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The Crossface: No Way Out Predictions

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Does the WWE really expect the people to shell out money for this hoorible card? Before we find out, lets introduce the players...


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William: OK, this week, WWE holds No Way Out. I haven't been this apathetic about a ppv since WCW was in business. First off, the main event... Rock vs. Hogan. Can they capture the magic from last year's match?

Mark: With Rock playing superheel like a genius, I have nothing but faith that he can work another miracle.

Brandon: They can pull it off because they two of them have been separated for a year, neither has had a match in about 6 months, and the roles have been reversed.

Razor: The original match had that "aura" about it... it was a fantasy match that no one thought would happen, and it happened on the biggest stage of the year. This time it's at a crappy In Your House level show. Both guys haven't wrestled in months either, so they're going to be rusty.

JHawk: I doubt it. For one thing, there's something about WrestleMania that makes everything seem a little more special. But on top of that, these are two guys who haven't worked since August. If the crowd isn't completely up for it, it's going to bomb and bomb bad.

Byron: Nope. It's just the same crap, different pile. Sure, Rock is a heel now, but really, how is that going to help when they'll basically wrestle the same match as WM?

Bryan: For the arena crowd...yes, it will be a special moment. For the home audience? No way in hell. It will have crowd heat but we've seen that before. Match will be boring like last time...only this time someone might notice.

Peter: I don't think it will have that much heat. The match at X-8 was horrid, crowd noise notwithstanding. Plus, who knows how the Montreal crowd will react? Will they boo Hogan and cheer Rock? You can't tell with some of these Canadian crowds.

Byron: Montreal loves Hogan, Peter, so he'll get a huge face reaction.

Mark: Look, Rock comes back strong every time. If he hadn't done this 3 times already I might agree with you all, but this is what Rock does.

Peter: But it's wearing thin, Mark. He's leaving after Wrestlemania, if I recall correctly. Why should I give a shit about this if he's just shipping off for 6 months or even contemplating retirement?

Brandon: Rock may or may not be leaving after Mania. It depends on what happens with his next film.

William: Who do you guys think comes out on top?

Bryan: Rock will win with Vince interference

Byron: making Hogan into another uber-face at this point is useless. Rock should beat him and then beat him down for good

Peter: To borrow a Rock catchphrase, it doesn't matter who wins to me. But Vince will help Rock win, setting up Vince/Hogan at Mania XIX.

JHawk: Hogan wins because WWE absolutely has to have everyone not named Triple H return a job.

Brandon: Rock will come out on top because it sets up Vince-Hogan.

Mark: Peter is right, it really doesn't matter. Rock would job to me if he were asked to.

JHawk: I'm begging for Rhyno to run in and gore both of them myself

Mark: Yeah, JHawk, because you want to put a midcarder over two of the biggest stars in history!

Bryan: I want midcarders to go over them too. Midcarders will still be in the WWE in a few months. That's not why it doesn't matter who wins. It doesn't matter who wins because neither guy matters past Mania in any way shape or form.

Byron: Where does all this Rhyno love come from, Mark? The guy's a talentless hack who only got a big push in ECW because he sucked up Heyman's jizz.

Brandon: If Rhyno does anything, it'll be to get involved in the 6-man and NOT Rock-Hogan.


William: Alright, while I think we are all in agreement that the match will suck, the intrigue is definitely there for who has his hand raised. Next match is HHH vs. Scott Steiner in a rematch of last month's early (Worst) Match of the Year. We know who's going to win. The question is will this match be even worse?

Razor: I think Steiner vs. HHH II will be slightly better, merely because they can't possibly top the suck that was the first match.

Bryan: HHH wins. There isn't a lot to say about it. Evolution will help and we'll end up with Batista vs. Steiner in matches worse than these anti-classics.

Brandon: Yes, this match will be much worse. At least Rock can carry Hogan somewhat. Trips will win in a match equally as bad as last month.

Peter: Steiner won't win, you can put your life savings on that. This will probably be Steiner's last WWE match, anyway. Maybe Booker will assist Steiner, but it will backfire, and Booker jobs at Mania.

JHawk: I don't think the match can be any worse. Maybe it will actually be a DUD this time. Steiner's able to go three full minutes without blowing up now. The run-ins save it from being total crap. That's my prediction.

Byron: It won't be worse because they will actually try and structure this match out more than last month's abortion. The only thing that can screw it up major is Steiner himself.

Razor: I wonder how many Overhead Belly to Belly Suplexes Steiner will try to use this time around. A shade under 40 sounds about right.

JHawk: Razor, Vegas has that number at 27 right now. Hunter wins, and you don't need a napkin to book it either

Bryan: Such a road was buried months ago. HHH won't lose that belt until Nash returns!

Brandon: Nash winning the belt, BPS? He won't even make it to the ring.

Bryan: Sometimes all it takes is a fingerpoke you know, Brandon.

JHawk: I can't see God going over Triple H at this point

Peter: Nash/HHH at Wrestlemania? You better have people watching the Space Needle for jumpers. HHH/Steiner will blow, but HHH will get out of it scot-free.

JHawk: Remember when a World Title match had some doubt as to the decision and you thought the match would be good? The question is, would Nash-HHH be better than Steiner-HHH?

Brandon: No, because at least Steiner can pull off a move that isn't a kick, punch, or playing with his hair.

Mark: HHH for having all this power sure gets the worst booking imaginable

Peter: Is that some brainteaser or something? "This match has a roid freak and a cripple.....this match has a cripple and a roid freak.”


William: Ok, in another billed main event, the WWE is announcing Eric Bischoff vs. Stone Cold. Will a match even occur? I think it will be a big Stunner-fest just to get Austin’s face back on the screen.

Brandon: This will be a crapfest like Austin-Rikishi from No Mercy 2000, when Austin made his last return. At least they aren't trying to get Bischoff over as a main-eventer like Rikishi.

JHawk: If Austin isn't turning heel, it'll happen, if only to keep the paying customer from completely boycotting the product.

Byron: I have a bad feeling that there's going to be some sort of swerve in this "match", possibly even Austin joining up with Bisch and turning heel

Bryan: I was thinking "swerve" too...but there are no faces on RAW so I guess it can't happen.

Mark: Even WWE knows that moving Austin would be a huge mistake. Austin will run out ... stunner ... pin and we're drinking beer in no time

JHawk: Non-alcoholic beer of course, Mark. I don't care what roster Austin's on. He'll just throw another hissyfit the next time they actually try to elevate someone.

Peter: Who knows? Austin stuns Bisch 200 times, Austin joins him, Goldberg attacks him, I really don't know or care. Austin on RAW won't make me watch any more. They need some SERIOUS help on the RAW side. Austin ain't it.

William: But BPS, I don't think Austin will even stay on the RAW roster.

Bryan: He sure as hell better. If they put him on Smackdown Raw's ratings drop to the 2's

Brandon: They won't drop to the 2's but they will slip back down to the low 3's. RAW champion Booker T might be the way to go if they can build up some challengers besides Jericho.

Razor: I'd love to see him on Smackdown, if they go through with the previously planned Benoit/Austin feud.


William: The only match that I am looking forward to on this PPV is the Team Angle vs. Team Brock showdown. Who wins this match leading up to Angle vs. Brock at Wrestlemania?

Bryan: Since Team Angle looks about as strong as three little old ladies at this point...they must be winning.

Razor: I have my money on Team Angle, but with heavy interference. We know Lesnar is going over at Wrestlemania.

Byron: Team Angle wins, hands down.

Brandon: If Edge wrestles, Angle will "cripple" him and put him out for the duration of his injury and then beatdown Lesnar.

Peter: I hope Team Angle wins, or you can just give Brock the belt right now and save a month

Mark: Team Angle will bore its way to victory after a months long heat segment on Benoit before Angle cheats his way over Brock

JHawk: Hopefully Team Angle wins it, but I have this feeling Brock pins Angle clean. So that people who aren't yet convinced, buy Mania thinking title change. But they might take Edge out and put Rhyno in, because Heaven forbid Raw get anybody new coming in.

Byron: Bah, why should Rhyno be plugged in there? I'd say put Eddy in there since he has beef with Team Angle right now and it would make perfect sense.

JHawk: Eddy would be a good replacement. But they could conceivably keep Edge in and have him sit on the apron all night.Integra1023: Throw Mysterio in there, I'd say.

Bryan: Rhyno isn't going to help RAW anyway. It's better he be on Heyman's show.

Peter: I don't think anyone WANTS to go to RAW!

Brandon: There's a reason, PK. The only guy that's gotten over on RAW in about 8 months is Triple H. Draw your own conclusions.

JHawk: Hell, they fire anybody on creative that suggest someone goes over Hunter.

Mark: So you mean Booker T got someone fired this week?

William: Ok, since this is the only match I am looking forward to, give me some star ratings.

Peter: It will be decent, probably Match of the Night. ***1/2

JHawk: I think this could hit **** if it gets 15 minutes plus

Razor: ***1/2 Sounds about right, but if they work their asses off they can pull in ****.

Bryan: Well...I don't think Haas is very good. Edge is hurt and I don't think he's very good either. *** would be my guess for a rating ceiling.

Byron: It should be okay, might turn into a total clusterfuck, though. I'd go with **3/4-***

Brandon: *** because Brock won't be allowed into the ring with Angle, Haas and Benjamin are green, and Edge is hurt. Benoit-Angle will carry this. This will be the match of the night unless Hell freezes over.

Mark: **1/2 at most, Haas and Benjamin stink and do nothing for me in the slightest. Still will be match of the night though. Pardon me while I shudder.

JHawk: Match of the night on a shit card is still match of the night.


William: Ok, in the match that defines piss-break, Undertaker faces the Big Show. Does WWE expect us to really give a shit about this match?

JHawk: Hoss vs. hoss? You're damn right they expect us to care. Doesn't mean we do. In fact, I didn't give a shit when they did this in 1999 either. Taker wins, but Show gets the Choke Slam in. And if it's any longer that five minutes I'll shoot somebody

Mark: It's been slightly amusing for me. But I really don't care either. Big Show is on the job train for sure though.

Peter: I don't care about this Taker squash. Expect a "boring" chant.

Razor: I agree Peter, then maybe a stare down with Nathan Jones or something.

Bryan: Undertaker vs. Big Show? Sure glad that Booker T, Rey Misterio and the Guerreros aren't on this card. Bad match. Little heat.

Brandon: Yeah, and that's part of their problem. Spanky, Brother Love, and Kanyon are far more talented than these two lumps of crap and yet they feed everyone within 30 feet to Taker. Taker wins with the Does-Anyone-Really-Give-A-Crap chokeslam.

Byron: I expect to be pleasantly drunk by the time this match comes up, so yeah, I really don't want to see it. Takers wins just because he's the Big Dog in the Yard or whatever.

JHawk: If anything's worse than Triple H-Steiner, this is it.

Brandon: They're about as mobile as Trips and Steiner but have a bigger moveset.


William: Ok, in what should be a very average match with no heat, Kidman faces Matt Hardy. I don't care about this match. Do you?

Brandon: Dames, and that's about it I think. : I hope Matt will win but they'll probably hold off on it for a month and blow it off at Wrestlemania.

Razor: If Hardy doesn't win I'll be pissed off as hell. Kidman has to be one of the most boring champions ever. I try really hard to like Kidman, but his crappy music and ring attire ruin him for me.

Peter: Well, Matt will win the title in a decent match, I guess. Shannon will help. How about Shannon gives him a good luck Twinkie before the match, causing Matt to go above weight? That would be funny.

JHawk: I'm looking forward to this one if Hardy doesn't "pass out from fatigue" five minutes in. I'm thinking Kidman pulls it off. Hardy got the pin in the tag match, and under WWE logic, no title change.

Mark: Matt Hardy is the second most forgettable wrestler ever and Kidman is the first. I can't see anyone caring about this match in the slightest. What the hell happened to Kidman anyway? I'm pretty sure he used to actually be entertaining and now even teaming with Rey can't make me care about him

Bryan: Kidman will win I suppose. To be honest I briefly forgot there was a cruiserweight title.

Byron: Kidman/Hardy, if confined to about 8 to 10 minutes, shouldn't suck too hard, but people seem to overrate Matt since he started the Mattitude gimmick. Matt will probably win, but the Mattitude gimmick is so wasted on the Cruiserweight Title.

William: Will this match even come close as a Match of the Night?

Razor: Eh, it'll probably be about **.

Bryan: Sadly, it will probably land in second.

JHawk: I'd say second best match of the night. It could reach *** depending on time and story, but that's really stretching it. Closer to ** so I'd guess **1/4.

Mark: Maybe, but on this show, that does not mean a whole lot

Peter: As I said, it will be decent. **1/2 - **3/4

Byron: I'm a little less optimistic. *1/2-** at best

Brandon: No, because the cruisers never get the time needed to make it a great match. The only time that ever happened was Kidman-Tajiri last year. This will top out at *** if they're lucky, but ** realistically.

Mark: Matt and Kidman don't deserve 10-15 minutes at this point anyway.


William: Well, on the RAW brand, Matt's brother, Jeff Hardy faces Chris Jericho in a match that may or may not be better than the previously planned Jericho-Test match. Are you happy with the substitution?

Bryan: It doesn't really matter, but I think Test is better than Jeff. The real question is how long until Test gets yet another push?

Brandon: Six months, BPS. Albert, Nathan Jones, and the other hosses have leapfrogged him now.

Bryan: But those people aren't Shane McMahon's friends either.

Peter: Hell no. Jericho and Hardy have had two long and boring matches on RAW already.

Mark: I really couldn't care less who Jericho is getting to beat

Brandon: I'm conflicted... I don't like Test but I don't like Jeff any better. The only consolation is that Jericho should easily beat Jeff while he would have jobbed to Test.

JHawk: I don't give a shit because Jericho's the only worthwhile one of the three. What did I give their match at the Feb 10 Raw? **1/2 I think. This one doesn't get that. Jericho has to go over to give him credibility going into his match with Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania. He has to.

Mark: Problem is that WWE doesn't have a whole lot of interesting midcard faces. That's why we get to see Rikishi every week on Smackdown.

Peter: I'll say Jericho wins, but unless Benoit infects Hardy with some talent, it'll be ** at best.

Byron: Bah, Jericho was going to go over on this PPV no matter who he faced, so really it's a moot point.

Mark: For being Shane's friend, Test sure gets crappy storylines and gimmicks.


Mark: He's named after a Testicle.

Brandon: Shane isn't on the creative end of management, so he can't control his buddy's angles.

Peter: Shane also tried to get Steve Blackman over, remember. Look how that worked out.


William: Obviously, this is setting up the HBK vs. Jericho match at Wrestlemania. Since this match will suck, what are your hopes for the Mania match?

Bryan: HBK jobbing would be my hope. But something tells me that isn't going to happen because this will be his first Mania in years.

Byron: I just want Jericho to go over and hopefully look good doing it. I may hate on HBK a hell of a lot, but I think he'll do the job in this one.

Peter: I'm hoping for a pretty good match. I don't know who will win, but I'm keeping the belief that Shawn will go out on a good note, since this may be his last match.

JHawk: It depends. If we get a motivated-Jericho and SummerSlam-HBK, then we could get ****. Sadly, I don't see Jericho going over even though it's another case of Jericho having to go over.

Razor: I'm banking on Shawn vs. Jericho being a pretty damn good match. Shawn had decent matches with HHH last year (Sure, they were gimmicked to hell), so he'll probably work well with a better wrestler like Jericho. Putting Shawn over serves absolutely no purpose whatsoever, but it'll probably happen.

Mark: Michaels isn't going to go over Jericho at Wrestlemania. I think it’s pretty obvious that Shawn's not long for this world of wrestling and WWE will want to squeeze something out of him.

Brandon: HBK probably won't be having a great match with Jericho at Mania and I don't see him jobbing either. I see a crappy "spunky old-timer comeback" push for him a la Jake Roberts in 1996

JHawk: But SummerSlam HBK carried HHH to a match of the year candidate

William: I take exception to that comment, JHawk. The Summerslam match was an overbooked, garbage match that wasn't in the top 30 matches of the year!

Razor: I wasn't a real fan of the match, but HBK did a lot better than I expected at Summerslam. I think I gave it ***.

Bryan: The hell he did. Unless Match of the Year candidates start at **1/2 now. I would have gone *** if not for the complete and utter no sell of his back.

Peter: Well, that was mostly because everyone bought into Shawn's "crippling injury." He sold very well until the end, though.

Bryan: He sold for the first half. Then a kip up and no looking back

JHawk: I never said the match was *****. But everybody and their dog wanted Hogan-Rock for match of the year when it first happened even though it was utter crap.

Peter: What? Hogan-Rock was AWFUL. So the crowd had a little markout. Hogan's 80’s offense and Rock's overblown selling was laughable.

JHawk: I agree Peter, but Pro Wrestling Illustrated readers voted it Match of the Year. Mostly marks, granted, but it won.

Razor: Yeah, Hogan vs. Rock is only good for one viewing, and not on tape... you had to watch it live.


William: The final match on the card is another example of WWE's laughable mistakes throughout the past year... RVD and Kane vs. Storm and Regal. Once again, do any of you care about this match?

Mark: I don't care so much my teeth hurt

JHawk: Hell, I'd rather see this one than everything except maybe the six man tag, if only because I mark for everyone except Kane

Byron: Nope. Everybody in this match sucks to me. And since Regal and Storm are so fucking boring, it's almost a shock that they are still champs at this point even though no one gives a flying fuck about them.

Mark: Storm and Regal are boring as death and won't work at all well with either RVD or Kane.

Peter: Nope. This will be the opener, just to let RVD get the crowd pumped up before the crap spills into the arena.

Brandon: No, I don't care. Storm and RVD are worth watching but Regal and Kane can cure insomnia between them. This is the match that will see Kane go heel on RVD and set up an equally crappy match at Mania.

Peter: RVD and Kane win for some reason. Why the hell did they break up BookDust again?

Brandon: To give Booker a singles push... I think. Otherwise, it was because they were too popular for a team the office had no plans for.

Razor: I think Bookdust bit the dust so they could feed Booker T to Triple H at Wrestlemania.

Bryan: I'd imagine Storm and Regal retain. Maybe RVD and Kane will have a falling out of their HILARIOUS team.

Mark: I think because they wanted to free Booker up for better things... but when is the last time that actually happened?

JHawk: Storm and Regal are given six-minute matches when their style by definition needs 10-12. Regal I can see making that point for, but anybody who doesn't think Storm is good in the ring isn't looking close enough.

Byron: After watching some of Storm's WAR matches, I can safely say he's average in the ring.

Mark: Storm has the technical wrestling version of the bearhug as a finisher. Isn't that some sort of clue as to how interesting he can be?


William: Ok, it's blatantly obvious this PPV will be the drizzling shits. However, do you think it has the potential to be the worst PPV ever?

Brandon: No, nothing will be able to top crap like Great American Bash 91 or King of the Ring 95, Helmet. It'll still be in the running for the worst PPV of the year until RAW starts trying to run shows by themselves.

Peter: This won’t be the worst ever, but it will be totally forgettable, INCLUDING Rock-Hogan II.

Bryan: It will be worse than any pay per view last year. And that is saying a whole lot.

Razor: I can see it as the worst PPV of the year, but not of all time.

Mark: It will be the most average event ever. A real ** affair the whole wa,y throughout the card

JHawk: King of the Ring 1995 at least had one decent match. This one...the six man better live up to its potential or it's not going to be good. Is Bash 91 really that bad? I've never seen it.

Brandon: The best match on the show was MAYBE ** and it had several negative star matches. That should answer your question.

William: Ok, finally what would you rather be doing than watching this PPV?

Peter: This is a family site, right?

Brandon: I'd rather drink turpentine and piss on a brush fire.

Byron: Getting some ass?

Mark: I would rather be shoveling snow.

Bryan: I'd rather be in Chyna.

JHawk: I'd say "watching Raw", but I have to do that no matter what. I'd rather be at a strip club stuffing singles in some fat girl's G-string though

Byron: I'd rather suffer through the flu again...


Peter: Well, after the total rush job WWE has done for this show and the horrible matches it contains, I was thinking next year they should just scrap No Way Out and just build from the Rumble to Wrestlemania. Anyone agree?

Razor: I defnitely agree. I've wanted to get rid of No Way Out for some time now. It fucks up the whole "Road to Wrestlemania" flow.

Mark: According to the latest rumors, they are going to be splitting the PPVs between the rosters. That would provide all the room the bookers could ever need.

JHawk: I would agree with that, but it will never happen. Vince McMahon will never risk losing his "revenue" even for a month, even if it would be better for the company.

Bryan: I have a question. With HBK, Hogan, Rock, McMahon and a guy who hasn't been around in months like Austin being at or near the top of the WrestleMania card (the supposed blow off to the years events)...does anyone really think that the WWE knows how to plan for the future?

Peter: Not anymore, Bryan. Vince seems REALLY desperate to go back to the levels of 199 and 2000 right now.

William: It's blatantly obviousBryan that they don't have a fucking clue. They have made ALL of the wrong decisions in the last year and aren't like WCW, they ARE WCW!

JHawk: But they got Brock over, Bryan. One good thing in three years?

Bryan: Not as they intended. And if he hadn't gotten over eventually last year would have been the biggest waste ever.

Peter: But he's using the same pieces that haven't worked for almost 2 years.

Byron: Well, the problem with that is that 1999 was really awful from a creative standpoint

JHawk: 1999 sucked all around, but everybody bought into it. When you realize "This is your life Rock" was the highest rated Raw segment ever, and it was probably the most boring 25 minutes of garbage I sat through that year that didn't involve the Ministry of Darkness...ugh

Mark: They seem to be pushing Cena, Team Angle, Orton and Batista pretty hard

William: And a wrestling standpoint Byron. It just happened that Stone Cold and Rock were gold on the mic!



William: Ok, in other wrestling news, Curt Hennig passed away last week. What is your favorite Mr. Perfect moment?

Brandon: I'd say his match with Bret Hart at Summerslam 91. Even with a back injury that destroyed his career, he was STILL able to put on a great match and make Bret look like a million bucks.

Peter: My favorite moment was Wrestlemania 8. It was the first PPV I had ever ordered and he was just hilarious after Flair lost to Savage.

JHawk: Destroying the title belt at Saturday Night's Main Event. I was so certain as an 11 year-old mark that Perfect was going to beat Hogan in about five minutes flat for that belt.

Byron: When he tried to walk away from the Bret IC Title match at SummerSlam ‘91. I swear, he gets roasted by the crowd and I was all like "you jackass, GET BACK IN THERE!"

Mark: My favorite Mr. Perfect moment was his introduction promos where he would throw footballs and then run down the field to catch his own throw. That's good stuff.

Razor: Wow, that's a tough one, Perfect had so many great moments. I have to go with his first IC title victory in 1990 when he beat Tito Santana in the Tournament final.

Bryan: My favorite Curt Hennig memory was when he turned on Bobby Heenan and Ric Flair to replace the Ultimate Warrior for Survivor Series ‘92. That was a great turn that reminded everyone that he was perfect.

Mark: And who can forget Rap is Crap getting him over as a face when it was meant to do the opposite?!

Byron: Being a long time rap fan, I hated that whole angle

JHawk: Then again, I'd root against almost anybody over Konnan!

Bryan: What did they expect? Rap to be more popular than Country...IN THE SOUTH?

JHawk: It was WCW. They thought Megadeth performing on Nitro would outdraw Raw.

Razor: I always found it pretty funny that Perfect dove into the pool in his RING ATTIRE in those vignettes.

JHawk: I always loved how he'd throw the towel behind him and Bobby Heenan would always catch it.

Peter: I loved when he accepted Savage's invitation to be his partner and Heenan went BALLISTIC on him.

JHawk: And we can't have a Curt Hennig conversation go by without mentioning the gum swat. I used to chew gum just to do the gum swat when I was done with it. I saw Hennig live a couple of times. Most notably against Kerry Von Erich late in Von Erich's IC title reign.

Razor: I love Jericho even more because he did the gum swat on RAW this week.

William: You know, I attended a Nitro where Hennig swatted the gum and pelted some poor sap in the face. It connected... pefectly!

Razor: Oh crap, I just admitted to watching RAW this week.

Peter: I saw Henning live once. He got squashed by Diesel. It wasn't a very good match.

William: Well, one thing is for certain, the Smart Marks staff send our condolences to the Hennig family. On that note, the Crossface is… now …over.




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