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WWE Confidential June 7, 2003

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Guest TSMAdmin

WWE Confidential June 7, 2003


I apologize for the lateness these last couple of weeks. I just started working 9-5 on Sundays, so my schedule has been a little on the hectic side. Gimme a couple more weeks and everything should be back to normal.


One Year Ago


- Behind the scenes of the TE 2 finale 1/1

- BTWS: Bradshaw (most memorable for “I can have fun in a ditch”) 1/2

- The Rock talks about returning and Superstars impersonate him 1/3

- Big joins Gene in the studio (Jake and Kenny bitch on the phone) 1/4

- Steve Austin entertains after the cameras stop rolling 2/5

- Stacy and Torrie dress the TE 2 men up in bikinis 2/6


Easily the worst episode at that point.


This week on Confidential: The show continues with its current trend as we will be hearing about the life and DEATH (emphasis on DEATH) of Freddie Blassie. It has been rumored on the ‘net that Confidential will be featuring segments on past wrestler’s deaths like Owen Hart, Davey Boy Smith and Brian Pillman in the near future. WWE: Give us your life and we WILL exploit you within 5 days of your death and up until two decades after.


Gene gives a two minute biography of Freddie Blassie including his wrestling and managing career. Now that we have his life out of the way, we can focus on his DEATH.


The segment starts with the usual (everyone saying nice things). Even Steve Austin turned out for this one. I don’t remember him ever being featured saying something on Confidential before. FYI, throughout this segment there are clips from the Blassie interview that we have already seen twice on this show. I’m not going to mention those bits again, although that on line always gets me, “My mom said quit that foolishness and get a job. I said ‘I WANNA BE A WRESTLER”. I just love the delivery.


Blassie was the first REAL World Champion. He was a star in the territories as well as on a national and even global scale. Blassie is actually considered to be the greatest wrestler of all-time in Japan. His matches there used to score ratings as high as if a politician died. The Hollywood Fashion Plate also managed Muhammad Ali against Antonio Inoki.


As you all know, Freddie transcended into all mediums of entertainment. Regis Philbin credits Blassie for his current show in the morning. When Regis was first starting out he had Blassie on the show, which obviously brought in a hell of a lot of viewers. The two became good friends ever since. One time Regis messed up Blassie’s hair and got his finger broken as retribution. Freddie hoped that Philbin hadn’t forgotten about him. Following that a clip of Regis mentioning Blassie’s death last week was shown.


To the McMahons Freddie was family. He was like a grandfather for Stephanie. Vince states that the two had a very special bond. Freddie Blassie’s death marks the end of a forgotten time period in the history of professional wrestling. The segment closes with a video of Blassie walking out a door.


Now keep in mind, I never said that segments revolving around death are necessarily a bad thing, especially when they are as interesting as this one. I just don’t think it is necessary to drag deceased wrestler’s names around that haven’t been mentioned by the company in years for the sole purpose of getting higher ratings on a show that doesn’t even really matter in the grand scheme of things.


Segment 1: 1/1


WWE Cribs with Ivory. She lives in a small island off of Seattle called San Juan, which is home to about 6,500 residents. The island is up by Canada, so she needs to take a small plane from Seattle to it. She had been working on the house for the last two years and it’s looking pretty hot. There are little touches of her mom’s artwork in the most of the rooms. On top of that there are cats literally EVERYWHERE. Her large refrigerator is especially helpful in keeping her vodka cold. The bathroom is all white since it is the first room you enter in the morning. Her shower can probably fit at least three people in it. There are only three wrestling pictures in the entire house. Her closet is pretty cool and we pay homage to Tina Ferrari. The garage is packed with tools, and she knows how to use. She swings her whip around outside. “The neighbors think I’m crazy.” I just wish the WWE would allow her to showcase her natural charisma on Raw every week whether it is in an in-ring or non-wrestling role. Ivory is one of personal favorites, so all in all this was fun.


Segment 2: 2/2


Outside the Ropes: The FBI


Awww fuck, here we go again. And this time it’s three in one. Just to make this mildly interesting, seeing how I’m 75% Italian, I’ll play along.


1. Chicken Parm or Sausage and Peppers?

Nunzio: Sausage & Peppers

Palumbo: Sausage & Peppers

Stambolli: Chicken Parm

Me: Sausage and Peppers without a doubt. I couldn’t even spell out “Chicken Parm”.


2. Where is Jimmy Hoffa buried?

Paulmbo: Johnny the Bull’s backyard.

Me: Why don’t you ask me if I give a shit first?


3. Why is Italy shaped like a boot?

Nunzio: Because we kick ass.

Palumno: Because I’ll stick my foot in your ass.

Me: I’ll tone on the violence and go with Erosion.


4. Which Godfather movie is the best?

Stambolli: 1

Nunzio: 2

Palumno: 1, but he prefers Goodfellas.

Me: Watch The Godson instead, nuff said.


5. Al Pacino, Robert DeNiro or James Gandolfini?

Nunzio: Pacino

Palumbo: DeNiro

Stambolli: DeNiro

Me: DeNiro


6. What kind of offer from you cannot be refused?

All: A beating

Me: How about a free dinner? Nothing fancy… maybe Friendly’s?


7. Can you make concrete shoes in halfsize?

Palumbo: Any size

Me: Halfsize is not a problem. It’s that damn extra wide that gives us a hard time.


8. How often do you take people swimming with the fishes?

Stambolli: if we tell you that we will have to kill you?

Me: I’m not much of a beach person.


9. Why is Italian pizza better than Greek pizza?

All: What the hell is Greek Pizza?

Me: If it has feta, I’m there.


10. Are you happy The Sopranos signed on for next season?

Stambolli: Yes.

Nunzio: It hasn’t been the same since Big Pussy was whacked.

Me: I only watch one TV show and it isn’t The Sopranos.


I think that this Q & A proved who the real FBI is around here.


Segment 3: 2/3


Quick correction from the final segment of last week’s show, John Cena was touring NORTHERN IRELAND, not just IRELAND. This week Brock Lesnar visits Castle Frazier in Scotland. This runs about two minutes and nothing noteworthy happens. “This castle blows Vince McMahon’s shack away.” That’s just great…


Segment 4: 2/4


From the Vault: Bubba Ray Dudley


Now we’re talking. This week it’s an active wrestler, which probably means we will get a real match. This match in particular is why Bubba is a wrestler today.


Cage Match: Don Muraco vs. Jimmy Snuka w/Buddy Rogers JIP ~ October 17 1983

Yes, this is THAT match. We join as Snuka gets slingshot into the steel cage and blades. Snuka’s face is rubbed into the mesh. Muraco misses the blind charge and then attempts to do something to Snuka on the top rope, but Jimmy shoves him to the mat. Snuka could leave, but chooses to re-enter the cage. Muraco catches him and slams him from up top.




Muraco goes face first to the cage.




Snuka headbutts Muraco, who in turn falls out the door to win the match. (3:15) Snuka isn’t finished yet though as he rolls Don back into the ring. He suplexes Muraco and then hits the Superfly Splash from the top of the cage. That was quite short, but what are you gonna do?


Segment 5: 2.5/5


This is a clip from the new Rey Mysterio DVD as he visits Tijuana and meets many old faces. He shows us the big arena and that’s about it. This was mildly interesting.


Segment 6: 3/6




The Blassie segment was strong without a doubt. Everything else was hit or miss.


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