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DVD Review: Godzilla (1998)

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Guest TSMAdmin

So my friend read my awful Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee review and told me that I should review all my Godzilla stuff. So I’m like, “Are they ready for that?” So... are you punk?


The Movie

The higly awaited, then highly maligned, American update to the legend that is Godzilla, the movie starts out simple enough: Nuclear testing makes giant monster, monster travels to New York to start a rather large family, though without all the fun of actually making the beast with two backs... poor asexual bastard. The Army gets a little ticked off, and it's on! Okay, so that's about 45 minutes of the movie, the rest is ruined... yes ruined... by a tacky romantic plot. Serously, I didn't want a romantic comedy, I wanted some Godzilla destruction damnit! Not only does the romantic storyline hurt the movie, but the way they treated the main star is just sad. There's a reason the kept Godzilla hidden for 1/3 of the movie: He's a big friggin' IGUANA! In fact... it was meant to be a big Iguana. That just killed it. Though, once you looked past that, there was some good monster action, but the fact remians...it wasn't Godzilla.




The video is as crisp as it could be, and the fact that it is in widescreen makes me all the more happy. I especially liked the dark tent they gave the city, which shows they paid attention to detail.




5.1 Dolby Digital. No complaints here at all.




For a ten dollar DVD this one is packed: trailers, a hilariously fact-filled featurette, filmographies, commeneries, photo gallery, and a music video. Unfortunately, the music video isn’t the P.( Don’t call him Puffy) Diddy video with Jimmy Page. I always liked that video... Too bad the horrible Sisqo music video, but I wish that on here for a whole ‘nother reason. You get more tha you pay for here.



Overall, I think this DVD is a gem lost in a sea of bargain DVDs. With a score of 34/40 this is one of the best DVDs you can get for under $15. Of course, its all about whether or not you liked the movie itself, that’s the deciding factor.


To all, this is Tony Jaymz, signing off.


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