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CD sizes and VCDs

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Ive recently downloaded some wrestling shows that I want to store on VCD.


The first file comes up as 688 mb. However, when I go to burn it to CD, the CD wizrd says it is 704 mb. For some wierd reason my 80 minute CDs will only take 650 mb of data, even though it says its capacity is 703 mb, and there is nothing on it.


I basically need to know whats going on. Can I get a CD that will take the 688 mb file. Also, what is the larges CD you can buy.


Finally, does the way I format the CD effect the size? I.e. if i use adaptec to set it up as a once write "data disc" will it hold a different amount of data than if i set it up as a "data disc" that i can drag and drop files to like an HDD?


As a side note, ive tried to create VCDs and have found it a complete nightmare. Is this the same for everyone else. I tried to make a VCD with the 688 mb file, which is in .mpg form, but it wouldnt work. I know you have to have a specific type of .mpeg to be able to amke a vcd, but when i convert a file to that specified .mpeg, it ends up increasing file size by about 5 fold, and hence nothing willl fit onto a cd anymore.


I use adaptec easy cd creator to do all my cd burning, and I use a program called TMPGEnc to convert files to vcd compatible .mpeg files.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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