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Five Wrestlers TNA Should Make Use Of

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If you actually sit down and think about it, there's tons of potential, untapped, and basically just great talent in the current wrestling scene that NWA-TNA could and should make use of. I scoured the American and Canadian indies, European tours, Japan, Mexico, everywhere to come up with a list of five definitive wrestlers or wrestling-related personalities that TNA should use ASAP. Actually, it was really hard making a list of just five talents, since there's so much available talent on the market.


Below is the list I've chosen, with some notes on each. The list is in no particular order.


[1] Satoshi Kojima. Kojima is a full-time wrestler for All Japan and is arguably the best worker in Japan right now, and is one of the best worldwide. He's also the MLW champion. The problem with Kojima is that he would only be available for one show every once in awhile due to his full time schedule in Japan. His commitments to MLW may also be some sort of obstacle in NWA-TNA making use of him, but it certainly wouldn't hurt to bring him in for one or two shows here and there. I'd love to see him paired with Jerry Lynn.


[2] Evan Mariott. Better known as "Joe Millionaire". Marriot was trained by UPW in California, and is now a superstar in the U.S. and Canada due to the tremendous popularity of the aforementioned TV show. The problem with Mariott is that he's wrestled maybe one match, might not be interested in working for TNA at this time (he claims he was approached by WWE with a contract but was turned down), and his asking price might be too high. Problem is, if TNA doesn't take advantage of his current popularity soon, it's going to dwindle, because his Joe Millionaire gig is just another one of those fifteen minute claim-to-fame things. He would be a great addition to the current TNA pay per views, though, if they could get him to come in for a one-off or three or four weeks worth of shows.


[3] "American Dragon" Bryan Danielson. Danielson is probably the best worker on the U.S. indie wrestling scene behind Jerry Lynn. He would be a fabulous addition to the X Division roster. The problems with Danielson are that he has some sort of verbal agreement with WWE to work as a job guy for their B-level shows, and that might interfere with him signing with NWA-TNA. Also, he has a horrible look, put that can be easily solved by putting him under a mask using the American Dragon gimmick. It would be great to see him matched against AJ Styles, Low Ki, Jerry Lynn, or any of the X Division wrestlers, truthfully.


[4] Super Crazy. He's one of the most charismatic luchadores I've ever seen, and with his high flying talent and charisma, it's a shame he's not with WWE. There really is no downside to signing Super Crazy, and he could be a great addition to the X Division roster and to Konnan's stable of luchadores. The more latinos TNA has on their pay per views, the more they attract the huge latino audience, and that could mean a lot of buys translating into dollars for TNA. (Note: I wrote this prior to to the 3/5 TNA show, and they ended up using him and he had one of the best matches in company history with Jerry Lynn.)


[5] Shocker. Shocker is probably the most popular wrestler in Mexico behind El Hijo Del Santo, and is the second latino on this list. He would be a great addition to the NWA-TNA roster, just because of the latino factor and because he's got a great look and is a good worker. The problem is that I don't know if EMLL would let him come up and work in a promotion with Konnan, since Konnan still has heat with EMLL management for taking a ton of their talent over to AAA back about ten years ago (in fact, Konnan has been blacklisted in Mexico). Shocker would also be a great addition to the TNA roster if they could get past this obstacle.


Like I said at the beginning of the article, with the amount of quality available talent on the market today there's just too much talent to limit the list to five wrestlers, so below is a brief listing of a few more wrestlers worth mentioning (and worth a spot on NWA-TNA's roster).


Ultimo Dragon (may not want to work in the U.S.); Tom Howard (works regularly for Zero One but is a great untapped talent for the U.S. market); Terry Funk (if they're going to bring in NWA legends, they need to bring him in); Magnum TA (would be a fantastic addition to the Nikita/Dusty storyline, which is probably my favorite TNA angle so far); Joe E. Legend (aka Just Joe, looked really good on the latest WWA tour working against Mike Sanders); New Jack (if they're going to bring in ECW talent, New Jack would be a good addition, and he's got lost of charisma); Scoot Andrews (I like Scoot and he's a regular RoH worker, he deserves at least a tryout match); Nicho/Psicosis (another great flying luchadore).


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