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In the player: Fist of Fury HKL


On the box: Something about kilts...


Heavy rotation: Jackass OST







Hey pa, look the news guy is back.




Well, in my defence, I DID post an article last week just not the one I’m employed to do. Well, content’s content. And speaking of content from yours truly, I’m working (or rather, I WILL be working) on a review of the next DVD in the ECW series, Path of Destruction. Since the original which you can all find HERE was such a gargantuan effort, the follow-up will probably be a week or two at least, so you’ll have to bear with me. If you’re just GAGGING for more Jay Spree content (ah sure you are), go check out my LOL2002 funny Survivor Series Booking Meeting, and if there isn’t a yellow stain on your seat by the time you’re done… well, I guess I’m not that funny. Or you’re just gay, one or tother.




All my shit from Silver Vision has finally started appearing if you didn’t know, Silver Vision are the English distributors of WWF videos and DVDs, and thanks to the lawsuit by the Panda-loving WWF, they were selling off shitloads of wrestling DVDs (all Region-free, too) dirt cheap, so of course, I grabbed a bunch of stuff. Alas, they’ve now had to stop selling the stuff thanks to the same cut-off date that prevents Vince from airing WWF Wrestling Challenge over here, although on the plus side we do get some classic NWA shows instead. Anyway, I’m still waiting on my Hardy Boyz DVD, but when I’ve got everything I’ll do a bunch of mini-reviews at least, because when I was trying to find info on some of these titles there was FUCK ALL. Give back to the fans, baby.




And while I’m on a brief wrestling tip, I thought you might like this little snippet from Triple HGH’s interview at wwe.com:




Probably I’ll still leave tomorrow to go to India. I won’t be able to wrestle. It’s just going to depend on the company whether or not they’ll send me. As of right now, I’m going. I’m advertised on the card and I would like to be there. I don’t like to be advertised on something and not show up. I just feel like if you make a commitment to be somewhere, you’re there. And yeah, it’s halfway around the world, but there are people who want to see WWE just as much as anybody else does. It’s part of what we do.




I love the way that Hunter can turn a question about his throat injury into a swipe at Hogan. I am a little shocked, however, that he didn’t subsequently turn THAT into a swipe at Jericho or a lecture on work ethic or tippy top guys or something.




I’m off to Erotica with the missus this weekend, so if next week’s update is a little tardy, you’ll know why :)
















Well, we’ve had Spidey, Star Wars and LOTR, so it’s a good thing there ain’t dick worth buying today.




Reign of Fire (dodgy B-movie about dragons) and Spirit (soppy animation about horses and Matt Damon) are only real the big name releases, and neither of them light my fire particularly. Well, there’s Juwanna Man, but that’s utter shite. I’ve never even heard of My So-Called Life, but it stars Claire Danes who is fine as all hell, so it must be good on at least one level.




There’s The Judy Garland Collection, and something I’ve just spotted at Amazon which may or may not be exclusive, The Citizen Kane Gold Edition Box Set. No specs were listed, so it’s probably like that Matrix set that just had some film cells and lobby cards and shit.




What else… um, how about a Cirque Du Soleil DVD? Nah, thought not. Well, there’s a bunch of music DVDs David Bowie, Joe Cocker, Deep Purple, Green Day, Korn, Kylie Minogue, Jame Taylor, and The Sex Pistols. Shit, there’s gotta be something there for someone.




Here’s something (kind of) interesting: Vixens of Wrestling. Could that be Wrestling ViXXXens? Hell, I’m not ashamed I’m interested to see what Tammy’s (admittedly gnarly) snatch is looking like these days. Although given the “success” of the website, I’m guessing that they probably couldn’t afford to produce a DVD, so this is probably something completely different. Ah well, The Last Seduction is finally out on DVD. LINDA FIORENTINO, BABY~! That chick is so fucking hot. I used to know a girl who looks JUST LIKE HER well, if she was twenty, and totally fucking into me. DICK GO HARD, PANTS GO WET~!




Daddy of the Week: Oh man, there isn’t even any good shit worth buying. Well, why not give the medal to everyone’s favourite nearly-was, Dean Cain, for the surely epic Facing Fear. Seriously, what the fuck happened there? I don’t mean Cain, but Teri Hatcher she couldn’t act for shit, but she was fucking hot. How the hell come she isn’t banging out more crappy movies and getting her tits out in a desperate attempt to maintain a career? Hollywood’s so fucked up.












You see? We all went out and bought stuff like Transformers and Babylon 5, and now we’re reaping the rewards in the form of stuff like Twin Peaks and South Park. Grassroots movements may mean dick most other places, but it still makes a difference in DVD land. The dream is alive!




Anyway, Fox are dishing out the TV love with NYPD Blue: The Complete First Season on March 4th. The set will go for $60 and contains all 22 episodes (in full… frame… AHHHHHH!) in stinky Dolby 2.0, but with audio commentaries and a couple of featurettes. Hey, it could be worse. I guess. Somehow.




Not to be outdone, HBO are serving up Six Feet Under: The Complete First Season on February 4th, again for 60 Earth bucks. This one may only be 13 episodes long, but across the four discs you’ll also find a featurette, interviews, episode synopsis, and two commentaries (on episode one and 13). IT’s stillonly crappy fullscreen and Dolby 2.0, but what can you do.




Thanks to DVDFile for the info.












According to the official Trek site, beginning February Paramount will be releasing complete season sets of DS9 every other month until all seven series are available in a year and a bit.




Much like the current TNG treatments, each season will have the episodes spread across a bunch of discs, with all the extras appearing on the last disc. So with the first instalment of DS9, you get five discs worth of episodes, and disc six will contain ‘DS9: A Bold Beginning’, ‘Crew Dossier: Kira Nerys’, ‘Alien Artifacts: Season One’, ‘Michael Westmore’s Aliens: Season One’, Secrets of Quark’s Bar, DS9 Sketchbook, DS9 Chronicles, a photo gallery and more.




No price as of yet, but I’m guessing it’ll be along the lines of what you pay for the TNG sets.












According to DVDFile, by way of the DVD Times, Fox are sending the first season of Angel stateside on FEBRUARY 11th way sooner than the year or two predicted thanks to alleged syndication rights issues in the US.




The sets will be virtually identical to their Region 2 counterparts (check out the Times for reviews of the sets released so far I think they’re up to series four or five now)… right down to the fullscreen transfers. As many of you will be very much aware, the show was filmed in 16:9, yet the R2 release of the first season contained a fullscreen transfer, pissing off EVERYONE and inciting a grassroots internet campaign which resulted in every subsequent season being issued in widescreen exclusively for UK consumers. It had been hoped that Fox would source some widescreen masters for the US release, but alas, it was not meant to be.




It is also unclear at this point whether other problems with the UK sets will be rectified namely the missing “Previously…” segments which were inexplicably omitted. Still, being as Fox couldn’t even be arsed to find widescreen masters for the US release, I’d guess that they won’t go to any extra effort where this is concerned either.




The set is still pretty sexy though, and for $60, it’s still definitely worth picking up for fans of the show.








Well, I’m out. Time to go complete that bastard Wild West level on TimeSplitters 2 on Hard. You know, it’d be SO much more fucking convenient if my co-op buddy could help me out instead of sitting in fucking jail for the first half of the level while I get shot to shit.










Jay Spree



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