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What’s up, people? Been a LONG week and even longer time inbetween updates for me due to some reoccurring miscommunication problems that have been taken care of and as you saw during on Wednesday, Dr. Tom is helping out a bit on the news side and we should have everything running smoothly come Monday.


On the rough side of life, I lost an uncle(also my godfather) a couple of weeks ago, so I’ve been in a bit of a funk since then and wrestling hasn’t really been lighting the world on fire(unless you count this week’s Smackdown from all the reviews I’ve read), so if I seem a bit out of it, please excuse me.




On the wrestling tip, I caught the NWA show on Wednesday and I must say that the “X” Title(the name for the division still sucks shit) match with Low-Ki, Psychosis, A.J. Styles, and Jerry Lynn was FUCKING AWESOME! The crowd was kinda slow at times, but dammit, that was one of the best matches of the year and Low-Ki is my personal hero with all that swank offense he had. I know I’ve been pretty leery of the NWA show ever since they announced it, but if they can push the cruisers and get people to care about them, then the show WILL start drawing some viewers. Hell, while the heavyweight matches sucked for the most part, I think they should do a Scott Hall/Ken Shamrock since they both are big names and Hall actually seems motivated again.


With the “X” Title, I’d do Jerry Lynn/Low-Ki, while using Psychosis as Styles first big program which leads up to Low-Ki/Styles which would probably blow the roof off the place… or maybe I’m getting too far ahead. Ah, fuck it.


One bad thing I have to mention: This Don guy fucking SUCKS! Get him out of the booth NOW. Get Cyrus the Virus, who’s an actual PROVEN color guy who won’t spout the company line or scream “This is the greatest show EVER!” like some bastard child of Tony Shiavone.









In a funny bit, the proposed Malibu site form Tough Enough 3 was axed when a coalition of preppy stuck-ups headed by Kelsey Grammar protested the idea because it would “disturb the peace of the neighborhood” or in rich folk-speak, “annoy us during our cocaine-sniffing socials”. Gotta love it when even though the WWE promised a million times that they wouldn’t disturb them, they still pitched a hissy fit and cried like lil’ babies until they got their way. Now, I’m not a TE fan by any stretch of the imagination, but snobbish behavior from silver-spoon-stuck–in-the-ass jerkoffs really pisses me the fuck off, so fuck Grammar and fuck all the pretentious peons he calls neighbors.


Please credit Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer






Man, it must suck ASS to be a Smackdown wrestler and to see the ratings continually bomb like this. In case you didn’t know(or cared), Smackdown got a 3.3 rating, which IS up from last week’s 3.1 abortion, but damn… Even though it’s expected of Smackdown to get a lower rating than RAW, to see it doing THIS bad has to have all the bookers and workers alike ripping out their hair and causing Vince to spend all his time on RAW(since he IS a draw, you know…) with all his pointless segments and courting of 20 year old women. Sigh… I just WISH for the day when Vince realizes that he himself is the one who’s actively hurting the product along with all the sudden direction changes…


Please credit Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer and Neilson Media Research






As many of you know, Bret Hart suffered a stroke a couple of days ago while riding his bicycle and has been in the hospital since then. The stroke wasn’t caused by all the concussions that forced him out of the ring, but due to the stroke, Bret has VERY limited control over the left side of his body, which is going to take a LONG time and a shitload of rehab for him to get over it. I honestly expected for Bret to unfortunately die from this due to all of the deaths that have been prevalent in wrestling this year, so thank God he’s hopefully going to recover from this near-disaster. To send Bret well wishes, you can send all e-mails to [email protected] or just send letters directly to him at: 74094, 144-555 Strathcona Blvd., Calgary, AB T3H 3B6 Canada. One thing, though… No one send any flowers per his request.


Please credit Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer






Well, at least they tried… The NWA announced the next X-Title match with David Young challenging A.J. Styles for his newly won championship. Seeing that Young had bombed in that dreadful match with Apolo, is it REALLY a good idea to give him a title match so quick? Like I said in my comments on the show, do a mini-Styles/Psychosis feud while building up the next big challenge in either Lynn or Low-Ki because those guys are the ones that got the division over on the last show. The NWA really has a chance to make one of their titles actually mean something and they need to strike while the iron is hot as far as I’m concerned. You can build-up some others like K-Krush or Brian Christopher later(or just keep the lame ass Lawler kid as far away as possible from the division), but NOW, they need to focus on putting on great matches and Young hasn’t proven that yet.


Rant over.


Please credit Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer





Well, that about does it for now. Be sure to check out The Dames-Meister for your weekend Top 5 News Items and we should have all the scheduling shit fixed come Monday. Also, check out Retro Rob for the Confidential report, Josh Lowmon for all your Heat needs, and Edward Robbins bringin’ the Velocity(damn, I should be getting’ paid for this shit, heh…).


Peace out, beeeyotches!


Byron Vester

The Smart Marks

E-mail: [email protected]

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