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IWA Mid-South Ultra Styles Clash Weekend: Night 2

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This was part of a 2-night series of shows where they flew in AJ Styles as their special guest, and had him main event both nights. In honor of him, they threw a couple of supershows. The following is the second of the two shows.


You can get this tape off of Smart Mark Video, whose website can be located here


Onto the matches....


Adam Gooch (w/ Michael Todd Stratton) vs. Chris Kole


Kole is a green-haired Cleveland-based worker, whose a protege of Chris Hero's. Gooch, as you found out in the Night One review, has the finest abs that ink could draw. Unfortunately, he let himself go in one night, as the magic marker abs are nowhere to be seen. Michael Todd Stratton took time before the match to say how they replaced a drunk (ring announcer Rico) with a fag (new ring announcer Dave Prazak). Gooch stalls to begin the match, with his push-ups, jumping jacks, and poses. Rick Rude, he's not. Gooch dominates the match, with non-stop help from Stratton. Kole got in a little bit of offense, including a really messed-up Fat Arabian's Press to the floor, landing on his head on the apron. Stratton interfered after that, and Gooch had the advantage until the end. Adam hit his noose tornado reverse DDT for the win. This wasn't a good way to start off the show; very disappointing.


WINNER: Adam Gooch



The Oreo Express (Steve Stone & D-Von Fury) vs. "Mean" Mitch Page & Rollin Hard


Before the match, Steve Stone did something that every IWA-MS fan has wanted to do for a long time: he destroyed front row fan Hat's stupid dry erase board. He got a standing ovation for it, though Hat was able to use it again. D-Von Fury, who I've seen many times before through a televised promotion in Indianapolis called WCWO, and in person twice, comes out to a "Gary Coleman" chant. I think Coleman's a better worker, from the stuff Fury's done in the past. The match is basically nothing but bad comedy and brawling, though there's something about Mitch Page that makes me chuckle. To make things worse, the ring broke when Page and Hard tried to run the ropes from opposite sides for an elbow drop, and their weight made the turnposts snap back. Chaos breaks loose about 10 minutes too late, and Rollin tries to do the Worm. I hate it enough when Scott Taylor does it. Rollin hits the Negro Amigo on Stone, and Page finishes him off with the Vader Bomb for the win. Post-match, things get even worse, as after Stone challenges Fury to a match, his equally crappy partner PT Hustla debuts, and they beat up Stone. I wish Ian would have gotten some WCWO tapes, just to see how much these guys suck. At least they aren't doing their old cowboy gimmick.


WINNERS: Mean & Hard



"Marvelous" Mitch Rider vs. Mark Wolf


This is an extention of their long feud in IWA Mid-South, as part of an unseen angle last night where Rider supposedly jumped Wolf in the parking lot of a show they worked before they were going to drive to Clarksville, where Wolf & Ian were going to face the BMF's. They started off hot and heavy with the brawling, as Wolf rushed the ring (sporting a spiffy alternative-universe colors Chris Hero shirt), and they go back and forth with the punching. They then go to the floor, where, within minutes, both guys start bleeding. This was sort of like a low-level Memphis brawl, which is what the hardcore, violent stuff should strive to be like. Late in the match, Wolf has Mitch set up for a reverse DDT, but Brent Blades (playing heel ref like a mofo) calls for the bell because "Wolf was bleeding too much". Andrew Thomas would be proud of Brent right now. Pretty good brawl, though I've seen better.


WINNER: Mitch Rider



Simon Sezz vs. Tarek The Great


AJ Styles joins on commentary here. Let's just say he's closer to Mongo McMichael than Dan Wilson skill-wise, and he likes to call people "faggots". Jim Fannin talks about how Simon went into this match with a deep thigh bruise. They tried to work a story around Simon's inexperience, as every time he does his fast, flippy things, Tarek slows him down and gets the advantage. Tarek seemed to try and put Simon over, letting him get in a lot of his better offense. They brawl in the crowd, where Tarek accidentally slams Simon onto a lightbulb tube. Tarek then finishes Simon off with the Tarekbuster (running Muscle Buster, aka fisherman's positioned kneeled Colt 45 thingy). Post-match, Simon Sezz challenges Chris Hero for a shot at the Heavyweight Title (he'd been doing this since his second show in), but Tarek told him to up his game before he challenged Hero. This was decent, but the show needed something better at this point.


WINNER: Tarek The Great



Jimmy Rave vs. Danny Daniels


Speaking of that something better, here it is. AJ, being color commentator extraordinare, spends the entire match blabbing on about ugly fans and defending heel ref Brent Blades. This was the first match on the show that was on the level of the great stuff from the previous night. They worked the match so that Daniels worked over the neck and back of Rave's, to soften him up his Tombstone Piledriver finisher, and Rave worked the leg, both to catch Daniels off-guard from his expected arm attack, and to make sure Daniels couldn't power him up for the Tombstone. Daniels really rocked as a heel here, cheating at every expense he could in the early going without it becoming obnoxious. Rave got in hope spots early, before they started going back-and-forth on offense. As the match started to heat up, Rave went for the crossface submission. But, Daniels had a creative block for the crossface, as he put his hand up to make sure Rave didn't lock it in fully. My only annoyance about this match followed, as Daniels again used the Rubix Cube (sit-down Anger Management) as a near-fall. That move should be a killer, and should never be used for a 2-count. Daniels soon thereafter wins with a Tombstone piledriver from a reversal out of nowhere. This was a really good match, again letting both guys showcase their improvement over the past 12 months.


WINNER: Danny Daniels



Ric Matrix vs. Bull Pain


OK, since this would be more of an insult towards Ric Matrix, it's safe for me to say that this sucked. He sucks so much that the fans bought Bull as a babyface. This match seemed to be just kick-punch-kick, though Bull got ahold of a cool giant brush with the bristles replaced with nails, and hit Matrix with it. The only time this match seemed enjoyable was when Bull was beating the holy hell out of Matrix, but that was more of my hatred towards Ric than it being good. Finish thankfully came when Bull nailed Matrix in the head with his baseball bat, amongst chants of "Don't Come Back!" towards Matrix. Did I mention how much I love IWA-MS crowds? Post-match, Ric gets pissed over the fans saying he sucks, and argues with a few, including one lady in the stands. Then, of all people, Bull Pain comes back out to the rescue of the poor girl, and chases the waddling Ric Matrix to the back, and out of IWA-MS forever. Great finish to a crappy match.


WINNER: Bull Pain



NWA North American Title Match:

Jorge Estrada © vs. Tracy Smothers


By the way, I'm adding a Tracy Smothers rule to my reviews: any match he wrestles in gets 5 extra points in the grade. Why? Tracy Smothers is, other than Salvatore Rinauro, the best human to ever be born. Anyway, they start off by doing some basics with reversals, to a bunch of stalemates, but Tracy elevates them to something other than indy applause standoffs. Tracy works the crowd to chant anything he can think of, while he dances along to it. The match slowly heats up, as Jorge and Tracy get more and more upset with not getting a clear advantage on the other. Tracy seemed dead-set on getting Jorge over with the crowd, giving him tons of offense, and making Jorge seem even with him. Jorge finished Tracy off with the Heartbreak Hotel (the move I mis-named as Greetings from Graceland in the Night 1 review) for the win. Post-match, Tracy teased fighting Jorge, but stepped back because "he's a tweener". Did I mention how much I love Tracy Smothers? Tracy and Jorge then have a dance-off. The match was average, but Tracy rules.


WINNER: Jorge Estrada



Michael Todd Stratton vs. Ian Rotten


Stratton had a cool "F-ck You, You F-cking F-ckers" shirt on. These two have a reputation for being good, realistic brawlers. They, unfortunately, didn't show off their full reps here. The match got slow and plodding at times, especially during the crowd brawling. But the stuff they did in and around the ring made up for it. Ian bled like a mofo here. Stratton's quite the good, no remorse heel, taking every advantage he could to do something dickish to Ian. Ian played sympathetic underdog face here, as even when Stratton and heel ref Brent Blades took every opportunity from him that he got, he'd still come back for some hope spots. Every time Ian got an advantage and went for a chair, Brent would take the chair away, even though IWA-MS has no disqualifications. Near the end, as Ian makes his big, final comeback, referee Robert Lemke (aka Jon Lovitz, Muhammed, etc., just don't call him Bob) pulls Brent Blades out of the ring, and throws him into one of the giant poles at ringside. Ian then connects with a chairshot, and Lemke counts to 3. Post-match, the Bad Motherfuckers (Mitch Rider, Bull Pain, and Adam Gooch) come out to help their BMF'er destroy Lemke and Ian. Fun little brawl, but I think they could do better.


WINNER: Ian Rotten



IWA Mid-South Light Heavyweight Title:

"Spyder" Nate Webb © vs. M-Dogg20


M-Dogg's sporting some shiny new tights that Rob Black probably bought him. Nate comes out to the Simpsons' "All In the Family" version of his entrance, and dances with little kids, while some short guys applaud Nate. That proves my theory (other than Germans loving David Hasselhoff): all people under 5' worship Nate Webb. Nate then shimmied his way to the ring, where he danced with M-Dogg20. Dave Prazak broke out his dead-on Gary Michael Cappetta impression (which, unlike the Billy The P guy on the board thinks about it, I find to be really funny). The match was basically over 10 minutes of M-Dogg-style flippy shit. Nate did break out the coolest tope con hilo in the world, the Tope Con Queso Bell Grande with Extra Onions, and locked in a cool twisty lucha submission. Near the end, a chair enters the frey, as M-Dogg swipes Nate's finisher, Da Fang (aka a Van Terminator Moonsault with the opponent in the Tree of Joey Lawrence....Whoa!), but since Nate's awesome and stuff, he kicked out, and hit his top-rope Chairsault for the win. This match was a bunch of flippy highspot stuff; sort of depressing that Nate got saddled with crappy opponents both nights and couldn't pull out anything good.


WINNER: Nate Webb



AJ Styles vs. "Classic" Colt Cabana


Before the match, Colt spots a guy playing Game Boy Advance, and steals his GBA, to challenge AJ to some Tetris. Colt rules. After the introductions, Colt and AJ discuss homosexuality in some not-so-kind terms. They start with an armdrag, as Colt complains about hair-pulling. Colt then powers AJ into a corner, and courtesies, ala Hunter Hearst Helmsley before he found the needle and lost the extra letters in his name. AJ then says, "That's a fag thang to do, ain't it?" Colt then does his cool chicken-walk, and AJ calls him the Red Rooster. AJ then uses his amateur abilities (he was a amateur wrestling champion in high school) to out-class Colt on the mat. AJ then uses his speed and agility to out-manuever Colt. After a long period of Styles's offense, Colt uses his power to get on offense, including a swank backrake and using AJ as a surfboard, re-creating a scene out of the movie "Teen Wolf". About 13 minutes in, the offense starts going back-and-forth. AJ accidentally busts open Colt when they collide heads to set up a 10-count spot. The match speeds up big-time, as Colt does a little work on the back and neck to set up the Colt 45. But, in the end, AJ comes back to do a 2nd rope sunset flip into a Styles Clash for the victory. Post-match, Colt puts AJ over on the house mic....and then attacks him. This was actually really good, and an improvement over AJ's match the first night with Ace Steel.





Circus Deathmatch

JC Bailey vs. Madman Pondo


The rules are simple: there's a 20 foot scaffold, with 3 different levels to it, beside the ring. Covering the ring is a circus acrobat's net of barbed wire. The only way to win, however, is by pinfall. Pre-match, Pondo dedicates the match to the Japanese originator of the match, Matsunaga. They actually started the match with a collar-and-elbow tie-up, as the locker rooms empty to watch the match. First big bump is Pondo being tossed off the first level by Bailey, then Bailey doing a swanton onto Pondo and the barbed wire! The ring fills with multiple people to pull and cut the guys out of the barbed wire. They then go back up, and Pondo gives Bailey a Russian Leg Sweep off of the second level! Holy crap! Jim Fannin tries to order for the match to be stopped, but Pondo and Bailey go back up, this time 20 feet up, where Pondo gives Bailey the mother of ALL superplexes, off the scaffold and onto the barbed wire!!!! Holy SHIT! Sorry to go Justin Baisdan on you people, but that was a scary-f'n bump. Fannin then orders the match to be stopped, which was a good move. Ian thanks them for doing the match, Pondo thanks Ian for letting him do the match, and JC for being the only guy in America to have the guts to do the match; and Bailey's too hurt to say anything. This wasn't a match; this was a spectacle. This was a VERY violent spectacle, at that. There's a reason why this match is banned in Japan. Must-see, just for the level of violence.


WINNER: No Contest




FINAL THOUGHTS: As you could probably tell, this was the lesser half of the Ultra Styles Clash Weekend. The first two matches were bad, followed by a couple of average matches, then it got really good with Daniels/Rave. Then it got horrible again for a match, followed by Tracy bringing it back into Averageville until Nate and M-Dogg got flippy with it. Cabana/Styles was really good, and the Circus Deathmatch was a violent spectacle which cannot be rated. Commentary was done by Dave Prazak, Colt Cabana, Jim Fannin, AJ Styles, and, for the Circus DM, Rollin Hard and "Spyder" Nate Webb. Prazak's really good, albeit a little snobbish sometimes. Fannin came off really well on this show. Cabana's quite the humorous heel commentator. AJ's beyond terrible, and should never do commentary again. Rollin and Nate were quite entertaining, and I wouldn't mind hearing them again. Overall, I'd recommend a few matches, but unless you're getting Night One as well, I would only slightly recommend this as a stand-alone show.




Now, onto some extras, which you can get from Melanie, whose site, again, can be found here. I promised I'd do a Bailey/K-Krush promo, but I've decided to hold off until I review some other Bailey/Krush stuff that I just got, and compile it then.


NWA Wildside World TV Title

Tony Mamaluke vs. Rainman


This was right before Hardcore Hell, as Mamaluke used his title shot he won in a great match with David Young that I already reviewed in the extras of the Heatstroke review. Both guys start working on the neck early, since both guys' finishes (Rainman's Dark City Street Cutter and Hillside Strangler; Mamaluke's Italian Sleeper) rely on hurting the opponent's neck. On Mamaluke's first big flurry of offense, he paid homage to Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat, with some Steamboat-like chops, including Steamboat's running chop. Rainman dominated the rest of the offense, with Mamamluke getting in hope spots. However, every time Tony would get a hope spot, Jeff G. Bailey would somehow interfere to get Rainman the advantage back. There's one point where Rainman was just throwing punches to add pain to Rainman's neck. Tony got the advantage back, and locked in the Italian Sleeper, but Bailey got up on the apron and distracted referee Andrew Thomas. Tony let it up, and Rainman nailed Tony in the neck with a pair of brass knuckles. Rainman then locked in the Hillside Strangler for the pass-out victory (Tony's arm was raised and fell three times). After the match, Rick Michaels comes out, and orders the hold to be broken as he books a re-match for Hardcore Hell with Tony vs. Rainman, submissions only, with Bailey banned from ringside. Unfortunately, Tony had to leave Wildside before that match ever took place. Still, this was a really good, psychologically strong match.


WINNER: Rainman



From Best of Wildside Vol. 19

Lost Boys "Promo"


I put the word "promo" in quotations because the Lost Boys don't speak, therefore don't do what's usually considered to be promos. This starts off as they hold their small torches up to a knife, stabbed into the floor. Gabriel goes back to a ladder behind them, and we see written on it, the phrase, "Pain Is Reality" in blood. The screen goes black, and comes back as Azrael is stabbing into his own forehead with the knife on the floor, and Gabriel's climbing the ladder, holding it up, and then dropping it, creating a large fire on the floor. The scene ends with a red-out fade into an Azrael and Gabriel close-up, with them staring into the camera and one of their torches lit right by their faces. This was really weird and creepy, which is what it should have been. Some say the weird violin music in the background hindered it, but I honestly didn't think it did much to ruin the effect that the video was trying to create.


From Best of Wildside Vol. 19

Future Shock/Rick Michaels-Salvatore Rinauro/Rick Michaels Segment


The scene starts with Future Shock entering the NCW building, with Brandon P.'s arm in a sling, weeks after they won the Wildside Tag Team Titles in a brutal ladder match at Hardcore Hell (review forthcoming). Wildside CEO Rick Michaels is at the front door, waiting for them. Rick explains that, ever since they won the tag belts, they haven't defended them, even going as far as to making their previous match with the Impact (Scott Cage & Kaos, not the XPW or ex-WCW guy) a non-title match. Therefore, Rick forced them to defend the belts that night against the Lost Boys, or he was going to strip them of the belts. Future Shock protest, since Brandon's hurt, so Rick gives them another option: either they defend the belts, together or just Jay Freeze, or they forfeit the belts. Future Shock walk away mad, as Rick walks away. We get a Kubrick-esque tracking shot, as Rick turns into his office, to see the NWA Wildside Jr. Heavyweight Champion, and the 2002 Rookie of the Year, Salvatore Rinauro (w/ trophy and belt) lounging in his chair, negotiating on the phone about an action figure deal. Rick then spouts a line that he's gotten down-pat in these Rinauro segments: "What the heeeeeeeelll are you doin'?!?!?" Sal tells the person on the other end that he'll call back. Sal then explains that all he wants is a little respect, since he IS the Jr. Champion, after all. Rick then asks him what the name of his "little finisher" is. Sal says it's the Phoenix Fury Legdrop. Rick explains that since Sal used it to injure Jeremy V. during the Jr. Title double-elimination match at Hardcore Hell, he was banning the move. Sal cradles his belt as this is being told to him, then protests his way out of the room. The opening part with Future Shock was alright, but Rick and Sal have got something going here. Great chemistry on these segments, making them really enjoyable.


From Best of Wildside Vol. 20:

Salvatore Rinauro Petition Angle


After Sal got the news of his PFL being banned, he started a petition to bring it back. He starts over with the popcorn lady at the NCW Arena. Sal explains that he has a problem. He explains how Rick Michaels stole his move, then he says how he knows that he loves it, and he can see from the "twinkle in her eye" that she loves it, he's trying his hardest to get it back. So he wants her to sign his petition. She asks if he wants to buy something. "DO I WANT TO BUY SOMETHING?!?!?!?," says Sal. Sal just wants his finisher back; and he says that "THIS is important business!" He says he doesn't want the Double Shot anymore; it's too ugly......"How much is the popcorn?...A DOLLAR?!?! I've had enough of this!" Sal walks off.


Sal then goes to the ticket ladies for help. He explains that his Rookie of the Year trophy is the "love of his life....besides you (looking down at his Jr. Title), pookey pookey pookey poo (tickles and flirts with his belt)." Sal wants a favor. "Evil CEO" Rick Michaels stole his PFL, the biggest, baddest, dopest, too hot fo' TV fo' sheezy finisher in the business, if you know what he means, because he "supposedly" hurt Jeremy V's neck (Sal: "I mean, it's not MY fault he got back in the ring!"). Sal says he thinks it's unfair, his millions of Salcoholics think it's unfair, and he KNOWS they think it's unfair. He then asks them to sign the petition. He's then offered a ticket to the show. "A TICKET?!?!? I AM THE SHOW!....C'mon sweetheart (grabs his trophy and kisses it), I love you so much."


Sal then sees Jr. referee Andrew Thomas talking on his cell phone, and walks up to him. Sal says that he's the fairest official in Wildside, and should be Senior Referee again. He explains his situation again, and says he KNOWS Andrew knows it. He then asks Andrew to sign. Andrew signs, but when Sal asks for his pen back, Andrew switches hands, shakes Sal's hand, and walks off with Sal's pen.


Then, Sal (in his ring gear, with trophy and title in tow) goes to the Mud Creek General Store, just a stone's throw away from the NCW Arena in Cornelia, Georgia. We see Sal looking over the gas prices (Sal: "$1.79 A GALLON?!??!?!?") He then goes to the door, but it's locked. He begs with the store owner to let him in. He'll sign an autographed picture of himself to put on the store wall if he'll sign the petition, 50/50. The door stays locked. Sal gives up, and says, "I need a bathroom."


Our final scene sees Sal (with his petition, belt, and trophy) swiping the house mic at the NCW Arena from Dan Wilson mid-ring. Sal explains how he has the names of 199 Salcoholics on his petition, as the fans ask him rudely to quiet down. So, Sal covers the trophy's ears so that Roy (the trophy) doesn't have to hear this nonsense. Sal then asks NWA representative Bill Behrens to come down and be #200 to sign "this bad boy". After Sal explains to Bill that it IS a petition, Bill grabs the list and starts reading off the names: Andrew Thomas, Al Getz, Akeem the African Dream, Randy Mulkey (Bill: "....Randy Mulkey?!?"), Boo Bradley, the Gobbely Gooker (complete with a Gooker dance by Sal), He-Man, Skeletor (as Sal explains silently how he brought the good and evil sides together) Koko B. Ware, and Frankie, which Bill explains can't be true, since Frankie died (which brings shock and sadness to Sal's face). Bill then explains how they followed Sal EVERYWHERE with their cameras, and told him to watch the video screen. We then see Sal on the toilet, with the Jr. Title and the petition covering himself. Sal thinks to himself how he could possibly get his petition filled. Then, Sal grunts out a big one, and exclaims, "That's IT!" Sal then starts writing away signatures on his petition. We cut back to the NCW Arena, as Bill finds the petition to be null and void. Sal's upset, and we fade to black...


GREAT set of segments. The first two were slightly hindered by the butchering of the lines by the non-Rinauro participants in the segment, but Sal made sure to make up for them. Sal and Andrew's segment was awesome, especially as Andrew stole Sal's pen. Sal at the store was great, especially his reaction to his new surroundings. The blow-off in the ring was priceless. Some of those names were great, and Bill's a great straight-man to Sal. I said early that Iceberg choking out Hotstuff Hernandez was the best angle of the year, and as far as money-drawing and being serious, it still is, but this is up there in greatness. Personally, as much as a lot of people rave about Chris Jericho's heel angles and promos in WCW, this blows any of those away. If you weren't a Salvatore Rinauro fan before this, you WILL be after watching this.




That's all for now. Next time, I'll be reviewing Best of Jimmy Rave, including one of the all-time great ladder matches, and some other awesome stuff. Plus, in the extras, I promise to review some old K-Krush (Ron "The Truth" Killings)/Jeff G. Bailey stuff.


Thanks for reading,

Thomas Green

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