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WWE Confidential June 14, 2003

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Guest TSMAdmin

WWE Confidential June 14, 2003


Not to fear, for I am here. And this episode will hopefully be the end of my horrendous lateness spell. I’ll be back to having the show written before Raw as long as nothing unexpected comes up. Thanks for your patience, and now why don’t you see what you have been waiting three days for. Actually before we get to that, I just wanted to say that I thought Bad Blood was an improvement over both Backlash and Judgment Day (ducks tomatoes). From what I could tell, the last three matches were in the decent -> good range, which is more than could be said for the last couple of PPVs. Obviously this isn’t a glowing recommendation, but I don’t think the show deserves all the flack it has been getting on ‘net. Speaking of the ‘net, I’m shocked at how positive everyone is about last night’s Raw. I thought for sure rehashing the Kane-HHH feud would piss everyone off. I guess everyone would rather see Kane in the top slot as opposed to Goldberg. Personally I would hotshot the title to a freshly turned Chris Jericho, but what do I know? Admittedly I marked out last night when Maven and Al Snow made the save. It was just so amazing and spine tingling seeing two guys that actually don’t suck being involved in a main event angle/storyline. The one big downer in my eyes last night: Rico. Maybe since he is just starting with the new gimmick he isn’t able to fully draw the crowd into the match. That was just brutal. On the bright side, at least the WWE got a (new) chant over with the crowd.


One Year Ago


- Bobby Heenan talks about the WWF and WCW 1/1

- BTWS: Kurt Angle 2/2

- The Steve Austin Walkout Part 1 3/3

- The Steve Austin Walkout Part 2 4/4

- The Steve Austin Walkout Part 3 5/5

- Classic Clips of Bobby Heenan 6/6


HA! When was the last time this show has even come close to a perfect score? You can read about the June 15, 2002 episode HERE.


This Week on Confidential: A Hell in a Cell retrospective, SmackDown!’s finest moments and Stacy Keibler in Stuff magazine.


Cover Story


Triple H kayfabes the entire segment since Confidential’s exposing of the business is why HE isn’t bringing in the 4.0s every Monday. Jerry Lawler and Shawn Michaels follow in suit. Finally we get some clips. The usual bunch along with some of Brock-Undertaker from last fall. DAMN was that a bloody match. Mick Foley comes along and shoots from the hip. The King of the Ring 1998 match was his most painful match ever and led to his career ending in 2000. Triple H goes into how unique this HIAC match is because he and Nash used to be best buddies. This is cool, a montage of all the HIAC participant’s bloodied faces. Foley mentions how the crowd always expects something huge to happen in a HIAC mostly because of him. HHH ends this one with “You don’t win HIAC, you survive HIAC.” Eh, I hate kayfabing on THIS show, but the clips were cool so I’ll meet them halfway.


Segment 1: .5/1


Recently the Raw crew returned from a tour of England. While there, Christian walked around in some fields and scared the sheep. Fascinating. I wish they would show the clips of him playing chess against that kid. There was a clip of that shown in the video on Raw two weeks ago. Trish Stratus on the other hand visits Nottingham Castle, where she wears a felt Robin Hood outfit. She does a pretty good job as our tour guide, but Nottingham Castle = BOOORING… BOOORING… BOOORING… There goes that new chant again. I love Trish and Christian, but come on.


Segment 2: .5/2


Outside the Ropes: Theodore Long




1. Do you like jazz music?


He misinterprets the question as “Jazz’s music”, which he likes, but he does not like jazz music. Was that intentional? I only ask because generally when someone makes a mistake like that on purpose it is supposed to be funny.


2. Are there any good, white jazz musicians like Kenny G for instance?


Well he just said he doesn’t like jazz… Teddy asks why the Coach would even say Kenny G. Well this is going very smoothly.


3. What color does Haterade come in?


White (Vanilla).


4. Is that the only color?


That’s the only color that hates.


5. Is Haterade good when it comes to meeting your daily Vitamin C intake?


No, but it is a source of Vitamin W.


6. Who exactly is The Man?


Long tells Coach to remember back to that guy that Stunnered him on Raw a while back.


7. Who is the most important Black leader in history?


Theodore R. Long


8. Have you ever thought of running for political office and if so what would your slogan be?


He never thought about it, but his slogan would be “Equal opportunity for everybody”. Everybody even includes the good Whites


9. How would one go about Thugin and Buggin?


Just by kicking ass.


10. Has Rodney considered an endorsement deal with McDonalds where he would “Back the Big Mac”?


The only deal Rodney would have with McDonalds would be owning a chain of them.


Theodore wants to give a quick shutout to his friend Reuben from American Idol. That would make for an interesting addition to his stable. He congratulates Reuben on taking American Idol from Hollywood to Hollyhood. As expected, this was crap.


Segment 3: .5/3


This week’s SmackDown! will make for its 200th episode, so lets take a look back at the first 199.


The Action


- The Buried Alive match where Big Show threw Foley into the grave from the aisle way.

- Austin putting HHH in an ambulance and driving a semi into it.

- Big Show threw Rock through a plate glass window.

- HHH put Foley in a cage and drove away in the DX Express with the cage tied to the back of it.

- Austin blowing up the DX Express.

- Arnold hitting HHH.

- Rhyno goring Jericho through the set.

- Rey Mysterio flying off a cage on to the Un Americans.


The Comedy


- Vince McMahon getting the Stinkface.

- Booker T getting the Stinkface and then puking on Cole. (I love that spot)

- Edge’s antics with Kurt Angle.

- Eddie Guerrero getting thrown out of the Playboy Mansion.

- Kurt Angle kissing Stephanie.

- The Billy and Chuck segments.

- Stephanie walking in on HHH and Trish. (Wasn’t this on Raw?)

- Torrie dumping Thanksgiving food on Dawn.

- Angle and Austin sing in the back.


The People’s Show


- The Rock making the Coach sing and dance.

- The Rock catching Kevin Kelly picking his nose.

- Lillian gets caught looking at the People’s Strudel.

- The debut of Poontang Pie on WWF TV.


The Glory


- Vince McMahon winning the WWF Title. (Umm… They did comedy already)

- Angle taking his Medals out of Benoit’s crotch. (Once again… Comedy… It happened already)

- The first TLC match on free TV.

- Hogan and Edge winning the Tag-Titles.

- Rey Mysterio winning the Cruiserweight Title.


Based on this segment, not too many interesting things have happened on the first 199 episodes of SmackDown!. Some of this was decent; other parts were stupid.


Segment 4: 1/4


From the Vault: Bill DeMott


Ric Flair vs. Sting ~ March 26, 2001 (CLIP)


This match is of course from the last episode of Monday Nitro. Interestingly this match was also on the first Monday Nitro as well. Hopefully the WWE doesn’t decided to go that route if they ever plan on getting rid of Raw, I think seeing the Undertaker take on Damien Demento once was MORE than enough. Flair and Charles Robinson shove each other early on. Sting with a couple of shoulderblocks. BOOORING… BOOORING… there I go again. Did the WWE do a good job establishing that chant or what? Sting with a test of strength, but Flair breaks it with an eye poke. Ric chops in the corner. Sting fires back and dropkicks Flair to the floor. Back in, they stall some more.




Sting slams Flair off the top. He connects with a few running clotheslines. Sting goes for another dropkick, but Flair puts on the breaks. He hooks the Figure Four and uses the rope for leverage. Sting is down for some nearfalls before turning the hold. Sting no sells Flair’s chops. Flair botches the Flair Flip. Sting hits superplex and puts him away with the Scorpion Deathlock. (5:19) Ugh. Really bad match. It’s amazing though how Flair has actually improved with age over the last two years. Hey, now he is even able to wrestle without a shirt. Although the match sucked, it was nice to see a WCW match on the From the Vault segment and this was a historical bout at that.


Segment 5: 2/5


Stacy Keibler did a photo shoot for Stuff magazine. Celebrities like J-Lo and Pam Anderson have been featured in that magazine in the past, so this was obviously an honor for Stacy. The editor make sure to note that unlike the other celebrities, Stacy can actually kick his ass, so he has to be careful what he says. The photographer acts like a horny teen boy that never saw a pair of tits (in a bikini) before.


Segment 6: 2/6




And to think, people felt bad that Dames had to sit through Bad Blood. Look at the crap they put ME through. Yeah, yeah, I’ll be back next week.


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