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WWE Confidential September 21, 2002

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Guest TSMAdmin

WWE Confidential September 21, 2002


A few things before we kick off another edition of the most syndicated Confidential review on the ‘net today.


First and foremost, I had a very busy week in school; therefore I had very little free time. That resulted in the lack of a tape review this week. Fortunately, I started writing up Mind Games last night, so expect that by the end of the week.


I have finally given in. A lot of influential figures on the internet have done this, so why not me. Here is the link to my ::shudders:: Amazon Wish List. Whenever I would see someone else put one of these in their columns, I would always think to myself about how pathetic that is. Now though I realize that there is nothing wrong it. There are a few reasons for my change in opinion. The biggest reason is that I don’t have a real job, so I could use all the free stuff I could get. Secondly, I have been writing on the internet for a year and half. In that time, my work has been displayed on not one, not two, but SEVEN websites. Seeing how I never received a dime out of all this, well besides a discount every now and then from some tape dealers, I consider this hobby almost a public service. I write for YOU and myself, in the sense of getting experience out it, so if anyone is ever inclined to buy a poor, public servant something, feel free. I promise to review whatever the hell anyone buys me. I doubt I’ll ever have to actually worry about that happening, but I may as well throw it out there anyway. My list is actually HUGE; this way there is a wide variety of selections, although I probably should have kept it below 150 items. I’m sure TonyJaymz is happy about all of this. Yeah, it’s one of those inside things that only 6 people will probably understand.


I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would have just written that last paragraph. This is so out of character for me. Moving right along…


Highest Rating: 1.5 (May 25, 2002)

Lowest Rating: 0.5 (June 29, 2002- Rerun of May 22, 2002 @ 8:00PM)


Last Week's Rating: 1.0


That’s a strong rating for last week’s show. This is the first time Confidential has been in the single digits since June 15, the Steve Austin episode. I guess that speaks volumes for the WCW World Title.


This week on Confidential: Kurt Angle goes back to where he trained for the 1996 Olympics. We also take a look back at some of the WWF(E)’s craziest stipulation matches, which of course ties into this asinine Bischoff-Steph altercation tonight on PPV.


Rulon Gardner, 2000 Olympic Gold Medallist, thinks that Kurt Angle has a 95% chance of making a successful return at the 2004 Olympics. Kurt walks around the training facility. He runs into a lot of the employees who worked there back in 1996. Jack Jensen, aspiring Gold Medallist, meets with Kurt Angle. When he wrestles for the WWE, Kurt tries to also make amateur wrestling look good, which is way he uses a decent amount of mat-based offense. Angle stretches and has a match of sorts with someone. Kurt wants to comeback for the next Olympic games, but is intimidated because of how much older is he compared to the other athletes. Either way, he promises to be in the WWE for a very long time. ::sigh of relief::


Segment 1: 1/1


A few months ago, it was announced that the WWE had signed 18 year-old Rene Dupreè to a developmental deal. Now we get to see exactly who he is and view a typical day in his shoes.


Rene Dupreè- A Typical Day…Everyday


He wakes up at 4:00 AM for a protein shake. He goes back to bed until 6:30, when it is time for his first meal. Rene alternates shake/meal until he has had six of each. The first two meals are beef, followed by two chicken and two fish. Started working out at 11 and dieting at 16. Has NEVER cheated on his diet.


His father was a wrestler. At age 14 he started wrestling for his dad’s promotion. They would tour from December to May. He would wrestle seven days a week and study on the road. Because of this schedule, he missed both the senior prom and graduation. CORNETTE shows up! Jimmy thinks that Dupreè has done quite well and will soon be more comfortable around the other guys.


…To The Ring


Tom Prichard recalls the first time he saw Rene wrestle. Instantly, he wanted Dupreè signed. Soon thereafter, Rene was sent to Cincinnati (Heartland Wrestling Association). Dr. Tom lectures to the OVW guys about the importance of TV time. He puts Rene through a Gauntlet thing. I’m sure most of you know what I’m talking about. It is similar to the Gauntlet in the mid-90’s WWF video games. Nick Dinsmore doubts that he could have done what Rene just did. Jim Cornette believes that although Rene is a fabulous athlete, he needs to work on the entertainment end of the spectrum.


…To The Gym


Everyone should be able to guess what Rene is doing in the gym. Doug Bashem, WWE Developmental talent, wishes that he looked like Rene does at age 18. Dr. Tom knows that without a shadow of a doubt, Dupreè will end up on the WWE active roster.


Segment 2: 2/2


WWE Rewind>>April 21, 2002: Backlash- Hulk Hogan beats Triple H for the WWE Undisputed Title.


Gene pimps the Hulk Still Rules DVD. What follows is essentially nothing more than a preview of the DVD.


Hogan talks about how hard it was to be the ONLY guy who carried the WWF in the 80’s. I think he is forgetting a few people…Savage, Honky Tonk Man, and the Ultimate Warrior to name a few. Freddie Blassie says that Vince mixed the entertainment into the wrestling perfectly. Pat Patterson adds that Hogan and McMahon broke the barrier of only wrestling being on a wrestling show. Hogan remembers crossing the territorial boundaries and getting threatened by a few people. Those same people supposedly thanked Hogan when they received their first royalty check. This felt like a lot of bullshit. I still want the DVD though. ::hint, hint::


Segment 3: 2/3


Some clips of the SmackDown! Your Vote campaign lead us into…


A “Classy” Freddie Blassie story. Freddie spends a decent portion of his time visiting the Salvation Army and talking to the veterans who stay there. He has been doing this for 10 years. One of the guys, Javier, is glad that someone really cares about him and the other men. They always look forward to the days Freddie stops by. Blassie donates WWE magazines, autographs, and his own free time. In hindsight, the only thing he would change would be the second wife. Freddie talks about a few of his former charges. “I managed some losers. No one else wanted them, so they would give them to Freddie.” This was a great feel-good kind of segment. It was also nice that now current fans won’t only remember Freddie as the guy Stephanie and Shane McMahon wished death upon during the InVasion angle.


Segment 4: 3/4


Gene introduces a new segment to the show; Choice Cuts. This segment is devoted to WWE Superstar’s favorite matches. For the first installment we watch ::sighs:: Bradshaw’s favorite match.


The Acolytes vs. The New Age Outlaws ~ (October 18, 1999) Columbus, Ohio Raw is War

This is clipped of course, so there will be no real PBP. The match is most famous for the ring literally falling apart. As Farooq whips Billy to the ropes, the top rope breaks. Farooq thought Billy may have been hurt, but that didn’t stop him from beating the hell out of Gunn. Next up, Faarooq pulls off the top turnbuckle and gets rolled up for 2. This of course means that majority of the top rope is now laying in the ring. Farooq follows up by nailing Gunn with the corner. Meanwhile, the Road Dogg hides in the corner. Bradshaw likes this match because it shows that they had to use what they had. Afterwards, Vince gave them the thumbs up in the back. The funny thing is that most of the match was Farooq vs. Billy, so Bradshaw did practically nothing.


Booker T does a Hungry Man XXL commercial. I hate these “Making of the Commercial” segments. The stockboy who walks past Booker is actually a fan who won a contest. Booker is supposed to slam a freezer door in the supermarket so hard that it breaks. The gimmicked glass it too thick though, so as Booker slams it, someone hits it with a hammer. Booker reminisces about the time Stone Cold beat the hell out of him in a supermarket.


Segment 5: 3.5/5


Eric Bischoff talks about who he chose to have HLA with Stephanie at Unforgiven. All he says is that it will fulfill some fantasies. I’m calling that it is going to be either a fat disgusting women or Bischoff in drag.


Now we see some clips of past stipulation matches.


Hair vs. Hair

Roddy Piper d. Adrian Adonis

X-Pac d. Jeff Jarrett

Edge d. Angle


More Than a Mourful

Rock d. Billy Gunn in Kiss My Ass match.

Bret d. Lawler in Kiss My Foot Match


Skin To Win

Lots of bra ‘n panties stuff.



Bossman d. Mountie in Loser Goes to Jail match

Razor Ramon d. Kid in Cry Baby Match

Ultimate Warrior d. Heenan in Weasel Match

Goldust d. Pillman in Loser Wear’s a Dress Match


Next week, the Steve Austin episode reruns.


Segment 6: 4.5/6




Two good shows in a row, I’m impressed. I must say that I’m very happy being the Confidential reviewer. It is the only show that is consistently watchable.


Mind Games will be up by the end of the week. Until then browse my Amazon Wish List.


Or you could just e-mail me. Remove the two leading X’s though.


Retro Rob

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