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In the player: Alexia Cage 2


On the box: Weird. Foreign. Animation






Well well well, look what we have here. If it isn’t little old me.




Haven’t been around with a DVD news update for a couple weeks. Y’know why? BECAUSE DVD NEWS SUCKS ASS RIGHT NOW. There just isn’t anything happening. Sure, I could inanely reproduce the specs for newly announced discs like xXx and, um... all the other new stuff that’s on its way, but Christ, I’ve been doing this for a long ass time now, and I’m getting bored of that. Unless there’s a REAL news story Blu Ray, rumours, you know, actual NEWS there isn’t a whole lot to actually report.




So where does that leave us? Well, take the past couple of weeks, for example. When there’s only one decent item to run per update, I can’t honestly say that I have the energy or enthusiasm to stretch it out for a whole column or go trawling through the release lists. If you head over to the forums, C.H.U.D. always has the new releases covered, and any big news always escapes somehow anyway. So there really isn’t much point going to all the hassle of writing an update with nothing in it.




To make up for my absence, I’m posting columns in other areas last week I wrote a piece on Hulk Hogan, and a couple weeks before that it was a (much maligned) article on DVD features. Either this week or next, I’ll be re-posting the fully screen-grabbed Game of Death review, so it’s not like I’m just sitting on my ass doing nothing. But the news is banal enough as it is, and I just can’t bear to waste everybody’s time doing it just for the sake of doing it.












Sooo… Animal Crossing rules. It’s a great game to play with your girlfriend, that’s for sure. I’ve been hammering away at it the past few weekends with the missus, and she can’t get enough of it. She even woke up with a fright after an Animal Crossing related nightmare (she couldn’t remember what it was, but she was running round a village doing tasks. CRAZY).




Uni’s the same old. I’m totally pissed off with my new neighbours (surprise surprise), but after last year when I was sandwiched by GAY COUPLES EITHER SIDE OF MY ROOM, I guess I can’t really complain. Fuck ‘em they want to make life awkward by being rowdy bastards? Well, I might have a 9am start on Monday and Tuesday, but Wednesday, Thursday, Friday I have NO LECTURES, BABY, and my sound system can pump out a fair amount of bass. Time for some 4am wakeup calls, mother fuckers. I might even set off the fire alarms on my way to the computer labs if I’m feeling particularly evil.




Well, let’s see if we can’t crank out at least three stories this week. SHOWTIME, BITCHES~!












Well, it’s not exactly a news item, and I actually haven’t even got a proper date. But after the nightmare of watching the series on my collection of low-quality VCDs, I was jumping for joy to find out that Jackass is getting the DVD treatment in December December 10th, I think to cash in on the film’s release on the run up to the holidays.




Now, I was under the impression that Johnny Knoxville was adamant that the show would NEVER make it to our beloved format after all the nonsense, so I don’t know if there might be any residual effects from lawsuits etc. that could impact the discs’ content. They’re sure to be unrated, of course, but it’d be a shame if they chopped out the offending scenes (or even episodes) altogether. And it would be nice if they included the Gumball Rally, too. And it’d be fucking sweet to have full length commentary tracks with Knoxville, Margera and co. just watching themselves go nuts.




But anyway, go check out your favourite e-tailer for the full details, and ask an open-minded relative for a nice stocking filler.












Those rat bastards at Paramount are desperately trying to con the British public out of their hard-earned cash.




To tie (cash) in on the release of ST: Nemesis, they have announced a ten-disc Star Trek boxset for a November 18th street date, running a cool £99. That’s all nine Trek movies, along with a Nemesis preview CD-ROM. What, not even a DVD-ROM?




It doesn’t take a genius to see what’s going on. Nine films, nine discs even though Paramount are going through each flick one by one and giving them two-disc Special Editions. Not only is Trek III on US shores and will be in the UK imminently, but the Special Editions of the first two will be in stores long before this boxset lands. Obviously, those picking up this “boxset” will be deprived of three discs of extras, and will be unlikely to fork out for another six Special Editions for films they’ve already bought. Looks like these Ferengi bastards are trying to clear out their warehouses full of old stock. So Region 2ers beware!




In other Trek-related news, the Digital Bits have got packshots of the upcoming Deep Space Nine DVDs.




Thanks to the DVD Times.












Well, it appears that the rumours are true.



According to the good folks at the Digital Bits, all branches of the Musicland Group Musicland, Best Buy, Suncoast, Sam Goody, Media Play have landed the exclusive rights to stock the complete R2-D2: Behind The Dome mocumentary. The exact details haven’t been released, but this has been confirmed by loads of Suncoast employees, so the info’s good. The release date is likely to be around Christmas time.




Can’t help but think they would have done better to get it on shelves WITH the Episode II DVDs, but hey, I’m not the Lucas marketing department.








Well, that was about as lame an update as I’ve ever written, but you know how it goes.




Look for compensatory updates from me in the form of the GoD review, and I might be without the girlfriend this weekend, so I may even get round to an ALL NEW REVIEW, BITCH (suggestions are more than welcome, otherwise you’ve no-one to blame but yourselves for what you end up with).




I’m off to start writing my dissertation. Or rather, to DECIDE what I’m going to write for my dissertation. Piece of piss, this University.













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