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Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee

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I promised Dames I’d Bring The Content~!(trademark Dr. Tom), so here is another review of a Gamecube game, though this game, unlike Wrestlemania X-8, is good. Before I go on, let us pimp some pimp worthy stuff: check out the Crossface debut of me, check out my stuff at SmarkTalk, read Jay Spree’s uber-awesome review of Legends Of Wrestling 2 and check out Dr. Tom’s Smackdown recap and Jhawk’s Raw recap. Ha... they’re my bitches...or is it the other way around? Damnit...I feel so used...


Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee




Basically this game put you in control of one of Eleven monsters: Godzilla ‘90s, Anguirus, Megalon, Godzilla 2000, King Ghidorah, Gigan, the badass Rodan, Mecha-King Ghidorah, Destroyah~! and Mecha-Godzilla. That by itself is a pretty good roster of monsters, but sadly, when you start the game, you only have three to choose from! I have to beat the game how many times to get Rodan? Bastards! The monsters are easy to control, as all attacks are one button, and the super rage attack 2 buttons. That’s it, no down-right-up B,A combos. This game is all about destroying your opponents with ease. You would think in a monster game, the controls would feel sluggish. But nay! I was suprised at the smoothness of the game, to the point that 5 minutes in, you feel right at home. The super moves are so easily done: Press Z when you get the Rage powerup. Want to grab your opponent and throw him into a house, or vice versa, throw the house at the opponent? A and B together. So simple, it just makes the game more fun. And not only do you have to worry about the 10-ton behemoth in front of you, but also the army trying to kill you, and Mothra. Damn Mothra. The modes in this game are pretty standard( Vs., Adventure, Survival, Melee, Team Battle, and Destruction mode.) When you’ve got four monsters on the screen, all killing each other, well, that’s just good clean fun. The Adventure mode is fun for the simple fact that it is so campy. The premise is, Aliens have woken up monsters on Monster Island and set them loose on the world, with only you (the sole good monster) to fight them to get to the mother ship and kick some little green ass. The in-game movies are fabulous, as the Aliens are so damn quirky(“Is this thing on... Greetings Earthlings!”). Most games like this have little replay value outside of multiplayer but there is so much you can unlock in Adventure mode: new arenas, new monsters, and concept art. If you find an Atari simple after destroying a building, then you get new art. All in all, this game is damn fun.





The graphics in the game fit it so well. The monsters look exactly like their big screen counterparts and the cities have been done to great detail. I saw no clipping, that's right, no clipping in this game and fog is kept to a minimum. The movies are just great: they have that campy, quirky feel to them but look great nonetheless. My only problem with graphics is the army, as you can barely see them, they look like ants and yet they are freezing Godzilla.





I believe they took the movie sounds and digitized them, as every monster sounds exactly as they should. The attack noises also fit... Megalon has sword like sound when he attacks, but Godzilla doesn’t because he doesn’t have drills for hands. The voice acting in the movies actually go along with the lips and mannerisms, which is always good. And the best part? The background music is so non-annoying you forget it all together. The only problem? Sometimes the annoucing would emss up and say “Godzilla has won” when in reality Rodan has. Maybe it’s just my disc but still..thats just sad.




Fun Factor

This game is fun in the vein of Rampage. Nothing beats going around, destroying cities and killing other monsters. The Godzilla factor makes it even more fun, as everyone has always wanted to be Godzilla, and this game finally does the big guy good. Remember back when the Dreamcast first came out and they had that horrendous Godzilla game? Yeah... neither do most. The fact that you can have up to 4 monsters on the screen duking it out just makes this game the most fun monster game to come along in a long time.




Overall, this is a damn fine game for the Gamecube, one that most have overlooked. Most movie franchise games suck, but this game, even without the license, could easily stand on its own. I give this game a 36/40! And it deserves it....especially Rodan!



Tony Jaymz

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