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On the box: Big Brother

In the player: Terminator 3

Sore thumbs: Star Wars Bounty Hunter

Heavy rotation: Shaolin Soccer OST :-)

Well, I’m now officially a University graduate. I spent most of Wednesday prancing around in a gown and mortarboard, listening to a bunch of crusty dudes spout Welsh at me. It was kinda worrying at first, because they started off doing all the speeches twice, once in English and once in Welsh, and everyone’s groaning because it would take all frigging day at that rate. Luckily, they gave up on that after the first couple of speakers and everything except the closing ceremony was just in good ol’ English. Logic would dictate that this would be a great disservice to the Welsh people, at a Welsh institution, but the reality is that for better or worse, most of South Wales is as Anglicised as it gets.

I wasn’t particularly close anyone at Uni. I pretty much kept to myself since, as a rule, students are dicks, so it wasn’t that big a deal knowing that I wouldn’t see most of those people ever again. What bothered me more was the fact that South Wales is full of red hot chicks and Gloucester really isn’t, so I was really mourning the eye candy more than anything else (although graduation gowns aren’t all that condusive to sexiness, so it was tempered somewhat). It was neat that a lot of my friends passed with first class honours (which is the highest degree you can get here), and it was cool to sit and heckle the people who had gotten too big for their boots and crashed and burned horrifically in their final year. What wasn’t cool was sitting in a hot ass gown on top of my suit in the middle of a heatwave in a hall full of sweaty students with no air conditioning.

But hey, that’s another of life’s chapter’s done and dusted. I’ve got a fancy piece of paper that says “Jay can spell”, and I can start focusing on all the other fun things that come with being a big boy like buying my first house with the missus.

It’ll be a very abbreviated update this week, since I have something MAJORLY important to work on that I’ll hopefully be able to let you in on in the next couple of weeks. Alas, this means no release list for the week (last I looked, El Satanico was covering them in the forums, so head on over there), but you won’t really miss out on news since there’s arse all happening this week. The Viewtiful Joe review will be up this time tomorrow, and I have to apologise at the quality of the screenshots because, once again, I left the S-Video lead at the missus’ house and had to take the grabs through composite cables. To make up for it, here’s a picture of “Jack Foley”, WWF enhancement talent circa 1984(ish).





I know that’s (nearly) a quote from the wrong movie, and there’s a good reason for that. Well, it’s really more embarrassing than good. Y’see, I’ve never… seen… Scarface. Worse than that? I’ve never seen The Godfather. ANY OF THEM. My only knowledge of Scarface is Razor Ramon’s accent, and all I know about The Godfather is that Charles Berkley was in it (which is a referential joke, for those that think I’ve gone nuts). I know all of the above is likely to get me fired by Dames. That said, Universal have announced the specs for their Scarface: Anniversary Edition due to street on September 30th, and I would like to cut and paste them here for your enjoyment.

The disc will be available in tasty, minty-fresh anamorphic and nasty, worm-ridden fullscreen flavours with DTS and 5.1 audio. You’ll find the featurettes ‘The Rebirth of Scarface’ and ‘Acting Scarface’, a comparison between the R-rated cut and TV broadcast version, and a feature so bizarre I can do it justice only by reprinting its description word for word: “Interview footage presented by Def Jam featuring today's hottest music stars commenting on how Scarface has influenced their life and music.” Umm… okay. You also get trailers and spots, naturally.

But that’s not all, my friend.

You can also pick up for an undisclosed number of pennies more the Scarface Deluxe Gift Set. This bad boy includes the Anniversary Edition DVD, a set of collectible lobby cards, “Tony Montana's Gold Monogrammed Money Clip” (WTF?!?), and Scarface: The Original 1932 Version DVD. So there’s TWO versions? Either that or Al Pacino played a really unique version of Scarface in 1932.

Thanks to the DVD Times for the ruthless cribbing of information.


Hey, I remember reporting on this damn DVD at least a year ago, and it still hasn’t materialised. Still, for those of you fanboys eagerly awaiting the set, you might be interested to hear this little snippet of information that would appear to suggest that not only is it still alive and kicking, but it might turn out to be something pretty cool to boot.

Apparently Galactica actor Richard Hatch let slip some dirt at the Comic-Con. It seems that not only did Hatch and other members of the cast contribute to the commentary tracks for “a number of episodes”, but Universal has got hold of “approximately 20 minutes of previously unreleased scenes from the 3-hour television version of the first episode”, which will be re-integrated into the DVD release. Hell, I’m not remotely fond of the show and even I’ve excited by that, so it should be music to the ears of those of you who think of spaceships rather than coffee when you hear the word Starbuck. Look out for Battlestar Galactica: The Complete Epic Series in stores near you sometime around the 12th of Never.

Thanks to The Digital Bits.


You’re right, you MUST be joking you know it’s a slow week when I have to resort to quoting Osbournes specs.

Yep, Season 2 of The Osbournes will be making its way to DVD on September 30th, despite the fact that fans of the show will already have taped all the episodes off TV, and nobody else will have any interest in picking it up because it’s almost totally devoid of extras. All you get are 30 minutes of unaired footage (and let’s face it, this isn’t 30 minutes of lost Star Wars footage, it’s 30 more minutes of people shouting and swearing), a trivia game, the cool-sounding-but-worthless Ozzy Translator, and a commentary track by Sharon and Kelly, which will likely be as entertaining as Sharon and Jack’s commentary on the first DVD. Which, if you haven’t heard it, is about as much fun as a Kevin Nash match.

I don’t know where I got that info, but thanks to whoever you are.

And that, rather unceremoniously, is that. I’m awfully sorry this was such a crap update, but the Viewtiful Joe review will be good, and as I said, I’ve got something ultra-important to go and work on now, so I’ll make it up to you.

Take care folks, and remember:




Read my archives, biatch.

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