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The Dames' Diatribe on NWA:TNA Week 48

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Guest TSMAdmin

The Dames’ Diatribe on NWA:TNA Week 48



I know what you’re thinking. “Shouldn’t last week’s show have been done last week?” Well, technically, yes, but unfortunately due to my situation with Cablevision refusing to carry TNA, I’ve had to depend on others to get me a tape of TNA in a timely manner. Last week, my source (Bob Barron of 411Wrestling and the TSM Forums) was unable to tape the show, but was able to get me a copy yesterday, hence the tardiness. I feel like I’ve explained this billions of times by now and hopefully, it should be the last. There is something else, however, that I would LOVE to write over and over again…


In my Diatribe of this past weekend’s WWE Bad Blood pay per view, I made a big announcement. Extreme Warfare Revenge (aka EWR) is coming out with version 4.0 sometime in the near future and YOURS TRULY will be in the next version as the 4th selectable recapper. Tired of reading Scott Keith talking about matches being BONZO GONZO or Scotsman chugging a beer during a promo? Well, now you can choose me and my unique format in the game. Yes, the “Match Background, The Match, My Opinion” Section will be intact for the EWR 4.0. I’m JUST as psyched as you are.


One last thing before we start the highly anticipated TNA Diatribe…


After TNA’s One Year Anniversary Show, I’ve got a slight dilemma on how I should name the shows. It’s already been a year and who knows how long the company will last, but I have a feeling that saying “NWA:TNA Week 143” is going to get a bit confusing eventually. So, I’m asking all of you out there to give me some ideas. Right now, the only thing I can think of is…well, the Date. If you can think of anything better, shoot me an e-mail over at [email protected].


Now, let’s FINALLY hit this damned recap…


The show starts with a great video package hyping all 3 competitors in tonight’s main event 3 way match for the NWA World Title.


We pan the crowd and my boys over at the HEEL SECTION~! gave Bob Barron a sign that read “Bob Baron begged for this.” Indeed he did…and he SHOULD be begging for sympathy after letting all of you readers down last week. Nope, wasn’t my fault AT ALL…


We immediately cut to the outside of the arena where Raven is with the Gathering. He talks about becoming the NWA Champion tonight before changing the subject to D’Lo Brown. After Raven and the Gathering cost him the title shot last week, Raven tells Julio that D’Lo will be gunning for them. Julio reassures that he has things under control…and suddenly D’Lo strikes from behind attacking Raven and Julio. They brawl towards the ring and we immediately start out with…


D’ Lo Brown vs. Julio Dinero (w/Alexis)


Match Background: During last week’s #1 Contender’s match between D’Lo Brown and AJ Styles, Raven and his Gathering, Julio and Alexis Laree, came down to ringside. During a point in the match, D’Lo Brown felt that he had Styles pinned and went for the cover…only for the ref to be pulled out by Julio. Since Brown ended up losing the match due to Raven’s interference, he’s blaming the fact that he didn’t pin Styles on Julio…hence, a match tonight.


The Match: The crowd actually briefly cheers Julio as D’Lo starts out with the advantage, but Julio is able to turn the tide quickly. He sits on the top turnbuckle, but D’Lo runs and catches him with a top rope ‘rana. Alexis jumps off the top with a cross body attempt, but D’Lo catches her and winds her up for the Sudden Impact. Julio is standing behind D’Lo, however, and safely catches Alexis and takes her to the outside. Julio goes for a spinning kick on D’Lo…which he misses by a MILE, but D’Lo falls to the outside and sells it anyway. Just PATHETIC. Julio dropkicks D’Lo off of the apron as Don West states that Julio is the only man to pin Jeff Jarrett since he won the title back in November. D’Lo takes advantage on the outside and throws him back in. As he climbs back in, Alexis grabs onto D’Lo’s foot, allowing Julio to deliver a running neckbreaker in a cool spot. D’Lo falls back to the outside and Julio flies with a suicide dive and connects. Alexis gives Julio a chair, which he wraps around D’Lo’s head and smashes into the ring post as the announcers say that Julio is working on the neck. Julio nails a top rope legdrop to the back of D’Lo’s head as he enters the ring for a two count as some fans at ringside chant “That was three!” Is that the Asshole Section? Legit question because one does exist at the Asylum. Julio performs a release fishermans suplex on D’Lo for another two count before following it up with an inverted DDT. Alexis chokes D’Lo as the ref is distracted and Julio hits the cravate…and then a Tornado DDT into a Diamond Cutter, which he calls the Dream Theater! Now known as the DREAM THEATER~! A “D’Lo Sucks” chant from the Asshole section as they live up to their name and D’Lo starts to make a comeback. D’Lo sells his neck and hits the suplex into a stunner and a calf kick for a close two count. Alexis comes off the top with a spinning DDT! Julio goes for the cover! ONE…TWO…NO! Julio whips D’Lo into the ropes but it’s reversed into the Sky High for the ONE…TWO…THREE!


Winner: D’Lo Brown


My Opinion: Julio really showed a lot here (besides the hilarious phantom kick) and he’s got an impressive moveset that could really be put over if the announcers play it up properly. D’Lo’s selling of the neck was sporadic and that hurt the match, but the main purpose for Julio was to take him out for Raven, so as long as the neck is sold throughout the night, it shouldn’t be too bad. Alexis finally gets to perform a cool move onto one of the guys as well. Not bad for the opener, energetic. *3/4.


We now go to a video package on VINCE RUSSO, starting on his debut as Mr. Wrestling III, including his feud with Jarrett and his return two weeks ago. They finally focus of the fact that he turned on S.E.X. leader Glen Gilberti as well.


Mike Tenay is now in the ring and introduces Glen Gilberti. He comes to the ring alone and appears visibly frustrated. Tenay asks Gilberti “Why?” Gilberti doesn’t know and asks Tenay to explain it! They talk about Russo some more, with Gilberti taking shots at Russo’s booking of David Arquette’s WCW title win, Judy Bagwell’s WCW tag title reign and the screwing of Bret Hart, which apparently was his idea. Gilberti admits that he kissed Russo’s ass for the past few years and agreed with those decisions, but since Russo left, Gilberti took over S.E.X. and Russo must be jealous. Gilberti continues on Russo and his kids (referencing the promo they cut on him) as the crowd LACES into him with a “Boring” chant, like Lance Storm received on Raw last night…but that’s another story. Gilberti lays in some more insults and calls Russo out on his bravado…until Russo attacks Gilberti from behind with a baseball bat to the thigh. Gilberti goes down and Russo nails him across the back with it! The Harris Brothers come in and literally have to pull Russo off of Gilberti…but the crowd couldn’t give a shit. Elix Skipper and Chris Daniels carry Gilberti to the back as the Harris Brothers struggle to restrain Russo.


Mike Tenay informs us that Scott Hudson of WCW is now with NWA:TNA and is in the back with Chris Sabin! I like Scott Hudson…that’s a good pick up. Hudson asks him who is receiving the shot at the X title tonight. Sabin says that he’s searched the globe for this world reknown talent…and Hudson NEEDS to know who it is. Hudson offers up Juventud Guerrera and Syxx-Pac as potential candidates, but Sabin tells him that it’s Shark Boy...


In the back, Shark Boy and New Jack are playing Twister! Shark Boy lands on right foot, red…and ends up putting his ass in New Jack’s FACE. New Jack complains as only he can (“you ain’t wash your ass in a month!”) and then says that Shark Boy has five minutes to come back or else he’s going to go get him!


Chris Sabin vs. Shark Boy for the NWA:TNA X Division Title


Match Background: Since winning the X Division Title in a three way match against Red and Jerry Lynn, Sabin has yet to defend his newly won title. The number one contender, Paul London, happens to be fulfilling commitments elsewhere and therefore, Sabin will be defending his title tonight against a different opponent, which he got to handpick. He chose Shark Boy, who hasn’t won much, if at all, in TNA. Sabin actually defeated Shark Boy in a 4-way match to become the number 1 contender to the X Division Title and this will be their first one on one match up.


The Match: The match starts out with both men trading hammerlocks and SB gets a weird hiptoss for two, although it almost looked like a blown spot. Sabin gets up and slaps SB across the face, prompting the Human Fish to dropkick him and hit a Russian Leg Sweep and a fist drop before clotheslining him to the outside. Shark Boy gets on the apron and hits an odd looking mule kick to Sabin, but ends up crashing into the guard rail on an irish whip reversal. Sabin charges and gets back body dropped into the crowd but Sabin comes back in and German Suplexes SB on the floor as the other Section chants “Hail Sabin!” He throws SB in and Sabin comes off the top with a splash…and misses. Shark Boy gets a bulldog for two and his unique facebuster before going to the corner for 10 punches and a bite. Shark Boy heads to the top and nails a missile dropkick and goes for the cover for a two count. Shark Boy goes for his version of a neckbreaker, but it’s reversed into Sabin’s version of a facebuster for two. Sabin attempts the Future Shock, but SB blocks it and hits his neckbreaker. Shark Boy comes off the second rope with a rana attempt, but Sabin holds on and actually turns it into his swinging Rock Bottom over the knee! ONE…TWO…NO! Sabin charges at SB in the corner…and EATS BOOT~! The Dead Sea Drop!!! ONE…TWO…Sabin got his foot on the rope! SB goes to the top, but Sabin recovers and dropkicks him! He picks up SB off the top…FUTURE SHOCK~! It’s academic folks.


Winner: Chris Sabin


After the match, Sabin goes to unmask Shark Boy…but New Jack makes the save! Mike Sanders attacks New Jack from behind and he and Sabin double team him in the corner with no one coming to Jack’s aid…What happened to the Extreme Revolution?


My Opinion: The match was decent, just very spotty and both guys are capable of more. It seemed like every move that was done was a variation of a regular move, such as a neckbreaker or facebuster with their little twists on it. Shark Boy wasn’t going to win it and every one knew that, which is why the near fall after the Dead Sea Drop wasn’t met with much reaction. New Jack coming to Shark Boy’s aid solidifies their team. If anything comes out of the Asylum Alliance tournament it’s these two teaming up. *1/4


Scott Hudson is in the back with Konnan and Killings who asks about their match with the Harris Brothers tonight. They don’t say much of anything…


Ron “The Truth” Killings & Konnan vs. The Harris Brothers


Match Background: In an Interrogation segment a couple of weeks back, The Harris Brothers were asked about Ron Killings and Konnan as a team and referred to comments about the Aryan Brotherhood and not liking “their kind.” This naturally started a feud between the two teams which cost Don Harris & Ron Killings a tag title shot as they refused to team with each other in the Asylum Alliance tournament. After jumping Konnan and Killings numerous amount of times, Killings and Konnan got their revenge last week with a beatdown outside, leading to this match.


The Match: Truth gets to the ring and wants to just SHUT UP AND DANCE before the match. The bell rings and Truth starts the match off with Don Harris who displays his power advantage by shoving Killings down twice. The crowd is firmly behind Killings and Konnan as Truth gets a drop toe hold on Don and goes to work on him in the corner. Truth lands on his feet in a hip toss attempt and nails a flying forearm for a two count. Konnan comes in and he puts on a unique submission, which is reversed into a side slam before Don tags in Ron…Harris, I mean. Konnan upsets Harris by suggesting fellacio instead of opting for the 10 punches in the corner and gets shoved down. Konnan retorts with a sloppy ass reverse DDT and he thankfully tags Killings back in. Killings is tripped and taken to the outside where he’s beaten up by Don…and then suplexed in the ring by Ron. Ron brings back the POWER OF SUCKTITUDE~! Running clotheslines in the corner for dos. The Harris Brothers use a double team to elaborately kick Killings in the head…and follow that up with a Big Boot. Ron Harris picks up Ron Killings with a sloppy chokeslam and tags in Don. Killings attempts a tag to Konnan, which is successful, but the ref doesn’t allow it since he didn’t see it. Killings is able to get some separation with a desperation scissors kick on Heavy D and makes the tag to Konnan, finally. Konnan is a HOUSE…EN…ASHES as he sucks wind while taking on both men for like…5 seconds. Nice spot as Killings splits under a Harris clothesline, only for Konnan to hit him with the rolling clothesline instead. Killings and Ron are left in the ring alone as the other two men brawl by the announce position and the ref doesn’t pay attention at all to the events taking place in the ring. Ron goes for a powerbomb on Ron (Killings) and B.G. James ends this misery by hitting a weak chairshot on Ron (Harris) to give the win to Truth and Konnan.


Winners: Ron “The Truth” Killings & Konnan


My Opinion: This match was pretty damn sloppy and three of the workers are just terrible so almost nothing clicked. Killings played the face in peril well, but when the hot tag is intended for Konnan, there’s not much to pop for. ½*


We get a sit down interview between Mike Tenay and NWA Champ Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett agrees that this 3 way will be his toughest challenge…with his 2 toughest opponents. Tenay asks if this 3 way match is a message from the NWA Committee who are displeased with Jarrett’s actions outside of the ring. Jarrett claims that it’s definitely a punishment, but he’ll have to deal with it. Tenay asks about Vince Russo…and if he has any association with him based on last week’s actions. Jarrett had no clue and is VERY adamant about the fact that he’s not associated with him. Jarrett points out the fact that he was whipped by Russo and everything that Russo has done to him…


Oh yeah, this man is definitely turning. Why? That’s Russo’s logic, for ya.


Scott Hudson is in the back with the VERY over Erik Watts along with Trinity and Goldylocks. Hudson asks if Watts is willing to put Goldy in harms way…to which he says no because he’s “6’6 and Dreamy”. He says that nothing will happen to her…


Hudson asks Trinity what she’s going to do to Kash tonight. Trinity only gets to say that “I’m from New York and part of me likes it” before a crazed Masked Man who looks like a reject from a Friday the 13th Casting Call attacks Watts from behind! He rams Watts into a doorway and the girls go to check on him as Kid Kash walks by. “Hey, has anyone seen my cup? Oh my god…he’s falling down and he can’t get up.”


Kid Kash vs. Erik Watts & Trinity & Goldylocks


Match Background: After months of being Kid Kash’s valet, Trinity donned a mask and became the masked luchador to extract some revenge. Kash defeated her with ease and in an interview segment last week, tried to berate her in front of everyone until Goldylocks got in his way. She stood up to him…and received a HARD slap to the face, prompting her significant other, Erik Watts to come and save the day. With the angle that just aired though, this match may end up being Kash vs. the Women.


The Match: Indeed Trinity and Goldylocks come down to the ring alone…and Goldylocks refuses to get in now that Watts isn’t there. Trinity runs into the ring anyway and Kash starts off by putting the boots to her. One of the stomps actually undoes her top and Trinity is topless for a moment, but no, she doesn’t face the camera. Yes, you CAN see a little something from the side, just to answer your questions before I get requests from everyone on every detail surrounding her breasts. Kash starts jaw jacking with Goldy as Trinity redoes her top. Once she’s ready, she sunset flips Kash for two and ducks a clothesline to get a deep armdrag. Kash recovers and hits a Russian Leg Sweep into a swinging neckbreaker! Goldylocks YELLS at Kid Kash to “SHUT UP!” although he’s not saying anything. Then again the heel fans in the crowd are openly chanting for him. Kash gets a NICE stalling slingshot suplex for two and I long for the days of Tully Blanchard. Kash taunts Goldylocks allowing Trinity to get the advantage again, but Kash puts on the Iron Claw on Trinity for a moment. He lets go to taunt Goldylocks and puts the Claw back on, but Goldy can’t take it anymore and gets on his back. Kash gets her off and he EATS a slap, so he puts the Claw on her ass too! She escapes it with a low blow and Trinity regains the advantage with a huge spin kick for two. She charges into Kash in the corner but EATS BOOT, but on the second try is able to stop him from coming off the top and attempts a Superplex. Kash goes for a top rope powerbomb, but Trinity reverses it into a huracanrana in midair ala Rey/Eddie Halloween Havoc ’97! The crowd pops for that and the ref is distracted by Goldylocks for some reason as the masked man who took Watts out comes in and hits a spinning Bossman Slam, allowing Kash to get the pin with a modification of the Jericho ARROGANT COVER~!


Winner: Kid Kash


My Opinion: This was basically Kid Kash vs. Trinity III with interruptions from Goldylocks. The only good thing about this match was Trinity’s powerbomb reversal and the Iron Claw. Kid Kash has proven his point…now let’s take him and his over persona and move it up the card. ½*


Scott Hudson introduces Sandman’s opponent tonight in the Hard 10 tournament, Devon Storm, aka Crowbar. Storm cuts an interesting promo as he brings up the scientific facts and figures he’s worked out that will lead him to victory tonight. I think that the first time I’ve ever heard Devon Storm speak like a regular person actually.


A video package for the Hard 10 tourney is interrupted as NWA rep Bill Behrens tells D’Lo Brown that the NWA wants him out of the building so he can’t interfere in the main event. D’Lo refuses to leave and mocks the security guards…


Sandman vs. Devon Storm in a Quarter Final match for the Hard 10 Tournament


Match Background: None, they’ve never met on a televised event to my recollection. This is for the Hard 10 Tournament and the winner goes on to the next round to face Sonny Siaki. This isn’t Devon Storm’s first appearance in TNA, first appearing as New Church member Tempest over 11 months ago.


The Match: The Heel Section once again plugs TSM in a big way by putting up a sign that reads “BPS Owns All” referring to Bryan “Bps21” Staebell who writes the great TNA Previews on the site. Storm jumps Sandman on the outside during his entrance, but not to worry, Sandman got a few beefs off first. Storm gets a reverse back elbow before getting a cane from ringside. Sandman won’t allow him into the ring and takes the cane back, but Devon Storm begins a tug of war that he wins with a monkey flip. He nails the Sandman with three quick cane shots to go up 3-0, but Sandman regains the advantage and makes it 3-3 just as quickly. Sandman breaks the tie by knocking Devon over the top with a cane shot for good luck, making it 4-3. Sonny Siaki comes to ringside with a shopping cart and distracts the Sandman long enough for Devon Storm to get a slingshot splash and a quebrada…and mistakenly goes for the cover. Storm tries another cane shot, but Sandman bails. Storm is able to tie it up though with a baseball slide into a chair that Sandman was holding, making it 4-4. Storm sits Sandman down in the chair and hits a pescado from the ring to the floor, but the ref won’t award the point since Sandman wasn’t actually HIT with the weapon. Storm picks up the chair and hits Sandman to insure that it’s 5-4 Storm. Storm goes to the Heel Section and gets a ladder from them as Siaki sets up a table at ringside. Storm nails Sandman with a random trash can lid before whipping him into the ladder he propped up in the corner to make it 7-4, Storm. The ambiguous Hard 10 rules go back into effect as the ladder shot doesn’t count due to it not being a “blow”, making it 6-4. Sandman then suplexes Storm onto the ladder and gets the point for that, making it 6-5. Sandman then nails a bulldog onto it to tie it up…and then Sandman misses a Swanton off the top and falls onto the ladder! OUCH. Storm nails Sandman with a chair to make it 7-6…and Sandman goes for a DDT, but it’s reversed into a Northern Light Suplex onto a chair…but the point won’t count. YOU ARE CONFUSING ME! Storm tosses Sandman to the floor and Sonny Siaki attacks him as Devon Storm sets up the weapons in the ring. Siaki gets an irish whip reversed and crashes into the guard rail and Storm follows. Sandman wedges the ringside table between the apron and the safety rail, places Storm on it and Swantons off the top of the ladder through the table, putting Storm through it for 5 points and the victory at 11-7.


Winner: The Sandman


After the match, Siaki lays out Sandman with a kendo stick and spits a beer at him…


My Opinion: With Sandman and Siaki feuding, it was clear that they would face each other in the second round. Storm brought the wrestling based hardcore style, which I appreciate a HELL of a lot more than the repeated weapon bashing style this Tournament encourages. The rules were very frustrating as some moves that should have been points awarded to Storm weren’t…but last week, similar moves received credit for Vampire “Gangrel” Warrior. I’m still not a fan of this Hard 10 garbage and I don’t think I ever will. **


The Interrogation with Justin Credible and Jerry Lynn.


They’re actually sitting side by side, despite being in a brawl that needed to be separated many times two weeks ago.


Tenay asks Credible about the Extreme Revolution. His answer is that they got his heart back in the game. Lynn thinks the X-Division is innovative. Justin prefers Punk’d over Jackass. Lynn is asked “Metallica or Slayer?” Lynn: “After Black, they became Selloutica, so it’s got to be Slayer”. I bet Jerry Lynn steals music…


Tenay says: “Aldo Montoya”. Justin: “Interesting, started my career, put it that way”.

Tenay says: “Mr. JL”. Lynn: “Horseshit name but a gimmick that they could have marketed for the kids”.

West: “Jerry Lynn’s Cradle Piledriver”. Justin: “His variation is probably the most devastating I’ve ever taken in this business”.

West: “Justin Credible’s Tombstone Piledriver”. Lynn: “Also a devastating move that I’ve experienced many times.”

Tenay: “Jerry Lynn”. Justin: “Whiner”

Tenay: “Justin Credible” Lynn: “I’ll give him credit, hell of an athlete that worked his way to the top in ECW, may not be in all the right ways, but he got there.”

Justin: “What the hell is that supposed to mean?”

West: “ECW?”

Justin: “ECW was probably the best experience of my life, anybody who was there can tell you, best locker room, atmostphere. Former world Champion, so that speaks for itself, I guess.”

West: “ECW?”

Lynn: “ECW was the best time of my life, it’s a shame that it’s not up and running due to Paul Heyman’s business partner”

West: “Paul Heyman”

Justin: “Paul Heyman has got to be credited with all my success, without Paul I’d still be Aldo Montoya, so I have to give it up to Paul.”

Tenay: “Paul Heyman”

Lynn: “He couldn’t see his wallet to give me my money because he was Justin Credible’s BUTT buddy!”


Justin takes exception to these words, of course, and a brawl begins…


Pretty damn good Interrogation segment.


Scott Hudson is in the back with TRACY~! and he asks her about the tag team finals tonight. Tracy says that she’s going to make history and the “movement begins”. Hudson asks about her differences with David Young…and Tracy says that since his little girlfriend (Desire) isn’t here tonight, everything is fine. She hits on Scott Hudson, who backs off and she walks away. You think she’d be attracted to TNA recappers? Hudson says “Tony, Bobby, back to you”.


Triple X comes to the announce table with the tag titles in hand to perform commentary for the next match.


David Young & Tracy vs. America’s Most Wanted in the Finals of the Asylum Alliance Tournament


Match Background: The Asylum Alliance tournament was essentially a tag team tournament where the wrestlers participating were paired up with other wrestlers randomly in order to stop the tension between the various factions in TNA. Enemies and rivals were forced to work together for the sake of this tournament. Only one team was allowed to stick together in the tournament and AMW earned that right after defeating AJ Styles & D’Lo Brown due to interference from Triple X, the current tag team champions. In the first round of the tournament, AMW, Chris Harris and James Storm, were slated to face Jerry Lynn and Justin Credible, two former ECW World Heavyweight Champions. Citing personal reasons, James Storm was unable to be at the show that night and Chris Harris was set to go it alone against Konnan and B.G. James in the semi’s until S.E.X. leader Glen Gilberti offered X Division champ Chris Sabin as Storm’s replacement. Harris accepted and the pair worked great together and Sabin even scored the pinfall victory over Justin Credible. With Storm back the following week, Harris was asked to make a decision as to which partner he would choose and he chose his loyalty to Storm, despite their trust issues as of late. This enraged Sabin and Triple X, who vowed revenge against AMW. The Harris Brothers interfered in the match, attacking Konnan and continuing their feud, allowing AMW to advance into the final round and meet the team of mismatched team of David Young and Tracy.


David Young and Tracy were paired up, much to the chagrin of David Young’s second, Desire. After going on to defeat Kid Kash and Trinity, Tracy and Desire got into a few catfight brawls ending with Young delivering a spinebuster to Tracy. Despite the obvious tension between Tracy and Desire, David Young and Tracy were able to move onto the finals by defeating Ron “The Truth” Killings who was alone in the match due to his partner, Don Harris, not wanting to tag with “his kind”. The winner of tonight’s match up gets Triple X at the One Year Anniversary show for the NWA Tag Team Titles.


The Match: Daniels and Elix gives Low-Ki a shout out on commentary, since he’s injured. Storm and Young fight over a hiptoss and Young ends up on the apron, only to eat a Storm superkick and fall to the floor. Tracy is in the ring waiting for the Cowboy and slaps him across the face when he turns around. He throws her over the top onto Young who catches her and places her safely next to him. Harris comes into the ring and Storm goes to use Harris’ back as a springboard to go over the top, but trips on him and settles for a plancha instead to some “You F’d Up” chants. Harris gets a walking stalling suplex on David Young…but gets distracted in mid move by Tracy’s ass. I don’t blame you AT ALL, Chris. Storm comes in and hits a sloppy missile dropkick on Young before once again blowing the double team move THEY NEVER GET RIGHT. I thought they dropped that from their damned arsenal. They go to strike Tracy, but opt not to…so she teases them with her gorgeous breasts. Um…I’ll be right back.


Ok, where was I? Ah, yes, Tracy. Tracy comes into the ring…and AMW almost blow a double hip toss and literally throw her crotch first onto David Young. What a lucky, lucky man. The ref is distracted by Tracy as Elix Skipper comes FLYING into the ring with a somersault into a clothesline and leaves just as quickly! That was GORGEOUS. Tracy comes in and starts pounding on Storm’s back…but he no sells it and Young nails him from behind. Tracy comes off the top with the Pie in the Sky and tries to follow it up with a Bronco Buster, but misses. THAT is almost blown and I wonder why so many people have so much trouble performing that sillyness. Storm goes to the top, but gets crotches as Tenay informs us that David Young shaked the ropes, but he wasn’t in the frame…and neither were the shaky ropes so it just looked REALLY bad. Tracy tags in David Young who superplexes James Storm off the top and gets a two count. Young and Storm go for their choreographed sequence where Storm gets a hard kick to the face and tags in Harris. He attempts a suplex on Young, but Tracy gets in the way and gets piefaced back to her corner. Harris gets a DDT and sits Young in the corner for some reason. Tracy charges, but gets a drop toe hold and falls into Young’s crotch. David Young is my hero. This girl just keep THROWING herself at him! Storm goes to spank Tracy, but Young stops it and they attempt the Death Sentence. Both Elix and Daniels get up from the announce table and try to stop Harris from coming off the top but get kicked down…and Harris flies onto THEM with a cross body to the floor. Tracy comes into the ring and low blows Storm and David Young covers for a near fall. David Young comes off the 2nd rope but gets speared in midair by Harris for the pinfall.


Winners: Americas Most Wanted


Storm grabs THE STICK~! and calls out Triple X with some pretty bad mic work…but Triple X don’t bite. They’re escorted out by security as problems between David Young and Tracy arise. She shoves him, so he shoves her into the corner…and Nurse Veronica nails Young from behind with a chairshot.


My Opinion: Absolutely horrid tag final as this was basically a 2 on 1 handicap match and most of the spots were blown in it! The right team went over, but Triple X outclasses them in every way in the ring. I expect next weeks tag match to be good, but I want to forget this match ever happened except for the Tracy bits. ½* and only for two AWM spots.


In the back, Scott Hudson interviews AJ Styles on his thoughts on the main event tonight and brings up his 1st title shot against Jarrett. Styles cuts a good promo (although he talked pretty low) about how he was just “a kid” went he went up against Jarrett the first time, but tagging with D’Lo has filled the void of whatever was the missing piece of the puzzle. D’Lo’s experience has rubbed off on him and tonight, he’s coming in as a brand new wrestler…


Tenay and West run down the card for next week’s One Year Anniversary Show.


Mike Sanders vs. New Jack – Hard 10 Semi-final


Chris Sabin vs. Paul London – X Title.


Triple X vs. AMW – Tag Team Titles


And then Tenay announces that STING will be in TNA next week! The Nashville crowd BARELY popped…


Raven vs. AJ Styles vs. Jeff Jarrett for the NWA World Title:


Match Background: Every possible one on one combination with the participants of this match has occurred in TNA rings. Back in Week 32, AJ Styles finally received his one on one NWA Title match with Jeff Jarrett after consistently claiming that he deserved a shot. In a good match between the two, Jeff Jarrett retained the title after S.E.X. interfered and since then, AJ has been on the prowl, hunting for a second title shot. During his hunt, Raven made his NWA debut and went right after the champion, Jeff Jarrett, stealing the NWA Title and claiming that he was the rightful owner. Seeing as how AJ Styles was obsessed with being NWA Champ at the time, this caused friction between the two men and escalated into several brawls (allowing Jarrett to get his title belt back in the process)…and a number one contenders ladder match between Raven & Styles to see who would face Jarrett for the belt. In Week 36, Raven and Styles battled each other in a highly entertaining brawl which saw the former ECW World Champion get battered, bruised and bloodied. Through the interference of then-stablemate Glen Gilberti, Raven was able to climb the ladder and retrieve the contract hanging from the top of the arena and become the number one contender, before passing out from the pain. AJ Styles turned his energy to Gilberti and S.E.X. for costing him the NWA Title twice and teamed up with World Title contender D’Lo Brown, who had the same fate bestowed upon him by the Sports Entertainment Extreme faction. In Week 42, the “Most Anticipated Match in TNA History” occurred as Raven faced Jeff Jarrett one on one for the NWA Title…and lost, despite the interference of six people on his behalf. This upset many viewers and TNA followers who have become tired of Jarrett’s long reign and they voiced their displeasure, cheering Raven and booing Jeff Jarrett. Meanwhile, AJ Styles and D’Lo Brown shot to the top of the tag team ranks and prospered…but never lost their focus on the World Title. Opting to split up and focus on the “dream of becoming champion”, AJ Styles and D’ Lo Brown met last week to determine the new number 1 contender to Jeff Jarrett’s title. Raven, accusing Jeff Jarrett of politically aligning himself in order to keep Raven down, felt insulted at the fact that he wasn’t included in the #1 contenders match and interfered, allowing AJ Styles to win and nailing him after the match as well. The match was then announced and tonight, the stage is set. This is the first 3 way dance for the World Title since TNA’s inception last June. Who will make it to the One Year Anniversary show as the NWA Champion?


The Match: Raven gets a new cool Tron video package with an Orange clock rotating as one of Raven’s old promo’s plays. AJ Styles gets a cool new Tron as well. Jarrett has a Tron as well, but it debuted last week. It’ll have to be changed if he loses the title though as it has “World Champion” in it. Boxing Style Intros by Jeremy Borash tonight as well.


Jarrett and Raven go after Styles immediately and throw him out of the ring. Jarrett and Raven go face to face in the ring, but Styles comes CHARGING back in and nails Jarrett with a hard clothesline! Raven hip tosses and arm drags AJ, but Styles comes back with a spin kick, only for Jarrett to get a quick roll up for two. BEAUTIFUL dropkick by Jarrett, but Styles hits a jawbreaker and Raven discus clotheslines AJ over the top and once again, Raven and Jarrett go nose to nose. A slugfest begins in the ring between the two, but Styles grabs Raven and takes him to the outside to give him a few right hands. Jarrett baseball slides and grazes Raven and goes to the outside himself, onto to fall victim to a Somersault Tope Con Hilo by AJ that was just…well, pretty. AJ whips Raven into the guard rail and sets up the steel steps to leap off of…but crashed and burned when he hit the guard rail himself. Raven uses the steps to hit a jumping clothesline and Jarrett and takes the champion back into the ring. Styles jumps into the ring with a dropkick attempt but is caught by Raven who catapults him into Jarrett in the corner…and Styles starts punching him! Jarrett powerbombs Styles down HARD and gets a broken up two count. Raven gets involved and grabs a hold of Jarrett’s leg. Jarrett tries an enziguiri but Raven ducks and transitions into an STF! Styles breaks it up and hits his Quebrada into Reverse DDT combo for a broken up two! Raven comes off the ropes with a clothesline on Styles, but Jarrett breaks that up and goes for the Stroke on him! The Stroke is reversed into a Raven Effect DDT attempt, but AJ comes into the ring and nails Raven with a chair! Looks like this match is No DQ. Raven juices off the chair shot and gets double suplexed. Jarrett and Styles work together as Jarrett drop toe holds Raven for a Styles Swanton. AJ comes flying in with a headscissors and goes for a pinfall…but Jarrett pulls him off. Jarrett goes for the cover and gets pulled off by Styles this time. Styles and Jarrett put on a combo single leg crab/reverse chin lock, but Styles stops the crab and comes off the top…but Raven pulls Jarrett in the way and he EATS a guillotine legdrop to applause from the crowd! All 3 men are down now, but Styles gets to his feet first. The legdrop is replayed as Raven gets up and back body drops Styles and superkicks Jarrett! He’s a HOUSE...EN…FUEGO~! as he takes out both men and lets out a primal scream to the delight of the crowd! He picks up a chair to a “Raven” chant and uses his drop toe hold into a chair onto Jarrett and then does it to Styles as well! He covers Styles but Jarrett breaks it up at the last second! AJ tries to recover on the apron as Raven and Jarrett tangle…but Jarrett gets whipped off the ropes, causing Styles to fall backwards onto the floor! Raven Effect DDT gets reversed into a Stroke attempt…which is blocked and turned into the RAVEN EFFECT~! ONE…TWO…and Raven is pulled out of the ring by…SHANE DOUGLAS! He throws him into the ring post and tosses him into the crowd where he brawls with him to the outside! In the ring, Styles nails Jarrett with the NWA Title belt! Styles heads to the top and hits the Lo’ Down for ONE…TWO…NO! The crowd is going CRAZY as this is replayed! Styles wallops the champ with repeated right hands and charges at him, only to be caught and slammed down like Hardcore Holly’s Alabama Slam. Styles gets up and recovers with a sit out powerbomb for a close two count! Styles goes for a Figure Four, but gets shoved onto the apron by Jarrett’s free leg. JJ goes over to the apron and receives a shoulder block and AJ sunset flips Jarrett for two…and then sets up the STYLES CLASH~! Jarrett powers out of it and rams AJ into the corner and end up bumping the ref. Jarrett sets up Styles on the top turnbuckle and goes for a superplex, but gets shoved off. AJ hits his springboard 450, but Jarrett got the knees up! Vince Russo comes to the ring with a guitar and gets into the ring….and NAILS JEFF JARRETT TO A BIG POP! Styles gets the STYLES CLASH~! and goes for the pin! The crowd chants along…ONE…TWO…THREE!!! We have a new champion!!


Winner and NEW NWA World Champion: AJ STYLES~!


Vince Russo grabs the belt and starts kissing it before holding AJ’s hand in the air! Russo hugs AJ as the crowd is a bit confused whether or not to cheer or boo.


Jarrett gets on the mic and tells Styles that he has a rematch clause in his contract so he wants a one on one match next week for the title. The crowd chants “NO” over and over again as AJ Styles gets on THE STICK~! and tells Jarrett that HE’s the Champ, so now he’s got the power. He’s got 30 days to give him a shot so he’ll have to check his schedule and get back with him. Jarrett tells him that he’ll make him a deal. AJ should get a partner for next week and Jarrett will get a man who REALLY knows how to swing a bat (The Heel Section hilarious chants “Sosa”), meaning Sting! AJ accepts and we go to a close…


My Opinion: The finish to that match is definitely one of the most memorable ones in the history of TNA. AJ Styles is the first man in NWA:TNA to have won all 3 titles and was a virtual unknown when the promotion began. The crowd let out a roaring pop to see not only Jarrett’s long reign end, but to see a DAMN good worker win the title to boot. Vince Russo’s interference mars the match slightly, but the work was solid, even from Raven. Raven has a feud to look forward to with Shane Douglas, which will be full of many promos, for sure. The rest of the card really wasn’t worth the show, but this match is something that you should all take a good look for. ***1/2.


Overall: Definitely not a blowaway show, but it wasn’t built up as one. Next week’s show is the supposed “big one”, although the World Title finally left Jeff Jarrett’s waist. The main event was one of the most memorable ones in TNA history and it seems that now, all if forgiven for the Raven/Jarrett debacle. The rest of the undercard was just setting up next week’s show, so nothing else really was worth it. Sadly, the main event alone made it better than Bad Blood was.


Remember to check out my WWE Bad Blood 2003 PPV Diatribe and I’ll be back in a couple of days with the One Year Anniversary Show Diatribe.


See you in a few days…


“The Dames”, Damian Gonzalez


Any questions, comments, hate mail, fan mail, congrats on EWR, title name ideas, ANYTHING…send it to [email protected].

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