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Dames' Diatribe on NWA:TNA Week 42: Destiny Awaits

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Guest TSMAdmin

The Dames’ Diatribe on NWA:TNA Week 42: Destiny Awaits


I don’t know if it is because WWE Backlash (which I reviewed exclusively on my site, TheSmartMarks.com) was so disappointing or if TNA is really hitting on all cylinders as of late, but I am actually VERY hyped up for tonight’s Pay Per View. I can’t remember the last time that I’ve looked forward to a title match like this as I’ve literally got goosebumps during the intro of this show.


Before I go on to review the show, I’d like to make a quick request to the readers out there. My best friend Keith fell asleep during Buffy two weeks ago and missed the episode “Dirty Girls”. I tried to put over Caleb as a big time heel as much as I could, driving home what he did to Xander and the potentials…but it doesn’t have the same effect as it would if he were to be able to see the tape. Can anyone hook me up? I’ll give you a big shout out in my next Diatribe.


Well, now that we’ve got that out of the way….it’s time for TNA!


The show starts with footage of Jeff Jarrett arriving at the arena earlier on and looking very focused for his upcoming, highly anticipated match with Raven tonight.


We hit the PPV intro and when we come back, you can visibly see that the Asylum is absolutely PACKED tonight! We start right out with the first match of the night…


The Disciples of the New Church vs. Americas Most Wanted vs. Perry Saturn & Justin Credible vs. The Harris Brothers


Match Background: There’s no real reason why these four teams are meeting each other tonight, except for possibly moving up the tag team ranks in NWA:TNA. The Disciples of the New Church, Slash and Brian Lee, have quite a history with Americas Most Wanted, James Storm and Chris Harris. Without question, the tag team feud of the year in TNA, The New Church and AMW went at it for months trading wins back and forth over the World Tag Team Titles. The Harris Brothers even got involved at some point, making it a three way feud for a couple of weeks before bowing out of the other teams business for some time. As of late, The New Church have been feuding with Team Extreme and two of their members, Saturn and Justin Credible will be teaming up together tonight for the first time in TNA. Americas Most Wanted, on the other hand, have been having problems amongst themselves as Chris Harris seems closer every week to turning on James Storm, but it was Storm last week who harbored ill feelings on Harris after he was pinned in a #1 contenders match.


The Match: Tenay and West immediately indulge us with the knowledge that each team represents a different faction in the promotion. The New Church has their own little group, Saturn & Credible are part of Team Extreme or the Extreme Revolution, The Harris Brothers are a part of S.E.X. and AMW have been long standing warriors on the part of NWA Tradition. This is not an elimination match, first pinfall wins. As Saturn suplexes Brian Lee to start the match, Don West lets us know that over 1,300 people have been turned AWAY from the arena tonight and it definitely shows! Saturn goes for a cross arm breaker, but Slash breaks it up. Justin Credible gets in the ring with Lee and plays to the crowd as the New Church member tags out to Don Harris who takes over on Credible. James Storm tags himself in and along with Credible, gives Harris a back elbow taking him down. Credible asks to team up and take on the Harris’ together, but Storm gives his answer with a lariat. Slash comes in with Storm and they get in each others face, resuming their old feud. Storm is able to eventually get the advantage with a superkick for a broken up two count. Slash sets Storm up for the whirly bird, but Chris Harris runs in and spears Slash in mid move! Lee comes in immediately and nails Chris Harris with a big boot in retaliation and sends him to the outside where he’s DEMOLISHED by the Harris Brothers and a steel chair to the head. Ron Harris throws him back in and tosses Chris Harris around with a couple of nice suplexes (!) for two! Saturn tags in and goes to work on Chris Harris for a couple of two counts as well. James Storm gets the crowd riled up as Saturn continues to work on Chris Harris with suplexes and submissions. Chris Harris fights back up, but gets knocked right back down by Saturn before he tags in Justin Credible. Credible goes for a superkick, but its telegraphed by Harris who turns him around and hits a DDT, allowing Harris to tag in Storm who is a HOUSE...EN…FUEGO~! He attacks anything that moves and drives Saturn down with a bulldog for two. A superkick is blocked by Saturn, but Harris counters with an enziguiri which also gets a two count. Slash comes in for some reason…but the Harris Brothers also come in and deliver the H-Bomb on him for a broken up two count. AMW then collaborate for a double dropkick on one of the Harris Brothers and the Hart Attack clothesline for Justin Credible. Saturn comes in to break it up as the New Church and the Harris’ brawl on the outside, allowing AMW to double team him. Storm gets the Swinging Noose out of the corner, but Slash pulls out the referee at two! AMW signal for the Death Sentence and as Storm goes to set up Saturn, Don Harris gets back into the ring and PASTES Chris Harris in the face with a big boot, sending him crashing into his partner. This allows Saturn to get out of the hold and put the Death Valley Driver onto James Storm for the pin!


Winners: Perry Saturn and Justin Credible


My Opinion: The match wasn’t too bad considering that the Harris Brothers were a part of it and especially because they were used in small doses. The eventual break up of Americas Most Wanted continues to evolve as Storm will no doubt blame Harris for this loss. Although I saw no real purpose to the match before, putting Saturn and Credible over three established tag teams was apparently the purpose for it. They really need to build up Team Extreme after they turned heel last week for unknown reasons. **


We’re then shown a pre-taped interview where Goldylocks is in the back with Glen Gilberti and the rest of S.E.X. Goldylocks gives Gilberti a lot of credit for rebuilding and revamping S.E.X. to where it is now after Vince Russo left. She then asks him how he feels about the fact that Raven asked Team Extreme for their help and pretty much kept S.E.X. out of the loop. Gilberti insults Team Extreme…but he’s not mad at Raven. He understands that those are his old buddies. However, he’s looking to find Raven and ask him man to man where he stands. He promises that either way, S.E.X. is coming home with the gold.


West and Tenay hype the rest of the card tonight and send it to Goldy for a live interview with Jerry Lynn. She brings up the fact that Ron “The Truth” Killings attacked him last week to make a statement, something that Lynn is very familiar with. Jerry talks about the fact that Killings, Konnan and AJ Styles in the past have all attacked Jerry Lynn at some point in order to “make a statement” and he is SICK of it! He’s no ones stepping stone and he’ll prove it by bringing the NEW Jerry Lynn to the ring tonight!


Christopher Daniels vs. Jerry Lynn


Match Background: As many months as Daniels has been in TNA, this is actually his first singles contest. The match he had with Jeff Jarrett on January 22nd was part of a Gauntlet match and technically, doesn’t count. In recent weeks, Daniels has had his share of problems with Jerry Lynn and Red as they defeated him and his tag team partner Elix Skipper two weeks in a row. The first time to earn a shot at the tag titles and the second time, they won the belts. Daniels and Skipper retaliated and even went so far as to attack Lynn and Red last week before the one on one match Lynn and Red had with each other. With Red getting a shot at the X-Division Title tonight, Lynn’s got to face Christopher Daniels and try and extract some sort of revenge.


The Match: Chris Daniels gets on THE STICK~! and wants to talk to Lynn before the match starts. He says that he’s heard Lynn & Red billed as the X-Division Dream Team…when in fact it’s Triple X and the fans aren’t getting their money’s worth. So, Daniels proposes that should he win the match tonight, Lynn and Red would have to face all THREE members of Triple X next week in a tag title defense. Lynn takes the mic to respond…and says that he’s going to try and spice tonight’s match up a little more by making a counter stipulation. Should Lynn win, then Lynn and Red get to face ONE member of Triple X, of their choosing, for the tag titles next week! Daniels isn’t even given a chance to respond as Lynn basically accepts for him with a right hand!


The crowd chants for “Jerry” as the two men start out the match and Daniels gains the advantage. Lynn ends up tossing him out of the ring, but The Fallen Angel tries to skin the cat back in. Lynn doesn’t allow it, throwing him back down and baseball slide kicking him in the middle of his back. Lynn goes up and over with a gorgeous plancha before he throws Daniels back in for two. Daniels reverses an irish whip into the corner, but ends up tasting one of Lynn’s boots as he charges in and Lynn jumps off the 2nd rope with a flying head scissors. He follows it up with a tilt a whirl backbreaker for a two count as the “TNA” chant starts. Daniels drop toe holds Lynn into the ropes to regain the advantage and nails a standing moonsault for two. He gets caught by Lynn in a TKO position, but wriggles out of it and nails an enziguiri para dos. Daniels scoops and slams Lynn down near the ropes, slingshots himself over onto the apron and slingshots himself back in with a legdrop for a series of two counts. Daniels then puts on a neck vice on Lynn for a few seconds but Lynn is able to fight back and lands a dropkick. Lynn gets up…and he’s INTENSE~! As he spears Daniels and unleashes a barrage of right hands! He then lands a BIG clothesline in the corner as well as a straight punch, which he NEVER does, before doubling Daniels over with a German suplex for two. Daniels gets up and is able to muster out an STO, getting some separation for a few seconds. Daniels sets Lynn on the top turnbuckle and cracks his jaw with an open hand palm strike before setting Lynn up for the Fall From Grace (The Iconoclasm). He hits it beautifully and gets a close two count out of it! Daniels argues with the ref on the count and decides to head up to the top for his double jump moonsault. Lynn moves out of the way as Daniels lands on his feet and finally gets the TKO! ONE…TWO…NO! Lynn goes for the Cradle Piledriver, but Daniels won’t budge. Lynn starts beating on his back, but Daniels is able to back body drop out of it. He goes to pick Lynn up and piefaces the ref, who gets in way. With the ref momentarily turned in another direction, Jerry Lynn hits a low blow and rolls up Daniels for the pinfall!


Winner: Jerry Lynn


My Opinion: This definitely showed a different Jerry Lynn alright. He was more aggressive than ever before in the ring and even went with a cheating finish. I wish these two had more time in the ring. Everything they hit was so crisp and was done so well that if they were able to have a 20 minute match, properly built up, it would hit **** EASY. **1/2 for this effort though.


We’re shown a video package on Team Extreme, highlighting each member of the faction, although Raven isn’t one of them.


As the package comes to a close, we’re sent back to the S.E.X. locker room where Team Extreme is in the faces of the members of S.E.X. Saturn in particular gets in Gilberti’s face who proceeds to insult them. New Jack comes to his own defense...by stating that he’s a convicted felon. Gilberti then tells Saturn that he can’t wait for the day that Team Extreme meets Sports Entertainment Extreme. However, the issue at hand to Gilberti is Raven and the deal he made with Team Extreme. Sandman interrupts and says that it wasn’t a “deal”…they were just watching his back and will continue to do so tonight, if they can find him. Gilberti says that he’ll find Raven first as the segment comes to a close…


Sonny Siaki & David Young vs. D’Lo Brown & AJ Styles


Match Background: AJ Styles & D’Lo Brown have been enemies of S.E.X. ever since Gilberti cost them both the World Heavyweight Title. After taking on Gilberti and Sanders last week and winning by DQ through S.E.X. interference, it looks like Styles and D’Lo are just climbing another step in the S.E.X. gauntlet. Sonny Siaki was actually the man most responsible for AJ Styles losing to Jeff Jarrett with his botched interference and also was the first man that D’Lo Brown faced upon his debut in TNA. David Young is no stranger to AJ Styles either as Styles faced Young numerous times in the NWA Wildside promotion and even met in Week 3 of NWA:TNA against each other.


The Match: Prior to the start of the match, a clip is shown of AJ Styles’ take on tonight’s Raven/Jarrett World Title match. It really doesn’t matter to him, because eventually they’ll have to face him and he’ll be the NWA Heavyweight Champion.


Siaki and Styles start the match off and Styles takes the early lead with a leg sweep and a bridged German suplex for two. Siaki gets out of it and tags in David Young who ends up being the recipient of a hammerlocked belly to back suplex by AJ. Styles gets up and looks for a discus clothesline, but Young just NAILS him with a punch that sends him to the canvas. D’lo blind tags in as AJ hits a dropkick on Young and Brown leaps off the top with a clothesline for two. D’Lo plants Young down, tags AJ and heads to the top…where Styles rana’s D’Lo down onto Young for a two count! Young gets up and whips Styles into the corner, but Styles flips out and rolls DY up with one of the most beautiful moves I’ve EVER seen! It only gets a two though and Styles follows it up with a snap neckbreaker. Young holds onto the ropes as Styles goes for a high dropkick and tags in Siaki. Styles knocks Siaki down and Desire gets on the ring apron and slaps the HELL out of Styles! Siaki tries a waistlock from behind, but Styles elbows out of it and goes for his Quebrada/reverse DDT combo. The move is blown, but Styles recovers to get the reverse DDT out of it for a two count. Styles leans over the ropes to yell at Desire, but David Young BLASTS him with a clothesline on the ring apron for that. DY comes back in now and gets a NICE powerslam for a two count before tagging Siaki back in. Styles tries to fight back on Siaki, but Sonny DRILLS AJ into the mat with an overhead half nelson suplex! David Young comes back in against Styles once again and fight over a suplex…but Styles gets his vertical suplex/reverse neckbreaker combo! I haven’t seen him do that in quite some time. AJ goes to tag D’Lo, but Sonny cuts Brown off by knocking him down. Siaki goes to work on Styles again before tagging back out to Young, but Styles is finally able to recover and get a tilt a whirl DDT! AJ tags in D’Lo who is a HOUSE..EN…FUEGO~! D’Lo goes for the Sudden Impact on David Young, but DY lands on his feet and gets the SNAP SPINEBUSTER~! ONE…TWO…Styles breaks it up! Siaki comes in and puts on a full nelson, but AJ powers out of it and hits a Kawada-like jumping enziguiri! Styles charges at Young…but gets caught and drilled with a swinging face buster! All four men are down now and the crowd is really into this match now! Young gets up and gets irish whipped by AJ…into a Sky High/neckbreaker double team! WOW! ONE…TWO…broken up by Siaki! Siaki is taken down by a Styles kick as D’Lo clotheslines Young over the top! D’Lo tells AJ to go over the top onto Young…SHOOTING STYLES PRESS~! To the outside! He hits the move FLUSH as the fans chant “Holy Shit” and deservedly so!


Back in the ring, D’Lo spinebusters Siaki down and Desire gets back on the ring apron. D’Lo grabs her, but Siaki charges and ends up knocking Desire down to the floor! Young goes over to check on her as Siaki sets D’Lo up for the Siakalypse! D’Lo gets out of it and ducks a clothesline attempt, back body dropping Siaki onto AJ Styles and the STYLES CLASH~! AS he hits the move, D’Lo comes off the top with the Lo Down! D’Lo covers…ONE…TWO…THREE!


Winners: D’Lo Brown & AJ Styles


After the match, a clip is shown of D’Lo’s pick for tonight’s Raven/Jarrett title match. Like Styles, he basically said that they’ll have to face him down the road.


My Opinion: Great tag match that the crowd was really into as Styles and D’Lo really gel well as a tag team. They had incredible, innovative double team offense and Young and Siaki looked really good in this tag match as well. Every single one of these guys were pretty much ON tonight, especially Styles and Young and their familiarity with each other really showed in the ring. Although I like them as singles stars more, Styles and D’Lo could be a great team down the line and possible contenders for the tag titles. However, with the focus being the World Title with both men, I don’t think that’s a likely situation. ***1/4.


We now go to a sitdown interview Mike Tenay had with Ron “The Truth” Killings and Konnan. Tenay wanted to know why Killings wanted to talk to Konnan last week. Truth states that he realized the hardships that would come with being a minority in the wrestling business and encountered tons of roadblocks climbing the ladder to success. He says that Konnan and himself have a lot in common because he went through the same difficulties that he went though…but Konnan, unlike others before him, isn’t scared to speak his mind. Konnan then brought up the race card once again and asked why there aren’t any Latino or African American owners, producers, bookers, road agents or announcers.


Tenay: “There’s a black announcer. The Coach in WWE!”


Konnan: “I said black!”


Tenay then says that they’ve had their say, now they have to prove it in the ring. Konnan retorts by saying that they’re going to change the rules at any costs. Killings finals thoughts….”Ya’ll motherf*ckers betta watch out!” Konnan then takes a subtle jab at the Guerrero’s “Lie, Cheat & Steal” gimmick by saying that maybe Tenay should check his wallet to see if anything is missing, seeing as how all Latino’s are apparently prone to stealing. That was a VERY good promo as both Truth and Konnan are great on the mic when they’re discussing the issues. Although I would like to see The Truth on his own, Konnan needs to be protected in matches, which Truth can do for him. With the heavyweight title scene getting more crowded every week, this way Truth won’t get lost in the shuffle like he was before.


As the TNA girls dance, security has to carry out a girl dressed in a Catholic school outfit trying to get into Lollipop’s cage. I couldn’t get a good look at her…


We now head to another pre-taped segment as Raven is sitting down in the same candlelit room as last week. He talks about the two factions that he’s aligned with…Team Extreme and S.E.X. and how they want him in their camp because he will be champion very soon. He then talks about Jeff Jarrett and how he will be losing something that is so very dear to him, the NWA Title. “Poor Jeff Jarrett….how do you stop a man who has fate on his side? Jeff, all I can say, is that when you feel the Raven Effect and you’re looking skyward, praying for divine intervention, know this…it hurts me inside Jeff…it hurts me inside.” That…was…AWESOME.


Chris Sabin vs. Jimmy Rave vs. Shark Boy vs. Jason Cross in an Elimination Match.


Match Background: All four of these men have competed in TNA a few times and now get a chance to make a name for themselves against each other tonight. Shark Boy is a cult favorite who has a fan following, but has never gotten much of a push. Jimmy Rave of NWA Wildside has competed several times in TNA, particularly in multi-man elimination matches, but has yet to do anything of importance. Jason Cross made a splash upon his entry to TNA, by way of his finisher, The Crossfire aka the Shooting Star Legdrop, but fell off the radar after an injury. Chris Sabin debuted when he teamed with Jonny Storm three weeks ago in a 4 team elimination match to determine who would face each other for the #1 contendership for the X-Title and impressed many. That is all…


The Match: Rave & Cross start the match off with a bang as Rave turns a flying head scissors attempt into a Crippler Crossface, but lets go of the hold the second he puts it on for some strange reason. Cross rolls up Rave and goes for a submission hold, which is blocked, allowing Rave to charge after Cross in the corner. Cross sidesteps and NAILS him in the FACE with a stiff ass kick before placing him on the top rope. Rave comes off the top with a Tornado DDT attempt, but it’s blocked by Cross…doesn’t matter though as he receives a release German suplex. A second attempt is blocked and Cross gets ANOTHER big kick to the face of Rave. Cross tags out to Sabin, who ends up getting a Shining Wizard by Rave for two. Shark Boy comes in and tosses Rave over the top to the floor and slingshots himself out with a cross body. Sabin goes to follow suit with a springboard dive…but loses his footing on the top rope and falls RIGHT DOWN! He doesn’t look hurt, but the arena definitely lets him have it. Jason Cross immediately tries to compensate for it by going over the top onto the pile with his twisting somersault plancha and the crowd is happy again. Rave gets up and superkicks Cross down, allowing him to be alone with Shark Boy. He charges at Shark Boy in the corner, but EATS FIN as Shark Boy gets a boot up and hits the Dead Sea Drop for the pinfall and the elimination! Cross springboards in, but Shark Boy gets a dropkick to the midsection for two. Cross recovers and hits the Roll of the Dice for a two count as Sabin is recovering in the corner. Cross hits his somersault legdrop and also gets a two count out of it. Cross goes for a brainbuster, but Shark Boy gets an inside cradle for two. Cross gets the move anyway and gets just a two count out of it. Cross whips SB into the corner and comes flying in with a hard clothesline. I’ve never really gotten the appeal of Shark Boy, but I mark out EVERY TIME he bumps off the clothesline in the corner. Shark Boy is able to recover and get a hangmans neckbreaker off the ropes before tagging in Chris Sabin. Sabin and Cross go into a very quick irish whip sequence ending with Sabin nailing a big boot on Cross. Cross recovers and comes off the top with a spinning somersault neckbreaker on Sabin for a close two count. He sets him up in the corner…and goes for the CROSSFIRE~! Sabin moves out of the way though and Sabin picks him up in a Fishermans Suplex position…and DROPS STRAIGHT DOWN! He calls that the “Future Shock”…and it’s the closest to a Sheer Drop Fishermans Buster that I’ve ever seen. That was actually a move I believed I invented many years ago when I was a mark and didn’t realize there was actual wrestling being done in other countries. Oh yeah…it gets the pinfall on Cross, so it’s down to Sabin vs. Shark Boy. Shark Boy goes for the quick attack when he comes in but Sabin is able to kick out. SB comes off the top with a cross body, but Sabin rolls through, holding onto SB…he hits the move that got him over last time! It’s a Sudden Impact/Catatonic, but instead of dropping him to the mat…he drops the opponent over his KNEE. ONE…TWO…NO! SB gets up and gets a roll up for two, but gets whipped into the corner. Sabin runs in…EATS FIN with a Shark Boy boot to the face! Dead Sea Drop is attempted, but Sabin holds onto the rope! Sabin gets the FUTURE SHOCK~! ONE…TWO…THREE!


Winner: Chris Sabin


My Opinion: The crowd was more familiar with Shark Boy and probably wanted him to go over as Sabin didn’t get much of a reaction when he won. I think it mostly had to do with him completely blowing his top rope spot and almost killing himself a minute into the match. It felt a bit too spotty at times, especially when Rave was in there, but I’m happy that Sabin looks to be in line for a push. **


TNA actually replays the blown spot to try and put over the danger of the X-Division moves.


Tenay sends it over to Goldylocks…who’s with Eric Watts. He’s got a cart full of trashcans and chairs. She wants to know what he’s doing with all of that stuff and he says that after Jeff Jarrett saved him last week, he’s got his back tonight! He keeps saying “Jeff and I” have a match, “Jeff and I”…Watts has surprisingly gotten a hell of a lot better on the mic lately. Dusty Rhodes walks up and basically calls Eric Watts a liar and a cheat and he won’t allow Watts to interfere in the title match tonight, because he’s still got the NWA replica title. Watts says that he’s actually giving it back to Dusty right now because his friendship with Jeff Jarrett means more to him than that and he’s going to help Jeff tonight. Dusty takes the title…and lets him go. Watts continues to be entertaining on the mic as he does somewhat of a Sublimnal Message gimmick from SNL when he talks to someone. I can’t believe that I’m saying that either.


We go back to the TNA girls dancing as Don West actually declares that he LOVES Eric Watts! He thinks he’s really funny!


We’re then taken to a recap of last weeks Lynn vs. Red match as well as Kash vs. Trinity leading up to the X-Division Title match tonight. Kash’s ass whopping of Trinity still makes me cringe.


After the package, Goldylocks is in the back with Kash who makes sure to reiterate that last week was a non title match, so he’s still the X Champion. He also reiterates that he still owns Trinity and he suspended her without pay. He says that she’ll be in her place now…to which Goldylocks takes exception. Kash calls Goldylocks a smart ass and starts hitting on her. She changes the subject to his opponent tonight, Red, which Kash refers to as an annoying hemorrhoid which he will dispose of tonight.


Kid Kash vs. Red for the X Division Title.


Match Background: These men have faced each other several times in TNA, in the past few months with Trinity being a big factor in their matches. Red got QUITE frustrated with her interference and called her out on it, which caused the initial rift between Kash and Trinity as Kash made it seem that he was the sole reason he was champion. Red faced Kash in a triple threat match with Trinity, which Kash won after capitalizing on her offense. This prompted Red to bring in a female of his own, Alexis Laree, but even she wasn’t enough to stop Trinity. While Alexis went off with Raven, Kash and Trinity began to have more problems as she gained in popularity and he felt that she was stealing his spotlight. Last week, they engaged in what was quite possibly the best male vs. female match I’ve ever seen and Kash laid into her like a true misogynist and became a 100% heel. Red earned a shot at the X-Division title last week by defeating his partner Jerry Lynn, so now Red faces Kash one more time for the X-Title. This time, however, with Trinity most likely NOT in Kash’s corner this week, Red finally has a fair shot at winning.


The Match: No Boxing Style intros this week for some reason. They lock up and stumble to the outside with each other and Kash ends up getting the advantage by throwing Red across the guard rail. Kash goes for a chair as Red comes back and kicks him across the back before throwing him back into the ring. They do a ton of reversals and pinfall sequences…and NO Indy Applause Stance! I’m AMAZED! A “Lets Go Red” chant starts as Kash heads out to the floor and Red comes diving over the top rope. Kash sidesteps Red and WAFFLES him with a Smashmouth chair shot! He’s actually getting a lot better with that thing. Kash jawjacks with some fan before throwing him back into the ring and coming off the top with a MONSTROUS top rope lariat for two. That one gets a replay as Kash hits a snap neckbreaker for two as well. A loud “Go Red Go” chant starts, but Kash clothesline Red into the Seventh Circle of HELL with his right arm. Kash puts on a Lion Tamer and turns it into a powerbomb for a two count. Kash goes to the outside to argue with some fans for some more before coming back in and hitting a basement dropkick. Red is finally able to recover and get a spinning enziguiri, but Kash gets up and gets a big German suplex on him. Kash just continues to dominate Red with his strength and power moves for two counts as Kash starts to get frustrated. Kash gets a BIG “You suck” chant as he puts Red in a camel clutch and rakes the eyes at the same time. Kash is getting distracted by the crowd as Red is able to get a sunset flip and subsequent pinfall attempts for two. He gets a cartwheel kick on Kash and a “TNA” chant starts up again. Red gets CODE RED~!, but Kash still kicks out. A big “Red” chant starts up now as Red hits a big springboard dropkick to the back of Kash, draping him over the middle ropes. Red hits the 718 (which I HATE, despite it being my area code) and then hits a HUGE springboard elbow for ONE…TWO…NO! Kash gets on the 2nd rope and comes off the top with a double springboard somersault, taking out Red AND the ref at the same time. Red and Kash begin fighting over a backslide…and Kash turns it into a Money Maker attempt. Red is able to block it, but Kash goes for it again. All of a sudden, the masked luchador comes into the ring and hits Kash with a reverse DDT! Red makes the cover…but the ref is still down! The ref takes FOREVER…then springs over and counts to three! What the hell? It looked like he missed his cue BIG TIME. The crowd is almost confused as they’re not sure for some reason if Red is the X Champion or not. Jeremy Borash announces it though and it is official.


Winner and NEW X Division Champion: Red


After the match, the masked luchador comes back into the ring and reverse DDT’s Red and runs away. Just for the record, this time…it looked like a woman.


My Opinion: I’m not exactly sure why the ending was as botched as it was, but it seems like that was purely the ref’s fault. It didn’t get too much time and of course…was spottastic. The masked luchadors interference also didn’t help it either. **


We go to clips of some NWA:TNA wrestlers and their thoughts on the upcoming match.


Chris Harris thinks that Jarrett will retain. Father James Mitchell doesn’t care because the New Church isn’t involved. Mike Sanders CRACKS ME UP as he puts his “wrestling face on” and starts hyping up the match as if he were a radio ad. Dusty Rhodes confuses me with his gibberish, but I’m pretty sure that he said that he thinks Jarrett will win.


We cut to the TNA girls…and the same girl from before gets into a scuffle with Lollipop and throws her out of the cage! This girl is pretty damn sexy, I’ve got to admit. Lollipop says that she’s had ENOUGH and gets on THE STICK~! Wow, she’s got a pretty thick southern accent. She sounds REALLY nervous too as she tries to sound tough and say that she’s not going to give up her “spot” without a fight. Do I really have to make jokes here? Anyway, the girl comes into the ring and gets into a catfight with her…but this time, no boobies are exposes. Sorry. I just report it. I don’t make it happen…or else I WOULD.


Security separate them before they finally drag the crazy school girl away….


We get a GREAT new video package on Raven, followed by a video package for Jarrett…and I’m getting goosebumps here.


Oh, before the match, Tenay and West announce that next weeks program will be called Anarchy in the Asylum and will feature a Gauntlet for the Gold match where pinfalls count at any time…and anywhere in the building. It’s a come as you are battle royal to determine the #1 contender to the NWA Title, regardless of who the champion is walking out of this match.


Raven (w/ The Gathering) vs. Jeff Jarrett for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship


The Most Anticipated Match in NWA:TNA Took Place Tonight. Did it live up to the hype?


Match Background: On January 22nd, Raven made his NWA:TNA debut by attacking Jeff Jarrett and stealing the NWA Title. AJ Styles was in the midst of a title hunt and went after Raven to get the title belt and the distraction allowed Jeff Jarrett to get the belt. Raven began talking about his destiny…which is to become to the NWA World Heavyweight Champion. Eventually, Raven faced AJ Styles on March 19th in a Ladder Match to see who would face Jeff Jarrett for the NWA Title. Raven was able to defeat Styles with the help of his faction, Sports Entertainment Extreme. Since then, he distanced himself from the group, plotting and thinking about his destiny and how exactly to fulfill it. During this time, he faced Julio Dinero in a match and defeated him clean. Later on, he kidnapped Alexis Laree after she had a match with Trinity and soon after, Raven debuted the Gathering…Alexis and Julio, who do his bidding. As we approached the World Title match, Julio and Trinity ended up attacking Jarrett to weaken him, but were unsuccessful. Jarrett actually requested a Clockwork Orange House of Fun match with Julio and Alexis in order to try and take that X factor out of the title match. That didn’t work out in his favor as Raven put Jarrett through the table (sacrificing his Gathering who were actually lying on the table). He then gave Jarrett the Raven Effect to end the show. Last week, Raven attacked Eric Watts who was out protecting Jeff Jarrett and then took on Jeff himself to close the show. As Jeff Jarrett was laying on a beating, Team Extreme came out and joined Raven, giving him the definite upperhand as we headed into tonight’s match. So, now the match that has been 4 months in the making will now take place…for the NWA World Heavyweight Title.


The Match: We DO get Boxing Style intros for this match and this one actually deserves it. Alexis Laree looks less like a Gathering member and more like an 80’s glam girl. They talk trash face to face before the lock up and jockey for position around the ring until Raven gets a clean break. Raven knocks Jarrett down and gets a quick pinfall attempt before actually taking over Jarrett with a hiptoss and a headlock. A “Raven” chant starts as he gets on top of Jarrett and spins around on top of him amateur style…almost to just say “yes, I can wrestle you as well. This will be easy” Jarrett gets up and unloads with right hands and Raven bails immediately. Jarrett comes flying out with a baseball slide and throws the challenger into the steel guard rail a few times. Julio tries to grab Jarrett, distracting him as Alexis has the ref. Raven holds Jarrett for a Julio chairshot, which Jarrett ducks and it connects with Raven! Jarrett throws Julio over the top and goes for a cover on Raven. Raven kicks out and so Jarrett goes over the top with a cross body onto Alexis and Julio! Raven follows suit and drop toe holds Jarrett into the steel steps as Raven is busted open by the Julio chairshot. Jarrett comes up bleeding as well as Julio and Alexis set up a table at ringside. Raven places him on the table and heads onto the 2nd rope, but Jarrett gets off the table and goes back into the ring. Raven jumps off onto Jarrett with a double axe handle and follows it up with a clothesline and a knee lift as both men bleed. A small “Double J” chant breaks out and Julio hands Raven a chair, which he props open in the ring. Alexis distracts the ref again as Raven whips JJ into the ropes and he gets the drop toe hold into the chair for two! Raven drives his knee into Jarrett’s back for two as well before putting on a reverse chinlock. Raven starts kicking Jarrett in the wound before applying a sleeper hold to try and cut the blood flow even more. A “Raven” chant starts up by the crowd as Jarrett gets to his feet and gets a jawbreaker to get some separation. Jarrett goes for a Diamond Cutter, but Raven shoves him off…and somehow both men are down. Raven gets up, but Jarrett comes back with right hands and a clothesline as he seems to have gotten a second wind! He dropkicks Julio down off the apron and slams Alexis who comes into the ring! Raven takes advantage and goes for the Raven Effect DDT, but Jarrett gets an enziguiri. Jarrett rolls Raven up after a catapult in the corner, but Raven comes back with a superkick!! After an irish whip, Jarrett gets The Stroke out of NO WHERE and Raven kicks out at two! That didn’t elicit much of a reaction by the crowd for some reason. Raven gets up and connects with the Raven Effect for the ONE…TWO…NO! The crowd sure reacted for that one. Raven and Jarrett get up…and Jarrett sends Raven over the top to the floor with a Cactus Clothesline! JJ places Raven on the table at ringside and perches himself on the 2nd turnbuckle. Julio tries to stop him, but Jarrett knocks him off the top to the floor! Jarrett comes off the top with an elbow, putting the challenger through a table! They get back into the ring and Jarrett hits the Raven Effect on Raven! ONE…TWO…NO! Alexis pulls out the referee! Referee Rudy Charles has had enough and banishes them from ringside! While he’s standing on the ring apron, Raven charges into Jarrett who flies into the ref, sending him flying onto the guard rail and he’s down! Raven and Jarrett share the same idea and BOTH kick each other low at the same time…and both men are down! For no apparent reason, the New Church appear at ringside and being brawling with the Harris Brothers and Mike Sanders! They end up brawling to the back. Raven waves on his troops and Team Extreme come to the ring! New Jack nails Jarrett with a trashcan and both Sandman and Credible NAIL Jarrett in the head with a cane. Saturn with a DVD on Jarrett and then they handcuff the NWA Champ! As New Jack and Sandman hold chairs on both sides of his head, Credible and Saturn superkick them in a Superkick Conchairto of sorts! Jarrett looks DEAD. Raven picks up a chair…and goes to nail a defenseless Jarrett but the lights go out!


The lights come back on and SABU is in the ring! He has a chair of his own and throws it at Raven, knocking him down! He hits Raven with Poetry in motion and then sets the chair up in the ring to springboard to the outside onto the rest of Team Extreme! Sabu then jumps the guardrail (knocking down a fan, like an idiot) and runs to the back! Jarrett gets up as Raven continues to wail on him with punches. Raven gets the chair and charges at Jarrett….who moves out of the way! The chair hits the ropes, bounces back and hits himself in the face with it and Raven is down! Jarrett gets on top….ONE…TWO…NO!!! The referee gets a key for the handcuffs and tries to unlock Jarrett, but can’t seem to do it. Raven shoves the ref aside and uncuffs Jarrett himself! He wants Jarrett up now! The Raven Effect! ONE…TWO…NO! Raven can’t believe it! He goes for it again…but Jarrett blocks it! The Stroke! ONE…TWO…THREE!


Winner: Jeff Jarrett


The Heel Section immediately start throwing trash into the ring as they’re obviously as displeased as I am about it. You can actually see Jeremy Borash storm over there to stop them from doing any more…


My Opinion: The wrong man definitely went over here. Everything was built up perfectly for the Raven title win until last weekend I’m sure that everyone at home who has been following TNA for quite some time feels that Jarrett’s reign is champion is beyond stale at this point. I was afraid that Raven having Team Extreme on his side made Jarrett seem like too much of an underdog…and therefore would retain. For those that argue that Jarrett wouldn’t have looked strong with a Raven clean title victory, keep in mind that he did kick out of tons of interference by Team Extreme AND a few Raven Effect DDT’s towards the end of the match. Raven should have gotten the clean pinfall, which would have solidified him as a top main eventer and Jarrett could have gone on a quest to regain his title, having to fight through everyone to get a shot at Raven again. I’m very disappointed with the outcome to say the least. As for the match itself, I’m sure that no one expected a five star classic, but the work was kept very solid in the ring. The interference on the part of The Gathering and Team Extreme was to be expected (although Watts not showing up was a surprise) and didn’t deter from the match nearly as much as I figured it would. As a matter of fact, it added to the finish since Raven was determined to be the direct cause for the pinfall, thus the uncuffing, yet was unsuccessful. In that respect, the match also told a story in that Raven tried to prove early on that he could wrestle Jeff Jarrett and not have to resort to his outlandish extreme tactics, but was forced to when Jarrett started wrestling HIS style. I hope that there is a rematch between these two for the title, with Raven finally going over, but for it to be truly meaningful, they’ll have to build up to it again and not have it take place a week from now or even a month from now. ***1/4


Overall: This was probably one of NWA:TNA’s best PPV outings. Most of the matches were good and every match and angle had a direction (except for the brief fight between the TNA girls, which was just silly filler) which definitely showed character growth and will most likely retain some of the first time viewers that they no doubt received tonight. The crowd was really hot tonight from start to finish for the first time in a long time, if ever. Before the finish of the final match, I was ready to call this show not just a home run, but a grand slam. However, like I stated, the main event’s finish left a void and was disappointing enough, in my opinion to downgrade it, but not too much.


Any questions, comments, hate mail, fan mail, hell…just e-mail me to say SOMETHING over at [email protected] Don’t forget about the Backlash review at TSM as well.


‘Til next week,


The Dames, Damian Gonzalez.

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