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Guest Anglesault

"Moving Left Along" Feedback

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Guest OnlyMe

Couple of things:


Now, in exchange for our time and money, we demand a good product. We don’t merely ask or suggest that they pump out a good show, we demand it. I don’t think that we are greedy or overstepping our bounds in any way.


That IS greedy and overstepping your bounds. You don't have the right to demand anything at all! What makes you think that you have that right? Oh, you spend money on the show? Don't. If you don't like it, don't spend money on it. Pretty basic, but damn.


You are in a major company, and your mail boy was a nice enough guy, but a bit on the incompetent side. He’s also the CEO’s best friend’s son. He shows some glimpses of mail delivering ability, but more often than not, your mail is lost, or if you do get it, appears to have been opened. You happen to know that there is someone who would make a much more competent mail boy waiting in the wings. But since the current one has some “stroke” he’ll never get the job.


Your analogy is faulty, as in the "mail boy" scenario, there's a definite loss to the recipient. Orton doesn't damage your belongings in any way. If your hypothetical mail boy was new to the job, made the occasional mistake, but would improve over time, then you'd be more accurate.



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