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The Dames' Diatribe on NWA:TNA Week 47

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Guest TSMAdmin

The Dames’ Diatribe on NWA:TNA Week 47


I apologize for not having an intro last week, but I caught a BAD cold which forced me to take my first day off from work since I started a few months back. I was in a rush, therefore, some of you may have caught a few typos, such as me declaring Chris Sabin and Justin Credible as the winners of the Asylum Alliance tag match when they were opponents in it…and Sabin pinned Credible. Oops.


You came in here to read about this week’s TNA, but before we get to that, I just finished watching Smackdown and I’ve got to get something off my chest. Anyone who reads my stuff or talks to me on a consistent basis knows that I try to be as fair and as level headed as possible and I’ll give anything a chance. There are some people on the TSM Forums (the infamous AngleSault in particular) who complain about Kurt Angle’s treatment in WWE and how he’s constantly misused and this always causes an argument with those that believe that he is pushed too much. After tonight’s broadcast, which focused on the return of Kurt Angle, I’ve got to agree with those who believe that he is being misused.


The man was out for almost 2 and a half months after neck surgery (which he rushed with an unproven doctor just to get back in the ring quicker) and was given a ton of hype via some beautiful video packages over the last two weeks. Then, he shows up and basks in the glory of face cheers ala Triple H when he returned early last year. I have no problem with that. I don’t even have a problem with the fact that he asked the crowd to chant “You Suck” at him as he really seemed to be enjoying himself out there.


What I DO have a problem with, however, is the Big Show and Brock Lesnar coming out there and making Angle look weak. Angle DID make reference to beating the Big Show at Armaggedon, conveniently leaving out the fact that Brock Lesnar practically won the match for him. After Angle “surveyed” the crowd for their approval for a babyface attack, it looked like he was about to be chokeslammed like a defenseless, weak cripple before WWE’s new Golden Boy, Brock Lesnar came out to make the save. Then, Angle completely puts over Brock on the mic and barely got a word in to put himself over before the segment was through. So, all in all, the segment said two things to me. One, Kurt Angle is back and we still don’t take him seriously and two, watch Brock Lesnar vs. The Big Show next week! Yeah!


Considering this feud between the two was pretty much blown off at Judgment Day, this was just a disappointment to me.


Well, now that THAT Rant is over, time for this week’s TNA!


Once again, thanks to BOB~! for this week’s tape.


The PPV starts with the hype machine on overload for tonight’s Jarrett/Gilberti NWA World Title match with a video package covering the history between the two men, including last week’s surprise return of Vince Russo.


Jeff Jarrett is shown approaching the Asylum with his bags, but is stopped by some big, rugged security guards who give him some tough talk on behalf of the NWA Board of Directors. Jarrett basically tells them to shove it because he’ll deal with them himself.


We’re now sent to the SEX locker room and the first thing we see is David Young slapping away Christopher Daniels hand when he goes to grab hers in a silent prayer. Gilberti says a prayer and praises the Lord for bringing back the Anti-Christ of Pro Wrestling, Vince Russo. He says that getting the belt off of Jarrett will make professional wrestling better for everyone. Amen. They break and Sanders approaches Glen because he’s close with Vince, yet heard nothing of his return. Gilberti assures him that nothing is up….


We cut to the live audience as Tenay and West welcome us and ONCE AGAIN, the SECTION~! provides me with great laughter with a sign that reads “We Support Sosa” and “Sammy Is Heel”!


We head to the ring for the first match:


Kid Romeo, Johnny Swinger and Damien vs. CM Punk, Matt Stryker and Frankie Kazarian.


Match Background: In the past few weeks, TNA has been bringing in new X-Division talent and this is a prime example as three of the participants in this match have yet to compete here before. Frankie “The Future” Kazarian is a former tag team partner of Nova on the indy scene and most recently competed on a WWA Pay Per View. Matt Stryker I haven’t seen since the 2002 ECWA Super 8 where he faced WWE’s Jamie Knoble in the first round and looked decent in doing so. Damien is NOT the same luchador that Konnan brought in to face Jerry Lynn…and he isn’t Mexican either. Kid Romeo has recently come back to TNA after almost a year long absence and has been impressive as of late. CM Punk has had some good showings in the past few weeks and hopefully remains a TNA regular. Johnny Swinger is here for the first time without his usual tag team partner Simon Diamond (a.k.a. Mr. Dawn Marie). So…TNA decides to mix and match and throw out a couple of random X guys to hype up the crowd, like always.


The Match: West admits that these guys have no real reason to wrestle, they’re just throwing them out there. Stryker and Kid Romeo start out with Romeo getting the advantage with a roll up for two. Tenay talks about the fact that Stryker worked his way onto the PPV by working the Xplosion tapings and it shows as the crowd recognizes him and chant “Let’s Go Stryker” after a calf kick. Kazarian comes in now and Romeo gets a wheel barrow bulldog for two. Johnny Swinger comes in and eats a Kazarian dropkick before he tags out to CM Punk as the crowd chants “Pepsi” in his support. For the record, he’s got the Pepsi logo tattooed on his shoulder and one of his moves is called the Pepsi Plunge. That’s just BEGGING for an endorsement deal. Punk hands a running kneelift in the corner and charges at Swinger again, only to be caught with a Bossman Slam that Swinger calls the Mood Swing for two. Punk and Swinger go at it for a bit until Swinger tags out to Damien who comes in and trades pinfall attempts with CM Punk. According to Tenay, Damien was trained by Dusty Rhodes, along with Siaki and Desire. He takes control on Punk and tags back out to Swinger, who promptly gets into trouble with him again. Punk tags Stryker in and he this a Lou Thesz press on Swinger and tries to follow it up with something off the ropes, but gets kicked in the back by Romeo. Stryker knocks him down and goes after Swinger again, but ends up on the wrong side of a sit out powerbomb for two. Swinger puts him down with a BIG atomic drop and Romeo flies in with a slingshot clothesline for two. Romeo establishes his heelness with some chokes and running clotheslines in the corner. Stryker gets a belly to belly to get some separation, but Damien comes in and puts Stryker back in the heel corner. Damien hits a nice Northern Light Suplex for two , but Stryker is able to get a few roll up attempts before succumbing to another overheads suplex. They cut off the ring on Stryker again as Swinger comes in and takes over on Stryker again. Stryker is able to make the tag finally against Kazarian and he hits a springboard back elbow on Swinger for tow, but Swinger recovers with a jawbreaker. He tags in Damien and they set up a double team move, but Kazarian ducks and shows the Nova influence as he hits a DDT on Damien and a neckbreaker on Swinger at the same time! Kazarian then goes airborne as he goes for a HUGE suicide dive off the top onto Swinger on the outside and both men make a resounding SPLAT as he lands. That just HAD to hurt! That gets a “Holy Shit” chant and deservedly so. CM Punk comes in and so does Damien, but Punk elevates him up and over the top onto Kazarian and Swinger! Punk then goes over the top himself with a springboard crossbody…nailing most of the contact on his own partner Kazarian. And THAT is why I can’t stand those spots half the time. Next up is Romeo who goes over the top onto 2 of his partners as well. Not only does it bother me, but the wrestlers always look like they’re just waiting for it…and that bothers me almost as much. Last one in the ring is Stryker…and he succumbs to the peer pressure of highspotting and hits an Asai moonsault on the pile for added flavor and effect, cuz it damn sure doesn’t help the psychology of it. This gets a TNA chant as Stryker heads back into the ring with Swinger and falls victim to a sit out jawbreaker. CM Punk comes in and hits the Gory Bomb but can’t make the cover as Kid Romeo comes in and goes after him. He gets the Kiss Goodnight on Punk out of the corner, but turns around into Stryker’s Death Valley Driver (Stryker Driver), but that’s interrupted as well. Kazarian and Damien now tangle in the ring and Kazarian blocks a Northern Lights attempt and nails The Wave of the Future (Nova’s old Novacaine a.k.a. Downward Spiral) for the three count and the win!


Winners: Matt Stryker, Frankie Kazarian and CM Punk


My Opinion: This match served its purpose, which was to hype up the crowd with the X Division style and try and set the tone for the rest of the night. The crowd was VERY into CM Punk and Stryker and Kazarian got the win with his finish, which should get him over with the crowd as well. It was a spot fest, albeit a fun one and no one really showed any flaws in their work. **


We now go to Goldylocks outside with Raven and The Gathering and she asks what he’s going to do to Vince Russo when he arrives tonight. Raven blows that question off for later as he wants to talk about Jeff Jarrett and why he’s not included in the #1 contenders match tonight between AJ Styles & D’Lo Brown. He’s insulted by it and he says that Jeff Jarrett is the “David Hasselhoff of Professional Wrestling” because both of them have no talent or charisma but has been the star on two television programs (WCW & TNA for Jarrett, Knight Rider & Baywatch for DH)….and believe that they were the reasons for it. He reassures everyone that he will achieve his destiny before moving onto Russo. He basically says that’s he going to rip off his face and shit down his throat…but said it in Raven-like terms.


In the locker room, James Storm approaches Chris Harris. Storm wants to know if he’ll be picking either himself or Chris Sabin tonight as his tag partner and Harris says that he’s not sure, but he’ll be making the decision at match time in the ring. Storm makes sure to shake his hand and put over their long friendship before stating that he’ll respect any decision that Harris makes. Before he walks away, he asks Harris where his AMW shirt is (Harris was wearing a red tank top that’s so long, it covers his trunks and makes him look pretty damn naked), but Harris looks at him and says “maybe what they say is true, all good things must come to an end.” I guess that answers Storm’s shirt question somehow, but don’t ask me.


MIKE SANDERS~! Comes to the announce table for commentary…as we get a video package covering last week’s SEVEN MINUTE LONG Hard 10 match.


Sonny Siaki comes out for the next match and gets on THE STICK~! He says that whenever he comes out, the girls start screaming and get wet…and he’s FED UP with being a piece of meat! He then states that the fact is…”I’m the baddest son of a bitch in pro wrestling today!” He basically calls out the Sandman and it works as he appears at the top of the ramp. Sandman starts walking down the ramp, but gets stopped by the brand new red shirted security. Sandman goes into the crowd instead and pretends to give some kids some beer. Oh, that wacky Sandman.


Sonny Siaki vs. Vampire Warrior in a Hard 10 Match.


Match Background: Vampire Warrior is the former Gangrel and this is his second appearance on TNA, as he competed in one of the battle royals, I believe. They’ve never faced off in TNA rings before.


The Match: The match starts out as Siaki charges at him with a running clothesline on the outside, but Vampire Warrior…oh screw it, Gangrel ducks and spits his goblet of blood on him. He then takes a frying pan from the crowd and nails Siaki with it. He gets some trashcan lids, places them on the outside and bulldogs Siaki onto them! Well, what do you know…a wrestling move in a Hard 10 Match! I guess this one won’t be a DUD after all. Gangrel tosses Siaki into the ring, but gets distracted by Sandman’s antics in the crowd, allowing Siaki to recover. Tenay puts over Gangrel’s hardcoreness…by saying “He’s married to Luna Vachon! How more hardcore can you be!” Gangrel nails Siaki in the head with a trashcan as Sanders lets Tenay know that if Gangrel were married to Fabulous Moolah, he’d be a little more hardcore. It’s rapidly 4-0 Gangrel as Siaki blocks a trash can shot, but falls victim to an double arm overhead suplex onto a trash can lid! THAT is how these matches should be, dammit. Siaki goes to the outside and pulls Sandman’s cane away from him…and nails Gangrel on the apron with it, sending him crashing through a table at ringside and making it 6-5 Siaki! Siaki then hits Gangrel with a superkick into a trashcan to make it 7-4, but Gangrel drop toe holds Siaki into a trashcan to make it 7-5. IMPLANT DDT~! by Gangrel! Gangrel goes for the pin and doesn’t exactly understand the rules of the match. Siaki gets on the apron on the far side and Gangrel goes after him….and gets Siakalypsed off the apron through a table to make it 12-5 Siaki and the match is over!


Winner: Sonny Siaki


My Opinion: This was the best Hard 10 match yet. My reasoning is very simple. The other two Hard 10 matches featured NO wrestling what so ever, simply nailing your opponent with weapons. That takes no skill at all. Shit, if I had a higher tolerance for pain and wasn’t vertically challenged, I’d compete in a Hard 10 match! This match, however, incorporated wrestling into it and the result was a match that although was below average for a regular wrestling match, was the best damn thing this Hard 10 tourney has seen yet. *1/2


After the match, Sandman gets in the ring and nails Siaki with a hard cane shot to a pop!


We FINALLY get Hard 10 brackets as Mike Sanders will face New Jack in the semi’s and Sonny Siaki will face the winner of next week’s Hard 10 match between The Sandman and a mystery opponent. With the Siaki/Sandman feud brewing, it would make sense for those two to meet in the semi’s. My guess for the finals based on the brackets right now would be Mike Sanders vs. Sandman. Although Sanders is facing New Jack next week, I doubt they’ll want to run a Jack/Sandman final, since they’re both in the same faction and I have a feeling that Sandman will defeat Siaki in the semi’s. ‘


We go to a sitdown interview between Mike Tenay and Raven. They start out talking about ECW and Raven says his feuds with Sandman and Dreamer were some of the best feuds ever…period. Tenay then moves on to WCW and the Flock days to which Raven states that WCW paid him hundreds of thousands of dollars to “sit in the front row and drink beer with my buddies.” They talk about his disagreement with Bischoff that lead to his departure and he flat out states that he quit WCW in the infamous locker room speech where Bischoff said “Raven, if you’re not happy with the company, there’s the door.” Most of this is in Raven’s shoot interview that Brandon Truitt covered on TSM not too long ago, by the way. He talks about the WWE days…and Tenay says that the consensus is that he was misused. Raven: “Misused? You mean shit on?”. Raven dodges the question and moves onto TNA. He once again reiterates that he’s appalled that someone with as little talent and “zero charisma” such as Jeff Jarrett has found a way politically to stay on top. Tenay asks him about the fact that Raven isn’t in the #1 contenders match tonight and Raven basically says that it’s bullshit…and so the crowd chants it. Tenay brings up Vince Russo and Raven states that he doesn’t care because he’s got so many enemies. He also considers himself a little paranoid, but “just because I may be paranoid doesn’t mean that they’re not all trying to get me!” Tenay asks about the fact that Jarrett has promised Raven a title shot, which gets him into a cryptic rant that basically says that he’ll win the title soon enough.


This was probably the best sit down interview that Tenay has conducted to date, simply because Raven is a charismatic speaker with a lot of interesting things to say. I don’t care too much for his cryptic speak, but everything else was gold.


The TNA girls dance this week…and I JUST realized that Lollipop isn’t there and her replacement is rather manly. Blech.


Goldylocks is in the SEX locker room with Don Harris. She asks about the upcoming tag match where he’ll supposed to be teaming up with Ron “The Truth” Killings to face David Young and Tracy. Harris says that he’s not going to compete in the match tonight because David Young is his S.E.X. brother and he doesn’t fight his brothers. He then reiterates his disgusting point about not tagging with “their kind” in respects to Killings. This pisses off Elix Skipper (DAMN RIGHT) and Ron Harris steps in and says that the problem isn’t with “their kind”, but Killings himself, because Killings consistently throws the race card in there. Elix and Ron shake hands and that’s that. I simply HATE that angle.


David Young (w/ Desire) & Tracy vs. Ron “The Truth” Killings in the semi’s of the Asylum Alliance Tournament


Match Background: David Young and Tracy ended up in the semi finals after defeating Kid Kash and Trinity, but Desire has a BIG problem with Tracy. They ended up in a bathroom brawl last week, which resulted in David Young hitting the spinebuster on Tracy, who he has to tag with tonight. Killings made it to the semi’s inadvertently as the Harris Brothers attacked New Jack and Shark Boy (as well as Killings), but this week, Harris refuses to team with Killings….


The Match: Since Harris won’t come out, this is basically a handicap match, although Tracy doesn’t pose much of a threat to Killings. The match starts out with Killing getting a hiptoss and a few armdrags before hitting the PELVIC THRUST POWERSLAM~! for dos. Killings gets a top ropes legdrop…but Tracy comes off the top with a Thesz press, which she calls the Pie in the Sky! I love that girl. Young gets a snap suplex for two and goes to work in the corner with some stomps…and then tags Tracy in, who continues to do the same. As Killings gets up…she reveals a bit of booty to distract The Truth and runs over to Young, who clotheslines the charging Killings. He tags in and nails Killings in the back with a hard kick and goes to tag Tracy in again, but she refuses. Truth gets a roll up on Young, but Young is able to recover and nail him with a lariat. Killings knocks Young down with a front face slam and both men get up at the same time and the crowd couldn’t care less. Truth gets a spinning axe kick to a “Truth” chant and then hits his split/leg lariat combo. Tracy comes off the top with a second Pie in the Sky attempt, but Truth catches her and sit out powerbombs her…and then the nurse from the Kid Kash segment last week comes in to check on her. She’s known as Simply Luscious in the indies and is prominently featured in the Ring of Honor promotion. Killings in the mean time hits a suplex into a stunner and the ref is too busy looking at the girls in the corner that he completely hesitates on making the pin and Young kicks out at two. The crowd chants “I Feel Sick!” as Truth hits the True Conviction on Young, but Desire is on the apron, distracting the official. Killings gets in the way between the ref and Desire…and the nurse (Now known as Nurse Veronica) low blows him (and there’s NO WAY the ref didn’t see that), allowing Young to get the SNAP SPINEBUSTER~! for the pin!


Winners: David Young and Tracy


David Young and Tracy now advance to the finals for the Tag Titles. Tracy starts hugging Young, prompting Desire to come in and they begin a catfight in the ring, but get separated quickly.


My Opinion: Killings has really lowered his stock in TNA as of late as he was once the NWA Champ and is now jobbing in forgettable tag matches to midcard talent. Killings tried his best and Young is a decent enough worker, but the match was slow and was overbooked to hell. ¾*


Goldylocks is in the back with Jeff Jarrett as she asks him about Gilberti. He says that Gilberti winning the title tonight would give them total control since they’d have all 3 titles and then Sports Entertainment would reign surpreme and he’s not going to let that happen. Jeff walks out of the frame, but in walks Erik Watts. Goldy doesn’t want to talk to him and asks for the camera feed to get cut off, but it’s not. She’s upset about the fact that Watts locker her in a closet so he could commandeer the interview at the end of last week’s show, but Watts puts something on her wrist….a sign that reads Fragile. She gets upset and tears it off, saying that he’s never serious. Watts makes another joke that she takes the wrong way and Goldy walks away and ends their brief affair. That was a decent piece of acting by Goldylocks…


Back at the announce booth, Don West is grief stricken over the break up.


We get a Triple X video package…and I LOVE IT! Low-Ki is briefly shown, but is largely ignored in this video package, however.


Chris Harris comes to the ring for decision time. Chris Sabin heads to the ring with Triple X and James Storm also makes his way down to hear Harris’ decision. Harris grabs THE STICK~! and directs his comments to James Storm. Harris needs to STOP YELLING, because Storm is RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM. He puts over AMW for a bit, but then states that there is practically no trust in AMW. He reiterates that “All good things must come to an end...”, but follows that up with “Americas Most Wanted has only just begun!” and chooses Storm tonight and Triple X & Sabin are outraged. Sabin nails Harris with a right hand, but Storm defends his tag partner and together, then hit the Hart Attack on him! Sabin gets out of the ring and Triple X start jaw jacking with AMW on their way back to the S.E.X. locker room.


Americas Most Wanted vs. B.G. James & Konnan in the semi’s of the Asylum Alliance Tournament


Match Background: After having problems for a few weeks, AMW were able to defeat AJ Styles & D’Lo Brown in the first round after Triple X interfered. Last week, James Storm was absent for some reason and Gilberti made Harris an offer that he couldn’t refuse…Chris Sabin as his tag team partner and they were a great team as they went on to defeat Jerry Lynn & Justin Credible. B.G. James & Konnan were thrown together as a team last week and were able to defeat the feuding Sonny Siaki and Sandman, leading up to tonight’s match up.


The Match: Christopher Daniels sits down for commentary during the match. Konnan comes down to the ring and expends all of his energy in the first few seconds by assaulting AMW in the corner. Harris is able to land a basement dropkick on Konnan as Daniels vows revenge for Harris’ decision. Konnan heads to the outside and B.G. James is thrown over the top, allowing Storm to go over the top with a somersault onto both men. Harris then comes over with a pescado on both men and head back into the ring with B.G. James. Harris goes for a suplex on James, but Konnan nails him in the back of the knee to take him down. Daniels states that AMW have been defeated by every possible combo of Triple X and they’ll lose again should they win the tournament. James hits the Shake, Rattle and Roll punches and the Crazy Legs Kneedrop for two. Konnan comes in and rolls up Harris in a weird ass submission, but Storm makes the save. Harris and Konnan collide and they make their respective tags. Storm head scissors James down…and one for Konnan as well. Double clothesline on them and now all 4 men are in the ring. Konnan nails a back suplex on Harris as goes to work on Storm, getting his rolling clothesline. He goes for a second on Harris, but Harris spears him midway. Konnan somehow gets a reverse DDT on Harris when rises and B.G. James goes for the Humphandle Slam, but Storm wriggles out and hits a superkick for two. Konnan botches a couple of moves in the ring as Storm and James are on the outside…but it rapidly becomes a shouting match between Storm and Daniels. Konnan nails the X-Factor in the ring, but the ref is on the outside and the Harris Brothers come in and attack K-Dawg. He eats an H-Bomb and Harris covers for the win and they advance to the finals.


Winners: Americas Most Wanted


My Opinion: This was pretty damn subpar for AMW, but that’s understandable considering who they were in the ring with. Konnan botched a lot of stuff and for the most part, AMW was carrying the entire way. There was no need for the interference at the end as AMW should have been able to defeat them with ease. It looks as if we’re building to an AMW/Triple X match for the Tag Titles. ½*


Now a video package is shown on the Trinity/Kid Kash feud and the TERRIBLE Trinity/Kash match from last week. The package is great just for the SECTION~! Sign they made for me, which is shown on camera again.


In the ring, Goldylocks introduced Kid Kash, who comes to the ring dragging Trinity with him. He wrestles THE STICK~! from Goldy and tells her that when he looks at her, he sees “a stick with a pair of tits.” He then directs his comments towards Trinity and how she’s done everything to “slander” him. Since Trinity caused him to lose the X Title, he feels that he’s the real X Champ. Kash says that Trinity has been bugging him all day and night to be back in his favor. He says that if she wants to be back in his good graces, she has to please all of his fans…and he’s polled them. He wants her to get on her knees and “kiss the masters ass.” When she refuses, he puts his hands around Trinity’s neck and almost forces her to, but Goldylocks snatches the mic from him and says that she has had ENOUGH and pushes Kash! Goldy gets in his face and Kash finds it amusing. He then makes some lesbian innuendo about them…so Goldylocks says that Trinity would rather be with her than be unsatisfied with Kid Kash.


So Kid Kash SLAPS THE SHIT OUT OF GOLDYLOCKS! ERIK WATTS comes FLYING down to the ring to her rescue and hits the E-Bomb to a HUGE Pop! He clotheslines over the top and he gets a chair, driving Kash into it face first, but Kash recovers and hits the Smashmouth! Kid Kash is just deliciously EVIL as he taunts everyone and he heads back into the ring to terrorize the ladies. Watts turns Kash around and lands a HUGE chokeslam on Kash and then puts his ass in his face! Kash gets up and goes for a rana off the top, but Watts catches him and turns it into a turnbuckle powerbomb! With Kash laid out, Trinity and Goldylocks spit on him…and they walk out with Erik Watts as the fans chant “Three way!”


This was a damn good segment. Kid Kash is playing the misogynistic heel to perfection and Erik Watts just confirmed his babyface status by being the knight in shining armor to the ladies. Although the match between these two most likely won’t be good at all, Watts was able to hit his power moves and if Kash can carry him enough, his weaknesses won’t be exposes TOO much.


In the back, Glen Gilberti is on the phone asking someone what time they’ll arrive, most likely Russo. The person on the other end of the line apparently makes a comment about him taking things seriously and Gilberti reassures him that he definitely is. He tells him to “hurry his ass up”…and I doubt that Gilberti would talk to Russo like that. Sanders comes from behind him and laughs at Gilberti because he doesn’t believe that was Russo, despite what Gilberti claims. Gilberti then lets him know that he’s going out there tonight to remove the stigma he’s gained in the 11 years of being the Disco Inferno and that he is not a joke…


AJ Styles and D’Lo Brown are also conversing in the back about the upcoming match when Goldylocks (with Erik Watts in the background) tries to ask them about it. AJ tells her to just zip it…because her face is swelling up. D’Lo says that he’s only got one thing to say about this match…”Try and follow THIS”. Watts takes a look at Goldy’s face as the music begins…


AJ Styles vs. D’Lo Brown in a #1 Contenders Match for the NWA World Title


Match Background: The dream of both competitors is to be the NWA World Champion. Both have gone up against Jeff Jarrett and failed due to interference by S.E.X., so they joined forces and took on the SEX faction week after week in various tag team matches. They climbed up the ranks quickly as a fluid team, yet never lost sight of the big prize, the World Title. Last week, after they were in a pre-lim match, they expressed their feelings about the politics in TNA because they feel like they’ve been HHHeld down. They ended their partnership on good terms in order to focus their attention on the World Title…and this week, they’ve got to face each other to see who gets the shot.


The Match: They shake hands prior to the start of the match, which is kicked off with a hard shoulder tackle by D’Lo and a kip up into a rana by Styles. They continue to counter and reverse each other and end in a slugfest…which results in a stalemate. The crowd support is very mixed as chants for both wrestlers emerge. Styles UNLEASHES on D’Lo with a bevy of punches and kicks, but D’Lo counters with the Sudden Impact…which is reversed into a roll up! D’Lo gets out and hits a basement dropkick to the face of Styles! D’Lo misses a charge in the corner and Styles flips over him into a reverse DDT for two. High flipping dropkick by Styles sets up an attempt at the Styles Clash, but D’Lo kicks him and nails a HARD clothesline for two! Styles gets up…and D’Lo nails a Top Rope Quebrada onto Styles for two! I didn’t think that D’Lo had that in him! Styles ducks a clothesline and nails a superkick. Styles jumps onto the apron and nails a springboard dropkick sending D’Lo to the outside…and he follows him out there, going over the top, but D’Lo back body drops him on the rampway!! And ONCE AGAIN, The SECTION~! gives me sign props!!! D’Lo gets on the top rope….and hits the Lo Down from the top to the FLOOR onto Styles!!! “Holy Shit” INDEED! With both men down, Raven and The Gathering head to ringside. D’Lo rolls AJ in, but Styles gets his foot on the rope. Slugfest in the ring ends with AJ hitting a soccer style somersault kick and both men are down again! Styles goes for a Tornado DDT, but D’Lo places him back on the top. Styles leaps off the top, but D’Lo catches him with a stunner for ONE…TWO…NO! D’Lo heads to the top, but gets crotched by Styles. He goes for a superplex, but D’Lo hits a top rope Sky High! ONE…TWO…and the ref is pulled out by Julio! Raven comes in and nails D’Lo with a chair and Styles heads to the apron. SPRINGBOARD 450~! ONE…TWO…NO!!! Styles calls for the Styles Clash…and makes sure to place a chair underneath! He hits it! ONE…TWO…THREE!!!


Winner: AJ Styles


After the match, Raven gets the chair…and nails Styles in the head with it, breaking the top half of the chair! Both men are laid out as security escort Raven and The Gathering out.


My Opinion: WOW. This match was pretty damn good and D’Lo Brown pulled out some moves that I didn’t think he was capable of. Styles was his usual self and everything was nice and high impact. The interference doesn’t even bother me for some reason tonight. I’m also wondering if D’Lo will take offense to the fact that AJ needed to use a chair to pin him. Raven was obviously out just for himself, but it seemed as if he wanted AJ to win the match as well. I would LOVE to see a rematch between these two…***1/4.


Tenay and West announce the matches for next week…and announce a NEW match that we haven’t already found out about during the show.


A THREE WAY DANCE between Raven, AJ Styles and the winner of tonight’s title match!


Jeff Jarrett vs. Glen Gilberti for the NWA World Title


Match Background: The week after Jeff Jarrett successfully defended the title against Raven, Glen Gilberti took advantage of the situation and jumped Jarrett while he was still recovering from the match. He then went later on that night to become the number 1 contender to the NWA Title by winning the Anarchy in the Asylum match. For the weeks following, Gilberti became a focused competitor, while Jarrett, with enemies seemingly coming out of everywhere, seemed to look past Gilberti. Everything changed as last week, Vince Russo made his return and helped Gilberti defeat Raven and will most likely factor in the decision of this match up with his rival, Jeff Jarrett.


The Match: Jeff Jarrett’s entrance finally gets a video package as the champ heads to the ring. Boxing Style Intros by JB. Jarrett’s intro gets a mixed response as he gets a pop for being the home town boy, but the boos are very audible. The bell rings and both men try to feel each other out, ending in a stalemate. Gilberti gets a back heel trip and taunts Jarrett for it. Gilberti does it again after a successful hiptoss. Gilberti with some armdrags now and Jarrett seems to be frustrated. JJ gets slapped and loses control and eats a back elbow and now Gilberti unleashes rights and lefts. This turns into a brief slugfest and end up going through the ropes to the floor. Jarrett picks up a chair and nails him in the back before tossing him into the guard rail twice. He then drops Gilberti throat first over the rail and then nails him with a chair again. Mike Sanders appears at ringside as Gilberti is thrown back into the ring and superkicks Jeff Jarrett! Gilberti heads back to the outside and he attempts a side Russian leg sweep on the floor to no avail as its blocked, but he IS able to catapult Jarrett up and over into the ring post. Gilberti then sends Jarrett into the safety rail and face first into the steps before throwing him back into the ring. It becomes a slugfest once again in the ring, but Gilberti gets a dropkick to the knee and he smells blood. He exploits the weakness and works the leg with a spinning toe hold! Jarrett fights out of it and goes for figure four…but Gilberti blocks it and turns it into an anklelock. Jarrett gets to the ropes and the hold is broken, but Jarrett is hurt. He’s limping on his bad leg and this allows Gilberti to get the side Russian leg sweep for two. We’re shown that Triple X is also at ringside, AMW is on the ramp, the Harris Brothers are in the balcony and we’ll probably see more people come out. Village People’s Elbow attempt is countered by Jarrett as he trips him up and puts on the figure four. Gilberti rolls it over IMMEDIATELY and once again, Jarrett gets to the ropes. Jarrett keeps tapping on the mat while in the submissions and it’s probably making the audience think that he’s tapping out. Killings and Konnan are at the other side of the balcony now as Jarrett DDT’s Gilberti to stop him from going after the leg again and both men are down. Gilberti gets up…and so does Jarrett and JJ gets some right hands a neckbreaker for two. Gilberti grabs one of Jarrett’s legs and goes to trip him up, but JJ keeps his other leg at an unreachable distance and nails an enziguiri for two! The entire SEX locker room has emptied and are watching near the doorway. AJ Styles is at the top of the ramp as Gilberti rolls though a Jarrett cross body for a close two count. Gilberti and Jarrett fight over a backslide…but Gilberti ends up turning him around and nailing the Stunner! ONE…TWO…NO! Gilberti goes to the outside and grabs a chair…and goes to Pillmanize the ankle. The ref tries to take the chair away, but Gilberti does it anyway. Gilberti picks up the chair…and Jarrett Stuns him with the chair nailing Gilberti in the throat on the way down! ONE…TWO…NO! They both go for Stunners and are subsequently countered, but Gilberti is able to nail The Stroke! ONE…TWO…NO! Gilberti goes for punches in the corner, but JJ powerbombs him out. Gilberti gets up and goes for the Stunner again, but gets shoved into the ref and he’s down now. Double clothesline and both men are down…can YOU smell the run in?! Vince Russo comes into the ring with his baseball bat…and WHACKS GILBERTI! Jarrett with The Stroke…and it’s OVER!


Winner: Jeff Jarrett


My Opinion: This match was solid and probably would have been match of the night if AJ & D’Lo hadn’t gone out there and busted their asses. This match was a nice mix of a brawl with psychology and false finishes. The ref bump was VERY predictable and everyone knew that Vince Russo was going to get involved…and with Jarrett getting a lot of negative reactions lately, it makes sense that they would want to pair Russo up with him. It doesn’t make much sense storyline wise, but I’m interested to see what they can come up with. ***


Overall: This wasn’t a must see show by any means, but AJ/D’Lo is definitely worth a look by itself. This was a much better show than TNA has been lately and the closer they get to establishing the dispositions of the wrestlers, it’ll be easier for fans to get into it again. I don’t think anyone believed that Gilberti would win the title, because the threat of Raven and/or AJ Styles is much larger. Everything is leading up to their One Year Anniversary show, so next week should be decent.


‘Til next week,


The Dames, Damian Gonzalez


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