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Searching for Answers 5/09/03

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Guest TSMAdmin

I'm back! Back in the saddle again! Or something. Anyway, welcome back to Searching for Answers. I'd like to say that I have an action packed column this week, but you know, it's hard to pack action into written text. Or so I'm told.


Before I start, I wanted to tell my loyal readers that I didn't break my promise last week. The column DID have pictures in it. But since the Content Management System hates me, they came up all itty bitty. Ah, such is life. By the way, the Content Management System is not to be confused with Dr.Tom, the Smart Marks Content Manager. But those of you in the know already knew that. That reminds me, if you consider yourself to be in the know as pertains to this website, please get out more.


So, boy oh boy, did WWF television suck all ass this week or what? Raw was quite possibly the worst free TV wrestling show I've seen in the seven years that I've been watching regularly. Everything that could have been screwed up was screwed up last week. Why was EVERY Canadian jobbed out on that show? Morely, Trish, and Storm all lost decisively Jericho was punked out by Nash, and The French-Canadian Lovers were beat up by Test and Steiner. Yes, I know Test is Canadian and he jobbed. But he's not over up there either. And then there was that HHH/Nash brawl. But really, what is there to say that hasn't been said about that already?


Smackdown was better, but not by much. Benoit lost to the Human House, and Vince was on that show for a combined time of roughly three million years. It was yet another case of the wrong people getting TV time and pushes.


Speaking of the wrong people get unwarranted TV time and an unearned push, the subject of today's column is a great example. Now was that a transition or a segue? Or neither? Ah, I don't care anyway. This is just taking time away from the real point of this article, which is demand that Vince...




Before you say it, yes, I am aware that the guy only gets five minutes or so of airtime a week. But that is way too much time for this guy. Those five minutes could go to a match that people WANT TO SEE instead of the Five Minute Bathroom break. We were spared this week, although he did continue his amazing job of killing Jazz's heat with his mere presence a ringside during the women's match. However, last week, his minute and a half match combined with Long's three minute rant and the post match balloon fest could have easily gone to Booker/Christian and made that much better before the screwy finish.


Before I continue, I'd like to say that I don't believe in pushing someone based on potential. Last year, before he got over and started putting on good matches, Brock Lesnar had no good reason to be on my TV. I didn't care how good he could be. I only care about how good someone is. Same goes for guys like Batista and Orton when they get back. They suck. Wait for them to get better, than put them on TV. The thing with Mack is, he doesn't even have potential. He has no upside and no good reason to get pushed. Apparently he's being pushed because he's married to Jazz. How she has any pull I may never know. Yep, I'm run all the way off track again. The basic point of this paragraph was to say that he can't even be pushed on potential, because he clearly has none.


Now, if he was getting a push based on crowd reaction, it wouldn't be so bad. But Mack is totally heatless. Several things could contribute to that. First of all, a racist push rarely if ever helps anyone. Off the top of my head, I can't think of anyone it has helped. Perhaps the Nation of Domination, but even that is questionable. But on top of the bad angle, he has one of the worst, most generic and bland movesets on the roster. He's like Batista-lite.


On top of all that, I feel that it is an enormous waste of Teddy Long and Jazz. The guy works much the way Test does. Instead of someone else's heat rubbing off on him, Mack and this ridiculous storyline is slowly killing whatever heat Jazz had. And can only assume she was added to try and get Mack heat. And Teddy Long, I firmly believe would work perfectly as the manager of someone who the fans actually do care about. I'm not even sure that he would even need the racist storyline.


I also feel that Rodney Mack is taking TV time away from someone who has a chance of getting over. Send Tommy Dreamer out there every week with the time and winning streak that the Mack angle gets, and I'm almost positive that you could start to build him up as a viable contender for the new IC belt.


I'm going to stop now. I'm afraid if I keep ranting, I'll get the poor soul fired. (Hey, I got Hardy fired and brought a singles midcard belt back!) I don't want him fired, I just want his push to end. But if he does get fired, I'm setting up a wrestling hotline. And none of you will get discounts.


Okay, maybe If Dames makes me.


Matt Ditaliano


[email protected]

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