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Guest raptor

3/20 reviews

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Guest raptor

Didn't get out to the store for a while, so it's pretty big this week:


Daredevil #31: Fan-frickin'-tastic. Gritty, violent and shocking. Vanessa's revenge is one of the better moments in recent comics. (4/4)


Shadow Reavers #5(of 5): Finally! This series has had it's ups and downs, and it came close to ending on the highest point of all. That is until it ended with the words "End of Part One." Part two is nowhere in sight, and with the horrifying lateness of this series, I expect that it may never turn up. (3/4)


Ultimate X-Men #16 ("World Tour" Part 1): Fairly good, but as with many expositions, it didn't rock my world or anything. Some interesting ideas, and there's the debut of Ultimate Psylocke, Proteus, and Moira McTaggert. The last line through me for a loop also. (3/4)


New X-Men #124 ("Imperial" Part 3): My favorite  issue thus far. Great characterization (as far as Morrison's X-Men is concerned), and Wolverine and Beast kick some serious Imperial Guard @ss. Plus, Xorn looks like a great character. (4/4)


Buffy The Vampire Slayer The Haunted #4 (of 4): Best issue thus far, but that isn't saying much. It was great to see Faith, but she was mishandled. Although, it filled in a lot of continuity gaps for longtime fans. (3/4)


X-Treme X-Men #11 ("Keys to the Kingdom" Part 2): This is my favorite X-Series, but this issue was a let down. When did Red Lotus show up? Why did the X-Men trust Viper to begin with? Why does every second-rate bad guy want Storm to be his queen? (2.5/4)


Blade #1: Pretty great. It wasn't perfect, but the Blade in this book is a lot like the movie version (more so than the other versions). Not much on plot, but it makes up for it in action. (3.5/4)


Punisher #10: Tom Peyer is good and all, but this isn't as good as Ennis. Manuel Gutierrez is very capable however, and is suited to the Killer Cabbie story. (2.5/4)


Origin #5 (of 5): My favorite character's origin kind of sucks. It's good and all, but Wolverine deserved different, IMHO. I read from an objective POV, so that's why the rating is higher. As a story, it's great. As Wolverine's Origin, it's sub-par. The last page was killer, though. (3/4)


Buffy The Vampire Slayer Lost and Found: It seems that some of the best stories are left out of the show, with this and "Ring of Fire" being fine examples. Lost and Found would've been a very good season premire that would have defined the Scobbies' motivations for bringing Buffy back much clearer. (4/4)

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Guest areacode212

I haven't gotten around to reading my batch of comics yet, 'cause I'm still in the middle of my massive bag-and-board project. I didn't realize I had so many unbagged comics sitting on my tables & shelves. I've gone through nearly 300 sets of bags & boards--and I use both sides of the bag & board. That's a lot of bagging.


But since I felt like bumping up this post, I'll treat you all to a list of the stuff I bought. Reviews may follow (or not).

Birds of Prey #41 ("Fugitive" part 2)

Daredevil #31

New X-Men #124

Lucifer #24

Batman: Ego (this isn't new, but it was written/drawn by my new favorite comic dude, Darwyn Cooke).


I'm looking forward to reading this stuff, based on raptor's reviews.

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