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Searching for Answers: Bad Show...Er, Blood

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Guest TSMAdmin

Before I begin, I’d like to correct an error from last week. I somehow forgot to insert a Freddie Blassie tribute. Rest in Peace, Freddie. We’ll all miss you




Hey, I'm actually in a good mood this week! Probably because I was smart enough to start this before Smackdown! aired. Hey, whatever works.








Moderately exciting mailbag this week, starting with my (at least somewhat) regular reader, Geoff.





Noticed that (while watching the Hulk Pulls DVD) the WWF used to invent into building up rivalries and storylines and therefore promoted interest in their events. However in the last two or so years, that seems to have gone out the window and led us to some of the most boring (read: HHHorseshit) matches ever. I'd like to know your thoughts on this and comments on how the WWF could turn this around?




Looking forward to reading all about it,








Well, Geoff, that is more or less why I wanted to write about wrestling in the first place. I’ve been getting just as annoyed with this business as you have, and I had to vent. And I hope to provide a forum for you guys to vent (through me) in this column. That’s why I’m here.




I would also like to add that it’s been almost a year and a half since I’ve been as interested in a wrestling match as I am for Flair/Shawn right now. Hopefully it’s a step in the right direction.




Next up we have some CELEBRITY MAIL~! From Ken Anderson of 411.





I've gotta admit, I was a little disappointed with the way they handled aspects of Angle's return, BUT I think it's way to early to declare Angle's return a failure. Give it two or three weeks, and I guarantee it will be much different. I bet they've got a bigger plan in mind with this whole thing (maybe a Lesner heel turn). Anyway, good shit dude.

- Ken Anderson





I think that a first impression is very important. Angle NEEDED a strong comeback to cement him, and then the following weeks should have built upon that.




What he got was something considerably less.




Angle was really booked as the helpless victim that needs to be saved. A big No-No.




Also, I don’t have any confidence that the WWF is going to be any better “next week.” I was willing to try that “wait until next week, it will get better, I promise!” philosophy while suffering through the Angle/Brock feud, and I got burnt bad there. But that’s a story for another day entirely.




This week, due to a total lack of actual topic, I plan on just ranting and raving about various things in the WWF world, some news stories, some opinions, you know the general deal.




So, there’s a Pay Per View this Sunday. You, a fan of the WWF, may or may not have known that. It’s kind of sad that this so under promoted. Or maybe you just don’t care. And that in itself is sad. Just watch Linda blame Father’s Day for this fiasco. But hey, at least it gives me plenty to talk about in this column. And actually, unlike the last two shows, this one has at least some good points. Okay, two good things, no more, no less. Flair/HBK and Christian/Booker. So I’ll save them until the end. In fact, I’m seriously considering making this Part 1 of 2. In this edition, I would dissect the build and the possibilities for this match, and next week, I would devote the column to matches themselves, fall out and what I would have changed. All in favor, say “aye” (or for that matter, nay ) by e-mailing me. I’ve actually got a couple of pretty awesome ideas (awesome to me, anyway) that can build on that, but I’ll have to see how this fans out.




And on that note, into the shit!




One of the most promoted matches going into the PPV is Bill Goldberg vs. Chris Jericho. It’s a match that people have either been highly anticipating or dreading. I, on the other hand, have been somewhat interested. But of course, Bill Goldberg has to ruin that. After all, that’s what Goldberg does. Ruin things.




For those who haven’t heard, Bill Goldberg decided to have most of his stuff rewritten on Raw this past week. How in all hell he has this kind of creative control despite being a big failure, I’ll never know. Anyway, he had his match with Rosey rewritten, and I don’t care. Do whatever you want, Billy-Boy. But the Billster also decided that he had to have the Chris Jericho sneak attack rewritten. I presume he made it into what it became where he completely refused to sell a chair shot and the started laughing at Jericho. His reasoning for the rewrite, you ask? Why, the Goldberg/Jericho feud has made Goldie look like some kind of weak jobber, donchaknow.








Want to dissect the feud with me? Too bad, because you have no choice in the matter. Well, I suppose you do, but if you’re still reading, you obviously have chosen not to exercise that choice. Or you’re stupid and you don’t know what I’m talking about. In that case, I’m not telling you how to stop reading this article.








That last paragraph never happened. ANYWAY. The feud more or less started when Lance Storm was revealed as the guy who tried to kill Goldberg’s car door. Berg squashed Storm (Eh, what can you do) and Jericho was revealed as the driver. So what did Goldie do to sell this? Make concerned or confused faces or whatever? Why, no, he LAUGHED! I know I’m excited about this match! Goldberg really seems like he might fall here!




But whatever! I’m sure it will get better next week! ::spits:: Well, not exactly. The next week on the Highlight Reel, Goldberg confronted Jericho. Just when we thought our hero would triumph over the evil Jericho, that despicable Canuck mased him! Now surely, being sprayed in the eyes with mase or pepper spray or whatever the fuck it was would incapacitate the man. After all, it would be a damn useless product if it didn’t. Well, it didn’t. Eh, what can you do? At least Jericho was ready for the no-sell of MASE in time to spear him! Now only if THAT had kept him down. Goldberg couldn’t even wait for Jericho did get back to the locker room. That’s what we call a company man.




The next week had Jericho ruining a car or something (Drop it Spoon, no one cares) and Goldberg chased Jericho around the world. Whatever. Then, of course, he completely no sold a chair shot this week. And did more laughing.




Maybe I just miss where this makes Goldberg look weak. Please, by all means, e-mail me and let me know what I’m missing.




Ya know something, I’m actually going to use more space being positive than negative. Not because the positives outweigh the negatives, but because three of my biggest problems with this show (Austin-Bischoff, HHH/Nash, and Rob Van Kane vs. Frenchies) have all been covered in previous articles of mine. Four if you count Mack’s presence on the show. So I’m going to head right into my happy place.




First on the plate for things that have been done well on this show is Booker T vs. Christian for the IC belt. Okay, the build hasn’t been excellent. Or great. Or good. In fact, Christian losing every week probably isn’t how I’d go about building this feud. No, scratch that. I wouldn’t do anything even remotely close to what they’ve done. But screw that. I want to see Christian/Booker, goddamnit!




Booker is a really interesting character and a fine professional wrestler. Christian is an awesome character and he is improving as a wrestler. In my not so humble opinion, the match between has a good chance of stealing the show. That may say more about the quality of this show than anything else, though.




I do have another reason for being into this match. I’ll admit it, I’m a Christian mark. I’ve always been, since long before E and C broke up. I don’t think Christian has ever really been given a chance to shine until now, and even with the poor booking he’s suffering through, he is STILL a high spot of Raw every week.




Now, I completely agree that Booker should win the belt on Sunday. He deserves it. But I also want this Christian/Booker feud to continue. I think they will work well together, and I think they definitely click on the mic. And you know what? If it takes Christian winning to extend this feud to Summerslam, so be it.




The other big feud that I actually like for this Pay Per View is Ric Flair vs. Shawn Michaels. HBK is the only KLIQ member I can tolerate these days, mainly because he has been having good matches and whatever politics he may be playing aren’t really ruining the show for me.




Ric Flair, after months of being Hunter’s rubdown boy, finally seems to be truly motivated again. His promos have been better, he’s not a goddamn lackey, and damnit, he got a good match out of Hunter. Who else can say that?




Ironically, Shawn Michaels.




No, don’t worry, that’s not why I’m interested in this feud. I’m interested because it is probably one of or the best built feuds the WWF has done in the last year and a half. I really can’t find fault in any aspect of this feud, to tell you the truth.




From the beginning, where Shawn convinced Ric to not lay down for HHH, to the actual match, to the opening interview the next week, this feud has been great. Maybe I’m a mark for “legend” matches and feuds. I certainly don’t think I am. Rock/Hogan really did nothing for me personally. Well, that match wasn’t two old timers, but you know what I mean.




You could almost genuinely feel the emotion between these two. Just like wrestling used to and should be. You FELT for Ric Flair. You could really feel his pain and heartache when he had to make that big decision. And hell, you felt good for Shawn. You cheered him for what he did for Ric, a man that he had good reason not to like.




Sure, the eventual turn was obvious and chances are that Flair will become the towelboy after June, but let’s just put that out of our mind now and enjoy the feud. The week after the turn, HHH actually gave the mic to Ric without cutting him off and let Ric give what may have been his best promo since his WWF return. So Shawn responds with what may have been HIS best promo since HIS return. It got me so excited about this match. I don’t care whom wins, I just want to see these two guys fight, and may the best man win.




And that’s how professional wrestling should be.




All in all, if I wasn’t busy on Sunday, those two matches would be enough for me to order. As is I must download and watch them over the week.




*****NEWSBREAK******* As I typed this, Roger Clemens just won his 300th game in Yankee Stadium. Congrats, Roger, you deserve it. *****NEWSBREAK*******




Well, on that note, I guess I can conclude the article for this week. Please remember to vote on the part two option for next Friday, and to those of you who will watch the Hell in a Cell on PPV, may God be with you.







Send all comments, bitches, complaints, suggestions or whatever to: [email protected]

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