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The Dames Diatribe on NWA:TNA Week 28

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The Dames’ Diatribe on NWA:TNA Week 28


Hello and welcome back to your weekly TNA Diatribe. For those of you who didn’t know, I was feeling very under the weather a few nights ago, but I’m feeling a lot better now. Drugs can be good sometimes, mmmkay.


I’ve been getting a lot of emails lately asking if I also do Diatribes for WWE PPV’s and the answer is yes. However, they’re exclusive to my site, TheSmartMarks.com because most sites already have that covered. For those of you who are curious as to what I thought about this Sunday’s WWE Royal Rumble PPV, you can find it here. For those of you who aren’t...READ IT ANYWAY! It’s done in the same style as these Diatribes that most of you have come to know and love.


You guys just can’t WAIT for the recap, I can tell, but I have one more article that I’d like to plug. Bryan “Bps21” Staebell has been writing NWA:TNA Previews for a few months now and I really believe that he’s hit his stride. Looking back on this week’s preview, it’s just eerie how spot on he can be with his predictions and you should definitely give him a read, it's worth your time.


Last week on TNA, Vince Russo made a challenge to Dusty Rhodes and the NWA for an 8 man tag team match and if his team won, he’d hand pick the challengers for all of the title matches tonight. Not only did his team win, but he welcomed former NWA wrestler Nikita Koloff to the Sports Entertainment Extreme faction, promoted Mike Sanders to be a scout of talent and had Percy Pringle attacked with a soapbox.


Also, I was uninformed as to what the meaning of the “soapbox” was, but thankfully, the question was answered by reader Dave O’Neill who said: “Basically, Soapboxes are a Journalism Term (I should know). Basically, during the 60s and 70s, student laundries on campuses were a meeting place, and that time was a great time of unrest amongst young people. Activists would climb onto one of the laundries soapboxes (If you've ever seen the size of washing powder boxes they use in laundries, you'll understand) and say their bit, yada yada yada”.


Alright already....lets go to the recap.


First thing we see a still photo of the Original Shiek, Ed Farhat, acknowledging his death. For the record, this is NOT former WWF Champion, The Iron Sheik but Sabu’s uncle.


We go right into the TNA Asylum (Nashville Fairgrounds) with Mike Tenay taking us to Jeremy Borash, who is in Australia. The segment is just Borash sitting across from the Sydney Harbor and the famous Opera House in (who’s name eludes me at the moment) welcoming Australia to TNA as they now have access to TNA on PPV. With the way WWE truly screwed them over, they’ll flock to any wrestling they can get.


Well, the illusion is broken immediately as Jeremy Borash begins doing ring announcing live from the Fairgrounds. Why pretend like he’s actually in Australia if you’re going to admit he’s not a few seconds later? I don’t get it. He brings out the competitors for our first match...


Shark Boy & David Young & Jimmy Yang vs. The SAT


Match Background: Red & SAT are finally back from Japan where they were training at the All Japan Dojo. Red was originally scheduled to face Sonny Siaki in an X Division title match last week, but was asked to stay in Japan longer so he’ll receive his title shot at a later date. Red hasn’t teamed with his cousins, The SAT since Week 25 where they had their best match in TNA so far as a unit against Triple X. Shark Boy hasn’t been seen in TNA since the 10 man X-Division Elimination Gauntlet match, also in Week 25, and prior to that lost in Week 14 in a one on one match up with Red. Another competitor we haven’t seen in a while is Jimmy Yang, who was last seen in TNA also losing a match to the Amazing Red back in Week 20. This isn’t his first time facing the SAT’s as a unit as he defeated them in Week 11 along with the other two members of the Flying Elvises. However, he failed to defeat them in Week 14 when it was just the Maximo’s he faced teaming up with Jorge Estrada. David Young has been on a roll lately, defeating X Division title contender Jason Cross last week. He last faced the SAT as part of the 10 Man X Division Elimination Match as well when the SAT used their combined efforts to eliminate him.


The Match: Tenay pimps the fact that this will be the first exposure Australia has had to the much heralded X Division. The SAT now have new music which isn’t nearly as cool as their ripoff of Santana’s “Smooth”. As they make their way down the ramp, a fan is holding up a sign that reads: McMahon Fears Raven. I hope he can find a spot in TNA soon. Young, Yang and Shark Boy attack the SAT from behind at the bell, but the tides turn rather quickly as all three members of the SAT irish whip their opponents into each other. Funny moment as Red trips over his cousin as The SAT all charge at their opponents in the corner. They then set up all three men for three top rope elbows, which they hit. Yang and Young go to the outside to try and recoup but Red gets elevated over the top rope by Joel Maximo and lands on them with a somersault tope. The SAT’s then concentrate on Shark Boy, hitting him with consecutive triple team manuevers...but the last spot is blown by Red. They try another triple team maneuver with Shark Boy put in a Mexican surfboard AND a dragon sleeper by both Maximo’s with Red coming off the top with a stomp. This one also looked a bit awkward, but popped the crowd. The match finally becomes a traditional tag match was Jose Maximo is now in the ring alone with Shark Boy who takes a bump off a clothesline in the corner. That’s probably the only thing I’ve seen from Shark Boy that I really like. Shark Boy comes back with a facebuster before making a tag to Yang who comes FLYING in with a HIGH missile dropkick. Yang takes over with chops in the corner before moonsaulting off of Jose’s chest and hitting a few shoulder tackles. Jose comes back with an enziguiri as West talks about the dynamics of this 6-man match. That reminds me of how much I miss the old NWA 6 man tag titles. Joel comes into the match up and hits a HARSH running Yakuza kick in the corner into Yang’s FACE before getting a German Suplex for a two count. Yang responds with a spinning wheel kick before tagging out to David Young. Joel tries to hit a spinning DDT on Young, but only gets a Northern Light Suplex into the corner. Joel gets some separation with a dropkick before tagging Red in who immediately hits a DDT off of a Young tilt a whirl. Young retaliates with his tilt a whirl facebuster before tagging Shark Boy back into the match. Cool spot as Red tries a missile dropkick onto Shark Boy, only to get dropkicked as he hits the floor! Well, that’s two things I like about Shark Boy now. Shark Boy goes for a clothesline on Red, but its swatted away by Red with a kick...only to score a second kick to the back of Shark Boy’s face immediately. That’s one of Red’s usual spots, but it seems as if Shark Boy might have gotten stiffed from the first kick as it didn’t out nearly as smooth as it usually does. Jose comes back in and gets a back body drop for two. Yang gets a blind tag, but somehow Jose botches the irish whip spot so Yang covers with a simple lariat. Yang throws him to the outside, following him out and sending him into the guardrail and ring steps a few times. Back in the ring now, Young and Yang double suplex him, cutting the ring off from his partners. HARD clothesline by Young gets a two count on Jose. The Maximo’s almost lost a team member with that one. Shark Boy comes in and gets a hangmans neckbreaker on Jose for two. Jose is finally able to get a flying head scissors and twisting snap back suplex to gets some separation. He’s finally able to make the tag to Joel Maximo who takes it right to Shark Boy with a dropkick, an enziguiri and a NASTY Brainbuster! Joel goes to the top, but misses a somersault senton! Young comes into the ring now and they exchange counters before DY gets a back suplex. He suddenly jumps up to the top rope in one step and hits a moonsault onto Joel for two! Irish whip sequence ends up with both men laid out in the middle of the ring trying to make a tag....Yang and Red come in and go for some quick LUCHA~! Red goes for the Code Red, but Yang sees it coming so Red armdrags out of it! Yang then PUNISHES him with a HARD powerbomb for two! Yang puts Red across his shoulders and goes for SOME sort of tilt a whirl, but Red spins through it all to put in a NASTY looking submission hold! If anyone out there can name that for me, I’d appreciate it. Young comes in to break the hold as best he can....with his SNAP SPINEBUSTER~! Scary moment that reminded me of the Rumble from Sunday as Joel comes off the top with a missile dropkick on Young, but lands on Red’s FACE. Red looks to be alright as Shark Boy is able to score the Deep Sea Drop (Diamond Dust) on Joel (complete with OVERSELL~!). As soon as he hits it, Jose clotheslines him out of the ring and then Asai Moonsaults onto him! Red whips Yang into the corner chest first and tries to channel Liu Kang with his bicycle kick, but instead channels the Liu Kang from Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance as the move was horribly botched. Red jumps off the 2nd rope and lands a spinning DDT....but Yang pops right up and hits a superkick! He signals for YANG TIME~! and the crowd pops, but he never gets the move off as he’s crotched by one of the Maximo’s on the outside! Red climbs to the top.....SUPER CODE RED~! on Yang! ONE...TWO...THREE!


My Opinion: The match was a bit spotty and also a bit sloppy. Nice to see Red again for the first time in about a month or so, but I can do without the Maximo’s these days. Yang is really over with the crowd, but I understand why TNA won’t book him for more than two weeks at a time. Shark Boy still hasn’t impressed me but was able to get a bit more offense than usual. **1/4.


The SAT leave the ringside area as Konnan runs in for the second week in a row after an X Division and ends up caning the hell out of the members of the losing team, especially David Young! NWA Promoter Burt Prentice comes into the ring to yell at him and has him escorted out by security. He points at Tenay and says “You know what this is about!” This is the 2nd time that David Young has been the recipient of these beatings, but I’m not sure if it has anything to do with him. I’m quite curious as to where this is going even though I’m not a fan of Konnan’s work at all.


We go to Tenay and West at ringside as West brings out a copy of an old Pro Wrestling Illustrated with Nikita Koloff and Dusty Rhodes on the cover as the SuperPowers as they discuss what happened last week. In all honesty, I didn’t watch the NWA too much back then so if someone out there could drop me a line and let me know exactly what the issue between these two men were or is, I’d appreciate it. All I know is that it deals with respect for Magnum TA, Terry Allen. Funny moment as they run down tonight’s card with NEW GRAPHICS~! and Larry Zbyszko looks like a TOTAL idiot. Even funnier moment as each mystery opponent has their own graphic consisting of just a “?” and West can’t keep up.


Russo’s S.E.X faction comes down to the ring and Low-Ki is now growing a head of hair...but is wearing a hat over it. He’s doing it because he was asked to by the Zero-One promotion in Japan. In the Heel Section, someone made a “HEY!!” sign for the gimmick that Mike Sanders got over in JUST one week. Russo directs some comments at Mike Tenay as he points out that TNA has had an increase of 22% in their weekly buyrates in the past few weeks, a fact that has been scrutinized for the past day or so in the TNA section of TheSmartMarks Forums. He accounts it to S.E.X. before also adding that the S.E.X. T-shirt is the hottest selling merchandise in TNA right now. He makes three matches for tonight. AMW vs. Low-Ki and Skipper (YES!), Sonny Siaki vs. Athena and Chris Vaughn and Jeff Jarrett vs. Chris Daniels (YEAH!!) & BG James & Don Harris (DAMMIT...had to ruin a good thing!) in a Gauntlet rules match. Tenay has a conniption as he feels that Russo is completely degrading the X Division with his decision and is also unfairly stacking the deck against Jeff Jarrett. What did Tenay expect??


Russo gives the mic to MIKE SANDERS~! The fans chant “SOL” as takes THE STICK~! and the rest of the faction leaves the area. He claims that as Director of Talent Acquisitions, he’s signed two people to the S.E.X. roster and they’ll be here next week including the new Director of Talent Development. He brings out Ashley Hudson as a member of S.E.X, calling me the SEX Australian Champion...yet he comes out with no title belt or anything.


Jorge Estrada vs. Ashley Hudson


Match Background: This seems to be Vince Russo’s “punishment” to Jorge Estrada for trying to save Percy Pringle from a S.E.X beatdown last week, although it was only implied. Hudson just joined S.E.X. as the aforementioned Sanders promo pointed out. We haven’t seen Ashley Hudson since he took on Americas Most Wanted with Ron Harris in Week 14.


The Match: Estrada’s let the FRO~! puff back out this week. Estrada gets a school boy for two immediately before getting an armdrag and hiptossing him over the top rope. He then slingshots himself over the top onto Hudson, nearly going SPLAT on the mat. Ahh, that Estrada. Jorge throws Hudson back in, then stands on the middle rope (facing the crowd on the other side of the apron) and poses before moonsaulting onto Hudson. That spot was sloppy as only Estrada’s shins hit. Hudson bails, but comes back quickly to take over with a knee to the midsection. The crowd is just NOT into this (and neither am I) as they’re chanting “HEY!!!” at Sanders (who’s at ringside) to keep themselves entertained. Hudson beats up on Estrada on the outside for a bit before throwing him back in and slingshotting himself in with a legdrop. He covers with his feet on the ropes for two, but he didn’t even try to make it discreet. HORRIBLE botched spot as they blow a regular SUPLEX! Hudson went for a vertical suplex on Estrada...but Estrada landed on his feet....and then they SOFTLY layed on the mat. Estrada gets his 2nd rope somersault senton on Hudson for two and I’m surprised he was able to hit it. He then follows it up with a quebrada for two as well. He poses as NO ONE cares and heads up to the top. Hudson shoves the ref into the ropes, crotching Estrada, but Estrada is able to come off with a crossbody anyway. Hudson rolls through and scores the clean pinfall. Sanders comes into the ring and starts talking to him...almost as if he’s recruiting him. Estrada just walks away...


My Opinion: This wasn’t horrible, but it was just a bad match. Hudson adds nothing to the product and Estrada blows spots every time he’s out there. I don’t understand why Sanders, or Russo for that matter, would want to recruit him in any way. 1/4*


We go to the dancing girls...which I usually skip, but I just CAN’T tonight! Miss Lollipop pulls up her shorts to reveal her ass which has fake tattoos of the Australian flag on her cheeks as she starts dancing. Please excuse me while I clean up the drool.


Video package covering last week’s events between AJ Styles and Larry Z. I absolutely hate typing that last name...and to think, it’s not even his given name.


AJ Styles vs. Larry Zbyszko


Match Background: While trying to find ways to get a shot at Jeff Jarrett’s NWA Title, AJ Styles defeated former champion Ron “The Truth” Killings after interference from David Flair. Styles then demanded a title shot against Jeff Jarrett, which was shot down by Jarrett immediately as an afterthought during a backstage interview. He then tried to take the show hostage until Larry Zbyszko came down and tried to talk AJ Styles out of working with Vince Russo...despite AJ denying that he was aligned with S.E.X in any way. Eventually, AJ challenged Larry, demanding a title shot should he beat him and then threw in a slap for good measure. Both men were separated immediately and the match was signed for this week.


The Match: The crowd begins chanting for both men as the bell rings. AJ’s hesitant to lock up, which is ironic given Larry’s love of stalling. Larry gets a single leg takedown on Styles, but AJ scurries out of it and heads to the corner. They circle around again before they lock up with Larry getting a hold of his arm and then putting him in a head scissors for a few seconds, before AJ gets to the ropes. Styles gets a go behind, but Larry reverses that into a head scissors as well. AJ kips up and takes Larry down with a shoulder block only to fall victim to a hiptoss. AJ hits him with a knee to the midsection as Larry comes off the ropes to take over again. Superkick by Styles sends Larry to the outside! Mortimer Plumtree, Styles’ former manager in TNA is then shown at the top of the ramp looking into the ring. AJ dives to the outside, but Larry sidesteps him and drives his head into the steps....and AJ makes it look GOOD! Larry heads to the top but is stopped by the ref for some reason! He wouldn’t have jumped anyway. AJ takes him down as Larry argues with the ref, but Larry gets some shots when AJ comes back in. Back body drop by Zbyszko gets two as well. AJ gets a vertical suplex and heads to the top. Larry gets up quickly though and crotches him by shaking the ropes. AJ actually takes a front bump after being crotched and it looked pretty good too. Larry goes to pick up AJ, but Styles gets a double leg takedown, puts his feet on the ropes and gets the pinfall!


My Opinion: If they wanted AJ to be put over a former AWA champ, why not Curt Hennig? He’s been there before and probably would be more over than Zbyszko. I don’t see the point of protecting Larry here if it was just a one shot deal and he knew the point was to put over Styles. A clean finish probably would have benefited Styles a lot more. 1/2*


After the match, AJ beings arguing with Tenay...DEMANDING him to get him a title shot with his “stroke”. I’d love to see AJ in the heavyweight division...it would only make the division better.


We go to the back as Goldylocks is with Jerry Lynn & The Truth. Lynn talks about the time spent in WCW, ECW and The WWF, but TNA is the only company that has kept their promises to him. Midway through the first few seconds of the promo, The Truth leaves and never comes back! Lynn is doing this for his family...because his daughter needs to eat.


Mike Sanders & David Flair vs. The Truth & Jerry Lynn


Match Background: Two weeks ago, Mike Sanders made his debut to TNA by attacking Jerry Lynn and The Truth after their match with BG James and Don Harris. Lynn and Sanders faced off last week and later on that night, David Flair interfered in The Truth’s match with AJ Styles, hitting him in the back with a loaded burlap sack, leading to tonight’s tag match up.


The Match: David Flair brings the burlap sack to the ringside area again. Lynn and The Truth charge the ring with Lynn and Sanders pairing off. Truth hits a Downward Spiral on David Flair (who sells it badly) and then falls to the outside after Flair pulls the top rope down. That looked bad too! Lynn gets a corner roll up on Sanders for two, following it up with a crossbody. Flair and Sanders begin doubleteaming Lynn in the corner, with Flair botching all the damn offense! Lynn gets a double bulldog on both men, but Flair takes over in the corner with chops. He starts doing the strut, like his father, but Lynn pulls him into the corner and beats HIM with chops. I thought Flair wanted to be “his own man” and all that. Sanders guillotines Lynn on the top rope to get the advantage back on his team and finally gets the tag. Sanders sets Lynn up for a Flair rolling neck snap (which he doesn’t botch) and Sanders follows it up with a hard kick to the chest. SANDERS STRUT~! gets a HEY~!! by the crowd. ANOTHER HEY~!! by the crowd as he gets a two count! That gimmick got over QUICK! Vertical suplex by Sanders....and Sanders follows it up with a HEY~!!! Flair knees Lynn in the back off an irish whip, allowing Sanders to surprise him with a flying leg lariat. HEY~!! Flair gets tagged back in and gets a vertical suplex on Lynn for two. Lynn charges at Flair, but gets sidestepped and quickly put into a shinbreaker. Flair then goes “WOO” and goes to work on the leg. Sanders has the crowd in the palm of his HAND....as all he has to do is spread his arms out and the crowd goes HEY~!! That’s the ONLY reason the crowd is into this match right now. Flair goes for the figure four....and almost botches the roll up spot for two. Scott Armstrong counts REALLY slow. HEY~!! Now Sanders is just playing with the crowd, making them do it at random moments...almost like Simon Says. I’d rather play along with Sanders than watch David Flair. “David Flair Sucks” chant by the crowd as they realize who the more talented of the two is. One QUICK motion by Sanders gets them all chanting HEY~!! again! He tags in and puts the boots to Lynn in the corner....before Sanders hits two HEY~!! spots! Sanders is HILARIOUS as he tells Lynn that they don’t care about him....the people want SANDERS....and makes them all go HEY~!! on COMMAND! Lynn trips Sanders as he gets in Truth’s face and is finally able to make the tag to the Suntan Superman who just HAPPENS to be a HOUSE..EN..FUEGO~! at the moment! He deals out right hands everywhere....then hitting the Split and Spinning Scissors Kick for two! Lynn and Truth hit a nice double tip toss for two. Sanders then lures Lynn towards the ropes, allowing Flair to nail him in the head with the loaded sack for the three count. Sanders then takes THE STICK~! and tells Truth that despite his best efforts to get him in he’s sorry, but the talent roster is full right now....Thanks, but no thanks. Truth acts like he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.


My Opinion: Sanders made this match watchable by his antics. It’s great to see something get over so quickly. That can probably get him in a high place in the card if his in ring work can improve. Flair stunk up the joint, even working with Lynn. He’s just a lost cause. I really liked the post match angle as Sanders is now playing mind games with the NWA locker room, causing dissention with The Truth. 3/4*


We go to “In the Pit” with Rowdy Roddy Piper. He’s in a ring in a non disclosed location, but he’s holding a microphone that bears the symbol of a WB network affiliate. The same logo is also on the walls everywhere. He talks about how he caused so much controversy at his last appearance because he mentioned Owen Hart. He talks about confronting Russo. He says that Russo’s biggest mistake is underestimating the enemy. VERY weird segment as begins rambling about the WB32 affiliate giving him a ring and how he’s going to train kids to go to TNA and kick Russo’s ass. He says that Kid Kash has lost his spirit. (WHAT?) He hits his catchphrase and we’re out. VERY VERY confusing promo. I have absolutely no idea what the hell any of that was supposed to mean.


Americas Most Wanted vs. Elix Skipper & Low-Ki (w/Chris Daniels) for the NWA World Tag Team Titles.


Match Background: Coming off the heels of a heated tag feud with the Disciples of the New Church, Americas Most Wanted won the NWA Tag Titles for the second time two weeks ago. Elix Skipper & Low-Ki have never teamed up together without Daniels in TNA. Due to Russo’s team winning last week, he chose ‘Ki and Elix to face AMW for the tag titles tonight. Both Low-Ki and Elix Skipper had yet to face Americas Most Wanted in TNA.


The Match: Now that you can see Low-Ki without a hat...he just looks weird. Elix does a HANDSTAND on the top rope to jump in! That’s just showing off...but it’s still cool. Low-Ki starts the match up with Cowboy James Storm as they start out with some chain wrestling. Low-Ki gets the advantage with clubbing blows to the back, but Storm fights back with chops. Awkward spot as Low-Ki went for a dropkick while Storm ducked down expecting a leapfrog...and just got kicked in the top of the head. “Monkey Boy” chant by the crowd as this new hair style of Low-Ki does make him look like a simian of some sort. Storm gets a monkey flip on Low-Ki right after this ironically. Low-Ki goes for a hiptoss, but its blocked by Storm and he hits a hard lariat. Harris comes in and hits Low-Ki with a short arm clothesline. Back body drop by Storm gets a two count as well. Harris places him on top of his shoulders in order for Storm to dropkick him down, which he does. He then catapults ‘Ki into the corner and take him down. They go for the double team move that they botch EVERY WEEK and botch it AGAIN. What is the point of rolling the guy over...just to stand him up? They pick up ‘Ki and just THROW him at Skipper and XXX leaves the ring to regroup. Elix comes in and takes over briefly before Storm gets a flying head scissors and tags his partner. Harris comes in and gets a bulldog for two, followed by a Lou Thesz press. Double back body drop on Skipper also gets a two. Daniels trips up Storm and gets his attention, allowing ‘Ki to blast him in the face with a dropkick and Skipper then gives him a belly to belly for two. Tag back into ‘Ki, who NAILS him with a hard European uppercut. They double team Storm in the corner as ‘Ki and Skipper rake his face with their boot. GORGEOUS double team move by Skipper and ‘Ki as Skipper holds Storm up while Low-Ki gets MEGA AIR on a springboard kick to the FACE. Elix transitions into a half crab and starts to work on his leg some more. The crowd starts to rile up Storm who fights back with elbows, but Elix just THROWS HIM DOWN while holding onto the chinlock! DAMN! ‘Ki taunts Harris with Storm’s limp hand as he feigns letting him tag. Storm finally makes the tag, but the referee didn’t see it and Storm is back in face-in-peril mode. ‘Ki taunts Harris as he covers Storm after a front dropkick to the face. Elix comes back into the ring by dropping a knee on Storms back for two. Cool sequence as Elix gets all BAD ASS and goes for some martial arts kicks and sweeps, but Storm eludes them all and nails Elix with a hard shot to the face! Both men make their respective tags....as Harris becomes a HOUSE EN FUEGO~! He gets a tilt a whirl slam on Low-Ki and then double team Elix. Harris makes the fatal mistake of putting his head down too early in front of Low-Ki who BLASTS him in the chest with a hard ass kick. Second attempt leads to a Harris powerbomb, but ref Rudy Charles is out of position! Elix comes in and begins brawling with Harris. Awkward moment as nothing happens for about 10 or 15 seconds....before ‘Ki kicks Harris in the face, allowing Elix to get a TIGER SUPLEX~! for two! ‘Ki gets a dropkick to Harris and Elix follows it up with a spin kick to the back of the head. Low-Ki busts out the REAL SHINING WIZARD~! on Harris as he uses Elix’s knee to springboard off of and nail Harris RIGHT in the FACE! ‘Ki goes for a crossbody...but Harris tries to get the Catatonic! He goes for it, but ‘Ki turns it into the Six Second Magic submission! Storm dropkicks him to get him off! Harris with a crossbody on Elix for two! Storm gets a superkick on Elix! They set him up for the Death Sentence! Daniels gets on the apron, allowing Low-Ki to kick Storm in the face and break the set up! ‘Ki goes for the Cartwheel Kick...but Harris gets the CATATONIC~! Daniels distracts the ref as Elix nails Harris in the face with a title belt! Storm goes to take care of Daniels, but gets held up and can’t come back into the ring to make the save! Low-Ki and Elix Skipper are the NEW NWA Tag Team Champions!


My Opinion: Good match although some of it was a bit sloppy. Elix and Skipper have really become a good team. I felt that the face in peril section of the match with Storm just took forever. As for the title change, the feud with the Church is over and AMW was in limbo so its ok by me. They need more tag teams in TNA though because they’re tag division just isn’t that great. ***


Miss Lollipop shows us her ass again and I’m happy. Thank you Miss Lollipop..thank you.


Goldylocks is in the back with Bullet Bob, asking what he’s going to do about Vince Russo. Bullet Bob doesn’t know what to do...but it all rides on Jeff Jarrett.


Sonny Siaki (w/Desire) vs. Athena vs. Chris Vaughn for the NWA:TNA X Division Title


Match Background: This match was also made by Vince Russo by means of the stipulations from last week. Back in Week 20, Chris Vaughn had his first and only match on a TNA PPV with Sonny Siaki...but it was nothing more than a squash. Athena has had problems with Sonny Siaki’s second, Desire, ever since Week 26 when she pulled her off of Goldylocks backstage. Last week, Desire and Athena also went at it after her match with April Hunter, with Desire ending up practically tearing off Athena’s clothes....but couldn’t. Sad, but funny moment...


The Match: Athena gets a pretty good response on her way out. Chris Vaughn gets almost no reaction. Wow...he needs to eat a few biscuits. He’s rail thin. Siaki starts the match up with a cheap shot Superkick and clothesline. He drapes him over the top rope and goes after Athena, who slaps him and Vaughn gets two roll ups for two. Siaki gets a Death Valley Driver, followed by the Siakalypse. He goes for the cover but pulls him up at two. He goes after Athena, who gives him a low blow and Vaughn fights back with two clotheslines, but Siaki won’t go down. Athena begins catfighting with Desire at ringside as Vaughn gets a Diamond Cutter for two. Siaki, unfazed sets up Vaughn for his pumphandle into a piledriver move, which is now called.....Siakalypse NOW. I adore the name of that move. That gets the pin. Desire throws Siaki into the ring, but Trinity comes in for the save. Desire goes after her, but Trinity takes care of her too. Siaki goes after Trinity so Kid Kash comes down to make the save. They corner Desire and strip her of her shirt, revealing her bra. Athena, Kash and Trinity all leave together.


My Opinion: Well, the match was a joke and only served to start a feud to Kid Kash and Siaki. Vaughn was squashed, Athena wasn’t really a factor and the match was too quick. DUD.


Goldylocks is in the back, being escorted into the TNA locker room...where they douse her with champagne and just wet her t-shirt. Sanders aims RIGHT AT HER CHEST and she gets visibly upset. Russo comes in and gets VERY pissed that they’re celebrating because they still have Jarrett later on.


Dusty Rhodes comes down to the ring with a chain in his hand and a mic....and it takes me about 5 minutes to understand what he’s talking about. He talks about Nikita Koloff and how they were the Superpowers back in the 80’s. He calls him out and Nikita shows up in a blue suit. He lays a HUGE guilt trip on him about the decision he made last week. Nikita just stands on the top of the announce table and doesn’t say anything. He talks about his face turn after Magnum TA’s accident many years ago. He tells Tenay to give him the PWI magazine and remember what he stood for. He asks him to rejoin him and stand with TNA. Nikita gets closer to the ring, but Russo then runs down and gets on the ringsteps. Russo starts asking Nikita NOT to join Rhodes....and take a step into the future. He tells him to make the decision quick..so he shoves Russo aside and goes into the ring with Rhodes. He then nails Dusty and runs off as SEX gets a few shots in. He does NOT leave with SEX...leaving his allegiance still unknown.


Tenay takes his headset....and power walks up the ramp.


Jeff Jarrett vs. Chris Daniels vs. BG James vs. Don Harris in a Gauntlet Rules Match for the NWA World Title.


Match Background: As the NWA Champion, Jeff Jarrett has been at odds with Vince Russo for weeks now so now that Russo chooses his challengers, he’s made sure to stack the deck against him. Jeff Jarrett defeated one of his competitors, Chris Daniels, two weeks ago in the first of three matches he had against XXX. Jarrett defeated Don Harris in Week 23 in tag team action as Jeff teamed up with The Truth to take on Don and his twin brother Ron. Jarrett, of course, has a lot of history with BG James going back to his years in the WWF with him, as BG seconded him during his first three IC title reigns. In TNA, they’ve faced each other a few times, the last time being in Week 20 in the finals of a tournament to determine the number one contender for the NWA title...a match which Jarrett won.


The Match: This match is being fought under Gauntlet match rules, so if you’re thrown over the top rope, you’re eliminated. Once down to two men, it will be regular pinfall or submission rules. The challengers come to the ring first and Tenay is still not back. Backstage, Tenay gives Jeff Jarrett a talk about tradition and his responsibility. Jarrett agrees and tells him to go back to the announce table. Jarrett rushes into the ring and nails all three men, throwing Daniels over, but he holds on and skins the cat to come back in. The numbers end up being too much as Chris Daniels nails him with a dropkick and a leg lariat. They all head to the outside, leaving the ring through the middle ropes. Jarrett tries to use a chair to get the advantage, but can’t due to the numbers. BG James goes for a chair shot, but the referee, his brother Scott Armstrong pulls it away from him. Jarrett is busted wide open as they take turns demolishing him on the outside. Don Harris NAILS him with a chair shot before they all begin brawling in the crowd. A fan looks at Daniels and just screams at him “You’re the BEST IN THE WORLD!” Jarrett fights back for a brief moment, but he can’t overcome the odds. He’s bleeding heavily at this point and they place him on top of a table near the balcony. Daniels comes flying off and crashes through....but slides onto the concrete and he looks to be a bit banged up by that. Jarrett begins fighting back, nailing BG with a chair shot and one for Don Harris as well. BG and Don take over again and throw him over the rail back to the ringside area. “Jarrett” chant by the crowd as they’re trying to get behind him. Back in the ring now, Jarrett is on rubber legs as he’s being beaten down. BG nails him with the Juke and Jive punches and Don Harris hits him with a big boot. BG then gets the Crazy Legs Kneedrop and gets a two count. BG hits an atomic drop and hits the Humphandle slam for ONE....TWO....Jarrett got his foot on the ropes! I’m happy that they didn’t kill off BG’s finisher. Yes, I know that it’s just BG James but its just the principle of it. BG, unhappy with his brother’s two count, shoves him halfway across the ring! Don Harris powerbombs Jarrett and BG practically throws his brother down to the mat to demand a three count. Scott gets in BG’s face...and gets slapped. Scott isn’t taking it NO MORE and takes off his referee’s shirt. He kicks BG RIGHT IN THE GROIN and starts punching the hell out of him! This gives Jarrett the moment he needs to recover and back body drops Don Harris over the top rope to eliminate him! He then clotheslines BG James! It’s just him and Christopher Daniels, who’s been on the outside this whole time! Dusty Rhodes comes down and serves Bionic Elbows to BG and Don! Daniels and Jarrett begin battling in the ring....with Daniels getting the advantage with a submission maneuver. Dusty goes into the SEX locker and begins attacking everyone in there! Tenay tells us that the SAT have come down the ramp to cheer on Jeff Jarrett as Daniels hits an STO and also gets his double jump moonsault for the ONE....TWO....NO! BIG “Jarrett” chant by the crowd. Daniels comes off the top....Jarrett is up...HE CATCHES HIM AND GIVES DANIELS THE STROKE IN MIDAIR! That was BEAUTIFUL and looked DEVASTATING! That move NEVER looks devastating! ONE....TWO...THREE!


My Opinion: The match was booked correctly, keeping Jeff Jarrett strong and leaving the best worker on the heel side in there at the end. BG James and Don Harris were used mainly on the outside, which is where their weaknesses can be hidden a lot better. They really made it seem as if Jarrett really could lose the title, despite all of the instincts that make you doubt it so. *3/4


Post match, all of the NWA locker room comes into the ring to celebrate with Jeff Jarrett. Jeremy Borash comes into the ring to talk to Jarrett, when all of a sudden, he’s attacked from behind! IT’S RAVEN!!!!!


DDT by Raven! He steals the title and walks defiantly up the ramp with it! Russo comes to the ringside area....and Raven leaves with him and the title!!!!


End of PPV


Overall: WOW! Usually, the most lasting impression you get out of a show is the final one and this one really stuck with me. Raven, who was on Raw LAST WEEK and was released just a couple of days ago already in TNA! I’m seriously hyped for next week because you KNOW he’ll say something about what happened at WWE. At the very least, we’ve got another heavyweight title contender to beef up that division and with the Disciples of the New Church in the company, Raven can go in many different directions. This week’s matches really weren’t too great and had it not been for the very end, I would have been down on the show as a whole. The Sanders match was a highlight for me, not because I mark out for him, but because he’s got the crowd in the palm of his hand in just two weeks and the potential that he has (and I’ve always thought he had) scares me. Low-Ki and Elix as tag champions I’m very happy with. I wish the X Division would start to shape up again though....


Keep an eye out for Bryan Staebell’s NWA:TNA Week 29 Preview next Tuesday and don’t forget to check out my Royal Rumble Diatribe exclusively on TheSmartMarks.com.


‘Til next week,


The Dames, Damian Gonzalez


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