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The HHH Files II

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The HHH Files II




New word on the spreading cultural menace of Triple H has him on the panel at an Anti-drug Seminar yesterday afternoon, shortly before the RAW taping. It became evident to the several wHHHistleblowers in attendance that Triple H intended on playing the devil's advocate early on. Things came to a head about 45 minutes in when Triple H addressed anti-drug lobbyist Michael Buckley. Things quickly escalated into the following exchange:


"I've found the moral loophole," said Triple H, trademark smirk spreading slowly across his freshly-shaven face.


"The moral loophole?" questioned Buckley.


"The moral loophole," replied The Game, his steroid-enhanced muscles bulging from his personalized T-shirt. He added, "If I buy drugs, I might be helping to fund terrorism. Might."


Buckley looked on incredulously before replying, "If you buy drugs, you might be funding the murder of children. If you buy drugs, you might be funding the massacre of innocent families. And if you buy drugs, you might be enabling terrorists to do things that...we can't even conceive of yet."


Triple H sat in stunned silence before replying, "It's a complicated issue."


The balding Buckley, again looking on in disbelief, retorted, "A complicated issue? No drug buyers means no drug dealers. No drug dealers means no drug money. No drug money means no drug cartels. Murder, corruption, greed."


Triple H, stunned, wiped his brow and nervously checked his wrist watch before adding, "Not so complicated."


Triple H was said to be furious after the seminar. He apparently spent most of his time backstage at RAW plotting revenge against Buckley with Stephanie McMahon and that show's other writers. Early word is that the revenge will either consist of accusing Buckley of necrophilia or the introduction of a new Buckley-based gimmick, reportedly to be played by Chris Jericho.


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