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Okay, it's been a rough week for yours truly and I'm finally getting enough time away from the hectic bullshit of life to crank out this Update for all ya'll. Before we get to it, I just want to say that my beloved Kings WILL be in the Conference Finals of the West because the Mavs just can't hang! While speaking of basketball, how horrible was that Boston/Detroit game? Good lord, it was like watching a high school game with all the fuck-ups and ENDLESS BRICKS! I swear, neither team could throw it in the ocean and I'll be damned if either team does something like that again. Sheesh...



And NOW... for what you all have been watching for.... THE SECOND PART!




Scott Hall Considering Lawsuit against the WWE


- Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer reports that Scott Hall is considering suing the WWE for a wrongful termination because he WASN'T drunk at the UK PPV and only admitted to drinking a little before the PPV and before RAW. Well fuck me, with all the witnesses who were there to watch him walk around bombed out of his skull, HOW IN THE HELL DOES HE HAVE A CASE? "They fired me because of my reputation", MY ASS! It's sad watching how pathetic this man's career has become that he blows his big chance to redeem him himself (whatever happened to those pills that he was taking anyway?). Besides, he and the rest of the Geezer World Order (with the possible exception of Hogan) should have never been rehired in the first place if they couldn't keep themselves in check and the fact that he blew it doesn't surprise me at all.


(Please credit Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer )


Irish Tabloid Is Misleading


- Meltzer also reports that the leading tabloid in Ireland, The Star, has run the plane fiasco fairly accurately with the exception of saying that X-Pac was fired (sigh....) and Dok Hendrix was on the verge of being fired (HA!).


Credit Dave Meltzer of WrestlingObserver.com


Smackdown! Rating


- Dave Scherer reports over at 1wrestling.com that Smackdown got a 3.6 rating on Thursday, which probably saved a few jobs for a little while longer, but man, the booking committee needs a kick in the ass and firing someone who isn't contributing some sane ideas would be an excellent start. I think the steady decline in Smackdown's ratings (aside from this week) show just how much the company misses the Rock and without coherent storylines, Smackdown will be pretty painful to watch in the future.


Credit Dave Scherer of 1wrestling.com and Neilson Media



A little Indy news bit that seemed pretty interesting:


- 1wrestling.com has posted a press release for Jerry Jarrett's launch of NWA: Total Non-stop Action. The show is being broadcast Wednesday on PPV for $9.95. I know I'll be checking out the show since I can't really take much more of Vince McMahon's iron grip on the national scene, so I wish the Jarretts and Jim Miller (NWA President) good luck with their venture and hope that this provides the kick in the ass that the WWE needs to get out of it's creative stupor. While I'm thinking about it, here's a quote from Jeff Jarrett on their foray into PPV that was taken from 1wrestling.com:


"J Sports President Jeff Jarrett added, "The NWA name is the foundation that sports entertainment was built on. We plan to build on that foundation with the cutting edge characters and revolutionary concepts expected by today's wrestling audience. Total Nonstop Action will be more than the name of the show, it's what we want our fans to think of every time they watch our program."'


Please credit 1wrestling.com




Well, that's all the news for tonight. I plan on watching the NWA: TNA show just for kicks, but right now, I'm more concerned about my beloved Kings and the NBA Playoffs at the moment. Oh yeah... there is that OTHER California team, but fuck them. They have enough exposure as it is. KINGS 4-LIFE, BEEEEYOTCH! FUCK SHAQ!


If anybody wants to drop me a line to tell me how much I suck or praise me like a god, just e-mail me at [email protected] You know you want to...


That's all from me for tonight, but on a side note, me and Damian “The Dames” Gonzalez are gonna both do news for the site so there won't be a case of that pesky burnout bug roaming around.


Til next time, The Ayatollah has spoken; now go on with your meager lives.


Byron Vester



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