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DVD Review: WWF Summerslam 2000

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Guest TSMAdmin

Hopefully your father’s day is going as good as mine....which is to say just like any other day. Anyways, let’s set the wayback machine to the year 2000. The intercontinental championship was cared about, Triple H could wrestle, and Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho were right there, just waiting for that superstar push. Oh, how the times change...and yet things stay the same. So let’s get started.


Right To Censor( Steven Richards, Bull Buchanan, and The Goodfather) vs. 2 Cool(Scotty 2 Hotty and Grandmaster Sexay) & Rikishi

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again...RTC could have and should have been more than it was. Instead of just being jobbers, they could have been the left-wing(or is it right? I hate politics) militant group. Oh well. 2 Cool and Rikishi were the de facto funloving babyfaces, receiving their biggest push ever. Man, this match is like a bad episode of “Where are They Now?” Rikishi brings some hotties out with him, while 2 Cool are just with themselves, yo. Oh wait, their The Goodfather’s ex-hoes...and one of them is Victoria. Man, she had no abs or muscle tone back then. Big shmoz to start, which ends quickly thanks to tha phat man. Bull and Scotty start, with Scotty just on fire, moving around like he’s on speed...which he may be. After a swank crossbody, Tag to Grandmaster, double team on Bull, who then tags in Goodfather. Sexay dumps Goodfather to the outside. Goodfather then takes out the hoes to massive heat. Goodfather goes all pedestrian with his moves. Tag to Bull and more big man double teaming. Couldn’t we just have Scotty vs. Steven? Steven comes in, power bombs Sexay, and takes off the tie! Business is ‘bout to pick up! Or not...he gets crotched on the top and superplexed. Owneziguri and tag in to Rikishi. The big man takes out all of RTC, while everyone cheers. Man, the WWF fucked him over, eh? BUTT thumps for everyone in the corner! Facebuster to Bull and...W-O-R- Stevie-Kick! That gets the pin for Steven and the RTC.

Winners: Right To Censor **


Backstage, or on Heat, Angle arrives asking for Steph! Then Steph arrives and asks for Triple H! Man, she squawked back then... anyways, this is there to add suspense to the main event.


Shane O’Mac interview! They brush over his feud with Blackman, and asks about Steph. Then he runs away when Blackman comes in. Again, more suspense for the main event.


X-Pac vs. Road Dogg

I think this was a respect feud. of sorts, but over pot or PCP. I don’t know. Again, both these guys are not employed with the WWE anymore. Between the last two matches, only 2 are in the WWE anymore, and one is nearly retired due to a back injury. And that’s the good one too. Road Dogg was on a downward spiral, as his career just kept falling and falling. You guys remember Get Rowdy? The Dogg spouts some rhymes that I do not understand before X-Pac comes out. God, even in 2000 his character was stale. Both these guys are supposed to be heels, but the crowd like Road Dogg more. X-Pac is just being a dick... which is quote entertaining. Headlock, whip to ropes, slam, repeat. Road Dogg kicks him in the ass...literally...and it causes X-Pac to fall out of the ring. Back to the headlock, whip to ropes. Road Dogg doges out of the bronco buster. You know, wouldn’t the bronco buster hurt you more than your opponent, I mean, really. Back to the headlock. It lasts for a couple minutes, long enough for me to notice that Road Dogg has snot just running down his face. X-Pac finally hits that bronco buster... to silence. See kids, if you stay the same for multiple years, people stop caring. And as I write this Road Dogg hits the Shake, Rattle, and Roll. And then kicks him in the ass again. Ass psychology? Pumphandle drop reversed to x-factor reversed to front slam. Pretty cool, but slow. Road Dog goes for the pumphandle drop again, but a kick to the nads and an X-Factor gives the win to X-Pac. The team then splits up afterward as Road Dogg finally hits that pumphandle drop, with BUTT bumping action.

Winner: X-Pac *


Intergender Tag match for the IC title: Eddie Guerrero and Chyna vs. Val Venis and Trish Stratus.

This is the “let’s make Val Venis serious” push, but then he dumped Trish Stratus for the RTC. This was merely a set-up for an Eddie Guerrero heel turn, which would lead to a feud with Rikishi and Billy Gunn. But it would also lead to the reform of The Radicalz so it all works out. Val and Eddie start. Val slaps the spit outa Eddie, then knocks him down, and talks shit. Eddie trips him, and gets a nice Northern Lights suplex. You just don’t see that move anymore. Eddie goes for a headscissor, blocked to a powerbomb, reversed via flip. Nice. Chyna comes in and clotheslines Val to a nice pop. Double flapjack leads to a 2 count. Another sequence leads to a Chyna clothesline. Chyna goes after Trish, which then lets Val suplex her. Idiot. Nice delayed vertical suplex by Val Venis. Chyna plays Ricky Morton...until she makes the comeback. Hot tag, Eddie lays out Val and goes to Trish to give her some Latino Heat. Springboard Hurrcanrana! Double KO spot. Trish tags in and kicks the hell out of Eddie. Eddie tags in Chyna and here comes the estrogen pain! The boys come in, Eddie’s knocked to the outside. Trish actually goes for a clothesline on the woman-beast. Press Slam as Eddie takes out Val. 1,2,3. New IC Champ.

Winners: Eddie Guerrero and NEW Intercontinental champion, Chyna ** 1/4.


Tazz vs Jerry Lawler

This all started when Tazz punked out J.R. Of course, King had to stick up for his little buddy, and thus, feud was born. The only memorable thing about this whole thing was Tazz’s line to J.R.: “I was going to slap you across the face, but God beat me to it!” Ah, memories. Tazz comes out acting like he’s a blind man, mocking J.R. because, oh yeah, he smashed a window in his face. King sucker punches Tazz to start. King si wearing black and white....nWo link, maybe? On the inside, King beats on Tazz and pulls off a dropkick Goldberg would envy. When Jerry Lawler throws a better dropkick than you, than your done. Bodyslam, King goes up and hits the old school fistdrop. Goes for a second one, misses. Now it’s Tazz’s turn to beat on King. Is this what back and forth is supposed to be like? On the outside...King takes over. Tazz begs for mercy? Oh wait...he headbutted King in the groin. I was ‘bout to say... Tazz don’t beg for no mercy! Tazz goes up for...something. Strap goes down, strap goes down! King hits the Pile by gawd Driver! Which is no sold...figures. Tazz locks on the Tazmission, but J.R. strolls up to him and hits him in the head with a candy jar. Yes, a candy jar. That’s enough for the pin.

Winner: Jerry “The King”Lawler


Hardcore Title: Shane McMahon vs. Steve Blackman

Shane was actually the champ here, forget how or why but I bet it was because of Big Show. The year 2000 was basically Shane vs. Big Show, Shane w/ Big Show, or some other combination. Steve Blackman was in the midst of his biggest push ever, after the mini-pushes of Head-Cheese, Blackman=Bodyguard, and his feud with Shamrock. All it took was for him to hit people with stuff guys! Sadly, Blackman is now retired due to migraines that would last forever, so this is probably his last noteworthy match. Blackman was probably the 2nd best Hardcore champ, just behind Crash Holly. This was also during Shane’s failed “group of friends” stable, that consisted of Edge, Christian, Chris Benoit and Big Show. The B-Team of this group was Test and Albert. Blackman’s all “Time to party...BIOTCH!” Shane looks downright scared for his life. Blackman tosses the kendo stick to Shane, and Shane tosses back. “Shane’s a pussy” chant. And of course, he runs away. God face heat for Blackman, as they want him to just tear Shane to pieces. Blackman basically chases after Shane in the crowd, hitting him when he can. Flying thrust kick by Blackman off the railing. Back inside, Blackman whips Shane into the ropes and blasts his knee with a trash can lid. “This is my house!” so sayeth Blackman. Trashcan on Shane, kendo sticks...Blackman just beats the hell out of Shane. How can this guy do these types of matches every year? T & A run in to stop the slaughter. Baldo Bomb, and now it’s 3-on-1. Test even pulls out the Flying Elbow, on Blackman while he has a lid on him. Does Test even do that anymore? Shane now comes back with the Shane O’Mac Combo! Metal sign to his head, and Blackman is playing Ricky Morton....with better hair. On the outside, near the entrance Blackman finally finds himself a kendo stick and all hell breaks loose! Shane runs...up. The golden rule is never, ever run up. Kendo stick shot, and Shane does his famous balcony dive. Blackman’s all like “I’m a BMF!” and dives off with an elbow! Thank god, it’s over.

Winner and NEW Hardcore champion: Steve Blackman ***


Best 2/3 Falls match: Chris Jericho vs. Chris Benoit

This is during the initial Chris and Chris push, as they spent most of 2000 wresting each other. Basically Benoit hates Jericho, and Jericho hates Benoit, so they beat the living hell out of each other. Nice. This feud wouldn’t culminate until No Way Out 2001, and then later that year they became tag partners. Needless to say, this will be great. Oh and if anyone didn’t already know, Y2J is my favorite wrestler ever, so that makes me bias. They brawl to start, and by brawl I mean brawl. Not I punch you punch me but each other punching each other at the same time. They roll out to the outside, where Jericho takes a nasty bump right into the ringpost. Back inside, they keep it going . Irish whip into STF. Submission Through Fear~ . Reversed into Walls of Jericho reversed into catapult reversed into German Suplex, and Jericho goes for a pin. They’re up, and Jericho goes for them Flair chops. Jericho goes for a tombstone, reverse into a shoulder breaker. Backdrop, flip, facebuster! Lionsault into the knees. Crippler Crossface, and Jericho taps. Benoit keeps it on, just cause he can. Jericho fights it and we go a brawl going, until Benoit locks it on again. Benoit keeps it on as J.R. pleas for Jericho to tap, so he can have a long career. Jericho makes it to the ropes but Benoit stays on him, just targeting that shoulder. On the outside, Benoit throws that shoulder right into the ringpost. He does the same thing on the inside. Massive heat for Benoit, massive pops for Jericho. Benoit punches the shoulder... that’s psychology! Jericho starts fighting back, knocking Benoit down with a forearm. Big comeback! Nope...Rolling Germans~!Reversed to a rollup reversed to a Walls of Jericho as the fans go buckwild! Now it’s a Liontamer! Benoit taps out! Backbreaker, 2 count. Back to the Flair chops. Jericho goes up top and hits a reverse elbow drop on a standing Benoit. Benoit goes for the powerbomb, reversed as Jericho ties his own. Now they go for the backslide, I-pin-you-no-I-pin-you sequence. DRAGON SUPLEX~! That’s got to be the WWF debut of that move. Benoit goes up top for the headbutt, Jericho crotches him, Frankensteiner. Both are out cold. Jericho goes for a pinfall, but gets 2. Flying forearm, clothesline, Jericho is on fire! King predicts Chris will win this match...I agree. Lionsault, but it hurts Jericho’s shoulder. Jericho goes for a school boy, but Benoit rolls over and grabs the ropes! 1,2,3! That’s a legit **** match, a must see.

Winner: Chris Benoit ****


TLC Match for the Tag Team Championship: Edge and Christian vs. The Hardy Boyz vs. The Dudley Boys

This is North Carolina so you everyone wants the Hardy Boys to win. Even at this point, the Dudley’s were beginning to get stale. You know, if you think about it, Jeff Hardy is the loser of ladder matches while Edge is the king. Now Raving, that’s a different story. Again, the differences from here and now are in full view, as Jeff was the star and Matt was just there. Oh, the irony. Huge spotfest, if you haven’t seen this already, see it. For some reason this match is slow and choppy on my DVD, so I can’t really review it, but it was damn good. BTW if anyone knows how I can fix my DVD, please email me.

Winners: Edge and Christian ****


Thong Stink-Face Match: The Kat vs. Terri

The TLC match is unwatchable but this is crisp and clean on my DVD? Somebody upstairs hates me. Um...they wear thongs and wrestle badly...what do you expect? Should be noted that Terri was seconded by Perry Saturn and The Kat by Al Snow.

Winner: The Kat


At WWF New York, APA gets drunk. What’s new.


Undertaker vs. Kane

Man, never get tired of this series. This is during ‘Taker’s initial American Badass push, you know, when he had long hair and looked extremely old. Kane turned heel before this because he is a monster. His words, not mine. That’s kayfabe for the writers don’t know what to do with me or Undertaker. Man, cutting his hair was the best thing for Undertaker. He’s driving down to the ring in a moped...er...chopper and he just looks old. Brawling on the outside to start. The usual outside brawling techniques: Punch, Kick, slam head on . Undertaker goes after Kane’s mask. Inside th ring, they keep the punch and kick up. Literally it’s punch, kick, hit each other with chair. Undertaker tear’s off a part of the mask, and Kane’s pissed. He pounds Undertaker’s head into the steps and they keep the punch and kick up. You know...Kane look’s strangely like my dentist...makes you wonder. Ooh, a low blow. Variety is the spice of life you know. God, this sucks...Undertaker takes a beating but comes back with a terrible spear. Finally, the mask comes off, Kane runs away, and the match ends. No winner, but I feel like a loser.


Triple Threat Match for the WWF Championship: The Rock vs. Kurt Angle vs. Triple H

This match is more or less two storylines rolled into one. Rock and Triple H hate each other, stemming from Triple H’s tainted win over Rock at Wrestlemania, and to a lesser extent Triple H’s humilation of Mick Foley in early 2000. Kurt Angle/TripleH/ Stephanie was THE storyline of the year, starting from Kurt’s early months. People hated Triple H, but they hated Kurt more for being such a sniveling dick. The Smackdown before this show , Kurt planted a love kiss on Steph. She felt his mojo baby, you know it. Kurt had hair back then, Steph looked human(and hot) and Triple H looked downright anorexic compared to today. It’s weird to hear Kurt’s music without the “You Suck”. Kurt looks a lot thinner than he does now too. Triple H and Kurt start it off and it’s on like a neckbone. God, I miss this Triple H. Back and forth brawling. On the outside,. They fight with Kurt taking control and hitting HHH’s head into the steps. Back inside and Triple H dumps Kurt to the outside. Que? I feel sorry for the Spanish announcers...they always lose their table. Triple H goes for a pedigree on it, but it breaks too early and man oh man, Kurt slams his head on the ground. Legit concussion you found out later. Oh, now Rock comes down. Punch, Punch, Punch, SPIT~ Punch! Clothesline, Samoan Drop, Rock is on fire. Huge Rocky chant. Triple H comes back, dropping Rock onto the announce table. It’s basically Rock vs. HHH now, as Kurt is being gurneyed out. Rock starts a comeback but is dropped to the outside. Triple H RUNS to Kurt, grabs his gurney, and wheels him back to the ring. Now Rock comes running and lays out HHH. Set brawling. Piledriver reversed to catapult into the set. Ouch. After some fighting closer to the ring, Rock nails Triple H in the balls. Pheh, he ain’t got nothing on Tommy Dreamer. Again, more intense outside fighting. Stephanie comes down to the ring, even though HHH said not to. To The Moon, bitch! High knee, and we’ve got our first cover. Stephanie takes out the time keeper with a slap and Triple H has the belt. Of course, Rock ends up with it but hindsight is 20/20. Steph is now sent to the back, as Rock makes a comeback, that is squashed, as HHH grabs the hammer. To The Ribs! Kick to the ribs, which now have a big target on them. In the corner, shoulder charges...to the ribs. Rock makes comeback, makes comeback, whips HHH to the ropes but HHH hits him with a facebuster. To the outside, where HHH rams Rock’s back into the ringpost. Roll into the ring, kicks to the torso. Rock finally starts the superman comeback, but it is stopped again. Man, Rock can play Ricky Morton better than Ricky Morton himself. Triple H continues to stay on the torso/ribs. Up top, Superplex on HHH by Rock, and now we have a double KO. In the back, Steph asks Kurt to help HHH “For me Kurt, for me!” Man, if I was Triple H, I woulda dumped her in 2000. Inside the ring Rock hits a belly to belly suplex for a 2 count to a big pop. Here comes Steph and Kurt. Kurt trips Rock, HHH hits the Pedigree and Kurt pulls HHH out. Kurt KO’s HHH via ring steps. Now Kurt comes in for the close 2 count as the crowd is rabid. Rock is whipped to the ropes as Kurt hits his nice overhead belly to belly suplex. Another whip to ropes and now Rock gets his own belly to belly for a 2 count. Rock Bottom! Rock Bottom on Kurt for a 2 count via HHH pull out. Rock down, HHH goes for the sledgehammer, Kurt goes for it, The two men fight and BAM! Triple H knocks Steph to the ground. HHH checks on Steph as Kurt hits him with the hammer. 2 count, broken up by The Rock. Kurt is dumped to the outside and now we have the People’s Elbow. That’s enough for the pin. Rock celebrates, HHH lays on the ground, and Kurt carries Stephanie away as we fade to black.

Winner and STILL WWF Champion: The Rock

DVD Extras

Various interviews with the winners. Pretty generic, except Tazz’s, as he tears a whole out of Jerry and J.R. Tazz rules. There’s also a nice little confidential like piece on WWF vs. Michael Bolton’s Bombers, a charity baseball game. Pretty entertaining, as Bubba Ray scares the celebrities, and Jerry Lawler is the coach. Oh and the Smackdown commercial and the making of, the commercial.


Last 2 Cents

Really good show, as much of 2000 was great. I could literally write a 2000 word essay on just how good the year 2000 was for the WWF. Hope it was fun, send feedback to Tony Jaymz

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