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Waasup, freaks? Been a while since you all last heard from me, but what can I say, shit happens. Thunderstorms, PC buttlicks on AOHell, you name it, I’ve been through it in the past two weeks and to be honest, I’m in a real pissed off mood right now.


On another note, I FINALLY got the damned NWA Week #3 recap done on Word after having written down all my thoughts on the show while watching it during the thunderstorms that plagued the Tri-State area last weekend, so it should be up sometime later tonight, so check it out and see how much I suck at recapping!


Argh… Anyways, let’s get to the fucking news!





3.3… Well, Vince is probably shitting in his pants now since the “Great One”, The Rock failed to bring up the Smackdown rating with all the insane pimping they did on RAW and various other networks. I swear to God, there were like 85 friggin’ “The Rock returns to Smackdown” commercials on Cartoon Network alone during the Saturday night Adult Swim block. It seemed like EVERY COMMERCIAL BREAK had that goddamned spot run and I was active resenting Rock even before RAW is Rock started last week. Personally, Vince needs to stop pining over the damned ratings and get back to making the product somewhat watchable. I don’t NEED Rock wasting my time by doing a skit with Busta Rhymes and that being the only appearance he makes the entire night. I don’t like Rock at all, but if you hype the guy’s return so heavily, then you know… DO MORE THAN ON FREAKING SKIT WITH HIM IN IT!!! Geez, is it THAT hard to fathom?


Please credit Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer and Nielson Media Research







In a rather funny bit, it seems the dipshits in the WWE marketing department still have the Vengeance cable ads centered around the ex-Stone Cold Steve Austin. Yeah, the ads WERE done months ahead of time, but still, they’ve had PLENTY of time to come up with something different and the fact that they haven’t changed them yet just illustrates what a shitstorm this company has become since 2002 started. If a bunch of people buy this show expecting to see Steve Austin come back to kick McMahon’s ass, the backlash could be almost Fingerpoke of DOOM-level bad and the WWE doesn’t need that right now with how mediocre-to-bad the product has been for 6 months.


Please credit Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer







The national media took notice of the last NWA: TNA show when two members of the Tennessee Titans interjected themselves into Jeff Jarrett’s business by jumping the rail and physically pinning JJ against the fence. Heh, at least it’s better than Jim Miller dragging his fat ass out and yakking for 20 minutes… Titans GM Floyd Reese shit a brick when he found about the shenanigans perpetrated by Fred Miller and Zach Piller, who said the entire thing was staged from the get-go. Hey, at least they didn’t have a match with K-Krush like Ermir Sadler, thank God. Speaking of which, if anybody’s seen last week’s episode, please e-mail me(link at the bottom) and tell if it’s worth watching the replay.


Please credit Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer







Something that doesn’t surprise me at all: Apparently, Pro Wrestling’s NOAH gave the NWA:TNA folks verbal smackdown by basically telling them point blank that Takao Omori would NOT be doing the job in his recent match with NWA Champion, Ken Shamrock, which is why they booked the ultra-lame no contest finish you all saw last week. Okay, first off, the NWA should be letting ANYBODY dictate shit to them because bullshit finishes like Omori/Shamrock just makes the champion AND the company look bush league and weak crap like the race car driver/rapper feud, this is NOT the time to bend over like a jailhouse bitch for a promotion from Japan that’s not exactly on the best of financial terms. Furthermore, why even import this guy in the first place? The crowds don’t know who the fuck he is and don’t give a damn, either. That’s why Jarrett, Scott Hall, Brian Christopher, and K Krush should be used in the NWA Title matches because at least the crowds KNOW who they are. Hell, import some of the indy talent that really are big names like Road Dogg from the corpse that is the WWA and have Kenny Boy destroy them. THAT’S how you build credibility, people.


Please credit Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer








NWA-TNA.com announced the line-up for next week’s episode and I must say, it doesn’t look too bad. The X-Title will be defended with Low-Ki challenging A.J. Styles. I’m just waiting for the Jerry Lynn match, myself, but dammit, this should be great as well. There’s also the much heralded return match between K-Krush and Hermie Sadler, Brian Christopher vs. Scott Hall, and Jarrett vs. Malice in a ladder match(man, this is gonna suck) for a chance to face Shamrock the next week for the NWA Title. Hopefully, we won’t see Monty Brown ever again(PLEASE?!?!?!?!??!). Honestly, this show looks loaded and I know I’m gonna check it out. Sure, Lawler/Hall and Sadler/Krush is gonna suck with Jarrett/malice being even worse, but the X-Title match should more than make up for it if they don’t handcuff the guys.


Please credit NWATNA.com







Well, that does it for me, as I’m fixing to finally get this NWA Week 3 recap up, so be sure to check for that. As well, we have WWE Confidential from Retro Rob, Velocity by Edward Robbins, and as always, JHawk hitting you off with RAW on Monday. DA MAN, Damian Gonzalez should be back and hitting you up with the week’s Top 5, as well.


That’s about all from me for now, bitches. You may go back to your own little worlds now. Peace out, bitches!



Byron Vester


E-mail: [email protected]

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