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WWE Confidential July 5, 2003

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Guest TSMAdmin

WWE Confidential July 5, 2003


Since the WWE decided to air a mixture of two old episodes in one, the review is going to come off sounding a little hacked up. Don’t blame me.




Gene already pisses me off by tracking the World Heavyweight Title back to George Hackensmidt. It’s a different title altogether you jackass.


Eric Bischoff: The title starts in the NWA. Well, that’s more truthful than what Mean Gene said.


JR drops a few names like Buddy Rogers, Gene Kiniski, and Harley Race.


Ric Flair: The belt that was used from 1966-1986 was owned by the NWA. Whoever won that version of the title would have to put a $25,000 deposit down on the belt. That added even more prestige to the title. Vince Sr. used to actually sit on the NWA Board of Directors, even though he separated from the company and became their competition. The reason for this was that Vince Sr. had a great mind for the business. What I want to know is whether or not McMahon sabotaged the NWA while on the Board.


Eric Bischoff: Once Ted Turner bought the NWA, it’s title became the WCW Title.


The Big Show, Diamond Dallas Page and Booker T all talk about winning the title. DDP, “When you win the World Heavyweight Title, you really are the best at what you do.” ::coughDavidArquettecough::


Flair and the Big Show talk about how the Champ has to carry the company.


Segment 1: 1/1


Gene introduces a new segment to the show; Choice Cuts. This segment is devoted to WWE Superstar’s favorite matches. For the first installment we watch ::sighs:: Bradshaw’s favorite match.


The Acolytes vs. The New Age Outlaws ~ (October 18, 1999) Columbus, Ohio Raw is War

This is clipped of course, so there will be no real PBP. The match is most famous for the ring literally falling apart. As Farooq whips Billy to the ropes, the top rope breaks. Farooq thought Billy may have been hurt, but that didn’t stop him from beating the hell out of Gunn. Next up, Faarooq pulls off the top turnbuckle and gets rolled up for 2. This of course means that majority of the top rope is now laying in the ring. Farooq follows up by nailing Gunn with the corner. Meanwhile, the Road Dogg hides in the corner. Bradshaw likes this match because it shows that they had to use what they had. Afterwards, Vince gave them the thumbs up in the back. The funny thing is that most of the match was Farooq vs. Billy, so Bradshaw did practically nothing.


Booker T does a Hungry Man XXL commercial. I hate these “Making of the Commercial” segments. The stockboy who walks past Booker is actually a fan who won a contest. Booker is supposed to slam a freezer door in the supermarket so hard that it breaks. The gimmicked glass it too thick though, so as Booker slams it, someone hits it with a hammer. Booker reminisces about the time Stone Cold beat the hell out of him in a supermarket.


Segment 2: 1.5/2


Rulon Gardner, 2000 Olympic Gold Medallist, thinks that Kurt Angle has a 95% chance of making a successful return at the 2004 Olympics. Kurt walks around the training facility. He runs into a lot of the employees who worked there back in 1996. Jack Jensen, aspiring Gold Medallist, meets with Kurt Angle. When he wrestles for the WWE, Kurt tries to also make amateur wrestling look good, which is way he uses a decent amount of mat-based offense. Angle stretches and has a match of sorts with someone. Kurt wants to comeback for the next Olympic games, but is intimidated because of how much older is he compared to the other athletes. Either way, he promises to be in the WWE for a very long time. ::sigh of relief::


Segment 3: 2.5/3


Some clips of Dusty Rhodes, Ric Flair, DDP, Sting, and Hulk Hogan winning the NWA/WCW Title are shown. A few of the other ex-champs, as well as Flair and Bischoff, comment on the different Champions. A few of the more interesting comments:


Eric Bischoff on Goldberg: It would have been nice if he had more experience.

Big Show on Goldberg: He made money, saved money, and is set for life.


Eric Bischoff on DDP: I’m friends with DDP. I just wanted this so much for him and for it all to work out.

Ric Flair on DDP: He believed that he was good enough to be there and sometimes that’s all that matters.


Eric Bischoff on Sting: He wasn’t committed 100%. It always seemed like he was holding something back.

Ric Flair on Sting: Too bad he never worked for Vince McMahon. He would have been a star in the WWF.


Ric Flair on Hulk Hogan: Hulk Hogan is the man, which we all found out at WrestleMania X-8.


Segment 4: 3.5/4


A “Classy” Freddie Blassie story. Freddie spends a decent portion of his time visiting the Salvation Army and talking to the veterans who stay there. He has been doing this for 10 years. One of the guys, Javier, is glad that someone really cares about him and the other men. They always look forward to the days Freddie stops by. Blassie donates WWE magazines, autographs, and his own free time. In hindsight, the only thing he would change would be the second wife. Freddie talks about a few of his former charges. “I managed some losers. No one else wanted them, so they would give them to Freddie.” This was a great feel-good kind of segment. It was also nice that now current fans won’t only remember Freddie as the guy Stephanie and Shane McMahon wished death upon during the InVasion angle.


Segment 5: 4.5/5


Torrie Wilson tours England after promoting the upcoming Rebellion PPV. Blah.


Segment 6: 4.5/6


This is It


Honestly I didn’t actually watch this episode again on Saturday night. However based on the numbers it must have been more interesting than majority of the original episodes we have seen over the past several months.


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