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WWE Confidential Decmeber 14, 2002

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Guest TSMAdmin

WWE Confidential December 14, 2002


Let's get right down to business, for I have other things to do.


Cover Story

Ric Flair and David Crockett talk about their plane crash on October 4, 1975. They were flying from Charlotte to Wilmington for a Mid South show. The card was a HUGE event headlined by Tim Woods vs. Johnny Valentine and Ric Flair vs. Wahoo McDaniel. Shawn Hudson, a Mid South fan, talks about how much he was looking forward to that show. The plane was a six-seater. Flair, Crockett, Valentine, Woods, Bob Brueggers and a pilot were all on board. The gas tank was at empty about halfway through the flight. The reserve tank was lost earlier. Eventually the right engine failed and the plane flew to the ground at more than 250 MPH. Hudson remembered that rumors were circulating around the arena about the crash. The ring announcer later confirmed the incident. The first thing Flair remembered was being loaded into an ambulance with the other guys. David Crockett was practicing Lamaze as the plane hit, but can’t recall anything else. Crockett came out of it with a head injury and his shoulder and ankle were broken. Brueggers and Valentine both suffered career ending broken backs. The pilot never awoke from a coma and died a few months later. Flair broke his back in three places, yet made a full return to the ring. At the time Flair turned a negative into a positive. He spent his insurance settlement on a new Cadillac. Crockett had a fear of flying for a little while, but got past it. Flair rarely remembers the crash unless he flies overseas, there is turbulence, or someone asks him about it. Tim Woods (Mr. Wrestling) was supposed to be interviewed for this piece, but died of a heart attack on November 30th. This was a tremendous segment. I never really knew all the details of the crash, but am now enlightened. Nice job WWE.


Segment 1: 1/1


The Rock is back with an interview from the set of his latest (untitled) movie. The Rock plays a bounty hunter that is out to get Seann William Scott, who in turn is searching for an ancient artifact. During shooting, the Rock accidentally sliced Scott with a knife. Rock describes Scott as a mix between Jericho and Angle. Scott suggests Snuka, which causes the Rock to add Mae Young to his list. The Rock goes on to say that money doesn’t change him, only the people around him. He loves wrestling; he loves the WWE, blah blah blah. Well, Seann William Scott seemed like a funny guy.


Segment 2: 1.5/2


This week we get an extended Raw Retro featuring Y2J’s WWF debut.


Now we get to see the making of Fozzy’s first music video, “With the Fire”. The concept is that Y2J dreams up Fozzy performing at a hip-hop club. Jericho and the other band members agree that Fozzy is fun because it isn’t their full-time job. They had to work with a very limited budget. The Hurricane was brought in as one of the hip-hop guys and did some of his moves. Jericho was great to everyone on the set. For instance, he bought beer for all of the extras. A little later we will see a sneak peak of the video.


Segment 3: 2/3


The Big Show will be guest starring on UPN’s not quite hit comedy One-On-One. He is playing a bodyguard for the main character. I concede that the Big Show was funny on Saturday Night Live, but this just looks pathetically lame. That could probably be blamed on the script more than the Show himself.


Segment 4: 2/4


SWEET, a segment on the Shooting Star Press. I saw Kidman do the move at the house show I attended last Saturday. I fucking love that move, so it was great to see in person. At first Kidman did the move off a diving board as a kid. Once he got in a wrestling ring he didn’t think it was physically possible to do the move. Although, he saw footage of Jushin Liger hitting it in Japan. Kidman experimented and fucked up a few times. The TV debut of the SSP was miserable (and we get footage!!), for Kidman caught his leg on the ropes and fell flat on his face. His favorite SSP was from the top to the floor on to Rey and Juvi. He adds that he never really hears any noise during his matches (HAHA) up until he pulls his opponent to the corner. That was a humorous line.


Segment 5: 3/5


Next week on Confidential more with the Rock and a feature on Arn Anderson.


The Fozzy sneak peak follows and looks to be very funny. I’m looking forward to seeing the full video.


Segment 6: 3.5/6




Easily the best Confidential in months. I’m low on time, so that will be all folks.


Drop me a line, take a look at my Archives, and check out my Amazon Wishlist.


The Smart Marks

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