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The Dames' Diatribe on NWA:TNA Week 31

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Guest TSMAdmin

The Dames’ Diatribe on NWA:TNA Week 31



Before I go into my TNA Diatribe for the week, I’d simply like to send out my condolences to the Hennig family as we lost yet another wrestler in what seems to be a growing rate. While I wasn’t a fan of his TNA work, his time spent in the WWF as Mr. Perfect was one of the highlights of the 90’s. In my opinion, Curt Hennig was the last man to make the WWF Intercontinental Title mean something special and should have gotten a chance at the big time, but never did for whatever the reason. His matches with Hulk Hogan during Saturday Night Main Event were always great as Mr. Perfect played his role to perfection, no pun intended. It’s another sad moment in professional wrestling. Curt Hennig, may you rest in peace.


The PPV starts with the arena silent and darkened. In the middle of the ring is an open chair with ring boots, a picture of Curt Hennig and his trademark towel on the seat as they give him a 10 bell salute. The graphic reads: Curt Hennig: 1958 – 2003. Very classy and touching moment and I applaud TNA for showing a ton of class without a ton of resources at their disposal. Sometimes, it’s just the little things that count.


We then go to a still picture of Jeff Jarrett from last week, visibly in pain and tied at the hands as Mike Tenay does a voiceover. Tenay apologizes in advance for the language used by he and West in the following footage. Apparently, after TNA went off the air, Jeff Jarrett was unable to overcome the odds and was whipped viciously with a leather belt at the hands of every member of the S.E.X. faction. West: “What the f*ck is happnening here?” but the F-bomb is bleeped out. A close up of Jeff Jarrett’s back shows a ton of harsh, ugly looking welts. Now THAT is dedication to your company. Props to Jeremy Borash as this video package was VERY tight.


The PPV officially starts and Mike Tenay is in the ring to make a major announcement. Apparantely, Bob Armstrong has taken a leave of absence because the Vince Russo/SEX situation has gotten too personal. Tenay then introduces his replacement, running down his credentials....its JJ Dillon! JJ makes it to the top of the ramp but before he can say or do anything, Russo’s music hits and he comes to the ring with the Harris Brothers. That’s right, both Harris’ this week, although it isn’t like they were really missed. Russo takes the mic and immediately verbally attacks JJ Dillon. He blames JJ for trying to get him fired from WCW. Hey...it kinda worked, right? Russo insults him some more, calling him a kiss ass to Vince McMahon during his time in the WWF. He also insults Kevin Sullivan in this tirade as the crowd has dueling “SEX” and “Russo sucks” chants. Finally, Dillon takes the mic and addresses Russo, telling him that he was the one who got him the interview with WCW. He also says that unlike Russo, Dillon resigned face to face with Vince McMahon and didn’t call him long distance to do so. He talks for another few minutes about Bischoff and how he built the Titanic (WCW), but it just comes across as monotonic droning. Russo tells the crowd that he’s bored and then asks them “does anyone else in here want to hear this dribble or do you want action?” How ironic. At this point, Russo tells the Harris Brothers to go get Dillon when all of a sudden, The Sandman shows up with his Singapore Cane and starts wailing on them! Don West actually knows who he is as he’s alone at the broadcast position and I don’t buy it for a second. No way did West watch ECW...


The Harris’ bail and Sandman celebrates in the ring with a beer, like always as his new music plays...and it’s a complete and utter ripoff of his infamous Metallica theme, but that’s to be expected. West actually says that he wonders what’ll happen when Raven finds out about this, playing off of their ECW history.


My Two Cents: Very interesting segment which was thankfully much shorter than Russo’s usual tirades. Just as I was starting to dig Bob Armstrong with his whole “Dammit woman, get away from me” gimmick, he’s replaced with JJ. Dillion is a fine figurehead, but anyone less than Ricky Steamboat as the replacement is a disappointment in my book. As for the Sandman...he’s tradition? The only thing I could think about is that he just wants to be on the opposite side that Raven is on. I hope he’s used sparingly and kept out of the heavyweight title picture.


We go to the announcers...and Don isn’t wearing his usual bright shirt with same color tie like he usually does. Why Don....why!!!


We get a video package for the NWA Tag Title match from last week and the botched finish is edited out, thankfully.


When we come back from that, there a New TNA girl, replacing Miss Molly this week.


Tenay tells us that this is the first round of a four team Tag Tournament. The winners face XXX to decide the champions. The logic behind it is that XXX never lost the titles and shouldn’t have to be in the tournament to win them back.


The Rock & Roll Express vs. AMW


Match Background: Two weeks ago in Week 29, AMW jobbed to R&R thanks to Elix Skippers’ interference.


The Match: Before the teams lock up, Tenay reveals the other teams in the tourney, the Disciples of Church and the Harris Brothers, who meet in a first round match up tonight. Harris and Morton lock up to start as Harris gets a shoulderblock, but falls victim to an eye poke. Harris with a hiptoss and a left arm clothesline. Well, this match sure started ugly as Gibson pulls down the top rope and Harris tries his BEST to fall over....but is just lying on the top rope for a few seconds before Morton has to pick him up and throw him over. Gibson works him over on the outside as the ref is busy with Storm, but Harris is thrown back in. R&R get a double team drop toe hold/knee drop as Gibson comes in. Gibson with a running clothesline in the corner before Morton comes back in and gets a running Ace Crusher for two. Harris makes a tag to Storm behind the ref’s back so OF COURSE, he won’t allow it, letting R&R work over Harris some more. Awkward spot as Harris and Morton collide and fall down with Morton muttering “Aw Shit!” under his breath. Looked like both men went for shouldertackles and bumped off of it. Both men tag out and Storm is a HOUSE..EN...FUEGO~! He gets dumped over the top by Morton, but he skins the cat and hits a nice enziguiri on Morton. Storm gets his Swinging Noose (Tornado Reverse DDT) on Morton and goes for the cover, but Gibson breaks it up. Storm tosses Gibson to the outside and AWM hit a double dropkick on Motron. Harris hits the PERFECT PLEX~! in a nice tribute (which Tenay calls as the Perfect Plex and not the Hennig Plex) and gets the pin! Immediately following the win, Low-Ki comes from behind and nails both members of AWM with the tag title belts. He blows a Benoit like SNOT ROCKET~! and then departs....


My Opinion: Well, this match didn’t really click too well. Very quick and had a couple of awkward spots. I was going to give it ½*, but with the Perfect Plex used as a clean finish, lets make it ¾* By the way, my prediction for this tournament is that AMW and the Church advance and go to a no contest, making the tag finals a 3 way with XXX.


In the parking lot, Goldylocks is trying to get a word with Vince Russo, but he blows her off as he’s waiting for Raven. Raven shows up and Russo tells him about Sandman. Raven doesn’t seem pleased in the least....but barely has time to react as Sandman comes chasing him with his cane. This is already a much better show than last week.


The Disciples of the New Church (w/ Father James Mitchell) vs. Harris Brothers


Match Background: In Week 24 & 25, The Disciples of the New Church defended their NWA Tag Team Titles against the Harris Brothers. The first time they squared off, the Harris’ got the pinfall and seemingly won the titles, but the decision was reversed after S.E.X. interference was discovered. The following week, they beat them again in a 3-way dance including AMW.


The Match: The Church comes to the ring with Father James Mitchell, but still no Belladonna. Bella...where are you?! They begin brawling on the outside as an “Evil” chant is started by the crowd. Back in the ring, Lee hits a DDT on Don Harris (who sells it horribly) before nailing a few running elbow drops and tagging out to Slash. Don tags out quickly to Ron who takes over in the corner with punches. It’s just insane that I can tell the Harris’ apart. Slash comes back with chops and strikes in the corner as another “Evil” chant is started by the crowd. Can you believe this guy was Wolfie D of PG-13? He’s tripped and pulled to the outside where he’s thrown into the guardrail. Meanwhile, Tenay tells us that JJ Dillon was going to make an announcement, but instead, we’ll get it now. AJ Styles vs. Jeff Jarrett next week for the NWA Title!!!! Raven vs. Sandman later on tonight! Damn, that was quick! Ron Harris with a side Sambo Suplex (!) in the ring for two! Don comes in and proves to be worthless, so Ron comes in and tosses Slash over the top rope. Don hits Slash in the back with a chair before he’s thrown back into Ron, who uses the POWER OF SUCKTITUDE~! clotheslines! Father James Mitchell gets knocked off the apron by a Harris brother and Slash makes him pay for it with a dropkick. “Evil” chant again...as Lee tags in finally and big boots both Harris. Slash comes in and gets his Slash and Burn reverse neckbreaker on one of them. Lee climbs to the top, but Low-Ki comes running down and distracts him. H BOMB by the Harris Brothers....and they win!?


My Opinion: WTF! The Harris’ win? Well, that blows my prediction out of the water. Looks like it’ll be AMW vs. XXX at the end to me. Regardless, this match just wasn’t good. ½*


We go to a video package for Siaki vs. Kash. The video package completely ignores the one on one Kash loss to Siaki in Week 27, despite alluding to it many times.


Sonny Siaki (w/Desire) vs. Kid Kash (w/Trinity) for the NWA:TNA X Division Championship


Match Background: Like I just said, for those of you who don’t pay attention, Kid Kash faced Sonny Siaki for the X Title in Week 27 and lost. It wasn’t clean of course, as Desire got involved despite Kash bringing Trinity with him for the first time to try and combat her interference. Since then, Kash and Trinity have made the save for a few people that Siaki and Desire were beating up on post-match, such as Red last week and Chris Vaughn & Athena in Week 28. A mixed tag match took place in Week 29, but the finish didn’t involve them. This will be Kid Kash’s second shot at Siaki’s X Division Title.


The Match: TNA debuts a new X Title Graphic. The pre-match stats indicate that this is a match of Youth vs. Experience, but when did Kash become a veteran and gain all of this experience? Tenay then claims that Kash made the ‘rana famous...yeah. Kid Kash’s music just plain ol’ sucks.


YES! Boxing Style Intros for the first time in about a month or so! Desire gets the biggest reaction, which should indicate something about this match. They lock up in the middle of the ring and counter each other with a few armdrags before hitting the Indy Applause Stance. Yeah...Kash has experience alright. Siaki gets a HARD clothesline on Kash and follows it up with a press slam into a fallaway slam! Siaki holds onto the ropes as Kash charges at him and goes flying to the outside. He follows him out there, only to get whipped into the steel steps. Trinity hands Kash a steel chair and he throws it at Siaki, who ducks. Trinity gets another and Kash throws it again at Siaki, but this time, nailing him in the face. Apparently, this chair throw has a name? The Smash Mouth. Sabu should have named it as he’s been doing that for years. So wait a second, it’s one of Kash’s new signature moves....yet he misses it the first time he does it? Desire throws Trinity against the steel rail on the outside. Desire trips up Kash, getting Trinity to chase, but this only leads to Siaki getting in her way. Kash comes to the outside and Desire jumps on his shoulders, but he tosses her down and Siaki hits the “Smash Mouth” on him. That move REALLY shouldn’t have a name. It’s a CHAIR THROW! Back in the ring, Kash recovers and hits an enziguiri. He goes to the apron to hit a springboard dropkick, but Desire pulls him down as he goes to jump onto the top in a cool looking visual. Siaki goes to the outside and swings him face first into the guard rail. Siaki gets a two count as Kash puts his foot on the ropes. Sunset flip by Kash only gets a two. Awkward reversal sequence leads to a KILLER HALF NELSON SUPLEX~!!!, miscalled a T-Bone by Tenay. Kash gets up though and reverses an Irish whip...and comes off the top with a ‘rana! DDT by Kash gets a broken up two count as Desire comes in. A catfight breaks out in the ring with Trinity dropkicking Desire to the apron. Kash is an absolute moron as he purposely climbs the turnbuckle that Desire is closest to and naturally, gets crotched. Trinity gets rid of Desire and Siaki gets rid of Trinity. Siaki with a superplex attempt, but it’s blocked and he falls to the canvas. Kash jumps up to the top and ALMOST KILLS HIMSELF, slipping off the top rope and landing on his HEAD on a moonsault attempt, but lands on Siaki in the process and wins the X title!


My Opinion: I’m happy that Siaki lost the title because the X Division has just been poor as of late. He’s much better suited as a heavyweight competitor anyway. I won’t hide that I’m not a Kash fan and I honestly don’t think he’s the best candidate for the X Title, but anyone was better than Siaki right now. Dammit, Kash BOTCHED THE FINISH and nearly broke his neck in the process. That just detracts from a match that wasn’t that great to begin with *1/4.


We go back to West and Tenay as they really pimp the AJ/Jarrett title match for next week.


We then go to a new segment: The Interrogation. The first person interrogated is The Truth, who’s asked many questions in one minute...almost like a lightning round of a game show.


Tenay: “What was your favorite match”:

Truth: “all of em.” He SHOULD have said Truth/Jarrett from Week 21, but I understand why he didn’t.

West: “Eminem or Snoop”

Truth: “Eminem”.

Tenay: “Desire or Trinity”

Truth: “Trinity”

Tenay: “Favorite Finishing Move?”

Truth: “Hat Rack Crack.” I don’t even know what that is....

West: “Ron Harris or Don Harris”

Truth: “All white people look alike, both of em?”

Tenay: “Name Association Time: Vince McMahon”

Truth: “Asshole”

Tenay: “Jesse Jackson”

Truth: “Can we all just get along?” That was Rodney King man!

Tenay: “BG James”

Truth: “Traitor”

Tenay: “Michael Jackson”

Truth: “King of Pop”

Tenay: “Jeff Jarrett”

Truth: “Crazy as Hell”

West: “True or False....White men can’t jump”

Truth: “You know that’s true, I’ve seen that before”

Tenay: “True or False, you approached Russo about joining S.E.X. “


At this point, Truth gets out of his chair and starts yelling obscenities to Tenay and cuts it off with 5 seconds to go. Amusing segment.


We go to the back with Goldylocks who’s with Mike Sanders & Glen Gilberti. Glen says that as Director of Character Development, he would give her a make over so she can be a part of his “BitchSlap Faction”.

“She can be Camel Toe!” He points to a magazine with half naked men and says that he can make great gimmicks like The Evil Architect, Bill Ding, the Jew Tang Clan or the Connecticut Urban Thugs. Me thinks they’re gonna take heat for that Jew comment. BG James comes over and tells them to shut up because he was beaten by the “One Legged Gang” last week. “You got Elvis (Glen), you got the black guy (Sanders) and I got Gimp Biscuit”.


Mike Sanders, Glen Gilberti & BG James vs. Jorge Estrada, The Truth & Tenacious Z.


Match Background: Last week, Tenacious Z defeated BG James in his debut with help from ref Scott Armstrong, BG’s brother. Gilberti and Sanders have had their problems with Jorge Estrada and The Truth has been shunned by some NWA members due to Sanders’ accusations that Truth approached Russo for a job in S.E.X.


The Match: Estrada is wearing just black trunks and a fro. BG James and Truth start the match out with BG getting the advantage in the corner with punches and stomps. Split/Spinning Scissors Kick combo leads to Sanders coming in after Truth. Truth hits a leg lariat and gets a two out of it. Estrada comes in and they double hiptoss Sanders. Doubleteam elbowdrop gets two as well. Gilberti nails Estrada in the back, leading to a Sanders leg lariat and a HEY~!!! HEY~!!!!! IS BACK! Gilberti comes in and puts the boots to him, but Estrada comes back with a Quebrada and a running Shooting Star! Stunner attempt by Gilberti is reversed into a backslide attempt, but Gilberti moves and gets a superkick for his troubles. Estrada goes up top and misses a frogsplash, leading to a Gilberti DDT. The DOUBLE SHOT (facebuster into neckbreaker) by Gilberti & Sanders, which reminds me of Rick Michaels’ back injury. Sanders and BG nail Estrada with kicks at the same time and drop wacky knee drops for two. Gilberti comes back in and misses the Village People’s Elbow AGAIN. Estrada tags out to Tenacious Z who hits a SPRINGBOARD DROPKICK! Leg Lariat on BG James! Dropkick by Z onto Sanders! Z goes to the apron for another springboard, but BG pulls him down to the floor. BG James comes in...and like a TRUE HEEL, starts working the leg as a “Z” chant is started by the crowd! BG does the Mulligan dance! Oh, he’s just being a DICK! Scott Armstrong comes down to the ring and distracts BG, allowing Truth to nail him. BG turns around...ONE LEGGED MOONSAULT! HOLY SHIT! Sanders comes in with The Truth as the rest of the guys brawl on the outside. The True Conviction! Truth gets the clean pin on Sanders for a pop!


My Opinion: Tenacious Z is the ULTIMATE face in peril! The crowd sure does love him and damn...he can fly better than some guys with two legs. *1/2.


We go to the back as we have a WCW-like production error. Goldylocks was talking to Raven before someone yells “Go”! and then they start the interview. Raven brings up his past with Sandman and the infamous angle that they did in ECW. AJ STYLES~! comes out of the parking lot and attacks Raven in revenge for Raven dislocating his fingers last week! On the side of the building, the Rock & Roll Express have been beaten up and have masks over them.


We got to a Tenay sit down interview with David Flair. They play Name Association immediately. Arn Anderson – Flair says that he’s very close to him, though he hasn’t seen him in a while. Vince Russo – He gave him his first start and is thankful for his second chance, despite the fact that he’s still learning. When asked about Stacey Keibler (he dated her while they were together in WCW), he says that he was thinking with the wrong head. Ric Flair – he gets upset...and talks about how he wasn’t around for any of David’s activities. Tenay says that he was providing for him...but Flair says that he needed a father. He comes off very bitter about it. He says that the wrestling business is great, he developed a taste for it, which is why he wants to be the best at it. Wow, he’s got a hell of a long way to go. He THEN contradicts himself as he says that Ric didn’t want him in the business because the wrestling business ISN’T a great business. His goals are to be the best....and one day be the NWA Champion. That...should NEVER happen. Tenay asks him about the burlap sack, but Flair won’t reveal any info about his Bag O’Tricks.


Low-Ki comes to the ring...for a match.


We go to the back as Goldylocks is with his opponent...Steve Corino! He cuts a good promo as he tells Low-Ki that he’s going to face the same guy that he goes to Japan with every 2 weeks for aligning himself with Vince Russo. He says that as the “King of Old School”, he represents all of the old timers, like Terry Funk and Dusty Rhodes and he’ll BEAT the respect into him. Corino is there to destroy S.E.X.!


Low-Ki vs. Steve Corino


Match Background: I’m sure these guys have met before, but never on a nationally taped show. This is Corino’s first match in TNA since Week ONE.


The Match: West sells the “little things” Low-Ki did during the promo, such as pace around the ring and STARE into the projector to sell his anger. It’s little things like that that can really sell an angle. “Lets go Steve” chant by the crowd before they lock up. They finally do and end up in the corner to get a break, but Corino throws him in and goes on the offense with punches. The crowd really reacts to Corino. Low-Ki shoves the ref into Corino, distracting him and hitting a wheel kick to the face. HARD chops in the corner by Low-Ki. Corino throws him to the outside and chops him there. Back in the ring, Corino goes for a dropkick, but Low-Ki holds on to the ropes and hits the MUTA ELBOW~! for two. Snap suplex with floatover gets a two count as well. HARD European uppercuts puts Corino down again. STIFF kick to his back gets a two. ‘Ki goes for Corino’s leg with some stomps, but he doesn’t follow that up with anything. ‘Ki taunts the crowd as he BLASTS Corino in the chest with some kicks. Corino comes back with a kick to the midsection and a ROLLING (or ROARING depending on who you talk to) ELBOW~! for two! Low-Ki comes off the ropes with a springboard roundhouse, but Corino ducks and hits a T-Bone Suplex for two! Leg lariat by Corino sends Low-Ki to the ring apron. ‘Ki comes back and hooks in the Dragon Sleeper! Corino crushes him in the corner to get him off...and Superkicks the HELL out of a charging ‘Ki for the one...two....NO! ‘Ki goes for a crucifix, but turns it into a submission...Corino reverses it into the Old School Expulsion! Instead of kicking out, he poked the ref in the eye and got DQ’ed. If he had enough energy to poke Scott in the eye, he had enough energy to kick out.


My Opinion: Well, the match was going just fine at that point. Could have gotten a lot better too. The crowd seemed to be really into Corino and hopefully this isn’t the last we’ve seen of him. I miss seeing ‘Ki in singles matches. *3/4.


Corino attacks him after the bell, but AMW comes down and beat up on ‘Ki. Ki runs away....into the Disciples who chase him back to the SEX locker room. AMW and The Church have a staredown...


We go to the back with Goldylocks & Jerry Lynn. He thanks Vince Russo for showing him what he needs to do in TNA. He’s going to re-establish the X Division. THANK GOD! Short, sweet, to the point.


8 Man X Division Match:


Paul London, Jerry Lynn, SAT’s, Jimmy Rave, Tony Mamaluke, David Young, Shark Boy.


Match Background: Paul London’s first match in TNA. Everyone of these men have been in multi man #1 contenders matches before. Am I being lazy with these? YEAH. SO WHAT!


The Match: On their way to the ring, West calls Jose Maximo Jose Estrada. Poor Mamaluke is always in these multi man #1 contender matches and never wins a damn thing. This match will be Gauntlet rules, so they’ll be two at a time, elimination rules. The order of entry was decided ahead of time. Jose and Shark Boy start the match. Jose goes for a Magistral cradle, but Shark Boy counters it for a ONE count. They trade pinfall attempts before Shark Boy hits the Deep Sea Drop for the pin. Deep Sea Drop called Dead Sea Driver by Tenay, but is corrected by West. Joel comes in to wrestle Shark Boy and gets a snap suplex for two. He sets him up in the corner....Swanton by Joel! He actually made it look like it hurt too. Shark Boy gets the DSD again...and Joel is gone! Jimmy Rave comes in and hits a Northern Lights suplex on Shark boy for two. Shark Boy comes back with a hangmans neckbreaker for two. 10 punches in the corner along with a Shark Bite pop the crowd. He goes for the DSD again, but Rave counters and gets the Northern Lights Bomb (Snow Plow) for the pin! Mamaluke comes in and attacks Rave quickly, but Rave comes back immediately. Mamaluke gets a Fujiwara armbar, but Rave gets to the ropes. BACK DROP DRIVER~! by Mamaluke drops Rave on his DOME and gets the pinfall! David Young comes in and LARIATS Mamaluke’s head off! Mamaluke puts on a weird sleeper.....and then clips Young’s leg. Young is selling it like a CHAMPION! He goes to work on it, putting on a leg lace and crowd chants “TAP OUT!” as Young YELLS!!! Shinbreaker by Mamaluke. He tries to follow it up with a Tornado DDT, but Young Northern Lights him into the corner. Mamaluke comes off the top, but Young catches him! SNAP SPINEBUSTER~! and Mamaluke is gone! Lynn comes in to face Young and hits a TKO. He goes for the Cradle Piledriver, but Young counters with an Atomic Drop into the SNAP SPINEBUSTER~! but he can’t make the cover! It gets a close two count! Young heads to the top and goes for a moonsault....but misses, landing HARD on the knees! Lynn puts on a single leg crab! Young crawls towards the ropes....but Lynn pulls him back to the middle of the ring, puts on an STF and Young has no choice but to tap! Paul London, the last man in, comes in to face Lynn. He looks like Scott Baio to me. He charges Lynn, but gets a drop toe hold instead. Lynn and London counter the HELL out of each other for about 2 minutes straight to the fans applause. London gets a NICE ‘rana, but Lynn gets a tilt a whirl backbreaker for two. Lynn goes for a Boston Crab, but London won’t let him turn it over and gets to the ropes. London gets a twisting neckbreaker, which has Lynn fall face first for two! London gets a springboard sunset flip on Lynn for two before nailing a GORGEOUS spinning wheel kick for two! Gut wrench suplex gets two for London as well. He goes to the top, but Lynn catches him and gets the sunset flip powerbomb for ONE....TWO...NO!!! That was VERY close! Cradle Piledriver attempt countered into a backbody drop! London charges into the corner and nails a HARD forearm to the face! Double leg roll up gets two! Lynn throws London into the corner but EATS BOOT! London to the top in one jump ala RVD! LONDON CALLING~! (Shooting Star Press, done with a TUCK), but Lynn’s got the knees up! Lynn with a roll up....NO! London goes for a Kryponite Krunch, but Lynn slips out and gets a hard shot to the midsection. CRADLE PILEDRIVER! ONE...TWO...THREE! All of the guys (minus Young and Mamaluke who went to the back) come into the ring to congratulate both Lynn AND London!


My Opinion: Damn GOOD match! The Deep See Drop is now over as a finisher. Young can sell like a mofo and his Spinebuster is now over. Lynn put London and his finisher over without having him GO over. This is what TNA needs to get the fans back. ***1/2.


Konnan comes out and goes into the ring to talk to Jerry Lynn. He asks him if he remembers when he was Mr. JL in WCW and they had Lucha Libre style matches. “How DARE you come out here and say that you’re going to re-establish the X Division because it isn’t yours to re-establish!” Lynn takes THE STICK~! and tells him that he incorporated Lucha and the Japanese style because he respected it. He says that his repertoire, if he took out the lucha influence all he’d have is some kicks and some clotheslines. Lynn tells him that Konnan is jealous because he wasn’t a high flyer. Konnan then tells him that he doesn’t need to fly high to sell out arena in Mexico...but what he will do is “power up and kick dust! Orale!” The SAT’s attack Lynn and the other guys in the ring along with Konnan! They’ve aligned themselves with him! SWERVE~!!! That was a damn good one too! I’m really liking this angle with Konnan.


Oh no...


They walk towards the back, where they’re confronted by Vince Russo. Russo tells them that they go and he’s thankful for Konnan standing up for him in WCW, but he claims that Konnan’s beating on Siaki caused him to go into tonight’s match hurt against Kid Kash, so he wants to know where Konnan stands. Konnan says “I don’t have to tell you shit” and walks away. Thank the LORD!


Goldy is with Jorge....who says NOTHING NEW. Yes, we know you’re solo. You’ve BEEN SOLO! Anyway, Truth interrupts and says how he should have answered the NWA’s questions now. He’s not with Russo and he’s pissed off that no one believed him. He walks off and we see Sanders and Gilberti lying, beaten up in the same fashion as the Rock & Roll Express were earlier.


West & Tenay pimp next week: AJ/Jarrett World Title Match. BE THERE!


Raven vs. The Sandman – Falls Count Anywhere.


Match Background: This was the angle that introduced me to ECW. Back in 1996, ECW ran an angle where Raven manipulated the mind of The Sandman’s wife and 7 year old son Tyler into following Raven and abandoning him. This was ultimately about the ECW World Title that Raven carried and this feud saw them trade the title back and forth. Eventually, Sandman got his family back. I can go on and on about this, but this is TNA and I’ve pretty much covered all of the important points.


The Match: Raven hits a baseball slide as Sandman comes to the ring, but Sandman whips Raven into the guard rail. “ECW”chant as he throws the guard rail into the ring! Sandman drop toe hold into the guard rail! He crotches him on the guard rail and clotheslines him off. West claims that Raven is “Bleeding profusely” for a little trickle of blood. Sandman props the guard rail in the corner, but Raven reverses an irish whip and the former Hardcore Hak goes onto it. They begin brawling in the crowd and end up near the ramp. Two count on the ramp for Raven. Suplex on the ramp for Sandman allows Raven to get a chair and a garbage can. He throws the garbage can back into the ring as well as the chair and they go back in. Raven opens up a chair in the middle of the ring and wedges one in the corner. He throws Sandman into the wedged chair for two. Raven irish whips Sandman, but Sandman reverses it into a drop toe hold into the open chair! Sandman gives Raven a few shots with the trashcan and both men are down! They head to the outside and go back into the crowd. Sandman sets Raven up on a table near the balcony and heads up top to put him through it...but Low-Ki shoves him off and Sandman goes through the table as Raven moves! Raven covers for the pin!


My Opinion: The Falls Count Anywhere stipulation was to cover Sandman’s weaknesses. The brawl made me feel nostalgic for the good old days of ECW, but alas....these aren’t the same performers and the brawling isn’t innovative anymore. Who knows if we’ll ever see The Sandman again, but he did his job well tonight. *


Afterwards, Steve Corino comes out and attacks Low-Ki. The Disciples send Raven over the rail and walk away for some reason. Corino sets up ‘Ki for the Old School Expulsion, but Raven attacks from behind! Sandman comes in and canes both ‘Ki and Raven! At this point, all of SEX come down to the ring and they attack the hell out of Sandman and Corino. Vince demands that they be tied like Jarrett so they can beat him like that. Jarrett comes out with a cane and wipes them all out! He was the one who beat up R&R, Gilberti & Sanders! Russo comes into the ring with a chair, but Jarrett overpowers him and takes it away! AJ STYLES~! comes down and attacks him from behind though! STYLES CLASH~! on a chair!


End of PPV!


Overall: A MUCH better show than last week and I’m PUMPED for next week! AJ vs. Jarrett should be EXCELLENT! The X Division match was great and tons of storylines were advanced. I’ll give this one...a thumbs up baby!


‘Til Next Week,


The Dames, Damian Gonzalez


Any questions, comments, anything....send it all to [email protected]


You can find my older work in The Archives.

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