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“Life is a bitch, and then you die”


Truer words were never spoken. After spending most of my day being EXTREMELY pissed off due to retarded dumbfucks on the road, I can safely say that I hate driving in the city(of course, Dothan BARELY qualifies as one, so bear with me) and all of those idiots out there can burn in Hell. All I was doing was simply going to Blockbuster to return a couple of tapes and I damn near got blindsided 3 TIMES! I mean, I always expect a little bit of danger when driving and all, but goddamnit, those fuckers weren’t even paying attention! Anyways, I just really had to get that out of my system because my beloved Kings are on right now and they are leading at the half(WHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!), so maybe they will finally prove that they are for real and leave the LA Fakers lying in the dust! But, to be honest, I’m kinda worried because the Lakers, despite my constant dissing of them, are THE champs and they do have the two best players in the game today, so it’ll be a VERY tough 2nd half because I see LA making a huge run, BUT, if Sacramento can hold on, they WILL come out on top because I don’t think either Webber or Bibby will allow the Kings to lose without a fight.


One minor note about Smackdown! before we get started: It seems that people are getting upset because Edge won the cage match against Kurt Angle. My question is, what did you expect? They are building new stars and all I seem to hear these days are more and more bitching just because it’s Edge that’s getting the push and that he’s getting it over Angle. I’ve heard some say they want Angle in the main event and that he should be against Hulk Hogan and HHH again. Then I heard some more say that he shouldn’t work with Hogan because it would destroy his credibility for good by selling for an old man. Here’s a clue: WHY DON’T YOU MAKE UP YOUR FUCKING MINDS? All the net whined about for 2 years was that they should elevate the young blood and phase the old guys out of the picture. Now, the WWE is FINALLY taking heed to that and now there’s even MORE bitching just because a guy who was primarily a tag wrestler is getting elevated. Now, I’m not discrediting Kurt at all, but if he’s going to go back to the Olympics, I’m sure not going to be in a hurry to put my world title on him, BUT, since he IS the most over heel in the promotion and is putting on some of the best matches, why not use him to help elevate a young guy? Hell, Kurt himself has said that he’s enjoying the program with Edge and now that it seems to be over, they may just move him onto Hogan and Edge to Chris Jericho with a later HHH/Edge feud on the horizon.


Honestly, I’d LOVE to see those matches(well, maybe not Hogan/Angle) and with Chris Benoit and Eddy Guerrero starting up a feud with Steve Austin on RAW, I can safely say that I’m more stoked for WWE programming than I have been in months. Add in Booker T’s imminent face turn, probably a long IC Title reign for RVD(even though I hate him), and Undertaker seemingly working hard to make the younger guys look better and I honestly don’t see anything overly bad about the direction the company is going in. Now before the RVD fanboys get on my case, let me just say this. Rob WILL be a World Champion soon, just have a little bit of friggin’ patience for once. Stop crying conspiracy over every little thing that you dream up that happens to him. It took YEARS for the big draws to finally get their world titles, so don’t spaz out just because Van Dam hasn’t held the WWE Title yet just because he’s over. It will come in time.


Damn… that was a hell of a rant, eh?








Well, Smackdown again got below 3.5 this week with the 3.3 rating last night with HHH jobbing to Test and an Edge/Angle main event cage match. Hopefully, the booking team won’t feel the need to change directions again and will stick with what they’ve got going so far because elevating someone new and having longer matches on TV with a minimum of crappy storylines WILL produce some good TV.


Please credit Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer and Neilson Media







Jim Ross has posted his latest Ross Report on WWE.com and touched on the various injuries many WWE superstars either are working through or recovering from surgery.


Taken from WrestlingObserver.com:


”Edge popped his shoulder out of socket and had a torn labrum that may require surgery and will greatly reduce his wrestling until after rehab or surgery. Timing couldn't be worse, although timing is never good for an injury.


Rhyno is right on track with his recovery from neck surgery. He will have another review in three months.


Kanyon is working out in OVW.


Chris Benoit is expected to be ready for full action at the end of June.


DDP's third doctors opinion was that he should retire.


Maven will be out for four to six weeks with a broken fibula.


Eddie Guerrero got a cut in his mouth on Monday.


Referee Tim White's shoulder is feeling better, and the swelling has gone down from his bump at Hell in the Cell. He will have an MRI on Wednesday.


Scotty 2 Hotty sees Dr. Youngblood on June 11th, Lita sees him in a month. Both are in hard collars and hope to be put in soft braces at their appointments


They are hopeful of Kevin Nash being cleared to return on 6/11 after his next appointment with Dr. James Andrews.”


- Obviously, this is really bad timing for Edge as he’s getting the biggest push of his lifetime here. Here’s hoping that it’s not as serious as reported and he can work through the pain. And, with DDP, I would feel sad to see him finally hang it up, but I think he should seriously think about it before it’s too late and he may end up crippled for life. Maven has earned my respect for finishing his match with Christian after breaking his fibula in their match. The kid may not be all that talented, but he’s earning brownie points with everyone for being a tough lil bastard.


Please credit Dave Scherer of 1wrestling.com and Jim Ross of WWE.com







In probably the best news the WWE has heard in a while, the Tough Enough 2 finale garnered the highest rating in the show’s history with a 2.8 last night. Obviously, this is giving the WWE some high hopes for the next season as they are now going through the selection process for TE 3. Personally, I’m kinda surprised because this cast had really no one I particularly cared for, so I never watched since reality TV shows have really started to fucking bore me lately.


Please credit Dave Scherer of 1wrestling.com and Neilson Media Research







Steve Austin was the Byte This! guest today and he aired some of his displeasure with the WWE booking team as far as current storylines go and the split. Here’s a snippet of it from 1wrestling.com:


”Kevin brought up the Internet rumors that say that Stone Cold is unhappy with the company (Kevin tried to put it over as if the rumors were b.s.) and Austin said the bottom line is that everything sucks. He's not happy with the direction he or the company is going. The writing has been piss poor and he thinks it can be a hell of a lot better but it's been pretty shitty. He hasn't been happy since before Wrestlemania. Kevin asked Austin if he thinks there's movements or progress that'll be made to improve things? Austin said who knows. He's still happy to be a part of the WWE, but creative could be a hell of a lot better than it is.


Kevin asked Austin about the split and Austin said that they could have done without the actual split. Just have guys focus on one show but allow them to cross over. Austin hopes that the split works, because the pressure is down since he only has to work one show. We'll see what happens.”


All I can say is that he aired his frustrations out in the open, so expect a lot of the “He’s just a bitter old man who’s mad because he doesn’t get what he wants” horseshit to start flying any minute now over the Internet…


Please credit 1wrestling.com and WWE.com







Due to a real lack of interesting indy news, I’m just going to stick on the NWA:TNA side of things for tonight.



--NWA TNA for those of you with DirecTV TV, will air on Ch. 192, so it's not even getting Ch. 101 or 102 treatment. The show will air live at 8 p.m. Eastern with a 10:30 p.m. repeat, and air throughout the day every Friday and Monday.



Here’s a minor shocker for ya:


”NWA: Total Nonstop Action has announced that they have signed Scott Hall, and he will be participating in the groups debut Pay-per-view broadcast on June 19th. Hall will participate in the "Gauntlet For The Gold" match for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship along with Jeff Jarrett, Ken Shamrock, Buff Bagwell, Gran Apolo, and Brian Christopher. This will be Hall's first wrestling appearance since being released from the WWF.


Granted, they needed more big names, but HALL? If he keeps himself clean for real, then cool for him, but even in the WWE when he supposedly had dried up, he still fell off the wagon, so I really don’t see this lasting longer than maybe a month.


Please credit Buck Woodward of 1wrestling.com






Well folks, it was a pretty slow night for news, so sorry if the update is a lil on the skimpy side. On a sidenote, the Kings got royally screwed tonight with that non-call on Kobe for trucking Bibby, BUT the same could be said for Jackson when he blatantly held Kobe’s jersey in the last game, so I guess it all balances out. Still, the refs have been HORRIBLE this season and the league needs to have a serious sit-down with them over how terrible a job they did this year.


That’s about it from me for this week, so be sure to check out Damian bringin’ the funk this weekend and probably a special column from me, so don’t miss it!


See ya later


Byron Vester

e-mail me at: [email protected]

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