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Apologies for the haphazardness of my recent updates, but hey it’s been a busy couple of weeks.





I’ve just moved all my stuff back into Uni, and man, I’m totally out of kilter with student life. I mean, I’m not down on students or anything, but man, most students are fucking assholes. I guess it’s the maturity thing more than anything else. Well, that and the fact that on my second night back here some asshole PUKED ON MY FUCKING DOOR. Jesus Christ, that wasn’t good.





But it’s mainly the maturity thing. When I finished school, I took a year out, packed two suitcases full of shit, and just hopped on a fucking plane to California. I had no place to stay, I didn’t know a fucking soul, and I had very little money in my pocket. But shit, I wanted to go and live in California, so that’s what I fucking did. And you know what? Living on your own for the first time is one thing, but living on your own for the first time IN ANOTHER FUCKING COUNTRY, thousands of miles from home, when you don’t know anyone and you arrive at LAX not knowing where the shit you’re going to be sleeping that night… well, you learn a lot REAL FUCKING FAST.





Then you get these kids nice kids, but wet-behind-the-fucking-ears kids, straight out of high school, living away from home for the first time, and there really is no other way to put it: they’re fucking immature. They’ve never been out of mommy and daddy’s sight, so when they get their first taste of freedom, they go fucking nuts. Out every night drinking like motherfuckers and acting like complete pricks. And the worst part is, they can’t even handle their drink. Jesus Christ, I’m not some sad old git or anything, but c’mon grow up a little. I was too old for that shit in my first year, and now it’s my final year, it only seems more pathetic. It’s no wonder everyone hates students.





So anyway, whereas last year all my neighbours were all around my age, with a few years under their belt and a bit of maturity, it was really cool. But this year I’m surrounded by freshers who still think it’s fucking amazing to get served without ID and simply have no idea about fundamental things in life. LIKE PORN. I think you can tell a lot about a person by the amount of porn they’ve seen, or are at least aware of. I guess it’s a guy thing, or maybe a guy-at-Uni thing, but sooner or later, the topic of porn always comes up. And THAT’S how you can tell. “Oh yeah, my mate and me saw this hardcore porno, and the woman GOT HER TITS OUT AND EVERYTHING! You even got to see her PUBES!” That’s just fucking lame, man. One of my finals buddies and I were playing some Monkey Ball, and this little fresher was just going on about all this porno stuff, so for the crack we just started asking him if he’d seen any scat flicks, and he didn’t have a frigging clue what we were on about. We explained what a scat film entailed, and he just freaked out. I’m not saying everyone should be into scat or whatever, I’m just trying to illustrate a point: if your idea of hardcore porn is a copy of Playboy, dude, we have nothing to say to one another.





Wow, that was a rant. I think I had to vent some stuff. Anyway, welcome back one and all. Now I’m back at Uni (and theoretically should have a shitload of extra time on my hands), I should be able to post a) on time, and b) more stuff, and more frequently. I want to get back to doing bi- or tri-weekly reviews, and maybe even a couple more opinion pieces. The last one I did, “Hail Fellows Well Met”, was simultaneously met with high praise and utter disdain. It was really a toe-in-the-water thing, just to see if people might be interested in reading what really amounts to random thoughts from yours truly. I mean, the reviews are one thing, but the news updates are pretty fucking dry, especially during lean news periods like we’ve had for the past couple months. So anyway, I got a nice bit of feedback both positive and negative so I guess the interest is there. Hopefully I’ll figure out something else mildly controversial to whitter about if you haven’t read “HFWM”, you can do so by clicking here. I’ll preface it by saying “shit man, it’s just brain food, don’t take it too seriously”, and it’s also worth mentioning that I included a bunch of pictures of really rare deleted scenes, like some Biggs scenes from Star Wars, Wampa attack stuff from Empire, and the Skull Cowboy from The Crow. Go check it out, bitch.





Wow, 824 words. I guess I really did miss writing over the summer. Okay then, let’s HIT THE CONTENT~!














I’m absolutely sure everyone will already have checked this out, but hey, it’s a news report and this is news (even if it is both old and mainstream), so what the hey.





StarWars.com scores highly for not only revealing the deleted scenes on the AOTC DVD, but also for taking a very public pro-widescreen stance, publishing a really tight article to educate the heathens on the benefit of widescreen releases. Since most net-heads are inherently tech-minded anyway, it’s probably just preaching to the masses, but hopefully with such a mainstream site as StarWars.com, between the influence on young kids and the occasional parent doing some surfing, awareness will get raised a little.






As for the deleted scenes, we get:





  • Padmé Addresses the Senate.


  • Jedi Temple Analysis Room.


  • Obi-Wan & Mace - Jedi Landing Platform.


  • Extended Arrival on Naboo.


  • Padmé's Parents' House.


  • Padmé Bedroom.


  • Dooku Interrogates Padmé.


  • Anakin and Padmé on Trial.

What, none of the rumoured extended Dooku/Yoda fight? And there I was getting all jacked about it. Oh well, better head over to TheForce.net to see if Dooku really did use two lightsabres. The cut scenes (which, fair play, look totally vanilla and are the very manufactured “deleted scenes” I was talking about in my article) come with optional introductions from Lucas, McCallum and Burtt. Shit, if they’re gonna film shit just to “delete” and shove on the DVD, at least make them DECENT give us a new fucking fight scene or something to make the damn thing worth getting.





Thanks to… well, every DVD and Star Wars site on the net.














Well, kind of.





Having chopped the headbutt from Star Wars, those jolly rat bastards at the BBFC have seen fit to snip a minute and 16 seconds from the Region 2 release of LOTR Fellowship (which streets universally on November 12th, although no doubt sly retailers will slip them out sooner). Despite the fact that the cut(s?) come from the supplemental features NOT the film itself, that only makes you wander just what the hell is on these discs. From the BBFC statement:





“The cuts were Cuts for Category. Company chose to cut strong language, audible or visible over the bleeps, and accompanying sexual references, for PG [Parental Guidance]. A 12 uncut was available to the distributor.”





Wow. Strong language and sexual references? What, are the hobbits making blowjob jokes? Sean Bean loses his rag and starts calling Frodo a little c*nt? What gives??? It’s still not enough to make me buy the damn disc, but I’d love to know just what has caused the offence. Mind you, I didn’t see the need to cut the frigging headbutt, so Christ knows what reasoning the BBFC applied to this. Maybe the answers are here.







Thanks to the Times, who also kindly point out that the official site is now up and running, listing the new and extended scenes.















Alas, still Region 2-only I’m afraid. GET A MULTI-REGION PLAYER, DAMMIT!





Futurama Season 2 hits UK stores on November 11th, containing all 19 episodes in SWANK~! metallic packaging for a cool £40 (about US$62, although e-tailers are usually a little cheaper). I won’t bother listing every damn episode on the discs, but the extras for the set look a little like this:





Disc One:



  • Commentary for each episode


  • Animatics for Why Must I Be A Crustacean In Love?


  • Deleted scenes from all episodes

Disc Two:



  • Audio commentary for each episode


  • Storyboard for A Bicyclops Built For Two


  • Deleted Scenes from all episodes

Disc Three:



  • Audio commentary for each episode


  • Deleted scene from The Deep South, Bender Gets Made, The Problem With Popplers

Disc Four:



  • Audio commentary for each episode


  • Still Gallery/Concept Art


  • Alien Alphabet


  • Deleted scene from The Honking, The Cryonic Woman


  • Futurama Season 1 trailer


  • Sponsor Clips 1. Aracno Spores, 2. Glagners Human Rinds, 3. Molten Boron, 4. Soylent Chow

The good folks over at the DVD Times have got some pics of the box, if that gets your wheels turning. Obviously, these Futurama sets piss ALL OVER The Simpsons sets, but I guess there’s gonna be a lot more Simpsons discs, so like the Next Generation, they’ve got to spread the extras over a ridiculous number of seasons. But, anyone still in denial over the series getting canned should do themselves a favour and pick this up.









Well, that about does it for the useful DVD news this week. Well, technically it’s the past two weeks, which just illustrates how lame the news scene is right now. Oh well.





Take care, I’ll hit you with a review soon(ish).













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