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Some of you may know me from the WWE forum. For the past two years, I've had an internet radio station on Live 365 which I've created to bring some attention to the music coming out of Pittsburgh. If any of you with high speed connections want to give this a listen, please check out the website at www.pittsburghnetradio.com . There are many genres of music represented and I happen to think much of it is really good. Some of the more noted bands are The Modey Lemon, a garage rock influenced two piece similar to the White Stripes, Grand Buffet, a pretty unique hip hop act, New Invisible Joy, a brit pop influenced band with a falsetto vocalist similar to Jeff Buckley. There are many other bands with some unique sounds. The Johnson's Big Band, Karl Hendricks Trio and a very underappreciated punk act from over a decade ago - Half Life.

Check it out and feedback is welcomed. There is a lot of cool shit going on here:




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