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Another slow sort of week, although nothing like as mind-numbing as last week. I’ve curbed my eBay binging somewhat, although I still managed to snap up a few DVDs from my main man Edmond in Hong Kong. Of course, with the whole SARs business, I was a little apprehensive when the package arrived and I started opening it, picturing a Simpsons-esque catastrophe (you know, the episode where they open the package from Japan and a cloud of green germs fly out). I’m still alive though, and a bunch of Stephen Chow films richer.




I got my hands on a copy of Def Jam Vendetta as well, and it’s most awesome indeed. I’m kinda busy for the moment, but expect a review up either late this week or early next. There will, of course, be a full compliment of screenshots, as well as a breakdown of all the important stuff to wrestling gamers and, most importantly, an analysis of how DJV stacks up against the other wrestling games out there, including AKI’s previous effort, Kinnikuman/Ultimate Muscle a comparison which I know has been long awaited by select individuals.




On a Dave Scherer-stylee plug & requests tip, I’m after a couple of rare-ish collectibles. Actually, I’m after one item that’s kinda rare, and one that’s absolutely as scarce as diamond dust. First is a copy of the Grim Fandango soundtrack CD. I’ve been trying to download the tracks from Kazaa without much luck, and the CD hasn’t been on eBay in an age, so if anyone can help, drop me a line. Next is a Mark Henry: Sexual Chocolate WWF t-shirt circa 1999 (brown shirt, a takeoff on the Hershey's design). Yes, I know I’m gay, but help a gay guy out if you can.




And in a correction to last week’s report (hey, I’m just like Dave Meltzer! Although hopefully my grammar’s better than there’s at the Observer (and yes, that WAS intentional)), the Red Dragon DVD does indeed contain a commentary track. Internet fanboys everywhere can get their hate on listening to Superman asshole #1 Brett Ratner, and everyone else can enjoy listening to Ted Tally calm his self-important ass down. So there you go. Thanks to Bryan Staebell for the info.




And on that note, let’s HIT THE CONTENT~!












Yikes, it’s another dead week.




Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets has probably still got some folks excited, and I think (though I may very well be wrong about this) they’ve got rid of the pointless, annoying, overcomplicated interface for the extra features. Which is good, because if you pay all that money for a DVD, it’s nice to, you know, be able to use it.




What else… ah, Season 3 of Farscape. Anthony keeps insisting that blue-skinned women are sexy, but I can’t see it myself. MST3K Volume 3 is also in stores this week, and despite it not appearing on the lists, IGN insists that Cube: Signature Series is out as well. Apparently it’s got anamorphic/5.1, a director’s commentary, deleted scenes, interviews, featurettes and more, so if you’re a fan of craptacular sci-fi, check it out.




And if you thought we were scarping the bottom of the barrel before, you have NO idea. How does Care Bears 2 tickle you? I didn’t even know there was a Care Bears 2, but there it is. How about Best of the Best 3 and 4? Films so bankable that the distributor had to put them both on one disc for fear of riots at Wal-Mart. Lastly, there’s Patlabor WXIII The Movie, which is actually not at all like the other awesome Patlabor flicks, and is very plodding and crap. That said, if you’re a fan, the DVD is available in single-disc standard and three-disc Ultimate editions. Whoopie.




Digital Versatile Dick




Well, there’s a shortage of good DVDs this week, but there sure as hell isn’t a shortage of crap ones. How about Pumping Iron 2: The Women? As if a documentary about a bunch of hairy, Andre Rousimoff-sounding steroid chicks wasn’t ugly enough, they haven’t even got the decency to release the original Pumping Iron the movie-mentary that introduced us to a young Arnold Schwarzenegger on DVD. Pricks. And on the “iron” and “workout” theme, there’s Ironman: Erotic Fantasy Workout. Insert your own joke here. But the daddy for me has got to be Thug Love. Why? Well, after the debacle that was Thug Life: Workout from The Streets (or whatever the hell it was called), this brings to mind another kind of gangsta instructional video of a more intimate nature the love between two homeys, if you catch my meaning. Word is bond.












Those lovely, wonderful folks at NBC are going to be sending some of their TV product to our favourite format this year. Unfortunately, it doesn’t include Saturday Night’s Main Event or the XFL, but I’m sure there’s something here for most people nonetheless.




Cribbed straight from the press release (by way of IGN):





  • Homicide (May 27)


  • Profiler Season One (June)


  • Saturday Night Live: Five-Disc 25th Anniversary Set (July)


  • Kingpin (July 22)


  • Will & Grace Season One (August 12)


  • Saved by the Bell Seasons One and Two (September 2)


  • Providence (October)


  • Little House of the Prairie (TBA)


  • Victory at Sea (TBA)

See? Something for everyone. Except Little House On The Prarie.




Thank you to IGN for the knowledge.












Here’s the problem with being in the UK and missing new shows as they air in the US (as well as deliberately avoiding anything SKY import here and bill as “#1 smash hit US series!”). Apparently there’s a show called Dead Zone, and apparently it’s really good. And, apparently, it’s coming to DVD.




Well, the pilot shows are already out, but Lion’s Gate are doing the honours by releasing the full series for your viewing pleasure. Due to drop on June 17th for about 50 notes, the four-discer looks like it might be a little lightweight in the extras department, as there are only five potentially paper-thin featurettes, one on each disc and two on the third. "Genesis" is a piece on the origin of the series, "Writing" features interviews with writers, there’s a "Music And Special Effects” featurette, a featurette on the show’s music, and some behind-the-scenes interviews with the show’s guest stars. It would have been nice to see some running times for these pieces, because they’re just the sort of extras that are usually just fluff I guess we’ll have to wait and see.




Cheers to IGN.












Well, as if persistent reports that Hong Kong Legends are planning on a Platinum Edition of Way of The Dragon (Return of The Dragon) to celebrate Bruce Lee’s 30th Anniversary weren’t enough, Super Warner Bros are apparently working on a 30th Anniversary Edition of Enter The Dragon to boot.




This is kind of a mixed blessing, as most Bruce fans just want Warner to sell the rights to HKL so they can do the film justice, but nonetheless, it should be interesting. No specs have been discussed, although the new disc will allegedly make use of the legendarily lawsuit-inducing Ahna Capri footage (that was mentioned in last week's report on the new Bob Wall DVD), which was recently sold to be used in a documentary by David Tadman (trust me, this all makes sense if you’re a Lee fan) - it looks like Warner might be in on the deal too. I really hope that both of these releases actually materialise.




Head on over to the Temple of The Unknown for all the latest in the world of Lei Siu Loong.












Well, while we’re all waiting for the formality of the WWF buying the ECW tape library so it can put it all in a vault with the WCW footage never to be seen again, Delta Music are still hard at work pumping out new ECW DVDs.




Three volumes of ECW Hardcore TV are on their way: Volume 1 Whoda Thunk It? is released next week on the 14th, while Volume 2 EC Dub!, and Volume 3 Philly Stake are due in May. They’re all ready for order at Play along with just about every ECW show (seriously, there’s about 50 DVDs) for £7.99 that’s about $12, I think. While Delta do some quirky things on their DVDs (check out my review of Crossing The Line Again), their treatment of ECW shows and PPVs is pretty decent, so it should be interesting to see how they handle the TV shows. I’ll check in with a review as soon as I get my hands on a copy.












I had absolutely NO IDEA about this, but while I was screaming and shouting for the show to get a DVD release, Due South is actually already out on DVD. Some journalist I am.




The complete first series of the show is spread across three discs, although there are unfortunately not much in the way of extras. Shit, I don’t care, the show’s good enough as it is. Anyway, the second season is due to street on April 29th. Probably no-one here cares except me, but hey, I'm me.








And so ends another enthralling news update. I do hope you’ve all had fun I’m off to watch the rest of SummerSlam ’90 and play some more Def Jam. Take care boys and girls, and remember:













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