date escapes me at the moment), WCW Halloween Havoc in October 2000 (I miss WCW), No Way Out 2001 (HHH vs. SCSA in the 3 Stages of Hell plus the Rock vs. Angle title match and the sweet 4-way for the IC title. Of course the Trish vs. Stephanie match rocked as well live.), I also did a house show the day before last years SummerSlam in August and that was just pretty much a warm up show, and last but not least the RAW that I mentioned before.


Anyways that is about it for this update if you have any suggestions on what to look for at the show or want to share any of your own experiences drop me a line here.


Also check out my site Rantsfromgod.com for more rants and opinions on everything from politics, movies and sports from myself and thesmartmarks.com’s own Dr. Tom.

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