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Brain Dropping: Josh's Random Thoughts...

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Guest TSMAdmin

My Random Thoughts (I'm bored and I want to talk... so YOU are going to read goddamn it!)



Welcome back to another edition of Brain Droppings here at TheSmartMarks.com.


As we all know I shall be going to RAW and Smackdown on August 12th and 13th. As sort of a “tour in pictures” I will be bringing the digital camera with me so that I can get pictures of the sets before the show starts, during, and after. I will of course get some shots wrestling action. Hopeful I will get some with the wrestlers as well. I am debating on whether to get any of fans… especially the morons just for my amusement.


According to Dames I need to *coughplugsiteatbothshowscough*. I would just like to say *coughmoneycough*. Bad cold… excuse me.


Anyone out there have any suggestions for the pictures? I could always get a couple of beautiful downtown Seattle or if that doesn't float your boat I can go down to Pike's Place Market and get a picture of the pig with 2 heads.


I though this week was great as far as RAW and Smackdown go. I was excited to see Eric Bischoff back and loved it when he ran into Flair backstage. You could just FEEL the animosity. As far as Stephanie McMahon's return goes… I will give it till the next PPV to see how it goes and then make a decision.


It looks like everyone is a free agent and they are going to re-align the rosters. Either that or only HHH and The Rock are free agents which would make no sense because The Rock was drafted to Smackdown and HHH losing the title meant he was a Smackdown property so… Christ what a migraine just from that.


Good wrestling action on both shows as well. I think while the Dudleyz vs. Benoit/Eddie feud isn’t lighting the world on fire, there as been at least some solid wrestling and lets face it… when Austin walked out both of them had really no where to go. Perhaps after Vengeance, Benoit or Eddie can feud with Booker T. Now can you dig that SUCKA?


What else…


I think its good to see Jeff Hardy get the Euro strap and perhaps they can do something with him and get him into a position to be a strong face in the mid-card Jeff getting some help with the mike would benefit him a lot and for god sakes why can’t he go up to Ric Flair in the locker room and asked him for a couple tips?


Dreamer vs. Richards was good hardcore match and what it should be. Hitting someone flush in the face with a Singapore cane is hardcore. Hitting someone with a freaking trash can lid is not... or for that matter a cow bell.


Smackdown was solid especially with Rock vs. Angle but to be honest it was kind of bland. I am really jacked for the debut of Rey Mysterio Jr. to Smackdown next Thursday. Hopefully Rey and Chavo will be given about 7-10 minutes to light it up. I am in the firm belief that the cruiserweights are a great way to get a crowd jacked in the opener, especially if it’s a highflying match and is ~INTENSE.


Also according to Bischoff in a radio interview it looks like Vengeance will “change the face of sports entertainment.” He forgot to mention that this will be the 34th PPV in a row that was supposed to do that. Credit to the fine folks at 411wrestling/PWTorch.com


Rob posted an exclusive TheSmartMarks.com interview that he did with Trish Stratus here and I recommend everyone take a gander at it. Great job Rob!


As always JHawk’s RAW and Dr. Tom’s Smackdown recaps are up and excellent. And while I am giving out the cheap plugs please visit my site Rantsfromgod.com for more from Dr. Tom and myself.


That's about it for today, so this is Josh Lowmon signing off.


Got Feedback? Sent it my way here.

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