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Brain Droppings: The Wait

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Guest TSMAdmin

Sorry I haven’t been around lately but I have been putting in some finishing touches on my new website SmarkTalk.com (*cheap plug warning*). Lots of good articles by people here from TheSmartMarks.com and others. Besides you can get twice the amount of me… your Internet god and legend Josh Lowmon.


Ok, enough ego boosting and onto this hoss of a column.


3 More days…. 3 more long, drawn out days of anticipation. Yes Brain Droppings fans it will soon be upon us. I will be going to RAW on the 12th and Smackdown on the 13th live from up here in the great Northwest. This of course means that I get to see Jericho, Booker T and RVD on Monday and Angle, Benoit, Eddy and Rey on Tuesday.


I am hoping that they put out a better effort for RAW this week then they did last week because over the past month RAW has been much more entertaining then Smackdown. Don’t get me wrong though. I have really enjoyed the amount of wrestling that has been occurring on Smackdown but it just seems bland for some reason.


I imagine that the Un-American’s will possibly get a mixed reaction because there will be quite a few Canadians making the drive down from Vancouver BC so it may come off weird on television. If it does come of weird then just blame Canada. I also hope that fans up here have recovered from the train wreck that was RAW Is BUFF and will be their usually loud self since we only get a live show here like once a year.


This will also be my first time attending Smackdown (I’ve been to RAW once, a couple house shows and No Way Out 2001) and I am pretty excited since there is going to be probably a lot more actual wrestling there with Angle, Benoit and Eddy on that roster.


I have also been hearing that the reason for the back-to-back shows next week is because the WWE is testing to see if the market here in Seattle would be able to hold Wrestlemania X9. Judging by the fact that RAW is a sellout and Smackdown will more than likely be sold out the day of the show I think you will be seeing myself at my 1st Wrestlemania this year. Another factor is going to be the fact that there would be people driving in easily to Seattle from Canada, Idaho, and Oregon at the very least since all those destinations are only around 5-7 hours drive away.


All of you can of course expect a rant on both shows about both how the show was live and the fans as well. Also be on the look out for pictures from the event. GO DIGITAL CAMERA GO! GO DIGITAL CAMERA GO! Check out some of my previous articles here and see why I am going to be including the fans in a rant.


I will tell you one thing though; I spent approximately $120-130 on both shows so if they both end up sucking… prepare yourself for a rant unlike anything you have ever seen. If you have children then keep them away from the computer screen because I will be inventing new and exotic names to call people and things. No one will be safe because there is nothing… and I mean NOTHING that pisses me off more than spending that much money only to be stuck behind some jackass who is only there to hold up his fucking sign in his feeble attempt at getting on TV instead of you know… actually watching the goddamn show. It happened to me once before and I will be damned if it happens again.


Those of you who want to send me feedback or hate mail you can do so here

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