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WWE Confidential November 23, 2002

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WWE Confidential November 23, 2002


Highest Rating: 1.5 (May 25, 2002)

Lowest Rating: 0.5 (June 29, 2002- Rerun of May 25, 2002 @ 8:00PM)


Last Week's Rating: 0.6


This week on Confidential we take a look back at the Elimination Chamber and Kurt Angle joins three fans for a shopping spree.


Gene recaps what went down during the main event at the Survivor Series, including HHH's injury. This segues into...


Cover Story

Bischoff thinks that this PPV will be exciting because there has never been an Elimination Chamber match before, so no one knows what to expect going in. The Chamber itself was built from scratch. Since the structure had to be built on such short notice, there wasn't really enough time for prototypes and such. It was also a challenge for the production team when it came to delivering the Chamber to the Garden. Kane, Booker and Jericho were quite intimidated when they entered the Chamber. Kane adds that the photos didn't do it justice. Interestingly, when Shawn and RVD entered it, they both tried to come up with creative spots they could do inside. All the wrestlers, besides the MIA HHH, agree that the fans cannot appreciate just how hard the steel grate was and just how unforgiving the chains were. Jericho and Kane think that RVD was the most extreme in the cage. Specifically when he went for a crossbody off the top rope on to Jericho, who was standing outside the ring. Jericho ducked, RVD landed on the chains like Spiderman and crossbodied Jericho from there. Now they discuss RVD injuring HHH. If you watch it in slow motion, HHH visibly turned into the Five-Star. Go figure. Shawn knew something was wrong, but knew that he still had to take care of business. Jericho was worried that HHH wouldn't be able to finish the match after he was eliminated, since then it was only HHH and Shawn for another 6 minutes. Shawn remembers that in 1996 he didn't really enjoy winning the WWF Title, but this time around he will. One of the better Confidential segments we've had in a while. Although, where was HHH? Is he too good for a show that scores a mere 0.6 rating?


Segment 1: 1/1


Gene hypes the Special 10th Anniversary Raw in January.


Raw Flashback- November 29, 1999

This was one of my favorite Raws, for it is the Raw is Love episode. Stephanie was told to get a wedding dress for her marriage to Test about two weeks before the actual ceremony. At first the bridal shop thought she was insane asking for a dress on such short notice, but then one of the stockboys recognized her and she found a pre-maid dress that fit. The original segment from Raw follows, starting from when HHH crashes the party. As we all know, HHH married an unconscious Stephanie in Vegas. I would go into greater detail, but I really want to finish this tonight.


Segment 2: 1.5/2


A Torrie Wilson video promotes Anthology.


Now we get a recap of WWE Week on Blind Date. Some of this footage has been recycled from two weeks ago. Nowinski's date was awesome, especially after his girl downed three margaritas in 10 minutes. Afterwards, she asked him into her apartment, but being the gentleman and Harvard graduate that he is, no details are given. I didn't know Blind Date features gay pairings.... Oh, nevermind, that's just Jackie Gayda. Jackie was a mega-bitch who left her man at dinner. Personally, I would have been glad she bounced. Linda Miles and Maven seemed to have had boring dates since very little footage of them are aired. I can't tell how Nidia's date went because at the end she told the guy that if she weren’t with Jamie Noble, she would go out with him again. Either that is a lame excuse to get out of a second date, or Jamie is cheating on the wife.


Segment 3: 2.5/3


Raw Retro- June 11, 2001: Kurt Angle hits a moonsault on Chris Benoit from the top of a cage. OK, that was a great spot and all, but is it one of the Top 25 greatest moments in Raw history? After reading the list on WWE.com of nominees, I thought many of them had no right even being considered. Once again though, that is why I'm not a WWE employee.


Kurt Angle and K Mart teamed up for a shopping spree contest. Three grand prize winners flew to New York to shop with Kurt. Each contestant had 4 minutes to take anything besides electronics (WTF?), firearms, jewelry, and tobacco. The first shopper was a woman, so she stocked up on makeup and diet stuff. Kurt got some power tools for her. The next guy stuck to household appliances and the last guy took almost every piece of clothing in the store. Personally, I would have hit the power tools and other expensive stuff, which I would then sell on EBAY. Interestingly, Kurt was blown up halfway through the third spree, so the guy’s girlfriend had to fill in for Angle. That's just weird. Kurt could wrestle for 30 minutes at a time, but 10 minutes of shopping put him on the sidelines. Like Kurt, I can’t endure long periods of shopping either.


Segment 4: 3/4


Saliva talks about playing Chris Jericho's theme at the Survivor Series from The World. Saliva also praises the WWE. Some clips of them playing and their music video follow. I'm not a big Saliva fan, so ::yawn::.


Gene promotes Hogan's autobiography. Footage of Hogan at a book signing follows. Typical feel-good Hogan stuff follows. He talks about some of the stories in his book and then interacts with some fans. This one fat kid dressed as Hogan annoys the shit out of me though. Hogan ends the segment by saying that he still wants to end his career in the WWE and he still hasn't had his final match. Interesting.


Segment 5: 3.5/5


A repeat of the Hurricane promo for Anthology is shown.


Next Week: Repeat (WOO-HOO) with the two segments devoted to Snuka. Damned if I remember the date.


Segment 6: 3.5/6


Overall this had to be one of the best Confidentials we've had in a while, but that isn't saying much.


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