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On the box: Baghdad’s Army


In the player: Jackass The Movie


Heavy rotation: Razorblade Romance


Sore thumbs: WWF No Mercy






I’m not exactly what you’d call a fan of the Oscars. While I’m all for unions/guilds/academies praising the hard work and achievement of its members, anyone who thinks the event is anything less worked than wrestling is kidding themselves. The whole thing is a joke how the hell can you have a serious awards show where some categories only have two nominees? It’s just an elaborate after party to celebrate the copious amount of Hollywood cock smoking. What pisses me off about it the most is that it’s such a fucking political pantomime, yet it’s so willingly oblivious to the real politics going on in the world. Oh sure, there’s a war going on, but hell, there’s always time for a bunch of coked up rich cats to stop and pat themselves on the back. If there’s one good thing about this war, it’s that the ridiculous amount of coverage has drowned out the usual Oscar nonsense. Still, it was awesome watching Michael Moore get open and Julianne Moore is criminally sexy, so you take what you can get.




The war is of no interest to me. Bush is an asshole, Blair is an asshole, Hussain is an asshole, and they’re all as bad as each other. If shit gets bad, it’ll be all the 18 and 19 year-olds who get conscripted before me, so I’ll care when it’s my turn. "Wars not make one great." Nor do they make for good TV shit, between all the war coverage and The Simpsons getting pre-empted for some sort of Robot Olympiad, I’m happy that I’ve wasted a few grand on a DVD collection.




I’ve got to apologise for the sparseness of this update, but there’s not much in the way of news, I couldn’t get my hands on the release schedule, and I’ve got a blistering headache that is sapping my will to type.




That said, let’s HIT THE CONTENT. ~!.












Oh boy, I wish I could tell you, but as I said, I haven’t had a chance to look at the release list for the week. Who cares about DVDs anyway Zelda’s out this week, and that’s all that matters.




The long, long, long, long LONG awaited Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Vista Series edition hits stores this week in pretty loaded form, even if some of the extras are transplanted straight from the laserdisc. Still, the best commentary track ever recorded has got to be worth the purchase even for non-fans. As mentioned last week, Jackass The Movie has actually been out for two weeks now, but today is the official release. Compared to the abysmal Jackass Volumes 2 and 3, the disc is absolutely loaded, with two commentary tracks, a bunch of trailers and music videos, outtakes, and over half an hour of additional scenes.




Futurama Series 1 finally makes its way to Region 1, but we’ve had Series 2 here for ages now so I can’t say I’m all that amped about it. Hot on the heels of last week’s NYPD Blue season one comes CSI The Complete First Season. I can’t say I’m a fan of either show, but cop shows are cop shows so I guess it’s all good. And, um, that’s all I’ve got.




Go buy Zelda.












… flipping Gs killing all your enemies - pleeeeaz! Yeah, Nine mother fuckers.




As you’re probably aware, this year’s Disney Platinum DVD is The Lion King, due on or around October 7th for about $30. While the Platinum sets are packed to the brim with quality extras, they have been plagued by less than pristine transfers. Hopefully the Mouse House has worked this out, because it’s a shame to brag about a line that’s supposed to be so out-of-this-world awesome but looks like shit.




Nobody at Disney has confirmed the features, but the following set of specs have been doing the rounds on the net at various sites and e-tailers, so they’re probably a decent indicator. So, cribbed kindly from the DVD Times (themselves cribbed kindly from IGN):






Disc One





  • Two versions of the film: The IMAX Special Edition that includes the all-new song The Morning Report (originally created for the Broadway show) and the original theatrical release


  • 1.85:1 Anamorphic Widescreen


  • DD5.1 and DTS soundtracks


  • The making of The Morning Report (the new song created for the SE)


  • All-new music video


  • Sing along track


  • Deleted scenes:


  • -Bug Football


  • -Hakuna Matata


  • -Warthog Rhapsody


  • Games:


  • -The Lion King Personality Profile game


  • -Rafiki's Three Gourd Monty game


  • -Timon's Grab-A-Grub game


  • -Pumbaa's Sound Sensations game

Disc Two





  • Disney Animals - learn how real animals inspired these animated Lion King characters hosted by Roy Disney


  • Storymaking Magic - the fascinating origin and influences behind the story of The Lion King


  • Behind the scenes of the award-winning Broadway hit musical


  • -Exclusive interview with writer/artist/director Julie Taymor


  • -Explore masks, costumes, people and puppets


  • -Behind-the-scenes footage


  • Character design


  • Computer design


  • Exclusive interviews with Sir Elton John and Tim Rice


  • Virtual Safari with tour guides Timon and Pumbaa


  • African art inspiration


  • Lion King music videos


  • African influence


  • And much more!

There’s box and disc art samples at both IGN and the Times, so go check it out if that’s your fancy.












Well, Super Warner Bros. may have jettisoned the Matrix Special Edition, but they’re trying to make up for it by releasing SEs of some very long-awaited flicks, all due to drop on June 10th for the better part of thirty.




We can look forward to the 229 minute cut of Once Upon A Time in America, with an anamorphic transfer and 5.1 sound. In addition to a commentary track by Richard Schickel, alleged film critic and historian, the DVD will also include the Revealing Once Upon A Time: Sergio Leone documentary. Wicked, I guess.




Everyone’s favourite pantyhose-wearing, rich people-robbing fruit Robin Hood makes his much-anticipated Special Edition arrival in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. Am I the only one who noticed that, thanks to his super-sheen matt-black dyejob, has a Windolene-blue halo around his head through certain parts of the film? Gotta love Hollywood. The DVD gets the full anamorphic/5.1 treatment, and an ambiguous number of commentaries. From the press release: “Audio Commentary: Commentaries by Kevin Costner, Morgan Freeman, Christian Slater, Writers/Producers Pen Densham and John Watson, Composer Michael Kamen”. Whether that’s just one commentary featuring separate commentary tracks or interviews spliced together, or one big group commentary, who knows. The Robin Hood: The Man, The Myth, The Legend featurette is also included, as are cast interviews, an isolated score in 5.1, the Bryan Adams music video (AAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH), a publicity photo gallery, and “3D Interactive Loop: Weapons of the Time”. Um, okay.




The Right Stuff gets the best treatment overall, despite only having a 5.0 mix (boo!). It still gets the anamorphic love, and most definitely two commentaries one featuring the director, producers and cinematographer, the other with cast members Jeff Goldblum, Veronica Cartwright, Scott Glenn, Ed Harris, Dennis Quaid and Barbera Hershey. It also contains no less than 13 deleted/additional scenes, BTS documentaries and cast & crew interviews, interviews with three of the Mercury Seven astronauts, an interview with GENERAL Chuck Yeager, and an introductory narration by Thomas Wolfe. Now THAT, my friends, is a Special Edition.




And hey, I’m sure I had some specs for The Giant here too, but they seem to have been a casualty of cut & paste. Sorry. The set is alleged to be a three-discer, so it’s sure to be packed, anyway.




Thanks to the DVD Times.












Busy boys, those Warner Brothers. Not content with going all Special Edition on us, they’re also sending some classic black & whitery our way in the form of The Chaplin Collection.




The first four films from the ten-film set will street on July 1st. Each film has been completely restored and remastered directly from the vaults of the Chaplin estate. Lost footage, BTS clips and home movie footage will feature extensively on the DVDs, which will each feature approximately two hours of extras.




Chaplin’s greatest film The Gold Rush features both the original, silent 1925 version with 20 minutes of reinstated footage and Chaplin’s original score, as well as the re-released, narrated 1942 version. The disc features the Chaplin Today The Gold Rush retrospective, an interview with then-wife Lita (!) Grey Chaplin, Chaplin’s original written scenario, trailers, poster and photo galleries, and an introduction by Chaplin biographer David Robinson.




The Great Dictator includes the documentary The Tramp and the Dictator: Acclaimed Turner Classic Movies, a deleted scene from Sunnyside that inspired the character of the Jewish barber, as well as a Hitler/Mussolini clip from Monsieur Verdoux, color film shot on the set by Chaplin’s half-brother, original storynotes, scriptnotes and production records on the film’s finale, a poster gallery, and a Fox Movietone newsreel from 1933 about Hitler.




Limelight features another Chaplin Today retrospective, a featurette on the seven other Chaplin clansmen in the film, home film from 1952 and 1959, deleted scenes removed following the film’s premiere, introduction by the Chaplin biographer, trailers, posters and photos, isolated score (which was an Academy Award winner) in 5.1 audio, a six-minute clip from The Professor, the unfinished 1919 film that parallels the fleas and flophouse scenes, as well as Chaplin’s working notes on the novel.




Chaplin’s final silent film Modern Times features the leanest amount of supplemental features, but clocking in at an hour, they’re still slicker than your average. The Modern Times Chaplin Today piece is listed as a documentary rather than a retrospective, which I guess is worth noting for semantics’ sake. The complete version of Chaplin’s nonsense song in the café is included, as are Chaplin’s storynotes, shooting log and production report for the feeding machine sequence, which have never been seen before. And in addition to the trailers and galleries is “A witty video reminiscence by Modern Times musical arranger, composer David Raksin”. Rock on.




Thanks very much to The DVD Times.








And that’s all she wrote. Sorry it was over so quick baby I’ll try to work on my endurance. Take care, and remember:













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