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Guest The Decadent Slacker

100 Of My Favorite Songs Ever

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Guest The Decadent Slacker

They aren't really in a set order, save maybe the top 5. it's just shit i like that i was bored enough to write down. It all changes depending on mood anyway.



1.) “A Quick One, While He’s Away”-The Who

2.) “Hurt”-Nine Inch Nails/Johnny Cash

3.) “Imagine”-John Lennon

4.) “Tangled Up In Blue”-Bob Dylan

5.) “Stairway To Heaven”-Led Zeppelin

6.) “Suite: Judy Blue Eyes”-CSNY

7.) “Cryin’”-Aerosmith

8.) “A Day In The Life”-The Beatles

9.) “Start Me Up”-Rolling Stones

10.) “You Shook Me All Night Long”-AC/DC

11.) “Athena”-The Who

12.) “Slit Skirts”-Pete Townshend

13.) “Rock & Roll”-Led Zeppelin

14.) “November Rain”-Guns N Roses

15.) “Purple Haze”-Jimi Hendrix

16.) “Moneytalks”-AC/DC

17.) “Just Like Starting Over”-John Lennon

18.) “Paranoid”-Black Sabbath

19.) “Revolution”-The Beatles

20.) “No More Mr. Nice Guy”-Alice Cooper

21.) “I Just Want You”-Ozzy Osbourne

22.) “Let It Be”-The Beatles

23.) “Behind Blue Eyes”-The Who

24.) “Bohemian Rhapsody”-Queen

25.) “Come As You Are”-Nirvana

26.) “The End”-The Doors

27.) “Sympathy For The Devil”-Rolling Stones

28.) “Black Sabbath”-Black Sabbath

29.) “Do It Again”-Steely Dan

30.) “Like A Rolling Stone”-Bob Dylan

31.) “The Show Must Go On”-Queen

32.) “Highway To Hell”-AC/DC

33.) “I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues”-Elton John

34.) “It’s Only Rock N Roll”-Rolling Stones

35.) “Janie’s Got A Gun”-Aerosmith

36.) “Hurricane”-Bob Dylan

37.) “Get Back”-The Beatles

38.) “Layla”-Derek & The Dominoes

39.) “Woman”-John Lennon

40.) “Like A Prayer”-Madonna

41.) “Freebird”-Lynard Skynard

42.) “The Wind”-Cat Stevens

43.) “Beast Of Burden”-Rolling Stones

44.) “You Better You Bet”-The Who

45.) “The Unforgiven”-Metallica

46.) “Beth”-KISS

47.) “Light My Fire”-The Doors

48.) “Iron Man”-Black Sabbath

49.) “Paradise City”-Guns N Roses

50.) “Bitter Pill”-Motley Crue

51.) “Fire & Rain”-James Taylor

52.) “Rhythm Of My Heart”-Rod Stewart

53.) “Closer”-Nine Inch Nails

54.) “Riders On The Storm”-The Doors

55.) “Won’t Get Fooled Again”-The Who

56.) “Jack Of Hearts”-Bob Dylan

57.) “Crazy Train”-Ozzy Osbourne

58.) “Winter”-Tori Amos

59.) “Summertime Blues”-Eddie Cochran/The Who

60.) “Seven Seas Of Rye”-Queen

61.) “Bobby Brown Goes Down”-Frank Zappa

62.) “Hello I Love You”-The Doors

63.) “Brown Eyed Girl”-Van Morrison

64.) “Where The Streets Have No Name”-U2

65.) “It’s Too Late”-Carole King

66.) “Wish You Were Here”-Pink Floyd

67.) “Dream On”-Aerosmith

68.) “Master Of Puppets”-Metallica

69.) “Bargain”-The Who

70.) “Rape Me”-Nirvana

71.) “Holiday In The Sun”-Sex Pistols

72.) “Knowing Me, Knowing You”-ABBA

73.) “My Life”-Billy Joel

74.) “Honky Tonk Women”-Rolling Stones

75.) “Ohio”-CSNY

76.) “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds”-The Beatles

77.) “Aqualung”-Jethro Tull

78.) “Catholic Girls”-Frank Zappa

79.) “Born To Run”-Bruce Springsteen

80.) “Voodoo Child”-Jimi Hendrix

81.) “Land”-Patti Smith

82.) “The Times They Are A-Changin’”-Bob Dylan

83.) “The Song Remains The Same”-Led Zeppelin

84.) “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”-The Beatles

85.) “You Outta Know”-Alanis Morrisette

86.) “Good Riddance”-Green Day

87.) “Substitute”-The Who

88.) “Gloria”-Patti Smith

89.) “Who Are You”-The Who

90.) “With A Little Help From My Friends”-Joe Cocker

91.) “God”-John Lennon

92.) “London Calling”-The Clash

93.) “Come Together”-The Beatles

94.) “Brownsville Girl”-Bob Dylan

95.) “No Action”-Elvis Costello

96.) “Satisfaction”-Rolling Stones

97.) “Strawberry Fields Forever”-The Beatles

98.) “Tears In Heaven”-Eric Clapton

99.) “No Woman No Cry”-Bob Marley

100.) “Don’t Come Around Here No More”-Tom Petty

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