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WWE Confidential October 12, 2002

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Guest TSMAdmin

WWE Confidential: October 12, 2002


First and foremost, for weeks now I have been promising all of you a Mind Games review. Well, I decided to scratch that. Instead I will have a surprise tape review up within the next 24 hours. For those of you reading this at Lords of Pain or Wrestling Nation, here is the link to where my tape reviews are posted; The Smart Marks.


Highest Rating: 1.5 (May 25, 2002)

Lowest Rating: 0.5 (June 29, 2002- Rerun of May 22, 2002 @ 8:00PM)


Last Week's Rating: 0.7


Cover Story

Wrestling isn’t fake. To emphasize this, a montage of bumps is shown. JR sarcastically adds, “They know how to fall.” Billy Gunn mentions that the ring isn’t like a trampoline. You learn something new everyday. Kidman says that if it looks like it hurt, it probably hurt. JR can’t think of a more physical profession. HHH brings up how easily he got injured, simply by planting his leg wrong, yet worked through the immense pain to finish the match. Some clips of Kurt Angle and Shane McMahon talking about their King of the Ring match are shown. These exact same clips already aired on Confidential back when they profiled the Street Fight. Footage of Angle breaking Holly’s arm with a moonsault is next. Holly’s logic in continuing the match was that the pain couldn’t get any worse than it already was. Gunn talks about his rotator cuff injury in February of 2000, when he gave D-Von the Fameasser through a table. Rikishi dislocated his shoulder while giving Kurt Angle a belly-to-belly suplex. Dr. James Andrews was shocked that Rikishi finished the match. Kidman messed up his knee against X-Pac. Kidman thought working while hurt was sort of fun because it made you improvise. Let’s take a look back at SummerSlam 2000, where Kurt Angle suffered a concussion. HHH was shocked that an unconscious, rookie, like Kurt was still able to work. Isn’t it weird that the best wrestler in the WWE, Kurt Angle, was involved in the most injuries? Especially considering he has only been wrestling for less than three years. Benoit mentions his neck injury. JR believes that Benoit healed faster than most. They recycle some clips of Lita commenting on breaking her neck on the set of Dark Angel. Kidman brings up that MANY guys need surgery, but don’t want to take the time off for it. JR puts the Undertaker over as a risk-taker in the ring. What a fucking joke. The last “risk” the Undertaker took was in 1998. Bully Gunn wraps up the segment, “There is nothing like walking down the ramp and 20,000 people jumping to their feet.” Billy, I hope you actually get to experience that one day…actually, I don’t.


Segment 1: 1/1


It’s time for some Tough Enough audition tapes. How fascinating… I can’t believe that the Lizard, who makes hissing sounds at random parts of his promo, even thought he had a chance of making it in the WWE. Some fat-chick was looking to revive the Black Widow gimmick. Now some guy hits himself with a cookie tray. CHAM PAIN BABY!! For those of you who don’t know, Cham Pain wrestled in OMEGA and other promotions down south. He applied for the first Tough Enough and was rejected. I’m surprised the black girl with boobs bigger than Jackie didn’t make it. This was funny in a “laughing at” kind of way.


Segment 2: 1.5/2


Let’s take a look back at Victoria’s history. She considers herself to be the exact opposite of her character. She originally wrestled in the UPW. JR praises her attitude. She was a fitness model. She won a few competitions and went pro. She met Chyna at a Fitness Club. Chyna hooked her up with the WWF front office. At first she was used a ho for the Godfather, but she wanted more damnit. She was signed to a developmental contract, which entailed her working in the MCW (Memphis), HWA (Cincinnati), and OVW (Louisville). Victoria was actually a part of the 2000 and 2001 Diva shoots in the Caribbean. Unfortunately, since she wasn’t a TV personality, the WWF didn’t use any of her pictures in the magazines or DVDs. Now she has made it to the big-time and never wants to get burnt out.


Segment 3: 2/3


Confidential Flashback

Remember that time Kurt Angle attacked the Alliance by shooting milk at them? What do you mean who are the Alliance??? Anyway, Confidential decided to dig up this gem. All of the Alliance members were overselling the milk being sprayed at them. Specifically Stephanie, who now goes by “WWE Director – Creative Television”. Yeah, whatever that means. Remember when Debra had that gimmick with the cooki…never mind. Tommy Dreamer had a cookie stuck to the bottom of his boot, so he peeled it off and ate it. I’m sure Beulah was thrilled when she saw that. The “milk” was actually water with white food coloring, although the milk Kurt spilt all over himself was real. In a rather stupid decision, Kurt decided to wear his sneakers instead of his wrestling boots, so on his flight home, he literally stunk up the plane. In the hopes of passing the blame, Kurt took off his shoes and put them under the seat in front of him. Kurt hopes that one day he will get a pop just as loud as the one he received in Sacramento that night.


Segment 4: 2.5/4


Finally, what all the fans have been asking for, a segment devoted to Lillian Garcia’s musical career! WHOOO. Lillian has a deal with Universal. Meredith Brooks (Bitch), wrote all of the Lillian’s songs. Her first single will be Shout. At the moment I don’t like the song, but it may one of those that grows on you over time. She started singing at age 5. The WWE opened a lot of doors for because fans around the world had witnessed her singing the National Anthem. Her most emotional moment was singing the National Anthem a mere two days after 9/11. Garcia doesn’t mind getting physical once in a while because it helps keep the product fresh. I’m sure that was added to debunk the rumors of her being against the attack on her courtesy of Rosie and Jammal.


Segment 5: 2.5/5


Lastly, the Rock gives us a tour of the Scorpion King set. I believe this footage is also on the Scorpion King DVD.


Next week Gene promises a segment with Chris Jericho and Saliva. I’m counting down the days…


Segment 6: 2.5/6


Pretty lame show this week. Not actively bad, just really boring.


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